First Anal, with a MAN Pt. 02

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Annette Schwarz

As I was driving home from Fred’s, I was already wanting a next encounter. I’m lucky I made it home without having a major accident, my mind was hardly on my driving, or other cars and trucks on the road. Dangerous, I know.

I made home safely, pulled into the driveway, and got out of the car. I noticed two things, right away. First, how incredibly pleasant my asshole felt, as it was stretched and twisted a bit, by the natural movement of my muscles in my hips and rear end. Interesting how you never realize what muscles are involved when you move in everyday normal movements, and secondly, my ass was wet.

I looked at the seat of my car, sure enough, a small, quarter sized wet spot was on the seat. I ran my finger across the vinyl seat where the spot was, brought my finger up to my nose, and sniffed.


My immediate first thought, was cum, but I knew Fred had worn a rubber, so, it had to be option two, it was lube, leaking from my hole.

My ass…errr…pussy, was leaking lube from our play.

I went into the house, and stuck my hand down the back of my pants, and slid my finger into my slippery hole. I think my hole was closed, as opposed to gaping, but my finger slid in with no noticeable resistance or friction.

Hmm. It felt sooo good. I was still coming to terms with the fact that I’d been fucked.

Like a girl.

By a man.

And enjoyed it.

And wanted more.


I decided that the feeling was really pleasant. I should have been ashamed, and while I didn’t want anyone else to know I’d been fucked like a slut in heat, by a man…and a very well-endowed man, at that, I was, with every passing second, positive I was going to get fucked again. And again.

I wish I’d known long ago, how nice it was, I wouldn’t have waited this long to try it. I still preferred women, no doubt on that one, but, this was an enjoyable, alternate form of sex.

It was nice, knowing that Fred also had no intention of leaving his wife, or giving up on Boy-Girl sex. We had essentially agreed that what we were doing was having no strings attached, sex play. Both of us agreed that we had no interest in seeking out additional male partners for sex, and that except for our wives, we would remain monogamous.

The biggest problem now was; it was summer vacation. School was out for a couple months, making it virtually impossible for us to get together. We emailed each other a few times, running different erotic scenarios and ideas past each other, but nothing much came of them.

I also noticed, on more than one occasion, that I was watching other women, especially young ones, their long legs, nice tits, bare tummies, long hair, tanned bodies, and realized, I never looked at other men. I just wasn’t interested. It made me stop and consider what I, WE, were doing. I have no idea if Fred checked out other guys, but I know I didn’t look at other men, thinking how it would be to be naked with them, having sex.

Just not interested.

I was quite happy and comfortable, with Fred’s cock. Neither one of us were especially attractive, we were not studs, ripped like jesus, or anything like that. Just outwardly normal married guys, who once in a while got together and did nasty things with each other. Nasty by society rules, not ours.

Out of the blue, I received an email from Fred. He asked if it were possible, that he could visit me, and get a Blow ‘n’ Go. By sheer good fortune, my wife was at work for a few hours. I told him to come on over. He had to make a business stop, near my neighborhood, then he’d be over.

About 45 minutes later, the doorbell rang. Answering it, I saw Fred, standing close to the door. I opened the door, and he came in.

We walked into the living room, where I’d placed a towel on the couch. In preparation for his arrival, I was nude, except for a pair of black men’s panties. Very similar to women’s panties, but cut a little different, in deference to obvious biological differences.

Fred looked at me with a wondering, neutral expression. I explained that I preferred them, for comfort, my wife had no problem with me wearing them.

I took him to the couch, and, sitting, I reached out, undid Fred’s belt, pants, and eased them down his legs. His cock was thickening in his underwear. Very nice. Grey underwear, with an obviously thickening cock, more or less running horizontal to his left.

I reached out, and gently stroked it, making Fred moan. I could feel him thickening and getting harder at my touch.

I pulled down his underwear, freeing Göztepe travesti his large cock to spring out and slightly higher than horizontal.

