Erotic Encounters with a Salesman

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My name is Lisa and for the past couple of months I have been infatuated with a certain shoe salesman. I know what you are thinking when you imagine a shoe salesman you think of someone like Al Bundy from Married with Children right? well this man breaks all those stereotypes. Let me start with describing the first time I laid eyes on him and our first encounter.

It all started when I was trying to find a certain pair of shoes for my sister’s wedding and could not seemed to find exactly what I was looking for as I really love showing off my feet due to my foot fetish and nothing so far did them justice.

I was about to pass another shoe store, not sure if I should just give up and try again tomorrow, when I saw him through the store window. The first thing that caught my gaze was his eyes so blue that you could drown in them. He was relatively handsome not in a rugged manly way but there was more a kind gentleman quality to his features. His skin was a light kissed tan color showing he liked to be outdoors. His body was in relatively good shape looking like he might be a runner or something from his firm fit physique from what I could make out through his t shirt and form fitting jeans. His hair was black and slightly spiked making him look even more mouth-watering.

I could not peel my eyes away from him. Then as if he sensed someone was watching him as he was helping a customer, he looked up directly at me and smiled and waved.My cheeks went bright red and I got very flustered and I slightly waved back out of politeness before moving away from the store my legs carrying me as fast as my feet could take me.

All that night I tossed and turned as I thought about him. His image was so imbedded in my mind I even touched myself I couple times thinking of him. The next day after work I could not help myself I had to go back. As I walked in the store I noticed it looked not too busy, seeing only a few people browsing through shoes. I walked down the aisles and started to browse through there selection of ladies shoes looking around the store at the same time seeing if I could catch another glimpse of him.

“Can I help you with anything miss?” a deep manly voice calls from behind me and I jump slightly, my body sensing it is him.

I turn around slowly to face the blue eyed man I saw through the window yesterday. A small smile forms on my face as I try to contain my growing excitement at seeing him again.

“Umm yes, I was just looking for some shoes to match the dress my sister is making me wear, being that I am her bridesmaid and all so I want to find a pair of shoes that will look great with it.” I mentally cursed myself for rambling as I do when I get excited or nervous around men, noticing that he just stands there patiently and listens.

“Well what color is your dress and what style?” he asks politely not seeming to notice my rambling. I look into his blue eyes as he asks me this question, my eyes drinking him in without trying to be too obvious.

“Well it is a red, and the style of the dress is a flowing type dress that goes to about the knee and it is strapless.” I say a little too fast but he just smiles and nods his head walking down the aisle to scan through the boxes of shoes.

“What size are you?” He says from the end of the aisle.

“Size nine.” I shout back, and he disappears down the next aisle as if he is knows exactly what he is looking for. I decide to follow him as I liked watching his behind clad in those tight jeans of his as he walked away. I can feel my toes already starting to tingle thinking of him helping me to try on those shoes he thinks will go well with my dress.

I seat myself on one of the benches in the middle of the aisle for trying on shoes. My eyes drink in, admire, and mesmerize his masculine form as he scans the shoe boxes, creating a better mental picture in my mind to use later.

“Ah here we go, how about these?” he says, walking toward me with a box of shoes in his hands.

I look the shoes over my eyes lighting up, they are gorgeous, even the right color red to match my dress! I was so impressed “WOW these look perfect you really know your stuff.” I say excitedly.

He smiles, my eyes watching as a soft blush rises to his cheeks before he bends down on his knees in front of me. “Let’s see if they fit shall we?” he says, already in the process of removing my right shoe. I bite my lip stifling a moan as his bare hands touch my stocking covered foot. The soft caress probably unintentional but, it felt amazing none the less as my feet are quite the opposite of ticklish.

I consider my feet as one of my erogenous zones on my body.It almost feels as good having my feet touched,licked and caressed as it does if the same sensual actions were being done to my pussy, well almost.This is one of the reasons I have a foot fetish I might add, well actually it is the big reason I do.

