The Women in the Running Tights

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I am not a runner or jogger or even a fast walker but I enjoy watching young ladies doing their thing. To this day, I have never seen a runner or jogger smiling as they are doing their thing. I am also perplexed as to why they run alongside cars & trucks that are spewing out carbon monoxide. And, the best is when they do their thing in rain and the freezing cold. I can only guess that they want to die healthy.

Anyway, I digress and should get on with the story…

I live in upstate New York in a nice neighborhood, with nice neighbors and a few pretty women joggers & runners scattered around. Like I said, I enjoy watching them run and jog and such is the case with two lovely women next door to me.

I know them casually as Jane and Diane. Both are fairly young, maybe in their 30’s, dynamite bodies and run every damn day in the morning. They live together and aren’t married. I can set my clock by them. I have met them and we have chatted but maybe because I am somewhat older, we have never gotten any further.

Every morning I sit on my porch having my tea waiting for them to appear in their running tights and sport bras. When they come out, we wave to each other and I wish them a good run, then wait for their return.

Jane must be about 5’6″, blonde with a pony tail and what an ass. Diane is about 5’7″, brown hair and legs that never stop until they reach her promised land.

Like I said, every morning I watch the two of them go on their jaunt, eagerly awaiting their return. When they do return, about two hours later, they are all sweaty and their running tights are just about see through. Their tights clearly show the outline of their pussy lips and their ass cracks. I just have enough time to get a good look at their tights before they go inside.

This one morning was no exception.I was sitting on the porch having yet another cup of tea when I saw them returning down the road. From where I was, I could see they were barely walking and then realized that one of them was hurt. I got up and rushed down to them and saw that Jane was hobbling and Diane was trying to get her home.

I asked them if they were ok and Jane said she may have sprained her ankle. Without saying a word, I picked Jane up and carried her to their house and brought her inside to her bed.

I told Diane to get some ice while I elevated her ankle. I wrapped her ankle in the ice and put a pillow underneath it for elevation. Jane was in a lot of pain so I told them I would take them to the hospital.

I took them to the ER for Jane to be checked out. The hospital confirmed that she did have a bad sprained ankle. They took care of her and hours later I took them home.

I drove them home and helped get Jane situated. Before I left I told Diane that I would return to see how they were doing.

A few hours later I rang their bell and Diane let me in.

“How is the patient doing?”

“She seems better. Her ankle swelling went down a little too. But she can’t do anything.”

She thanked me for everything and we spent some time chatting while Jane slept from the pain killers she was taking.

“You know, I’m sorry, but I forgot your first name.”

“Just call me Mr. N.”

“Well, Mr. N, thanks for everything.”

“Not a problem. That’s what neighbors are for. Look, I have to make my dinner later and I’ll make some extra and bring it over. That ok?”

“We don’t want to impose, but if you insist, we would appreciate it.”

“Great, I’ll bring dinner over around 6:00. You guys relax and I’ll see you later.”

I went home and made some eggplant parmigiana, enough for all of us. By this time it was almost 6:00 and I got everything ready to bring over…the food, Italian bread, grated cheese, a big bowl of salad and two bottles of White Zinfandel. I packed it all in a box and brought it over.

As soon as I rang the doorbell, Diane was there to welcome me in. I brought the food into the kitchen. Then I went to see Jane.

“How are you doing?”

“This is not one of my better days.”

“I’m sorry that you hurt yourself. If there is anything I can do for you, just give me a holler.”

“That’s very kind of you. I might take you up on that offer.”

“I brought some homemade eggplant parmigiana for dinner. I hope you like it.”

“That’s one of my favorites. Thanks.”

“Do you want to eat in bed or in the kitchen?”

“I would love to eat with you guys but I can’t put any weight on my ankle.”

“Not Belek travesti a problem pretty lady. I’ll carry you to the table.”

Just then Diane yelled out that everything was set. I took the covers off of Jane and I lifted her pajama covered body and carried her to the kitchen. As I put her gently down in the chair, I couldn’t help but notice she had no bra on. Anyway, I positioned her so that her ankle was elevated on a side chair.

The food and company were terrific. Even in pain, Jane put on a good front and seemed to enjoy the food and company.

After dinner, Jane said she was tired so I carried her back to her bed and got her settled in, all the while catching a side glimpse of her tits. Once that was done, I went inside to help Diane clean up.

When we finished, I was all set to go when Diane asked me to stay.

“Well Diane, I never say no to a pretty lady. Thank you.”

We chatted over some of the left over wine and got to know one another better. Diane told me a little about themselves and I told her my story.

She said that Jane and her have been friends since high school and that they both work from home and enjoy their work and the neighborhood.

I told her that I was a widower and semi retired and enjoy working in the garden and using my pool.

“Jane and I would love to have a pool.”

“Well, that’s an easy fix. You can use my pool any time you would like. And once Jane is up for it, you can just come over and enjoy it, even if I’m not home.”

“We’ll take you up on that. Thanks for everything.”

“You’re welcome. I wish there was more I could do for you though.”