As I think I mentioned in my earlier story, Fred is significantly larger than most guys. I know, all porn, the guy is huge. Reality is not the same. While I don’t look at guys, thinking about having sex with them, I do go to the university fitness center regularly, and I’m telling you, “huge” guys are few and far between. Except porn movies. They look far and wide to find guys hung like that. But I digress.

Fred is about seven inches long, the head of his cock is rather larger than average, but the shaft, from the head tapers larger as you go to the base. I’m sure he is at least two inches in diameter at his head, and the base of the shaft must be at least two and a half. Not so much, you think? Put it in your mouth, and take it to the root.

On top of that, he is not circumcised. Another more or less rarity. At least where I grew up. On my knees, with his cock exposed, I leaned forward, taking him into my mouth. My tongue traced around the head of his cock, pushing the foreskin out a bit. Fred moaned. Using my lips, I pushed his foreskin back, my tongue laving his head as I did so. I think I tasted a salty drop of his precum, but I wasn’t sure, and I wasn’t about to stop.

Fred slid down on the seat a bit, the end effect allowing me to more easily push my face against his stomach as his still lengthening cock began to touch my throat. Pulling back, I began mouthing his cock. Lots of saliva making the occasional slurping sucking sound. Moaning again, Fred pushed his groin up against my face, driving his cock into my throat.

While some may not like it, I enjoyed the feeling of his thick cock head sort of popping in and out of my throat. It was almost like when he popped into my ass, that ring of muscle that parted open with a rubber band like snap, seemed to be duplicated by my throat muscles. I loved it.

To me, it was very erotic, and, it curiously made my ass-pussy throb in time with his thrusts into my throat.

I had decided, long before my actual first contact with a man, that the probability that he would be longer and larger than me, was very real. Not necessarily true, but in preparation, I bought a series of dildos, and starting with a small one, worked my way up, over a series of months, until I could take a 1-3/4″ by 8″ plastic cock completely into my ass.

I then, or actually, almost at the same time, began trying to suck and swallow those same dildos. It was much harder to swallow fake cock, than it was to fuck myself with them. I remember hoping, that it wouldn’t be the same with real cocks, as I was set on sucking cock. That had been my main fantasy.

My reward was, I could take Fred’s cock deep into my throat, without gagging. Fred must have been getting close, as I felt him thrusting his hips forward, and felt his hands on the back of my head, forcing my face into his groin, and his cock deep into my throat.

Opening my mouth as wide as I could, allowed Fred to bury his cock deeper into the constriction of my throat. I could feel his cock stretching my throat, scraping the walls of my throat as he fucked me.

I couldn’t tell for sure if he was leaking precum, him being buried so deep into my throat as he fucked me. That was the downside of being throat fucked. I’d miss the taste of his cum. Yes, I LOVED cum.

After what seemed like several minutes, but in reality, was probably only seconds, Fred humped my face and throat several times in succession, letting out a long, low moan, and relaxed back into the couch.

As his beautiful cock began to shrink, I went about cleaning up the mess that I had caused. Sucking on him like a vacuum cleaner, I tried to remove all the saliva and stray drops of cum from his shaft, and where it had run down onto his balls.

Fred lay there, silent, his eyes closed, recovering from his orgasm,

I got up, got a clean wash cloth, soaked and then rinsed it out with hot water, went back and wiped off his cock, balls and thighs of any errant cum or saliva.

After I cleaned him up, we talked about when we might get together again. I had thoroughly enjoyed losing my ass-cherry, and was anxious to get fucked. I had also mentioned to him earlier, my hope of someday being bred. Although I felt the warmth of his load in my ass as he filled his rubber, I was extremely aroused by the sight, in videos, of white cum draining from a man’s gaping ass-pussy, down his balls.

I wanted Küçükyalı travesti that experience.

But, I was also terrified of disease, especially HIV.

