The Trouble with Roommates Ch. 07

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Kneeling on the passenger seat with her short skirt and panties facing the window and her mouth wrapped around Brian’s cock while he drove, Nicole was ecstatic. Not even the hoots and honks from truckers going by could break her good mood. Brian was going on a business trip for 2 weeks, and Nicole would have the house to herself the entire time. Two weeks without morning blowjobs, two weeks without Brian waking her up all hours of the night to service him, two weeks without the blowjob practice Brian demanded, two weeks without the spankings and sexual punishments that had become more frequent in the months since the first time she’d let him fuck her.

It wasn’t perfect, of course. Her chastity cage would stay locked during the trip and Brian would be checking in periodically to ensure she was following the rules. His rules, that had become more and more restrictive over the past few months. Every day she had to spend at least 30 minutes with her lips wrapped around one of the multiple realistic dildos in her collection, practicing blowjob technique from the books he’d bought her. She had to have his permission to cum, and for close to a month he’d only allowed her to come with his dick buried in her ass. He’d introduced a strict guideline for her physical care, giving her a skin care regimen and a collection of “vitamins” she took daily. She had believed his claims that they were just vitamins to keep her healthy until she started growing a pair of small, tender breasts. She was at a B cup now and only had to shave her face every few days, when light hair came in.

She’d been planning for this trip for a while now, though. She’d gotten used to his routine. He always asked for the same kinds of pictures, her bent over showing her panties, a face shot, a shot of her pulling her skirt up to show her cage. For the past few weeks since he’d announced the trip she’d been taking extras daily, stockpiling a collection to send while he was gone. She planned to stop on the way home and buy a t-shirt and pair of jeans and spend the entire time as Nick lounging around, eating junk food, and having friends over.

She felt Brian spasm and cum and eagerly swallowed his seed and sat back up into her seat. Smiling, she wiped her mouth and looked out of the window to see a trucker staring at her with bulging eyes. She winked at him and turned back to Brian.


Two hours later she was driving home with the windows down and the music cranked. Brian was on an airplane and for the time being she was free! She stopped at a department store and bought a t-shirt, boxers, a hoodie, and a pair of baggy jeans as well as a few bags of chips and frozen pizzas.

Back at the house she took a long shower without using the floral soap or fruity smelling shampoo Brian had bought for her. She got out and toweled off, getting dressed in the male clothes. Nick was back in town. He smiled at his reflection in the mirror, pulling his hair loosely back into a messy ponytail like he used to. Other than the bumps from his budding breasts, he looked the same as he used to. He threw a pizza in the oven, opened a bag of chips, and sat down for some video games. A few hours later his phone beeped and a text from Brian showed. “Pull your skirt up to show your cage and send me a pic. Now.” He sent one of his saved photos from the collection and laughed out loud when Brian responded with “Good girl.”

The next week he had his friends Jared and Ben over for some Call of Duty and beers. They were having a great time trash talking, drinking beers, jojobet and talking about girls when Nick heard the front door open. His heart stopped as he saw Brian walk into the living room holding his suitcase. Calmly putting his suitcase down and hanging his jacket, Brian greeted the boys and asked if he could speak to Nick alone for a moment.

Nick followed him into the bedroom, terrified of what was coming. “I’m sorry, sir, I just had them over today, I’ll tell them to leave.”

“No, they will stay. You have broken my rules, Nicole. I have a camera installed here and I know you haven’t been dressing as you are supposed to, you haven’t been doing your practice, and you have lied to me by sending me the saved pictures.” Nick started to speak up but Brian interrupted him. “Shh, you don’t get to talk. Take a shower and get dressed the way you’re meant to, then come out and see me. If you dare to defy me, you will be in for a world of punishment. I’ll lay out clothes for you. Oh, and it looks like we have to use this again.” He pulled out the pink sparkly collar he’d made Nicole wear for a few weeks and locked it around Nick’s neck.

Nick showered and started doing his makeup. He could hear Brian talking and laughing with his friends in the living room. Brian was going to make him go out where they could see him dressed up. He was terrified of what his friends would think. He styled his hair and went to his room.

