First Time was Awesome

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Dawn and I have a great relationship. We met in high school and dated with all the usual petting and kissing for hours. We broke up and got back together a couple of times. We had sex one time right at the end of high school. It was kind of funny that for a long time we would get so close to having sex but never do it. As high school was coming to a close we were at her house one day kissing and caressing each other. She is easy to bring to an orgasm by kissing her nipples and rubbing her vagina. She had taken off her shirt and pulled her panties off from under her skirt. I had slipped my shorts off. We were kissing and rolling around on her bed.

She rolled on top of me and I was kissing her breasts. She moved around until my penis was positioned right at the entrance of her vagina. She always got so wet. We must have done this 50 times and it always felt so amazingly good. Dawn was particular excited this day and had already had two orgasms just from my fingers. On this day she kept moving the tip of my penis Cebeci Escort around in the folds of her vagina until the tip started to enter her and she froze her motion with my penis right at her entrance and she said we better not.

Dawn and I had never done this type of stuff before. She then moved so the tip of my penis slid back out of her vagina. She moved around several times and then she lean forward and again the tip of my penis slid into the entrance of her vagina, stopped again, and again she said that feels so good but we better not. She shifted so I would come back out and moved around again rubbing her vagina on the base of my penis. She leaned forward again just enough to let the tip of my penis enter her and again paused with us like that. She kissed me very deeply for a long time. When she broke the kiss she asked me to be very still and I said OK. She then started moving so that the tip of my penis would slide out of her and then she Çıtır Escort would push back and let the tip go back into her.

She was only moving an inch or so but the sensation was so new and wonderful. She did this so slow it was incredible. She then started to tense up with an oncoming orgasm. She kept moving forward and back, but as her whole body tensed up she got more and more careless about her movements. She kept going forward and back but she was putting more and more downward pressure. Her body was staying tense, as she kept moving with her actions getting a little stronger each time. The downward pressure was also getting stronger and more of my penis was going into her. She felt so tight and wonderful.

She kept moving and it seemed like the orgasm kept coming and then all of a sudden the pressure in her vagina went away and about half of my penis slipped into her. This caused her to slow down but still move up and down. With each motion Demetevler Escort I was going deeper into her until she pushed all the way down and I felt the tip of my penis bumping something inside of her. She moved up and down on me four or five more times and she was moaning from the feeling and I could feel her tighten around my penis. I felt myself loosing control, told her and she slipped off of my penis. I ejaculated with such intensity that it went all over my chest, up on her pillow, and on the headboard of her bed. She collapsed on me not caring her breasts and tummy were getting all sticky.

We both were saying that it felt so incredible. I told her I was sorry that we got carried away and she said that she was happy that it felt so wonderful and that she was glad it was with me.

We quickly cleaned up and got our clothes on, made her bed, and left. We kissed and cuddled so much that day as I think we both knew that was going to be a day that we would remember forever in our lives. It is funny that over time many of our friends have talked about the first time they had sex and most of them stated it was very fast, hurt, or was not that pleasurable. I feel so lucky that my first time was with Dawn and that it was such an incredible introduction to how wonderful and exciting sex can be between two people that love each other so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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