Fred was also concerned about HIV, and he had not only closed the door on barebacking, he slammed it shut when we had first met and discussed our wishes and desires.

Fred brought up barebacking, and once again mentioned that no one, male or female, had ever been willing to attempt to take his cock into their ass, that I was the first, and he’d been very happy with the outcome.

He knew that, with minor pain of losing my cherry, I’d enjoyed it also. He mentioned that he’d been thinking of breeding me, but was still uncomfortable with it.

I was quiet for s bit, then asked him to hold on, as I went out into my shop, and retrieved an expired, unopened Oralquick box.

I handed it to him, explained how it worked, and asked him to take the box, open it, read the instructions, and explore on the AMA doctors’ site about its effectiveness. I told him it was 99.9% accurate, used as directed.

I’d bought it, because I’d discovered in my early quest for a partner, that very few guys had ever been tested, ( I had been tested yearly, for my job, for years) and furthermore, they refused to get tested. I’d immediately refused involvement with these men.

After a short conversation, Fred left.

We had a few emails back and forth, but it was five or six weeks later before we had an opportunity to get together.

His opening email to me was “I’ve been thinking a lot about barebacking. I may be willing to do that now.”

To say that the blood rushed to my cock when I read his email, would be an understatement. I got so hard, so fast, I’m surprised that I didn’t collapse from lack of blood in my brain.

I responded, that, coincidently, I’d had a HIV test two weeks prior, at my doctors, and it had been negative, and I had written test results.

Fred responded that we could take the Oraquick tests to assure each other of our HIV- status, and he would breed me, if I wanted.

IF I WANTED? Hell yes. I could feel his warm cum running out of my pussy right then.

We agreed we would each purchase an OraQuick test and bring them, unopened, to our next meet.

It was a week later, that I pulled up to his house, at 10:15 in the morning. I was very nervous, as I held my OraQuick test in my hand, and knocked on his door.

The door swung open almost immediately, and I entered, took off my shoes, and followed him into his house.

Brushing aside a curtain between his living room and hallway, we walked to the staircase leading up to his bedroom.

Entering the bedroom, I saw an OraQuik test on the bed. Without a word, Fred handed it to me. I checked the expiration, it was good. He checked mine, and we both opened to boxes, and provided the sample required.

We had twenty minutes to wait for the results, so we both stripped, Fred naked, me to my black panties. Fred liked touching me while I wore them, and I enjoyed the smooth feeling as his fingers lightly glided over the material covering my balls, cock, and ass hole.

We moved on to the bed, Fred on his back, spreading his legs, me kneeling between his legs.

Fred’s thick, uncircumcised cock had already began thickening, as I applied my lips and tongue to his inner thighs. Nibbling, licking, I moved towards his balls. My tongue lightly caressed his sensitive ball sack, as I took pleasure in feeling his nuts move under my attention. I gently sucked one ball into my wet mouth, Fred arched slightly, and let out a low moan.

His cock was now laying against my cheek, firm, and leaking precum down the shaft, and onto my face.

I let go of his nut, and took the head of his cock into my mouth, tasting his sweet precum. I skinned back the loose skin with my lips, my tongue caressing the head of his cock. He was just about at full thickness and length. I slowly slid my mouth down his shaft, my warm wet mouth coating the shaft with saliva. The head of his cock popped into my throat, causing us both to moan.

I played with his cock head, popping it in and out of my throat, trying to swallow as I did so, applying a sucking, pulling feeling to his cock head. My efforts were not wasted, as Fred’s moaning increased, both in volume and intensity. His hands grabbed my head, forcing himself deep into my throat, and gave me his seed.

While I desperately wanted to be bred, I knew from past performances, Fred still had more seed in those big balls of his. It Avrupa yakası travesti would only take a short while for him to recover.

Our twenty minutes were up, the results in, we were both free of the HIV virus. We looked at each other, a silent agreement was given, and Fred dropped to his knees before me.

