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I was already driving home when I realized what day it was. I must have seen the date a dozen times, and it had never really registered.

“Fuck!” I shouted, almost swerving into an obnoxious taxicab.

I checked my watch and took a deep breath; I still had time. I searched my mind for a list of nearby florists; on the first pass I didn’t come up with any, but finally I remembered a sleazy little shop on Fifth that was run by a rude and obnoxious curmudgeon. But as the cliché goes, beggars can’t be choosers, and I made the left turn.

After circling twice to find a parking spot, fumbling to put quarters in the meter, tripping on the curb, and smacking into a light pole, I finally managed to get inside the shop.

Luckily the wait was short—I don’t think I was the only one who didn’t like the place—and I got up to the desk shortly. “I need a dozen red roses, please.”

“What’s the occasion?” laughed the owner.

I don’t know why I answered him honestly. “It’s our anniversary.”

He nodded, then moved with remarkable slowness into, inside, and out of the storage room to gather the roses. I was checking my watch and sweating the whole time. Finally he returned with two nice roses, eight red things that looked vaguely like roses and two deformed purplish masses that were clearly not roses. “Must be a fine little lady for you to give her all this.”

I bit my tongue, deciding it was easier to play along. “Yeah.”

And he laughed again, much harsher. “Of course, someone as skinny as yourself can hardly be expected to impress the ladies any other way, eh?”

At this point I decided it was best to shrug. The ‘fuck you’ stayed in my head.

On another day—or rather, had I planned ahead better—I wouldn’t have accepted the lousy bunch he gave me, but as it was I just wanted to get the damned flowers and get out of there, so I laid the cash on the table and ran back to the car.

When I got back to the apartment, tired and disheveled, and forced open the sticking door, I couldn’t help but smile. There he was, wearing only a pair of gym shorts, engrossed in one of his paintings, sitting on that weird little bench he has, his right leg bent up and his arms all crooked, all the cuter because he didn’t care how he looked.

I closed the door as quietly as I could, and just sat and watched as he fidgeted, drawing his brush across that canvas, wiggling that beautiful butt from side to side as he worked. Either he didn’t know I was there or he knew I liked to watch.

“Put some clothes on, baby,” I said finally.

He turned, looking startled, then grinned. “Danny! You brought me flowers!”

I görükle escort shrugged, feeling my collar pinch slightly. “Figured I’d better do something.”

Somehow he leapt instantly to his feet and charged straight towards me. Before I could react he was in my arms. I let myself get lost in the embrace; nothing takes away the exhaustion of office life quite like a warm hug from a beautiful man. I almost dropped the flowers when he kissed me on the cheek.

“I love you too, Corey. But I haven’t even taken off my coat!”

“I can help you, babe,” he whispered, proceeding to fiddle with the buttons of my jacket.

“If I’m not careful, you’ll take off the whole thing, won’t you?”

His only answer was a firm and sudden kiss, taking my lips forcefully into his. Almost laughing with our faces still attached, we drew it out, fondling each other’s lips, then tickling each other’s tongues. Finally I did drop the flowers and wrapped my arms tightly around him. We must have been disgustingly cute as we massaged each other’s lips and each raised a foot into the air. The longer we kissed the more I began to feel an oncoming erection.

I might have wanted it to go on longer, but suddenly he pulled away, a wide and mischievous grin on his face. “I know what we should do.”

I gave him a puzzled look, but it was a playful one. “Does it involve fellatio?”

He winked, then said, “Keep your shoes on.” Then he ran for the closet.

After throwing out several piles of clothes onto the floor, Corey settled on a gray tee that looked to my eyes very much like one he had just thrown. In any case he threw the former on, tightened his gym shorts—just enough to see the growing bulge—and threw on a pair of sandals.

“We going somewhere?”

He nodded. “You’re driving.”

After about half an hour of driving, I was sure we were completely lost, but Corey insisted that he knew where we were going. I just kept on following his directions as best I could—the infamous “turn left… back there” is always a challenge—and watched our apartment, and soon, the whole city, get further and further behind. Still, the way he would stroke my thigh whenever I seemed to get dubious made it all worth it.

Pretty soon, he was making me incredibly horny. “Um, baby?” I asked.

“Yeah, sweetie?” he said, stroking a little harder, obviously enjoying the lump growing in my pants.

“About what I asked earlier…”

“Patience, Danny. Patience.” Then, as if nothing had happened, “Make a right.”

When he said, “Stop here,” I thought he was joking. We weren’t even in the middle karacabey escort of nowhere, we were about five miles out.

