Surprise Honey Ch. 05

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We spent the night in that small bay. It was a very pretty and quiet time for May and I. May was waiting in my cabin after dinner. I walked in to see her standing by the bed with a smile and a small towel wrapped around her taught body.

Her arms went up and out, showing her readiness for me and the towel hit the floor. Her nipples were hard and I could see that she had shaved her pussy. My cock grew hard in seconds with that greeting.

I went over and took her into my arms. Holding her closely our lips met. Her hands were busy undoing my shirt and pants and soon I was in just my shorts. I broke away and pulled them off, intending to go take a quick shower. May had other plans though. As my shorts hit the deck, she pulled me close to her.

Her lips were all over mine and her hands were exploring my body. I felt her soft yet firm grip on my shaft as she kissed my neck and then my chest. My knees were feeling a bit weak all the sudden.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, May kissed her way to my crotch. Her tongue was out and licking my body in light short strokes as her hand began to stroke my hardness. Her tongue found it’s way to my tender balls. Lightly licking them, my cock lunged with every stroke of her tongue.

May was being very deliberate. Her manual stroking was bringing me close and her tongue was driving me nuts. I felt that tongue begin to work its way up to my shaft. Soon her lips were at the head of my cock, parting to take me in.

As her mouth engulfed me, her hands went to my asscheeks, grasping them firmly and pulling me towards her head. I felt her lips at the base of my cock and her nose rubbing hard on my pubic hair.

I put my hands on her hair and held it away from her face so that I could see her working me over. Her lips were tightly wrapped around my hardness and her concentration was focused on my pleasure.

Her eyes met mine for an instant and I heard her moan deeply. Her head began to bob up and down my length, her hands pulling then pushing my ass as a guide. I was unable to take my eyes away from her lips, wrapped around my cock.

It didn’t take long and I was ready to shoot off. I moaned a bit then I pulled her head back and away from my cock. I wanted to cum somewhere else in her, but she had other ideas.

She brushed my hands off and took my cock back into her mouth. Her redoubled efforts soon had me close to cumming again. She took my hands in hers and placing them on her head she made a motion like I was pulling her head into my crotch.

Getting the idea, I began to fuck her head like I was fucking her pussy. Her hands went back to my butt and pulled hard on my cheeks as I pulled her head close. It didn’t take long and I began to cum. I held her head about half way down my cock thinking that she would need air. May on her own, took my cock fully down her throat as I shot off my load. I could feel her throat muscles working as she swallowed my cum.

I started to lose my balance and May moved aside letting me lie on the bed. She was beside me, hugging me as I caught my breath. Her lips shiny in the light, I could not resist and kissed her. My tongue was now doing the exploring. I could taste myself in her mouth and it was a sexy feeling to know that she had just swallowed my load.

I began to move down and soon had a nipple in my mouth while my fingers worked her other one. Her moans started after a bit and I knew how I was doing by the intensity of them.

I worked my way down and played with her belly button for a bit then moved on. Her steamy shaved pussy was damp and pulsing. I lightly licked her lips, then darted my tongue inside her for a taste.

Her hands went to my head, but I worked my head back a little in order to go a bit lower on her. I targeted her little brown bud. As my tongue first made contact with it she moaned loudly. I licked her tight opening and ran my tongue in as far as she could let me. I worked on her pleasure with fingers and tongue.

Soon she was vocally begging me to fuck her. I resisted the urge to do just that. I wanted to bring her off with tongue first, later I would fuck her with my once again hard cock. Right now I wanted the up close and personal oral loving.

May started to pull my head hard into her pussy. I kept it away just enough to breathe and let my tongue work over her clit and hot moist opening. My fingers were playing with her tight little asshole and also her pussy. I could feel them both trying to pull my fingers into them as far as they could.

May began to shake, shuddering through her climax. Her hands overpowered my head and I found myself holding my breath and her pussy juices gushing around my face. I licked up as much as I could under the circumstances.

As May came down from her orgasm, her grip relaxed and I began to lightly lick around her clit, careful to not touch the sensitive bud. I worked it into her pussy and drank of her love juice as my fingers still played with her. After a bit, May began to show some signs of being worked up again.

