Friendly Welcome to Gleeson Street

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Chestnut Falls


It was a Friday morning and already I was on my knees blowing Jordan Powers in the hallway of Madison High School. The final bell for third period had just rung so the hallway was empty, and with the students and teachers busy with the morning’s lesson, Jordan and I took advantage of the situation and unleashed our primal urges.

Jordan moaned quietly as I bobbed on his knob. He had dropped his books on the ground beside me, lost in the pleasure my mouth provided. I moaned with satisfaction as I sucked, the gratification I received from giving head washing over me. I looked up at him; his head was back against the wall, his eyes closed in deep relaxation.

He was so dreamy. And the Madison letterman’s jacket he earned from the wresting team didn’t detract from his dominant stature and attractive physique, either. Everything about him was alluring and sexually arousing; from his muscular thighs, to the strong, powerful hands at his sides, to the impressive chest that heaved above me, he was a beautiful young man who’s dick I was happy to suck.

He placed a hand on the top of my head and grabbed my hair, guiding me back and forth with lustful aggression. His dick tasted so good I slurped as my tongue caressed the underside of his shaft. I wanted to pull his pants down and lick his balls until they were soaked with spit, but who knew if Principal Pullman or any other faculty member would come wandering down the hallway; it was best for Jordan to keep his pants up in case we needed to make a quick getaway. Regardless, much to my satisfaction, Jordan’s impressive throbber snaked from the fly of his trousers and nestled comfortably in the crook of my hand and into the warm cavern of my hungry mouth.

I loved sucking cock first thing in the morning. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I loved sucking cock any time of the day. It was my latest obsession. Ever since my eighteenth birthday I’ve had the most incredible oral fixation.

It had been a Saturday night and a few of my buddies had come over to my parent’s house to hang out in the den, a sort of low-key birthday celebration. Evan, one of my buddies, had a great idea to invite over Karen Myrtle, Becky-Ann Butterfield, and Casey Grainger in hopes to get a real party going. The girls showed up and we had a swell time; my mom had ordered a case of soda pop and a couple bags of popping corn, we borrowed my sister’s record player and had some records going, but just as my buddies and I started to get the girls worked up, they all got silly and left. So there we were, Evan, Trevor, Jacob and I, all worked up into a sexual frenzy with no girls to help us out.

But it was Jacob who reminded us that we didn’t need any girls to have good time and finish the job. And before we even knew what was happening, Jacob dropped to his knees, fished out Evan’s weiner and was sucking on it like a champ. Trevor and I stood there, our mouths agape, our boners hardening like ramrods, watching Evan moan in ecstasy as Jacob worked Evan’s johnson with his mouth.

As I felt Trevor’s hand touch my stiffening appendage, I noticed that, unconsciously, I had placed my hand on Trevor. It wasn’t long before Trevor was on his knees blowing me. And, boy, was it great! I didn’t last long before I was busting my nuts into Trevor’s mouth, but Trevor saddled forth, sucking me, and taking my load like a true pal. And when I’d reached empty, he gave me a wink and I watched him swallow my batch.

I was ecstatic, and right away I was down on Trevor’s cock, experiencing my first taste of dick and reveling in the flavor. Everything about it was euphoric: the taste, the exotic aroma, the pleasing shape, the way it fit perfectly into my mouth. I made love to Trevor’s dick, and Evan and Jacob could tell that I was, indeed, a natural born cocksucker. They made their way over to me and, much to my merriment, I found myself surrounded by their throbbing beef poles. I’ll tell you, nothing gets a party going like three dicks at one time. I serviced all three of them simultaneously, stroking them, sucking them, loving them. And when the big finish arrived, each one of them showered me with their seed, which I greedily devoured.

And from then on my oral fixation was insatiable. I was blowing the guys at school morning, noon, and night. On average, I’d say I was going down on four, maybe five, guys a week initially. But my personal record was the day of the big track-and-field event where I sucked off Matt Davis, Joe Johnson, and Dirk Matthews all in the same day.

However, as such things go, things started catching up with me. I was beginning to want more. Of course, my heart still fluttered when I’d pull out the trouser snake of my latest conquest, and I’d feel the calm when it rested on my tongue and entered my mouth, but soon I found myself not quite fully satisfied as I swallowed the load I’d work up. Even when the guy would kiss my cheek after, or look at me with the twinkling eyes they’d get when I’d Eskort Bayan done good, I was still not fully satiated. Not anymore.

But that Friday morning I was determined to change all that.

