First Time with Family Friends Pt. 03

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A continuation of Chapters 1 and 2.

James, Matt, and Josh had just finished fucking. Still nude, they collapsed on the bed in a big heap and relaxed until it was time to grab dinner. In their sex craze, they had almost forgotten they were still on a family vacation and their parents had made reservations for 7pm. After eventually putting on clothes, they pulled the cum-soaked sheets off the hotel bed and left them outside the room, calling for maid service as they left for dinner.

They were eating at a fancy restaurant with their parents tonight, the first they had seen of them since arriving at the ski resort. As could be expected, it was a pretty boring event. The dads did most of the talking, recapping their favorite ski runs of the day and speculating on the weather forecast. James noticed that Matt’s dad, Mr. Jorgenson, looked quite sun-kissed from a day on the slopes. He had always been handsome, in the distinguished way that 50-somethings are, but seemed particularly good-looking today in his formal clothes. James normally wouldn’t have been into Mr. Jorgenson, but figured his lustful thinking was due to all his recent sexual activity with the guys.

The dinner ended at 10pm and everyone returned to their rooms. When James, Matt, and Josh got back, they saw that their dirty sheets were gone and fresh ones had been put on the bed. They crashed immediately, sleeping soundly until the next morning.

When their alarm went off at 7am, Josh and Matt hopped excitedly out of bed for another day on the slopes. But James immediately knew he wasn’t going to make it out. Not only were his muscles tired from skiing the day before, his ass was sore from all the fucking.

“Sorry guys, but maybe you should go ahead without me. I’m feeling pretty rough from yesterday’s activities, so maybe I’ll just take today off.”

“Bummer, dude,” said Matt. “Hope our dicks didn’t make it worse!”

“I know they did!” exclaimed Josh jocularly. “There’s no way our fucking didn’t cause this to happen. But at least we know he enjoyed it,” he said with a wink.

James smiled back knowingly as they departed. Preferring to sleep in the nude, he took off his underwear, crawled back into bed, and dozed off.

He awoke naturally around 10am. The sun streamed into his room, reflecting off the newly fallen snow. Still naked, he brushed his teeth and took a shower, knowing he wanted to look good when Josh and Matt returned around 4pm.

Suddenly, he heard a little knock on his door. It was still too early for housekeeping, who came in the early afternoon. He went to the peep hole and peered through, figuring maybe someone had just knocked on the wrong door. But to his surprise, it was Mr. Jorgenson.

“Hey James, I can see your shadow behind the peephole,” he said with a smile. “Mind opening up for me? Just wanted to check up on you.”

“Oh hey, Mr. Jorgenson, I wasn’t expecting you,” James replied nervously. “Give escort bayan me a second, I just woke up and haven’t really, um… put clothes on yet.”

James immediately wished he hadn’t said that. It sounded so weird coming out of his mouth, but it was too late now. He rushed to throw on some gym shorts, then came back to open the door. Mr. Jorgenson smiled at James as he looked him up and down, not necessarily in a sexual way, but simply examining how little clothes he was wearing.

“I heard from my son Matt that you were feeling sore this morning, so I just thought I’d swing by to check on you. Plus, I stayed in too and was getting pretty bored alone in my room.”

James thought this was a little strange, but let him in. “Thanks, I’m doing fine really. We still have lots of days to get outside so it didn’t feel like a big deal to stay in.”

“Well I don’t mean to intrude on whatever you were up to,” he replied with a smile. “I raised a teenage boy, I know what you get up to when you’re alone.”

James was taken aback by Mr. Jorgenson’s forwardness, and it must have showed. Mr. Jorgenson immediately went to explain himself.

“Oh shit, sorry. Didn’t mean that to come across weird. Maybe I shouldn’t be so honest, but I feel like all that is normal and deserves to be talked about. Plus…I haven’t had sex in a while so it’s definitely forefront in my mind.”

Still quite weird, thought James to himself, but Mr. Jorgenson is just sexy enough that I’m willing to give him a pass.

“It’s okay, I guess it’s cool that you’re so open about all that,” replied James. “And sorry that you’re in a dry spell.”

“It happens when you’ve been married as long as me. I know at least one of you guys has been getting into some trouble — don’t think I didn’t notice all those cum-filled sheets outside your room last night before dinner! Have you found some nice girl here on the slopes?”

Fuck. I guess now’s the time to come out.

“Well, um…, since you were so honest with me, I probably should be honest back. I hope you won’t tell my parents, but…I’m gay.”

Mr. Jorgenson looked surprised but also proud. “I’m really happy you could tell me that, James. See, this is why you’re always honest!” He reached out and gave James a hug.

“But of course, you didn’t answer my question…was it you that met someone last night?”

Shit, seems like the honesty can’t go any further. No way I’m saying his straight son fucked me silly!

James went as vague as possible. “Yeah, that was me…some guy I was chatting with on the slopes.”

Mr. Jorgenson looked intrigued. “Well how was it? I haven’t fucked a girl’s ass since college but remember how awesome it felt.”

James felt the strangest combination of weirdness and horniness all at once. Was he really talking about getting fucked in the ass with his friend’s dad?

“I guess it was pretty great,” said James with a nervous altıparmak escort bayan chuckle. “Definitely an experience to remember.”

“Well I can tell you enjoyed it. Your cock says it all.”

Mr. Jorgenson pointed down at James’ dick, which had gotten completely erect without him noticing. James turned red as a tomato and awkwardly tried to cover up with his hands.

