Double Dare Ch. 01: Introductions

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Cindy and Mindy are twenty-two-year-old identical twins who have an unusual sexual lean. They both learned sometimes during high school that vanilla sex did nothing much for them. They both needed exotic situations to get their blood boiling and their passions up. They are only 5 foot tall at best and had perfect bodies. Their faces could stop a room when they entered. College was boring from the beginning, and they both decided to use their natural beauty to make a good living. It may not be easier to earn a living on your back, but it certainly was more fun.

They learned which fetish club was the best in the large city they lived in. The best club had the richest members. It wasn’t long before they latched onto one of the richest men that frequented the club. He hung around these two beautiful girls from the moment they arrived. In addition to their beauty, they had the additional hook of being identical twins with no inhibitions. Within a couple of weeks, he had struck a deal with them. He gave them $20,000 to go to the club weekly for a month.

For the first trip to the club, he had them in studded collars on leaches. They had fur lined bracelets on their wrists and ankles that had rings on them. A chain went from the left wrist to the left ankle and same on the right side. Their wrists were bound behind their backs. They were a magnificent sight walking into the room.

After he had paraded them around the room for thirty minutes, he headed for a private room with several of his friends. The others also had girls with them, but they weren’t in the twin’s league. He sat down on a couch and pulled each down by his side. He held court like a king with his subjects. His friends wanted a few minutes with these beauties, and they were willing to do whatever they could to get it. One of his friends sent his slave girl to the front of the trio. He had her lay on the floor in front of them so they could use her body as a rug. He pulled his shoes and socks off and played with the girl’s breasts with his feet. The twins sat quietly, not participating without permission. He would reach up and squeeze a breast on each of them often. As the alcohol flowed, it got looser. He finally reached down for the rug and pulled her into his lap by her hair. He took out his dick and shoved it into her mouth. He handed the leash for one of the twins to the man who had brought the rug girl and he headed to another couch. The girl with his dick in her mouth worked feverishly trying to get him off. When he finally came, he still held her mouth on his dick for a while. He made her sit there, sucking on his shrinking dick.

The man with the twin didn’t waste any time. He didn’t want any foreplay. He made her sit on the edge of the couch and spread her legs. He entered her without checking for moisture. Luckily, Mindy knew he was coming and the idea of being used by this unknown stranger got her wet enough to survive the initial violation. The sight of this little woman with her legs spread with chains hanging off her ankles and her arms behind her back made him come. He pumped everything he had into her as she laid there as a receptacle. When he was finished, her master snapped his fingers and she returned to him and sat down. Master finally pushed the rug girl’s head away and she slinked off to her master. Another of his friends sent his slave toward the couch. She crawled up to him and looked up at him. He stood up and motioned her onto the couch between the twins. He had her lay on her stomach and raise her ass. He pushed his finger into her ass and wiggled it around. She must have had been violated in her ass before because she didn’t flinch. Her pussy was wet so he used his finger to push her juices up to her ass. When he had juices into her ass, he took his hard dick and pushed into her. She tried very hard to not move, but it was difficult. He pushed his entirety into her ass in his first thrust. She was shaking a little trying to stay still. He fucked her ass while playing with the twins’ breasts. When he was ready to finish, he reached down to the girl he had mounted, grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her head back sharply. She let out a gasp as he filled her ass with his issue. As soon as he finished, he pushed her head down and pulled out of her. He stood up and pulled the girl out of his seat. She flopped down on the floor and crawled away. He pointed to the girl’s owner and pointed to Cindy. He came up, took her hand, and led her away.