His heart sank when he saw what Brian had laid out. It was his schoolgirl outfit. Brian had gotten it for him shortly after taking his anal virginity, and it was frequently used in their “play sessions” as Brian called them. The red plaid skirt was so short it barely covered the bottom of his ass and bending over would show his thong panties to anyone around. The crop top blouse showed his belly button ring, and Brian made him keep the top few buttons undone so his lacy bra was plainly visible. Last came a pair of sheer white stockings and a pair of black patent leather high heeled Mary Janes. He saw himself in the mirror. His flouncy blonde hair over his pouty pink lips, the exposed bra and belly button ring, the scandalously short skirt and the stockings gave no doubt. He was made to fuck.

Nick opened his door and walked out toward the living room. He heard conversation stop as his heels click, click, clicked on the floor as he walked. He rounded the corner.

All eyes were on him. Jared and Ben looked stunned at the gorgeous girl standing in front of them dressed like something out of a porn movie. Jared finally broke the silence. “Nick? Is that you?”

Brian cleared his throat. “She goes by Nicole now. I’m sure you guys already had your suspicions, but your friend Nick was secretly a cock-thirsty slut. It took a little bit of coaxing, but she lives to please me now.”

“No way” Ben said. “I know Nick, that’s not true.”

Brian met Nick’s eyes and then looked down at his crotch. “Nicole, why don’t you show your friends what you live for?”

Nicole fought to keep tears out of her eyes as she knelt down and unzipped Brian’s pants. “No way…” Jared said as she pulled his dick out and started licking it. Neither of the guys took their eyes off her as she sucked Brian off, the silence only punctuated by the slurping sound of her giving head.

Soon he tensed and came in her mouth. She greedily swallowed the load as she’d been trained to do and sat back on her feet. “See, guys? The thing that makes a really great blowjob is enthusiasm, and she absolutely loves cock. She jojobet Giriş even sucks off dildos when I’m not home, she’s got a whole collection in her room.” Nick wanted to scream that Brian made him practice, he didn’t buy the dildos, he hated giving head, but instead he just sat and stared down in shame.

“Wow. No wonder he doesn’t come drinking with us anymore. I never knew he was such a sissy.”

“Why don’t you see for yourself? Nicole, your friend Jared would like a blowjob. Would you like to suck his dick?”

“Yes sir.” Nicole crawled over to where Jared was sitting. He looked down at her.

“Oh man, this is weird.”

She couldn’t believe she was about to suck her friend’s dick. She unzipped his pants and pulled his already hard dick out. It was thicker than Brian’s, but a bit shorter. She took a deep breath and slid her mouth over his dick and down. When she had the entire thing engulfed in her mouth she paused and looked up. Jared was staring at her with a mix of pleasure and confusion on his face. She stuck her tongue out and licked his balls while his dick was fully in her mouth and watched as he groaned. She pulled back out and swirled around the tip, closing her eyes and really getting into it. She could tell he hadn’t had a blowjob in forever because he came in a minute or so, shooting a giant load all over her mouth. She kept eye contact as she slid his dick down her tongue and out of her mouth, letting it plop down onto his pants. “Oh my god.” Jared breathed. “That was great.”

Nicole looked around and saw Ben massaging his crotch with an evil looking grin on his face. “Get over here, slut. You’re going to choke on my cock, and you’re going to love it.”

“Yes, sir.”

Brian laughed. “That’s the spirit! You two are going to get along great.”

Nicole crawled over to Ben, wiggling her ass as she went. He had already pulled his pants down when she got to him, and he reached forward, grabbing a fistful of her hair and shoving her down onto his dick. She coughed and gagged as he violently forced his dick deep into her mouth and into her throat only to pull her off and repeat the process. “That’s it, take it you slut” Ben groaned he face-fucked her. She couldn’t do anything but try to keep breathing as he manhandled her around his cock. After a few minutes of her gasping for air she felt him hold her face down on his dick. She tried to scream but all that came out of her throat past the cock was a muffled sound like a moan. Ben laughed. “Jesus, I’ve never seen a slut so hungry for cock.” He pulled her mouth off his dick and held her by the hair right in front of his dick. “Close your eyes, I’m giving you a slut makeover.” She squeezer her eyes shut and he shot load after load all over her face. She felt it dripping down her nose, eyes, and cheeks and flicked her tongue out to catch a stream running off her lip.