He takes my left shoe off next, touching that foot lightly with his fingers too, unintentional canlı bahis of course but it affects me all the same. Slowly he slips on one of the red high heeled shoes on my stocking covered foot then does the same to the other.I wiggle my painted toe nails inside my shoes,as I do my legs open slightly, and I catch the briefest glimpse of his eyes glancing between my stocking covered thighs and I smile to myself.

He gets up off the floor and I watch as he eyes trail over me as mine did his earlier. I see his blue eyes trail up my stocking covered thighs, over the curvy shape of my hips, the hourglass shape of my waist under my tight blouse, over the curve of my bosom and up to my heart shaped face. My face feeling a slight blush arise in my cheeks as his piercing blue eyes penetrate my green ones.

“Why don’t you take them for a spin around the store see if they feel comfortable on your feet?” he says, without breaking eye contact.

I stand up in them breaking the intense eye contact with him and start moving my feet around inside the shoes. I take a few steps loving the way they mold to my feet knowing I could handle standing in these all day if I had to and they would not hurt my feet. He stands there his hands crossed along his chest watching me walking in the shoes with those intense eyes of his. I saunter toward him in the shoes and do a twirl in front of him.

“So? How do they look on me? They feel and look fantastic by the way.” I say, excitement bubbling in my voice.

I hear him clear his throat and I smile to myself thinking I must be affecting him. “They look fantastic on you and you look fantastic in them.” He replies he voice sounding a little deeper than before.

“Thank you,” I reply smiling genuinely at his complement towards me. “I will take them.” I say, sitting back down on the bench and this time taking them off myself not sure I can handle him touching my feet again.

“Good, I will meet you up at the register then. ” he replies with a soft smile. His eyes once again locking with mine, his blue eyes looking as if they are almost twinkling at me and pulling me into their blue depths. I almost whimper at the loss of looking at them as he turns and walks to the front of the store but then I moan watching his backside as he walks away.

I finish taking off my soon to be new shoes and I feel the slight pulse of my pussy against my panties knowing for sure there is a small damp spot on them. I put the shoes back in the box putting on my other ones. Standing back on my feet I smooth down my dress then slowly make my way to the register to pay.

When I get to the front of the store there are already two other people ahead of me in line, so have to I anxiously wait. Finally it is my turn to pay for my purchase helped by this man. He smiles politely taking the box and scanning the shoes into the register.

“That will be $30.48.” he says in that deep manly voice I am slowly becoming addicted to.

Looking at the shoes I notice the price was higher than what he said. As I am about to say something he picks up on the confusion. “I gave you a bit of a discount as it is your first time shopping here we want you to come back.” And he winks and smiles a sexy grin at me. I smile and blush as my slightly shaky hand gives him my credit card.

He swipes my card then prints out the bill. “Have a great day.” he says, with that sexy smile as he hands me my bill and credit card.I gasp softly as our fingers lightly touch in the process causing a slight tingle to race up my arm towards my breasts.

As soon as I leave the store and get into my car, I cannot help but touch myself thinking of his hands on my feet and fantasising where else those hands could roam. I was so horny I brought myself to orgasm within a matter of minutes, rubbing my feet against the seat on the passenger side of the car as my pussy convulsed in an intense orgasm around my fingers.

You can definitely say that I went back, many times since that day, and every time I dared myself to push the envelope so to speak. At first I would let him just touch and massage my feet as he helped me try on shoe after shoe just loving his soft, large hands along my skin especially after a hard day’s work. I even started to get to know a little more about him.

His name was Dominick, and he worked here only part time and that his family owned the business. He also told me he was going to school to become a physical therapist when he was not here helping out at the store. I moaned thinking of his experienced hands massaging every part of me especially certain parts in particular.

“This also helps me practice a bit with the fact that I can massage many different woman’s feet per day honing my skills.” he tells me on one of my visits as his hands once again move to massage my feet. I moan loving the strong yet gentle touch of his hands along the tops and bottoms of my feet wishing I was the only women that could experience this and all those other women could go find bahis siteleri some other shoe salesman to do it for them.