He took Cindy to a couch and told her to get on her knees. She knelt in front of him. He stuck his dick out at her and she bent down to take it in her mouth. Because her arms were bound behind her back, she lost her balance and fell into his lap. He grabbed her hair and positioned her mouth over his dick. He pushed her head down onto him and began fucking her mouth by pushing her head up and oral yapan gaziantep escort down. She didn’t resist but allowed him to satisfy himself with her mouth. His dick wasn’t so large that she couldn’t take it all, and she was able to suck him off quickly. When he finished, he held her head down on his dick until her master snapped his fingers. He let her go and Cindy returned to her position. This continued for several hours. The girls lost track of how many men fucked them. Their master got a couple of turns in, even though he could keep them in his bed all night when he got home, if he wanted. The evening finally ended, and they returned to his home.

Cindy and Mindy enjoyed the evening. Nothing difficult happened to them. These men were grabby, but inexperienced. The girls could make them come quick and get them off them. The master was different. He was older and expected more. They had decided they would demand much more the next time. He still only wanted sex, so they didn’t care. It was really a boring night for them.

Master was so spent that all he did when they got home was fall into bed. He didn’t even undo their restraints. Fortunately for them, his valet had the keys and released them. They went to their rooms and went to sleep.

He had a new restraint for the next weekend. They had a collar again, but this time the girls had an “O” ring gag in their mouths. The gag was attached to the collar so the girls couldn’t move their heads. They had a leather girdle that went around their waist and down between their crotches. They were wearing nothing else. Cindy had bigger breasts than Mindy, but Mindy wasn’t small. They were barefooted. They had the same leashes from the last weekend. This time, he didn’t parade them around the room. Everyone had seen them before. He went directly to a blackjack table. He ordered Cindy down in front of him and pushed Mindy down in front of one of his friends. They began playing blackjack with the girl’s heads between their knees. Whenever they wanted a blowjob, they pulled the girl’s head to their dick and held their heads on it. They made the girl suck them off until they were finished while they play cards. When they finished, they held the mouth on their dick until they were ready for another. This continued for several hours.

The man holding the two girls did not notice a well-dressed man standing by the bar watching them. When they were finished with cards, they pulled the girls up and headed to the bathroom. They tied the girls to a hitching post outside the bathroom and went in to relieve themselves. The girls stood quietly waiting for them.

When they came out, they led the girls to a couch. The master sat down and pulled Cindy down onto his lap. He played with her breasts and reached between her legs. He made her hold his drink while he was playing with her. When he was ready to fuck her, he pushed her legs apart and entered her. He made her ride him while holding his drink. Every spill earned a slap on the ass. She rode him until he came. The other man was doing the same with Mindy.

The girls could tell these guys were about done. The card playing blowjobs were boring. They didn’t care about having dicks in their mouths, but this didn’t do anything for them. These guys were too vanilla for the girls. They were dumping them as soon as the month was over.

The three of them headed for the coat room to get the girl’s covers. While the clerk was finding and covering the girls, the stranger walked up to them.

“Mr. Walters, may I have a moment of your time please?”

Walters looked at him with surprise. No one really talked to him unless he initiated it. “I guess. What can I do for you?”

“I am interested in the young ladies. I know you have two weekends left with them. I would like to buy out their contract with you. I have an employer who has several special employees, and I believe these two would fit right in.”

“Why would I give up my weekends for you?” He looked agitated and wanted to leave.

“You have two choices. You may enjoy your remaining time, and I will engage them then. Or I will reimburse you for your lose.”

“Why should I do that?” The stranger took Walters by the arm and led him to a quiet corner. They spoke for a minute. Walters nodded. The stranger snapped his fingers and a man appeared out of nowhere. He opened a briefcase and the stranger handed Walters cash banded together. Walters shook his hand, handed him a set of keys. He went to the girls, thanked them for the weeks he had, kissed each one of them, and left.

The girls were dumfounded. What the hell was going on? Had this man just bought them? He would not like their response.

“Ladies, my name is Carlton Reeves. I am the personal assistant of a billionaire that shall gaziantep oral yapan escort remain anonymous for now. One of my jobs is to find beautiful young women who might enjoy a certain lifestyle. My research suggests the two of you might be excellent candidates. I noticed how bored you were with Mr. Vanilla there. I know you have a lot of questions. All I ask of you is to go with me to a safe public resort to talk to me. If, after you hear what I have to say, you are not interested, you will be free to leave. I know he had only paid you half. I will give each of you the full $20,000 whether you decide to join us or not. Please consider this carefully. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime for each of you.”