As soon as I bayan escort was sure she was getting back up into a sexual groove, I began to concentrate on her pussy more. I still stayed away from her clit, until she began to rock her hips and tried to move so that my tongue made contact with it. At that point I let her take control and my tongue was soon wrapped around her little clit as her hands once again went to my head, guiding my efforts.

My erection was getting almost painful now. I was lost in the warmth and moistness of May’s body and it was hard for me to break away long enough to move up between her legs.

As my cock brushed against her leg, she spread her legs wide apart. I positioned myself so that the head of my cock was at the entrance of her pussy. My throbbing cock was steel hard as I pressed it inside of her. Her legs went straight up in the air and then wrapped around my back.

As my cock plunged into her she moaned loudly and started to rock her hips up to meet me. I let my cock rest in her depths, savoring her tightness and wetness. As my first stroke started May hugged me tight and with surprising strength, rolled us both over so that she was on top.

Her breasts were in my face as she began to bounce up and down on my cock. Her pussy would grind hard on my pubic mound as she shoved down. At the top of her stroke she would hesitate and let the cool air mist around my shaft. Then plunging back down she would grind some more.

Our lovemaking was different than before. It was now a fuller and enveloping feeling of intensity like I had not ever felt before. It almost felt like we were one person having sex. My nerve endings seemed to be all exposed as our sexual fever rose with each passing moment.

Sweating now, we were joined at the core and flames of passion were rising in the air around us. I realized that I truly loved this woman, and she loved me. That realization, even though we had both said the words, became real to me at that very moment.

Electricity in the air, bodies moving with each other in depths of feeling like I had never felt with sex before. Not even with my wives. We were souls joined and on fire with each other.

We came together in one crashing crescendo of love and passion. I had a feeling of being one with May that was incredible to me. I had never before felt this much love for a woman. I know I had loved my late wife very much but we had never had this depth before. It was an amazing feeling.

We fell asleep entangled together her head on my shoulder, one hand on my chest, the other on my cock. I had a hand on her back and the other around her side, holding her close to me. I did not want to lose this feeling or this woman, ever.

In the morning, Julie woke us both up. She crawled onto the bed on my side and hugged in close to me. Her hand went to my crotch and taking May’s hand, they began to stroke my cock.

“I think you two need to share a bit now. I am so horny from watching you guys last night that I have to have a cock in my pussy now. Can you share him with me May?”

“Whoa there. You watched us last night?”

“Yep. I watched you Bill. You two were mesmerizing. I have never seen two people so into each other as you were. It was quite a show. Anne was quite jealous for a bit, then seeing how you two obviously loved each other her heart melted. She was entranced just like we all were.”

“We? How many of you watched us last night?”

“Well…all of us watched. You guys could have made one hell of a movie with your session last night. Us girls about wore poor Carl out last night. He was begging for relief this morning, that’s why I came here. You two owe us now. Anne and I are still horny as hell.”

“Well…go get Anne, Julie and we will see if we can get Bill to beg for relief too.”

May was wide-awake and still fondling my now hard cock. Her eyes held a twinkle that boded trouble for me. She was going to share me with other girls, willingly. Something that I was not sure would work out. She was a very special lady indeed.

As we waited, I got up and showered quickly. May joined me and began to work on my cock. I could only watch as she went to her knees and began to suck me with almost reverence. It was like she was getting me ready for a rite of passage or something.

I was very close to cumming when she stood up and hugged me close.

“Well stud-boy…we need to finish this shower and get back out to the ‘stage’ so you can perform for the ladies.”



Taking a towel in hand May dried me off, then with my cock in hand she led me out to the bed. Anne and Julie were both there, naked, and waiting. May led me to the edge of the bed and presented me to them.

“Julie, Anne, here is my gift to you for the day. Bill is yours to do with, as you want for the next twenty-four hours. You can use him, abuse him, fuck him, suck him, anything you want. After that, well we will see then. I think he will be plenty tired out by this bayan escort gaziantep time tomorrow.”

Squealing, the girls took my hands in theirs and pulled me onto the bed. I had mouths on both cheeks, hands on my cock and balls and four very nice breasts rubbing all over me. I was lost in a mound of flesh. Female flesh.

I heard May leave the room, probably to take the boat out and continue on our journey. Anne had her mouth locked on my cock and Julie was moving to straddle my head. I soon had a hot wet pussy rubbing my face as a mouth was driving my cock insane.