I found myself becoming more daring as I wanted to capture his attention away from the other female customers in the store. I started wearing more short skirts and dresses so when he knelt in front of me he got a better glimpse between my thighs to see exactly what kind of undergarments I was wearing that day. I was also getting quite brave with my undergarments too. Some days it would be a thong others thin semi see through panties sometimes I would wear silk panties of a bright color that would automatically capture his attention. I also started wearing my fancier thigh high stockings and I would always have my toenails painted for him usually a red or pink color sometimes white.

I could tell our little rendezvous were affecting him as I could almost see him start to salivate at being able to touch my feet and get those brief glimpses up my skirt. His blue eyes also took on this hungry dark look every time I came in as his eyes roamed over my attire for that day knowing he was in for a teasing. I could almost hear him moan under his breath as I would walk through that front door of the store.

Sometimes I got a little worried I went too far with the teasing as I was feeling braver with every encounter. I started spreading my legs a little wider, leaning forward a little more then I should have, and occasionally letting my foot “accidentally” graze against the crotch of his pants. The look he gave me sometimes made me think he was going to ravage me there and then but his body stayed in control even if his eyes did not.

I wondered how much longer he would be able to take my teasing ways, what I did not know was I was not going to have to wait long to find out.

It was a lovely Tuesday summer evening, and after a hard day’s work I needed my favorite shoe salesman, my feet needing those strong hands to massage the aches away. I decided to look extra sexy today wearing my favorite white sundress that stopped just above my knee and hugged my frame nicely, my sheer white thigh high stockings,white nail polish of course and my sexy high heeled white sandals that I had bought the week earlier at his store. Underneath all of this I was only wearing a small scrap of white see through lacy panties, deciding on no bra today so I could tease him with the sight of my perky nipples.

I check myself in the store window before entering,smiling at how incredible I look. Walking in I hear the chime above the door ring signifying a new customer. Taking off my sunglasses I walk into the store seeing that there are no customers at the moment.

I smile as I see Dominick walk to the front of the store loving the look on his face as he looks at my appearance. “Well hello again Lisa, back for more shoes?” he says with a knowing smile on his lips and that slightly hungry look in his gaze. The way he looks at me makes me think he knows I come here for more than just shoes.

“Maybe I am Dominick, maybe I just wanted to come in and browse.” My eyes looking him up and down knowing it is not the shoes I really wanted to browse.

“Well there is not much new since you were last here but you are free to take a look.” He gives me one more glance before walking to the back of the store to continue doing what it was he was doing before I walked in.

I browse through the aisle I know well by now seeing nothing too much new or that I do not already have. I sigh and walk to the back of the store looking for my sexy salesman finding him putting out some new shoes in the men’s department of the store.

He looks up seeing me watching him. “Is there something you need help with Lisa?” he says, with a bit of frustration laced in his voice. I see his eyes trying not to look at me his hand holding the box in his hands a little too tightly.

“Umm, there is this pair of shoes I found that I want to try on but cannot reach if it is no trouble.” I reply, feeling a little hesitant asking him as something seems to be bothering him.

He stands up from his crouched position on the floor moving to stand right in front of me his eyes literally boring into mine. “Alright Lisa give me a few to finish up here and I will be over there to help you with that.” he replies, his voice sounding a little raspy and commanding.

I gasp, seeing the dangerous glint in gaze and feel the powerful deep seated need from his body as it radiates off in waves towards me. I take a step back nodding my head not saying a word as I walk back to the ladies section of the store.

I sit on the bench waiting patiently, my shoes already off my feet tingling with excitement and pleasure at being touched by him once again. I hear his footsteps drawing closer, looking up to see him walking towards me. I swallow the small lump that has formed in my throat as I sense something different about his demeanor, not seeming so calm and at ease.

“Which ones did you want me to get down?” he bahis şirketleri asks as his eyes briefly glance at my legs slightly spread and noticing my braless state. His eyes taking on a dark intense blue color as he waits from me to reply.

“Ummmm, those ones Dominick.” I reply my voice feeling a little shaky as I point to the shoes I am vaguely interested in. I watch as he scans through the sizes until he finds my size. Bringing it down he kneels in front of me putting the box on the floor beside him.