He stood there quietly while they discussed it between themselves.

“This is the craziest shit I have ever heard. At least we will make more money.” Cindy was really thinking about it.

“Did you see how Walters reacted to what he had to say. I wonder who the billionaire is. I say, let’s find out who it is.”

They agreed and told Reeves they would go with him. He smiled and escorted them out to a large limo. Every one of the entourage got into the limo and they were off.

The limo pulled up to one of the most exclusive Resort Hotels in Los Angeles. At least he didn’t lie about that. The doorman hurried to the car when it stopped and opened the door.

“Good evening, Mr. Reeves.” He held the door for everyone. He didn’t blink when two girls dressed only in full length coats got out of the car and headed into the hotel. Cindy figured they weren’t the first girls to come with him into this hotel.

A woman met them in the lobby and followed them to the elevators. They went to the top floor and entered a large suite. The woman stood behind him.

“Lidia, please take the young ladies into the dressing area and get rid of the that junk and give them something nice to wear.” He handed the Lidia the keys and they disappeared into another room.

When they returned, they were dressed comfortably in nice slacks and a top. Lidia led them to a couch and had them sit down.

“Ladies, thank you for coming. I have watched the two of you with that boring guy for the last two weeks. I am impressed with your beauty, of course. But I was also impressed with your ability to let these Neanderthals grope and use you to satisfy their basest urges. I must ask you; how would you like to make a real living enjoying things you have never seen, and experiencing your wildest sexual fantasies with one of the richest men in the world?”

Cindy and Mindy looked at each. Is this a trick question? Of course, they would, but there had to be a catch. “Ok, there has to be a catch.”

Reeves smiled. “Of course, there’s a catch. You would have to sign your bodies over to him for one year. You would receive one million dollars at the beginning of that year. It would be put in a locked account that would be turned over to you at the end of that year. You would get statements every month so you could watch it grow. There would be one opt out time, after one month. If you decide this lifestyle is too hard or you don’t want to approve the changes he might make to you, you will get $100,000 and be free to go. That’s it.”

Cindy and Mindy looked at each other. “Could we go into the other room and talk about it?”

“I’ll do better than that. There is a beautiful bedroom through those doors. How about the two of you spend the night. You can talk about this, get a hot shower, and decide in the morning?”

They agreed and everyone else left. They opened the doors to see a huge bedroom. The bathroom was bigger than most rooms.

“I’m taking a hot shower first.” Cindy headed for the shower.

“Who says first? It’s big enough for a football team. Let’s go together.” Mindy beat her into the bathroom. She was naked by the time they got into the bathroom. The shower was wonderful. They massaged each other. There were sauna steam jets in the walls. Cindy bend over in front of one and let it steam her pussy. It felt good. It felt better when Mindy put her finger into her and stroked her until she came. Cindy then had Mindy switch places and she repaid Mindy. When they had dried off, they fell into the huge bed to talk.

Cindy was always the reckless one. “We were getting fucked by an old rich fuck for a measly $20,000. It should be easy to do whatever this old rich fuck wants. The money sure is better.”

“He wants us to sign over our bodies to him. He could do surgeries. He could do anything to us.” Mindy wasn’t sure.

“So what? Let’s see what this man is.” Cindy was going to do it, and she was going to get Mindy in. She always could.

The next morning, they met with Reeves. “We’re not sure yet. Who is this billionaire gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan we are supposed to sign our bodies over to, anyway?”

Reeves smiled. “Well, you are in luck. He wants to meet the two of you if you are willing to travel a little.”

“Of course, I’m game.” Cindy was ready to go. Mindy reluctantly agreed.