“No worries,” Mr. Jorgenson assured James. “Happens to the best of us. Hell, I’m getting hard just thinking about that time back in college.”

A long pause filled the air as Mr. Jorgenson looked off, clearly remembering his younger days. James noticed the growing bulge in his tight jeans, suggesting a reasonably long and girthy cock, just like his son. James was wild horny staring at it.

James couldn’t believe what he did next. Without saying a word, he got down on his knees in front of Mr. Jorgenson’s legs and put his mouth to his crotch, licking his stiff cock through his pants. Instinctively, Mr. Jorgenson spread them wider and watched.

“I always suspected you might be gay, but didn’t want to say anything,” Mr. Jorgenson said looking down at James. “Let’s see what type of fun we can get into.”

James unbuttoned Mr. Jorgenson’s pants, unzipping his fly and pulling out his cock. It was nearly identical to his son Matt’s, 9-inches and veiny. He had short blonde pubes and huge balls. He even smelled like Matt.

James wrapped his lips around Mr. Jorgenson’s dick and began to suck. James licked the tip while cupping his balls, making him moan loudly. Soon, Mr. Jorgenson began to thrust into James’ mouth, slowly at first but then picking up speed. Mr. Jorgenson’s hands grabbed James’ head still as he fucked his face.

“Fuck you’re good at taking a cock,” said Mr. Jorgenson. He ripped off his shirt, revealing a muscled chest full of thick blonde hair. James was in heaven.

Mr. Jorgenson obviously wasn’t satisfied with just a blow job. Without a word, he stood and picked up James, still wearing just his gym shorts, and threw him directly on the bed ass-up. James was surprised at Mr. Jorgenson’s strength.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass so you hard, you won’t even remember the last guy,” said Mr. Jorgenson. He then grabbed James’ shorts with two hands and ripped them apart, exposing his hairless ass while still leaving the shorts partially on. He leaned down and spit directly onto James’ ass, then began to finger it as he spread his tight cheeks.

James couldn’t believe how dominant Mr. Jorgenson had become. He had loved being submissive to Matt and Josh, but somehow, and older man made the dynamic so much better. He was ready to do whatever Mr. Jorgenson wanted.

James felt his cock sliding along his ass crack, prepping to enter him.

“Fuck me, Mr. Jorgenson!!” He moaned in anticipation.

“Damn, you’re a horny little slut. Let’s see how well you take this big cock.”

He nilüfer eskort pressed his dick against James’ hole and pushed in slowly. With his little bit of experience, James knew to relax his ass and just let it happen. He felt both the pain and pleasure of a hung man fucking him raw.

“Goddamn, it’s even better than I remember,” Mr. Jorgenson whispered in his ear. At first, he leaned down onto James so that his chest was pressing against James’ back, holding him tightly as he thrust his dick in and out. James loved the slow movements as he became accustomed to the 9-inch dick working its way fully inside his hole.

But soon, Mr. Jorgenson became upright as he grabbed tightly onto James’ hips. His pace increased, thrusting deep inside James’ tight little ass with each push.

“Fuck me harder, Mr. Jorgenson!” James yelled back. He couldn’t believe what had gotten into him. He was ravenous.

And Mr. Jorgenson did. With all his force, he rammed his cock into James hard and fast like someone much younger than he really was.

As he thrust, he pulled up James onto his knees in a doggy-style. With his right hand, he reached around and pulled James’ erect dick out of his ripped gym shorts and jacked him off.

It was too much to handle. James felt an orgasm building, the combination of a massive cock hitting his prostate and a firm hand stroking his member. It couldn’t be stopped.

“Oh yeah, Mr. Jorgenson,” James moaned in ecstasy. “You’re gonna make me cum!”

“Fuck yeah, cum for me James,” Mr. Jorgenson moaned back.

James didn’t last another second. As Mr. Jorgenson continued to fuck and stroke him, he exploded onto the bed. Ropes of hot, sticky cum shot out with force, spraying the sheets below and hitting the pillow. His ass clenched with each shot, making the pleasure from Mr. Jorgenson’s dick that much more acute.

James’ orgasm was more than enough to put Mr. Jorgenson over the edge. Without notice, he shoved James onto the cum-filled sheets and began to pound him harder than ever before.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Mr. Jorgenson screamed as he slammed his dick into James one last time. His body shook as his dick exploded, sending a massive load deep inside James’ teenage hole. James felt its warmth in his ass, the cum streaming out of Mr. Jorgenson’s dick for at least 30 seconds. Even as the cum slowed down, his dick continued to throb from the pleasure of a tight ass enveloping it.

Finally, a sweaty Mr. Jorgenson rolled off James, semen trickling off his dick and onto the sheets. James flipped over, exposing his chest which was sticky with cum. Mr. Jorgenson put his arm around James, who could smell the manly musk emanating his armpit.

“Damn, I hadn’t shot a load like that in years. Maybe ever.”

“Glad I could help. You really know what you’re doing, Mr. Jorgenson,” replied James.

“Well, it’s years of practice. But to be honest, nothing will ever beat a tight ass to fuck.”

A moment passed as they caught their breath.

But all of a sudden, they heard the keycard click as the door swung open. Before James and Mr. Jorgenson could do anything, Matt and Josh burst into the room and stopped in shock.

“Dad, did you just fuck James?!”

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