I was able to get my hands on Julie’s breasts, fingers tweaking her nipples that grew harder with every moment. Her sweet juices were flowing and I was deliriously drinking them up. Anne moved around and I soon felt a tight, hot and very wet pussy engulfing my cock. I felt Anne’s breasts against Julie’s and I could feel that they must have been kissing each other as they used me for their pleasure.

That thought drove me close to cumming and I was fighting to not cum too soon. I wanted them to have first orgasms. I didn’t have to fight too much since soon after their kiss Anne started to really rock hard on my cock and Julie moaned and drove herself hard onto my face. I felt Julie’s juices pour out and I was busy drinking them up. Her pussy lips were grasping my tongue as they tried to suck me into her depths.

Anne rocked some more and shuddered through one huge orgasm and then fell off to the side. Julie slipped off of me and worked her way alongside of me. Her hands were caressing my body and soon found my cock. Her head moved down and I felt her lips take the head of my cock in their soft, firm grip.

Anne was still out of it so I began to finger Julie’s pussy and ass. I soon had two fingers in her ass and two in her pussy. Julie was rocking her hips in short jerky motions. She had worked and coaxed my cock into hardness again and as she came close to cumming she broke away from me.

Throwing a leg over my body, Julie straddled my cock and deftly placed it at the entrance of her pussy. Looking into my eyes she slowly took me into her. I could feel her slippery hole pulling me in and soon she bottomed out on me.

“God you feel good and hard Bill. I really love your cock. It fills me so nicely.”

“Baby, your pussy is so tight and wet. I love the way you feel too.”

Anne was watching us now. As we fucked I noticed that Anne’s head got closer and closer to where we were co-joined. Soon I felt a tongue on my pubic hair and Julie moaned loudly. Then Anne pulled away and moved behind Julie. I soon felt hands moving my legs outward and a tongue was lightly tracing over my balls. Julie fell forward on me and I could tell that Anne was licking both of us. It didn’t take much of this and I started to cum.

As I came, Julie shuddered and came too. I felt Anne licking on both sides of my cock and I realized she must have been licking up our combined juices. Julie pulled up and off of me and Anne took my still hard cock into her mouth and swallowed me fully. She sucked and licked all around me and then moved over to where Julie lay.

As I watched, Anne started to lick and suck on Julie’s pussy. Julie moved Anne around so that Anne’s pussy was over her head and I had the pleasure of watching these two nymphs go at it.

I watched closely and soon found myself drawn to where Julie was licking Anne’s pussy. I put my hand on Anne’s ass and began to lightly rub it and brought my head in close to Julie’s.

Julie let me have a few little licks of Anne’s sweet pussy and then moved back in. I moved up and began to lick Anne’s little asshole. Together we brought Anne up and over into orgasm.

I continued to lick and suck on Anne’s ass as Julie moved away. I was on all fours and Anne grabbed my arm, pulling my up close to her body.

“Fuck me Bill. Fuck me with that huge cock of yours please!”

I moved up and placing in just on her pussy lips I began to rub it around them. Anne reached back and moved the head of my cock to her ass.

“Fuck my ass Bill. I want it in my ass.”

I pulled away and tonguing and licking her asshole some more I fingered her with three fingers, opening her up for my cock. I moved back in close to her when I felt her relax enough. Slowly I pushed my cock into her ass. She whimpered a bit then pushed back on her own, meeting my motion with her own.

We began to fuck. I stroked in and out of her in long slow strokes as she moaned and begged me for more, harder, faster. I resisted the temptation to do just that and forced a slow motion fuck on her for the time being.

I felt the bed move behind me and then the next thing I knew a soft wet tongue was licking my ass. Julie put a hand on my back and I bent forward a bit. Her hands then spread my ass cheeks as her tongue began to explore my ass. Once in a while it would go down and lick around my balls then move back to my hole. It didn’t take much of that and I wanted gaziantep escort release.

I began to fuck Anne harder and faster as Julie licked me harder and faster too. After a short bit, I felt my cum boiling up and Anne was jamming back onto my cock buried in her ass. Julie had her hand on my balls gently holding them as her tongue licked my ass.