The limo took them to Burbank airport where a 757 was waiting on them. As soon as they boarded, the plane had clearance and took off. Reeves came to meet them. “You can relax here. There are bedrooms in the back. The staff will get you whatever you want.”

“Where, exactly are we going?” Mindy wanted to know something.

“That is up to him to tell you. You will see him soon enough.” They were alone in a large plane with a crew and a lot of things to look at.

They had gone to bed that night while they were still flying. Wherever they were going, it was a long way from Los Angeles. They were awakened when the plane finally landed. A car met them, and they were off again. During the ride, Cindy saw the Eiffel Tower in the distance. PARIS. “I’ll be damned.” She said before she caught herself. Reeves smiled to himself.

The car entered the largest estate grounds they had ever seen. Buildings, fields, gardens, it had everything. The car stopped at the front door of the largest building they had seen. They were escorted into the lobby that was the most magnificent they had ever seen. There were staff and security running around everywhere. They were escorted into a comfortable sitting room and told to wait.

After maybe ten minutes, a large door opened and in came Reeves with a middle-aged handsome man in front of him.

“Welcome to my little home, ladies. My name is James St. John. “The girls looked at each and gulped. He WAS one of the richest people on the planet. They had no idea how many billions this man had, but it was more than he could ever spend.

“I thank you for being willing to fly here to meet me. Carlton says you are worth me meeting with. I hope he is correct. I can’t remember the last hostess I have ever met.” Hostesses, does he pay every hostess a million dollars?

“Would you like something to eat or drink before we begin?” The girls realized they had not eaten anything in hours. They nodded. “Carlton, please have the staff serve the meal now.” Carlton left and JSJ followed, motioning for the girls to follow.

They were seated at a large dining table. There were only three people eating. There were many more staff standing behind them than there were at the table. They enjoyed a wonderful meal while making small talk.

“Ladies, let me explain why you are here. I own a small island where I host my friends and business associates once a month. It is very extravagant, and these are some of the most powerful people in the world. Wars have been started or ended at these parties. There is no shortage of beautiful men and women there to serve as hosts and hostesses.”

Mindy interrupted. “So, you’re looking for escorts for your guests. I don’t think I want to be a whore for any amount of money.”

Before JSJ could respond, Cindy jumped in. “Hold on a second, Mindy. We were doing the same thing for peanuts. To me, everyone here already knows what we are. We are just negotiating the price.”

JSJ laughed. “I like you already. It’s not really anything other than a very high-class fetish club. We have strict rules that are enforced carefully. Our “friend” Epstein nearly ruined this entire method of relaxing with his minors. There is none of that, and there is no one there who does not wish to be there and are paid extremely well to be there. They are employes with benefits and protections. They are all under contract and are guaranteed what their contracts stipulate.”

Cindy nodded. “I am okay with all of this. I just need to know what we are expected to do.”

“Why, fuck anyone at any time while you are there. Do whatever you are told to do within the rules. You will wear what you are given and do exactly as you are told. Failure means you will be shipped out. Most of the ladies fail. Carlton is sure you will not. Is he correct?”

Mindy was getting upset. She looked at Cindy, “We are sure he is correct. What do we do now?”

JSJ looked at them and smiled. “That is wonderful. A few more things. I make a bet with every woman I meet. As I said, I don’t bother meeting most of them. The ones I do are considered the highest of quality. The ones I meet I give them a challenge. I now give it to you. I dare you to survive the past the first month. Since there are two of you, I guess I double dare you to survive.”

“We accept your challenge. What do we get if we succeed?”

“We will worry about that if you make it. Carlton will have the documents drawn up and you will fill out your employee forms tomorrow. Then we will discuss this.”

“So how do we celebrate? I suppose you want to sample the merchandise?”

“Please, don’t be so crude. I have three women in my bed at this moment, one of which I am sure you would recognize if I told you her name. This is a business arrangement.”

JSJ’s personal butler led them to a large bedroom and gave them everything they would need.

Double Dare, huh? We’ll see about that.

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