There were no buildings, no people, no shopping malls, no computer companies, nothing but the jagged Massachusetts coastline, the sun behind the clouds, and the wash of the surf. “You sure this is it?”

He jumped out of the car with a grin on his face. “Positive.”

I followed him out wearing a face of disbelief, which was quickly assaulted by rough, salty sea wind. I had trouble keeping my eyes open, but Corey just stood like a statue, staring eagerly into the surf, letting it blow his soft brown hair back in intricate patterns. Silhouetted against the clouds, I did have to admit I’d never seen him so beautiful.

Though still not completely sure of this place, I sidled up to him, trying to see what he saw in the ocean before him.

And then suddenly it came to me; it was as if the world had slowed down just enough for me to watch it. The waves rolled and lapped, the birds sang, the clouds flowed; where I had seen nothing, I now saw everything.

“My God, it’s beautiful,” I said, barely conscious of it.

Corey let out a giggle, then started tickling me through my jacket. “Not as beautiful as you.”

We tumbled to the sand, and he started to undress me; first it was my jacket, then my shirt, then slowly and deliberately my shoes and socks. When I realized all I had left was a pair of slacks and a pair of boxers, I decided to do my part for his shirt and shorts.

Before long we were tumbling free, rolling around naked in the sand and getting grit in all sorts of uncomfortable intimate places.

We ended with me on top, panting and laughing. I took the opportunity to gently lean down and kiss his nipple. He ran his fingers through my thin blonde hair, unable to stop laughing for delight. By now, we were both at full hardness and we knew it.

When I leaned back up, making some comment about having him under my control, he smiled and said sweetly, “Baby, I’d do anything for those sweet green eyes of yours.”

Somehow this place had revitalized me. I felt an energy flow through me like I hadn’t since we were first married. I leapt off of him and ran toward the sea, not caring that my erection was bouncing silly as I moved. Giggling, Corey followed me, his penis bouncing the same, and we dove into the water as one.

The water was chilly, but not freezing, and we swam around each other in all sorts of complicated and labyrinthine ways, mostly making seal and dolphin noises. When we soon tired of that, we looked at each other, winked, mudanya escort and ran back onto the beach.

Damn, the man could move! I hadn’t been standing for ten seconds and he already had me in his mouth. It’s amazing how quickly I forget that joy, his soft lips caressing the sides of my pulsating shaft, his tongue fondling my engorged tip, his fingers exploring the folds of my balls. Today he even made a point of taking me all the way in, kissing gently the base of my shaft. The only sounds he made were soft kissing and slurping noises, and the only sounds I could manage were soft, deep moans.

And how he knew his way around me! Somehow he got his mouth to conform to every curve of my cock, stroking every ridge and vein. I couldn’t help but explode into an incredible orgasm, spraying cum into his mouth as he caught it expertly on the tip of his tongue and gracefully swallowed every drop.

“Corey…” I sighed as my cock went limp.

“I told you,” he laughed, making a show of giving his own cock a few rubs and giving me those undefeatable puppy eyes.

Regaining my senses, I knelt down to meet his eyes. “I’m sorry, baby, I’m being really selfish, huh?”

He smiled, leaning back to show off the length of his shaft. “No, Danny. I just know you like to watch.”

He laid back, spreading his legs; I sat on my elbows and wore the most joyful and bewildered smile. He stroked one hand slowly up and down his shaft, and slid the other down his balls before sliding a finger into that pert little ass I loved so much.

He moaned and so did I, feeling my erection begin to reassert itself into the sand. He put his head back, showing off his long, slender neck and his tight pink nipples. Slowly he began to pick up speed, making sweet love to himself from both directions.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore, and I leapt onto him, grabbing his cock and stroking it hard. “Danny!” he half-chided and half-moaned. “It was supposed to be no touch!”

“I’m sorry, love,” I whispered in his ear, wrapping my hand around his balls. “I just couldn’t help myself.”

And with my help he kept playing; with my hands devoted to his cock and balls, his was free to stroke his thighs and nipples. He moaned; I nuzzled his neck, and he moaned louder. His finger began pumping his ass with reckless abandon, and I knew he was about to cum. Drawing back, I leaned and slid his tip into my mouth just as his climax came. I felt every spurt of warm, juicy cum spray into the roof of my mouth, and drip down onto my tongue. I relished the flavor and the sensation, and even gave his tip a few grateful sucks before I swallowed.

By now, the sun was setting, bathing us in romantic orange. Both exhausted and satisfied, we collapsed into each other’s arms, kissing and cuddling. I felt his heartbeat slow and mine as well, and I lay beside him, sighing with joy.

“Corey,” I whispered, “your gift was a lot better than mine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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