I sucked Jordan’s yogurt slinger with devout resolution, concentrating on providing powerful suction to his cockhead while my hand stroked him in earnest. His hand moved to the back of my head and, forcefully, he thrust his flesh cannon in deeper, my face buried in his groin. His dick swelled inside my mouth and I felt the warm goo ejaculate from his dick and baste my tongue. It was salty and savory, my favorite second breakfast. He hunched over me, his flesh pole buried in my face, as his dick milk overflowed into my mouth.

I swallowed his load enthusiastically and looked up at him. His head was back against the wall, his eyes closed, his breathing heavy.

I gave his dick another suck, pulling out the last of his swimmers, and cleaning off his softening tool. He whimpered and then looked down at me, smiling.

“Thank you,” he said, grabbing his dick and putting it back inside his pants. “I needed that.”

I smiled back at him. “No problem. Anything for the wrestling team.”

He laughed. “I gotta get to class; Miss Brookstone is sure to give me detention for being tardy again.” He gathered his books from the floor. “You’re going to Mr. Cooper’s biology class, right? Want me to walk you there?”

Nothing is more endearing than a guy making a sweet gesture while his taste lingers on your tongue. I smiled but shook my head. “No thanks, I can manage.”

“Alright,” Jordan replied. “See you later, Holden.”

“See you later,” I said.

Jordan turned and walked down the hallway to his class, his latest victory in virile sexuality apparent in his stride. I gathered my books and stood up. The taste of Jordan, ever present in my mouth, was pleasant and I liked it. But, as was becoming too common, it wasn’t everything it had once been.

But all that would change soon enough.


I’d been walking home from school that afternoon with Evan, Trevor and Jacob. We’d made plans to meet up at Hadley’s Burger Palace later that night in hopes to meet up with some girls from school and maybe catch the drive-in movie. The girls at Madison liked the drive-in, and there was a good chance they’d be up for some fun in the dark of Evan’s car while the movie played. And we agreed, if the girls didn’t go for it, well, the three of us could play with one another in Jacob’s room.

My buddies and I went our separate ways as we walked through the neighborhood. I was nearly home when I was forced to stopped in awe. There, outside perched on a ladder, painting the awning of his front porch, was Mr. Rhodes. The street’s newest neighbor, he and his wife were newlyweds and had just moved to Chestnut Falls not more than three months ago. And, boy, was he handsome.

He was a young man, not more than twenty-five, maybe twenty-six. Tall, lean, with a toned and healthy physique. I knew because there he was, shirtless, with a thin sheen of sweat that glistened in that beautiful Chestnut Falls sunlight. My eyes poured over him: his adorably disheveled hair, his tight, muscular back, his toned arms as they reached up to paint the awning, and the most mouth-watering ass I’d ever seen in slim, white painter’s pants. I couldn’t help but stand there and stare in bewilderment.

I’d seen Mr. Rhodes before at the neighborhood cookouts and around the neighborhood in general. He was athletic, and from time to time I’d seen him running the block – his tight, white tank-top clinging to his body as his muscular arms swung back and forth.

Mrs. Rhodes was a really beauty as well, but come to think of it, she seemed to always be out of town visiting her aunt, or mother, or some such. But the wives of Gleeson Street were always happy to help out and, often, I would catch them coming and going from the Rhodes’ house, bringing Mr. Rhodes carefully prepared plates of chicken and mashed potatoes, or casseroles of beef noodles and the like. Mr. Rhodes always seemed to invite them in and, surprisingly, they’d stay quite a while. As Evan and I were walking home from the drugstore late one night, we saw Mrs. Ferris just leaving Mr. Rhodes’ house. She must have stayed for dinner and kept him company while he ate. No bother.

But back to what I was saying before, there he was: shirtless and strapping in the sunlight. As I watched him work, the bulge in my pants was beginning to grow. He was a gorgeous specimen of masculinity and I’d have given anything to find myself before him, on my knees, giving him pleasure in the way I knew best. As I fantasized I didn’t notice him finish the line he was working on, drop the brush into the paint can, and turn to look at me.

“Hi there, Holden!” He said, climbing down the ladder. He grabbed a towel and wiped his hands.

I choked.

“That’s your name, right? Holden?” He asked with a smile.

I swallowed. “Ye-yeah,” I sputtered. “How did you know?!”

He laughed. “I’ve heard your mother calling you; she’s got quite the bellow on her,” he chuckled.

I smiled, hypnotized by his boyish grin. “That’s my mother, alright.”