“Would you like me to help you try them on Lisa?” He asks, his voice now sounding like he is putting out a challenge daring me to accept.

Again I swallow hard my eyes meeting his. “Yes Dominick if you do not mind.” I reply softly.

“No not at all Lisa.” he replies with that challenging tone again. Then his mouth gives me a devilish smile as he moves his hand to capture one of my feet in his grasp I feel his hands hot against my skin through the stockings searing into the skin of my ankle as he possessively runs he hands not down along my foot like I think he would, but up along my inner thigh. I gasp feeling his hand reach the edge of my stocking his eyes twinkling at me daring me to pull away.

“Wouldn’t it be better if you tried these shoes on without the stockings?” he replies as one of his eyebrows raise giving me that dangerous look again. As I open my mouth to reply his fingers are already pulling my stocking down my leg until it is fully removed. Then again he does the same with my other stocking teasing and taunting me with his fingers as they move up my inner thigh to the hem of my stocking pulling it downward and off my leg. My stockings now gone, I feel each of his hands move up my inner thighs again pulling my thighs further apart. I watch as his eyes blatantly look between my thighs to my white lacy panties.

“Wait Dominick,” I plead not meaning for it to go this far.

“What Lisa? Did you not want me to look at your sexy panties because I had the feeling from the past couple months that you did want my eyes wandering right here.” He responds, as I feel one of his fingers graze over my panties.

“Dominick,” I moan out his name not meaning it to sound so submissive, soft and seductive.

“Like you dressing in short skirts and dresses wasn’t to get me all hot and bothered when I helped you to try on shoes.” Again his finger caresses along my pussy lips through my panties and I can feel a small wet spot start to form.

“I know you came in here not just to try on shoes Lisa, but I thought I could handle your teasing ways but you have been testing my limits lately, and with the outfit you came in with today that draws the last straw for me.” He voice almost growling out the words to me making me think I have pushed this sensual teasing too far.

“You want me to do this to you don’t you Lisa?” Watching as he takes my right foot bringing it to his mouth licking my toes.

“Yesss,” I hiss out as an intense surge of pleasure tingles from my toes up towards my pussy.

“I thought so, you naughty woman you love your feet being touched and licked.” he says, demanding a response.

I moan as again he takes my toes in his mouth, enjoying his tongue teasing each one of my toes on my right foot then my left. At the same time the index finger on his right hand continues to tease my pussy through my underwear.

“Yes Dominick, I do like that.” My voice sounding strangled as the pressure of his lips and tongue along the soles of my feet wreaks havoc with my senses

Feeling myself get lost to the pleasure I almost forget where we are.”Dominick, we can’t do this here someone might walk in and see us.”I say worriedly.

His mouth moves away from my right foot but his left hand continues to stroke it softly. “No need to worry about that,I closed the store for the day so there will be no interruptions, just you me and the shoes.” He smiles devilishly at me again before taking that tongue and licking from the ball of my foot all the way to my toes.

I moan loudly into the air as I feel my whole leg twitch from the contact. He then takes my left foot moving his tongue along the bottom like he did to my right one making that leg twitch as well. Feeling my panties now well and truly wet from his sensuous mouth and tongue.

I feel his fingers of his right hand push my damp panties aside. I moan as I feel his finger find my clit and starts to rub it in circles as his mouth continues to lavish at my feet.I am in utter and pure bliss, feeling the pleasure boomerang back and forth like a current between my feet and pussy. My moans start to become louder as I feel my pussy and feet start to spasm in unison feeling like I might cum right through my toes.

His fingers remove themselves from my clit taking those drenched fingers and rubbing my juices along my feet making them glisten with my juices.

“Now that looks yummy.” He says as he sucks on my toes hard.

My head lolls back against the shelf, my eyes rolling into my head as he finger once again finds its way into my pussy gathering more juices. He pushes them fairly deep inside me wiggling them slightly making me go insane with this torturous pleasure.

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