Ben let go and she fell backwards onto the floor gasping for air. Brian broke the silence. “Nicole, I’m ready for another round.”

She got up and crawled over to him again. She hated it when he made her suck him off twice in a row. The second time always took forever, sometimes as long as an hour. She always tried to do her best and use all her tricks to make him cum as fast as possible, but he seemed to take pleasure in holding out and making her spend as much time as possible with a dick in her mouth. She pulled his dick out and took it in her mouth, building up a lot of saliva and starting to suck deeply.

She heard Brian speak as she licked jojobet Güncel Giriş and sucked. “If I were you guys, I’d be lining up to tag team her ass right now.” She panicked and tried to pull away but felt Brian holding her head down on his dick. She screamed and a muffled moan came out. “You can see how much she wants it, look at her wiggle that ass.”

“Well, shit, I can’t turn down an offer like that.” Jared said and walked over. He knelt behind her and pulled her thong down. Brian handed him a bottle of lube and she felt the tip of his dick gently touching her hole as he got into position. She froze as she felt him enter her, spreading her asshole as his dick invaded her. Jared groaned loudly. “Fuck, she’s tight.” He started thrusting.

Nicole felt humiliated. Her mouth was stuffed with her roommates cock and her ass was stuffed with one of her best friend’s cocks, with her face covered with her other best friend’s cum. She was stuffed in both ends with cock and taking both like a champ. Jared continued to ram her ass as she lapped up Brian’s cock, and she felt Jared grab her hips tightly and give one deep thrust and moan, filling her insides with hot cum. She came as well, dripping out of her cage and onto the floor.

“Damn, she’s dripping!” she heard Ben say. “Good job, Jared. Alright, my turn. Here it comes, slut, get ready.”

She shrieked as Ben grabbed her ass tightly and shoved his dick in with no warning. She heard him laugh and he spanked her hard as he rode her. “That’s it, girl, fuck me like I own you” he smacked her ass again and again as his dick thrust in and out, deeply massaging her prostate. She came again, hard, shaking and moaning as he jammed his cock deeper and deeper. Brian and Ben came simultaneously, showering her mouth and her ass with hot cum as she moaned at the sensation.

She was left a dripping mess on the floor. She tried to collect her thoughts as she heard Brian get up and show Jared and Ben out. “You’re welcome anytime, bring her other friends!” she heard Brian say as he closed the door and walked back to the living room. He looked at her sternly. “You have seriously disappointed me, young lady. Go wash yourself up and meet me back here.”

When she got back he led her out to the car. “Where are we going?” she asked nervously.

“To do something I should have done a long time ago.” He replied.

She tried to think of what was going to happen as they drove. After a while, he pulled in to a parking lot at a tattoo studio. “More earrings?” she asked.

“Not exactly”

She was led inside and the man greeted them and immediately ushered them into a closed back room. She was instructed to lay face down on a table and she felt Brian lift her shirt up and pull her skirt down. She lay there for a few minutes listening to the activity going on around her and soon heard a soft buzz.

She felt the man put his hand on her back. “This will hurt a little”

She felt a sharp pain on her lower back as the man tattooed her. She whimpered at the pain but the man continued. “You’re a big girl, you can handle it” Brian told her.

After a while the man finished and took a picture with a digital camera. He handed the camera to her. “Well, see for yourself.”

Her jaw dropped. She now had a tattoo of a colourful butterfly right in her lower back, the area people called a “tramp stamp”. The rainbow colours filled the wings, and small letters inside the wings spelled out “BRIAN’S PET”.

She was speechless as Brian led her out of the tattoo parlour and into the car.

“This is just the start of your punishment, Nicole. You needed a permanent reminder that you’re my pet and I do whatever I want to you. I’m not back to work until next week, so we have an entire week to make that lesson sink in.”

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