He dropped the towel and walked over to me. My eyes zeroed in on the delightful sprinkling of chest hair over his pecs, and the second light sprinkling over his tight, flat stomach.

“You know, I don’t think we’ve officially met.” He held his hand out to me. “Justin Rhodes. My wife, Sarah, and I just moved to Chestnut Falls three months ago.”

I took his hand. Immediately a fantastic jolt surged through my body; his hand was warm, strong, and intimidating. I didn’t want to let go. “Hi, I’m Holden McKinney.”

As he held my hand, I could have sworn I glimpsed a flash of something mischievous in his eyes, something playful but, nonetheless, a little naughty.

“Nice to meet you, Holden,” he said. His thumb made a soft stroke over mine just before our handshake broke. I was smitten.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Rhodes,” I replied with a genuine smile.

“So,” he said, after a brief pause. “What are you up to on this fine Friday night? A young kid like you must have a lot going on right now.”

I nodded. “Yeah, a few of my buddies and I are planning to grab some burgers and maybe catch a movie later on.”

“Sounds great!” He replied. “Gosh, I remember high school like it was just yesterday. You staying out of trouble?”

I smiled. “Yes, sir,” I replied.

The plan of meeting up with the girls popped into my head and instantly my bubble burst. Mr. Rhodes must have seen the dispirited expression in my face.

“Everything alright?” He asked, concerned. “You look down.”

I shook my head. “Oh it’s nothing. I’m just not certain I’m up for going out tonight.”

“Well, why not?” He asked. “A young kid like yourself, with friends such as yours, should be itching to ditch the school books and have some fun.”

I sighed. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Mr. Rhodes smiled. “Hey, why don’t you come inside for a moment. I’ve got some lemonade. We’ll have a glass and you can tell me what’s troubling you. Plus, it will give me an excuse to take a break from painting.”

I perked up at the thought of joining him. “Ok,” I smiled.

I followed him into his house. It was a cute little place, the windows allowed a great deal of the afternoon sun through and gave the house a warm, inviting glow. Well decorated and neatly organized and tidy, I had suspected Mrs. Rhodes was a perfect housewife. “Is Mrs. Rhodes home?” I asked, following him into the kitchen.

“I’m afraid not,” Mr. Rhodes replied, pulling the pitcher of lemonade from the refrigerator. “She’s up in Cypress Springs visiting her great aunt for the weekend.” He grabbed two glasses from the cupboard and placed them on the kitchen table. “Have a seat.”

I sat down at the table and watched him closely. I admired his sinewy chest and dreamed of tonguing those two beautiful, perfect, pink nipples of his. I was too enraptured in gazing at his perfect upper body to notice him set the glass of lemonade in front of me.

There must have been a pause that I was too hypnotized to notice. Mr. Rhodes cleared his throat and I snapped back to reality. I looked up and saw him grinning me, a playful, almost sly smile.

“Drink your lemonade, Holden,” he grinned. “You look thirsty.”


Mr. Rhodes had a beautiful penis. I know because not more than five minutes after our moment in the kitchen, I found myself sucking him off feverishly. In his bedroom, Mr. Rhodes lie naked on the bed, his muscular, pink body more radiant than ever among the rustled, bright white linens. He sat propped up, resting on his palms behind him, the definition in his arms driving me wild. Crouched between his thighs, I rested on my knees and forearm while my other hand stroked his flesh pole, a generously thick, nine-incher with the most succulent head I’ve ever had the pleasure of wrapping my lips around. The pre-cum was oozing from his dick slit and awakening my taste buds – my favorite afternoon snack.

Mr. Rhodes smiled down on me as my mouth worked his hot throbber. “Having fun, Holden?”

I moaned through his cock and then looked up at him. “I am now,” I replied with a big smile. “Does this feel good, Mr. Rhodes?” I asked sweetly, allowing my hand to work him while I spoke.

Mr. Rhodes flashed me that handsome, mischievous grin. “It feels great, Holden,” he replied. “Keep it up.”

I bit my lip and he gave me a wink. I smiled and immediately opened up and continued to suck his johnson. It was funny how fast the gears had changed that afternoon between Mr. Rhodes and me. One minute we were having small talk and introductory conversation, and the next I was giving him my signature hot, wet blowjob. It didn’t matter to me though, I was definitely better at this than awkward small talk.