“You’ve done enough already.”

“If it’s ok with you, I’ll stop by tomorrow to see if you need anything. Oh, by the way, my first name is Mike and here is my cell number, just in case you need me.”

“Well Mike, thanks again for everything. See you tomorrow.”

She then gave me a kiss on my cheek as I was heading out the door.”

I went home and relaxed a bit before turning in.

The next morning I had breakfast and since the weather was hot already, I decided to jump in the pool. I wrapped my big towel around my naked torso and headed to the pool. I was on the lounge when my phone rang…it was Diane.

“Good morning Mike. Jane asked me to call you and thank you for everything yesterday. She is feeling much better today.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that.”

“I set up a tv for her and got her all settled and was wondering if I could take you up on your offer to use your pool this morning while she is taking a nap?”

“Sure, not a problem. I’m by the pool now, so come on over pretty lady.”

As I hung up, I went inside to put a bathing suit on. By the time I put my suit on, Diane was already at the gate and letting herself in. She looked ravishing in her tiny white bikini that left nothing to the imagination. There was no doubt that she was all woman. Her tits were barely covered and it seemed to me that she had a smooth pussy or kept it very trimmed.

We sat next to each other on the lounges soaking up the sun.

“I want to thank you again for all you did for us. We appreciated it.”

“It was no big deal, really. I’m just glad Jane is feeling better. Maybe she can come over tomorrow if she’s feeling better. The sun will do her good.”

“Well, thank you. That’s very kind of you.”

We stayed at the pool for awhile then Diane’s phone rang. It was Jane and apparently she needed Diane to help her so Diane apologized and went to see what Jane needed.

That late afternoon I called Diane and asked her if she and Jane would like pizza for dinner, since I was going to make one for myself, two wouldn’t be a problem. She thanked me and said that sounded terrific. I told her I’ll bring them over around 6:00.

At 6:00 I rang the bell and Diane let me in. I brought the pizzas into the kitchen and lo and behold, Jane was sitting at the table.

“Jane, how are you doing? You look great.”

“Thank you. I couldn’t take staying in bed anymore. I have crutches now and at least I can move around now.”

“That’s great. Hey, I told Diane that you should come over and take the sun and use the pool. It will make you feel better.”

“Thank you.”

“I’ll even come and get you.”

Then Diane put everything on the table. We wasted no time in digging into the pizzas.

Jane said, “These pizzas are better than the pizza parlor. Are you a chef?”

“No, Kemer travesti I’m not a chef but I do know how to cook.”

Diane continued, “Neither one of us are good cooks. Would you be interested in cooking for us? We will pay you.”

“Well, that’s some offer. But instead of me cooking for you, why don’t I teach you how to cook?”

Jane replied, “I am a disaster in the kitchen but I’d like to learn.”

“Same here.”

“Ok ladies. We will start as soon as Jane is up to it. When I go home, I’ll work out the details and schedule.”

“We’ll pay you Mike.”

“That won’t be necessary.”

“But we insist on giving you something.”

“We’ll work something out later,” as I smiled.

After dinner, we chatted and before we knew it, the time flew by and it was time for me to go home. I told them that I will see them tomorrow with all the details.

I went home and put a plan together with schedules for teaching them one on one and together.

The next day I called and spoke to Diane and asked her if there was a good time for me to stop over to discuss the schedule. She told me to come over any time after 2:00.

Around 2:30 I went over to my students, carrying some cook books.

Once we were all in the kitchen with Jane sitting on a chair and Diane stood next to me.

“Today’s lesson will be simple. I am going to show you all the tools you will be using and telling you what each item is used for. The books are for you to look through and for each of you to pick out a recipe that we will make.” I told them.

Both women wore shorts and tank tops and, not being blind, I noticed that neither lady was wearing a bra.

For about an hour I taught them about the tools and their uses. They seemed to be quick learners and we had a few laughs along the way.

Jane was a bit tired so she took her crutches and excused herself to go rest. I invited Diane to join me in the pool and she readily accepted, telling me she would be right over as soon as she put on her suit. I smiled and said, “I hope it’s the same one you wore the last time. You looked great in it.”

Diane smiled as I went out the door.

I went home and put on my suit and before I knew it, Diane was at my pool, wearing the same tiny bikini she wore the last time.

“Do you like?”

“I sure do. You look terrific.”

“If you like the way I look, wait until you see Jane in her bikini…it should be illegal.”

“I can’t wait. Let’s get in the pool.”

We jumped in and swam around, our bodies touching occasionally. My cock was rock hard and I know she brushed up against it more than once but never said anything. Finally, it was time to get out.

As we got out, she dried herself off in a towel and when I got out, my hard cock was stretching my suit and I noticed Diane looking at me with a smile.

“It’s your fault.” I said to Diane.

“That’s fine. I like the scenery.”

I dried off and we both sat in the lounges next to each other.

“Mike, I want to thank you for everything. We really do appreciate all you have done for us. We owe you.”