Exploding into Anne, I felt my hot cum pouring into her tightness. Anne was shaking and cumming on her own. Julie let go of my balls and moved around to kiss Anne. Collapsing I fell back and my cock pulled out of Anne.

I fell asleep, and didn’t wake for a while. When I did, it was to a strange feeling. I had softness on both sides of my cock, running up and down the length of it. Yet, I was not inside anyone.

Opening my eyes I looked down to see both Anne and Julie licking my hardening cock. One on each side of me. Their tongues would intertwine when they reached the top and then separate on the downward stroke.

They continued licking and alternately sucking me until I was close to cumming. Then, Anne took over. Her head was bobbing as she took my cock into her throat. Her eyes on mine as she sucked and licked me to orgasm.

Afterwards, Julie and Anne went to their room to shower. I lay in bed for a bit then got up and showered myself. Hungry, I headed down to the kitchen to see if there was anything to eat.

I found Jan and Carl talking while sitting at the table. Carl stood up and moved as if to go somewhere, probably to look busy. I waved him back to his coffee.

“Hey…will we be able to fix that pump in Juneau?”

“Pump? Oh, yeah. I called in and a local store there has just what we need. It will be delivered to the dock when we get in.”

“Cool. Is everything else running smoothly then too?”

“Yes sir. I changed the oil in the mains this morning. I will catch the bow thruster drive this afternoon.”

“Good. I would like everything to be ship shape when we leave Juneau. After Glacier Bay it will be quite a long haul until we are near a city with the backup we will need. Probably Valdez or possibly Kenai.”

“Want something to eat Bill?”

“Yeah, I am a bit hungry Jan. Have you eaten yet Carl?”

“Uh…yes. Jan fed me just a bit ago. I think I will go take care of that thruster drive now Bill…unless you have something else you want me to do.”

“That’ll be good. Thanks Carl.”

Jan and I were alone for a few minutes in silence. Her cooking skills were evident since it only took her those few minutes to set up a great meal. I noted the halibut and looked at her with a question in my eyes.

“Halibut, fresh caught this morning. Carl has been very busy.”

“Heh…I would say so. Did you join in the fun last night with him?”

“Yes. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I think he is pretty special.”

“It appears that he thinks you are special too Jan. You are a great cook and very beautiful too.”

Blushing, she turned and made busy with dishes in the sink. She was industriously moving pots and pans around and prepping for the evening meal. I ate in quiet solitude.

After eating I went out on the deck up near the bow. A light rain was falling, the gray skies low. We were making good time, our wake spraying out behind us. In the distance, next to an island, I saw movement in the water. Pretty soon two whales surfaced, blowing air. A whole pod of killer whales.

I called down to the lower deck, hoping to get everyone’s attention and let them see the beautiful sight. May stepped out on the bridge deck and waved for me to come up.

Walking up the stairs I pointed out the area I had seen the whales in to Anne and Julie. They were watching intently with binoculars and cameras at the ready. Just as I cleared the upper stairs, the whales came up again.

One came out of the water and flipped around. An amazing sight for sure. Anne was laughing. She had caught the whale in mid-air and taken several pictures.

I walked into the bridge and gave May a hug.

“God, it is beautiful here, even if it is raining.”

“Yeah. The locals say that they get tired of the rain…but I notice they still stay here. I would gather that meant that the beauty has a hold on them, to put up with all this rain, all the time.”

“Have you been up here before May?”

“Yes. This is my third trip through the Southeast Passage. Glacier Bay will impress you too. Guaranteed.”

“How long will it take us to get there from Juneau?”

“It can be as short as a full day or we can take several days. It’s all up to you Bill. There are some sights to see between Juneau and there, and some great fishing to be done if you want.”

“Well, lets take our time then shall we? Would four days be enough?”

“You may decide to take four years Bill. It is that pretty here. You will see more and more why people choose to live here, even if you hadn’t already been able to tell that.”

“I have been impressed for sure. Ketchikan was a nice small town. Seemed like we just shot through there though. Is it so isolated up here still?”

“Yes and no. There are conveniences here that weren’t here even just a few years ago. Still have some pretty remote and rugged areas that are lived in though. Places where everything is packed in by boat or plane. Off the grid, homemade power. Simple, yet not uncomfortably so.”

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