My tongue wrapped itself along the underside of his shaft and gently massaged his pole as my mouth sucked on the pulsing mushroom-head of his cock. I gave his balls a tickle and a moan escaped his lips. My fingertips danced with his balls as I played with his scrotum. I cradled his sack, admiring the enormity of what he had, delighting in the warmth and heaviness. I couldn’t wait to crack open his nuts and taste the rich, delicious juices he’d been brewing.

“Lick my balls, Holden,” Mr. Rhodes whispered, his voice low and breathy.

My hand took over as my mouth obediently navigated down to his testicles. I gave his boys a quick kiss, soft and delicate, and my tongue gave quick, playful flicks. Finally, my tongue poured from my mouth and lapped up his junk.

“Oh my God,” Mr. Rhodes exhaled. “That’s so good.”

As my hand stroked him lovingly, my thumb playfully moving back and forth over his cockhead, I licked his balls until they were soaked, savoring the flavor of his masculinity and all his day’s hard work. Teasing him further, I took a ball into my mouth and gave a gentle suck. Mr. Rhodes moaned louder.

“You’re so good at this, Holden,” Mr. Rhodes lauded.

I moved from his nuts and went back to his cock, my mouth warm and moist on his fuck pole, and placed a hand on his chest. The hard muscle of his pecs were incredible and I was spurred to suck him harder. He threw his head back, lost in the ecstasy my mouth gave him. I pushed him down, encouraging him to lie back and relax.

I, too, relaxed and stretched out, lying down on my stomach with my ankles crossed in the air, I continued to suck on my giant pacifier, his strong thighs and shapely calves cradling me. I watched as Mr. Rhodes, in the deepest levels of tranquility, placed his hands behind his head, his incredible biceps on full display, the small, perfect patch of underarm hair exposed, teasing me into a sexual frenzy. I moaned, eager more than ever for him to explode in my mouth and coat my throat with his swimmers.

I closed my eyes and my mouth went into overdrive, sucking, slurping, swirling his dick with everything I had, satiating my oral fixation. My lips moved back and forth ferociously over the ridge of his cockhead, my tongue spiraling around his shaft, all the while as my mouth created a vacuum and sucked him, working up his baby batter.

I heard him moan louder than ever, and suddenly I felt his hands grab the sides of my head and pull me off his cock. “Holden, you’re gonna make me cum! Not yet.”

Mr. Rhodes looked into my eyes and immediately could see my heartbreak. I’d never before wanted to make a man cum as much as I had just then.

“I’m sorry,” he said again. “You’re incredible, but not yet, baby. I wanna do something else with you.”

He leaned forward and got up off the bed. Still on my stomach, I watched in awe as his cock, as erect and steadfast as ever, swung mightily between his legs as he walked. Standing at the foot of the bed, he leaned over, wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me up to him. I could feel his firm tube press hard against my butt cheeks. There was something thrilling and sensual in the way he stood behind me, tall and strong, as I melted from his touch – a rough hand on my waist, another caressing my body. My prick, though untouched, stuck out straight, beyond aroused from servicing Mr. Rhodes. From behind, he leaned over and kissed me. I bought my arms up and wrapped them around his neck, gyrating into his groin.

His kiss was firm and intense, filled with passion and lust. Our lips locked as he forced his tongue into my mouth. Slowly, I felt his hands go down toward my crotch. My abdomen quivered. I ran my hand through his hair as he took hold of my cock. I moaned at his touch. He jerked me off as we kissed, both of us breathing heavy, gyrating in unison.

Finally, he pulled from our kiss and looked into my eyes. “Have you ever been fucked, Holden?” he asked.

I bit my lip, shaking my head. “No,” I whispered. And it was the truth. I prayed he wouldn’t be turned off. Inside, I pleaded he wouldn’t stop; it couldn’t end here, not like this. I wanted him more than anything in the world. I was so aroused, so fired up, and ready to explode. And that’s when I knew that this was exactly what I needed. This was what was missing all along.

And to my elation, his eyes focused into mine. “Good. I want you all to myself,” he replied.

He spun me around and kissed me. I placed my hands on his bulging biceps and gave them a gentle squeeze. Our cocks snuggled one another between our groins. Finally, he motioned for me to lie back on the bed. Nervous and trembling, I lowered myself down on the soft down of the bedding as Mr. Rhodes grabbed both of my ankles and raised them in the air. He placed them on his shoulders and grinned at me with his gorgeous, boyish smile that at once calmed my nerves.

With my ankles up and resting on his strong shoulders, my ass was primed and ready for him. I could feel my little hole puckering; clearly my body knew something, craved something, of which I, myself, had been unaware.

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