“Diane, you guys don’t owe me anything. Actually, I owe you.”

“Now Mike, how do you owe us?”

“Being honest, you guys put on a great show in your running tights for me…I know, I’m a dirty old man.”

“You’re not a dirty old man… besides we know you enjoy watching us. Jane and I have talked about it and we enjoy giving you a show.”

“Mike, if you haven’t figured it out yet, Jane and I are very close, if you know what I mean.”

“Diane, I kind of figured that and I think it’s great that you have each other. My late wife was bi and I had no problem with that. Some of her close friends were also my friends but it all came to an end when my wife died.”

“Mike, Jane and I discussed you many times and both of us feel that we would like to get to know you much better, if you would like that, especially over the last few days we definitely want to get to know you much better.”

“I had no idea…yes, I would like that very much and what I have done for you and Jane was done as a good neighbor, with no other intentions.”

“We know and that is what convinced us.”

“Come on Diane…one more dip before you head back.”

We got in the pool and before we knew it, we were in the center of the pool hugging and kissing. My hard cock pressed up against Diane’s body. As we kissed, she pressed her body into my cock. Then, without Konyaaltı travesti warning, she slipped her hand down between my skin and my suit and grabbed my cock.

“Mike, it’s so big and hard. Jane is going to love this. May I continue?”

“Diane, I’m not going to stop you.”

She took her other hand and pulled my suit down until my cock was free. Her hands were all over my cock and balls.

As she played with them, she looked at me and smiled.

She wasted no time in jerking me off. As her hand was wrapped around my shaft, we kissed and I managed to slip her bikini top off and exposed her tits which I started licking and then sucked on her nipples.

It wasn’t long before I told her I was going to cum. She quickly went under the water and wrapped her mouth over my cock, gave it a few sucks and I shot a huge amount of cum into her mouth and watched as she swallowed it all.

After some time, we finally got out of the pool, me naked and her topless. We smiled at each other as we dried off.

“Mike, maybe we should keep this to ourselves until Jane is better. Ok?”

“Ok. I have no problem with that. I understand.”

We then said our goodbyes and Diane went home to Jane and I went inside.

Over the next couple of weeks, the women learned how to cook and many a night We all are together and had meals they had prepared from the recipes in the cook books.

Jane was much better and could now walk without the crutches so I invited them over to my house for a Saturday bbq and to use the pool.

I had everything ready, food, wine and snacks. The pool was nice and clean as we’re the lounges.

As I was putting things in place, I heard Jane & Diane calling me. I went to greet them in my suit. As soon as I saw them, my mouth opened wide. Diane had on a micro black bikini that barely covered anything and Jane had on a see through bikini.

Not only was my mouth wide open, but my cock enjoyed the view as well.

I welcomed them in and they sat in their lounges and I brought them wine.

“Jane, you look terrific. That’s some outfit. Same with you Diane. You both look great.”

“Thank you Mike. We wanted to show you our appreciation for everything you have done for us and we both decided to really show you how much.”

“Well ladies, that you have done.”

“Hey Mike, we don’t want to sound forward or embarrass you but you could show us your appreciation too.” Jane said as she giggled.

“Ok, but you asked for it.” I then stood up and slid my suit down and my hard cock sprang free as my suit fell to the ground.

“There, now we have all shown our appreciation.” And we all laughed.

Jane & Diane stood up and removed what they called suits and the three of us were now naked.

“Come on guys, let’s get in the pool.”

We all got up and went in the pool. We played around, our bodies touching each other often. On more than one occasion, I felt hands on my cock and balls. I took advantage of the situation and grabbed some tits, ass and pussy and didn’t get any complaints from either of them.

It wasn’t long before I was standing in the middle of the pool and had Diane in front of me and Jane behind me. Our bodies all pressed together. My cock was rock hard and I slipped it in Diane’s cunt as we kissed. In the mean time, Jane was running her hands all over me. She even slipped a finger in Diane’s cunt as I was fucking Diane.

Then Jane moved to my front and her and I kissed. And then I quickly started sucking her nipples.

I told them that I was going to cum and a few more thrusts and I shot my cum into Diane’s cunt. When I pulled out my limp dick, some cum oozed out from her cunt and Jane scooped it up and swallowed it. Diane then sat on the pool’s edge and Jane went to her and sucked my cum out of her cunt.

For the rest of the day, we ate, drank and had sex with each other. I invited them to stay the night and they did.

The highlight of the night for me was watching Jane & Diane having sex, which reminded me of my late wife and her friends.

A couple of times, I joined them and it was like being in paradise. We continued through Sunday and I was worn out.

Monday morning, when Jane & Diane had to leave, Diane said, “Mike, we want to thank you for a great weekend. We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did. And, if you ever feel lonesome or want company, you know where we live.”

I replied, “The same goes here. I know you guys have a thing together, but if you ever want a change of pace, give me a call.”

“We definitely will. After this weekend, you’ll be getting calls.”

I smiled, gave them kisses and, as they laughed and went home naked, they left me their outfits as a gift and remembrance.

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