Taking me in his mouth, it wasn’t very long before I was erect. I didn’t want to cum in Fred’s mouth just then, as I hoped to be able to cum by being fucked. I was, after all, Fred’s bitch. He’d taken my virginity, now he was going to breed me, and make me his. My cumming while being bred would be the perfect ending to my being bred.

Except for my now hard cock, or clit, if you will, sticking out, my panties were still on me. Fred had stated his fantasy was to pull aside a girl’s panties, fuck her in her ass, and fill it with his cum, then pull her panties back to let the cum soak the panties.

Since he’d found no girl willing to take such a thick cock in her ass, and I was now his bitch, so my panties were in line to get soaked.

Fred turned me around, and bent me over, my hands on the bed. He pulled my panties down a ways, I felt the cool lube on my hole, the one finger, push it in.

It felt nice, and hot as hell.

He played in my pussy, adding lube, then two fingers, more lube, and then a third finger. He was giving me quite a workout, and I enjoyed it. I’d never imagined how good it would feel to have my hole played with, but it was really nice.

Fred stopped, and the I felt him applying more lube around my pussy, and the cheeks of my ass, close to my hole.

The main event was about to begin.

I turned, and dropped to my knees.

Fred was hard.

Very hard. He was pointing upward at a forty five degree angle, the head of his cock was exposed and almost violently purple.

I gulped, and leaned forward to take him into my mouth. I applied as much saliva to that magnificent cock as I could, knowing it was going to stretch my ass-pussy wide, and, by agreement, Fred wasn’t to stop until he was buried balls deep, and filling me with his seed.

I got up on the bed on all fours, lowering my ass a bit to try to line it up with Fred’s cock.

Reaching behind me, I took him in my hand, and lined him up with my hole.

When the head of his cock touched my cunt, a shiver ran through me.

Fred began pushing forward.

A MAN’S NAKED,UNPROTECTED COCK was entering my body.

I looked under my stomach to see Fred’s swinging balls, behind my somewhat retracted balls, and my rock hard, leaking cock pointed at my face.

I could feel the stretching, the giving way of my tight muscle doing its best to keep the invader out of my body.

It hurt. Not like when he took my virginity, but it hurt all the same. It felt good though. I took a sort of perverted pleasure in knowing I, a male, was being fucked, by another male. It hurt, but it felt good.

I was clenching the bedding, I could hear myself moaning, whining in pain and frustration, as Fred fought his way into my body. I didn’t know how much more I could take, but we’d agreed, no stopping, no matter how much I cried.

I remembered something I’d read. If I grunt like I’m taking a shit, it opened the muscles.

Without warning, I held my breath, and pushed like I was trying to take a massive shit.

Fred popped all the way, balls deep into my body.

He stopped.

I stopped.

He asked if I was alright.

I said yes.

Fred began pumping my pussy. Holding my hips, I could hear slapping as his stomach and thighs hit my ass.

I looked under me, a steady stream of cum was running out of my rampant cock.

Fred slowed.

I asked what was the matter.

He replied that I was so tight, he was afraid he’d cum too soon.

I told him, not to worry about me, just so long as he enjoyed his first bareback anal, and bred my hole.

He sped up, slowly going faster.

I felt immense pleasure at being bred.

Fred hit mt prostate, as I’d hoped.

The ring of muscles around my ass-pussy were singing praises at the pleasure they now felt.

I was pushing back against Fred as he thrust into me.

We were colliding quite strongly, as I heard Fred begin to groan


Then I felt it.

A warmth flooding my bowels as he shot his cum into my body.

I was a bitch being bred.

I felt Fred’s hand on my stomach.

His fingers closed on my cock.

I looked down, under my body, as a stream of cum shot from the end on my cock as if from a fire hose, painting my stomach and chest with my load.

I slowly lay down on the bed, Fred still buried deep in my cunt.

As he shrunk in size, I could feel wetness trickle down the underside of my sack.

THIS, was excellent.

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