Did that Really Just Happen?

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I’d been out with one of my best friends. We’d had a few drinks and ended up in this little bar with some cracking looking women. There was one woman in particular who we both fancied. She was very pretty, but not especially my type as she barely had any tits. Nice enough and eventually she went off with my mate, leaving me alone in the bar.

It was too early to go home, so I stayed whilst I finished my drink. You never know do you?

I was about to head off when I spotted her.

A brunette-haired beauty dressed in red from head to toe. She was a gorgeous smiley face, legs to die for in red tights. And her tits? Wow! They were enormous. As I looked over she was had squeezed her tits together ad was wiggling them.

Was she trying so signal me?

And then as someone moved out of the way I realised she was displaying herself for a man sitting on the next bar stool …

Lucky bugger!!

Oh well. Time to go home on my own.

Finishing off my drink I noticed that the lucky sod was rushing off to the bogs. Probably off to have a quick wank.

Turning round to head out I was suddenly chest to chest with the girl with the big tits.

“Hi! I couldn’t help noticing you watching me and my friend earlier.”

Seems like it could still be my lucky night!

“Hello. Well, it’s difficult not to notice when a woman shakes her breasts in public.”

This lady was standing so close, I couldn’t help but look down her cleavage. This was just about perfect – a big breasted girl who liked to flaunt what god had given her.

“Hah! Well, my Mum always told me – If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”

“Well, you’ve definitely got it!”

And boy did she know how to flaunt it?

“Thank you Hunny!”

As I leaned forward to get a better look at her tits, she stood on her tip toes and gave me a peck on my cheek.

“So do you fancy having a little fun tonight?”

Cool! Sounded like I was going to get laid tonight after all!

“Always ready for fun with beautiful women like you luv.”

“Ever had a threesome with two women?”

“Err … noo …”

“In that case, tonight could be your lucky night!”

“But I thought you were with that guy?”

“That’s right. That’s my friend Vinny.”

“But from where I was standing, that was a man. I’m not in to that sort of thing.”

All the while she was talking to me, with the lightest of touches, this lady was stroking the hair on my arm.

“Let me show you, Hon.”

Reaching in to her bag, she fished out her phone and start flicking through her pictures until she found what she was looking for.

“She may be wearing men’s shirt and trousers, but here’s what she’s wearing underneath. Pretty hot eh?”


I looked at her phone to see a hot woman wearing what looked like white, silk underwear with white, lace topped stockings. Absolutely stunning! Just what a bride might wear on her wedding night.

Then I noticed that the girl on the sexy underwear was the man she had been drinking with.

“Really? That’s what he’s wearing right now? That can’t be him.”

“Sexy isn’t she? Here. See. Here you can see her from the front.”

She flicked to the next photo which showed the two of them standing with their arms around each other’s waists. Whilst the guy was all in white, this lady had matching underwear and stockings but in red.

“Nice pair eh?”

I was beginning to get warm. We were standing so close together now that her breasts were pushed against my arm as she showed e her phone. Right now I didn’t care if she liked to dress her boyfriend in her sexy underwear. If I got to fuck her and those big tits, he could do what the fuck he liked! I didn’t need to go near him. I’m no faggot … If he didn’t mind me fucking his girlfriend, he was welcome to watch a real man fucking her!

But if she wanted me to come home and play games with the two of them, I could play my part.

“And she’d be up for some fun with you and me.”

“Of course Hun.”

Music to my ears. I WAS going to get laid tonight and she thinks I’m going to fool around with her sissy boyfriend! My cock’s going no where near him!

“She is a little shy. Here’s my address. Give it half an hour and then come and join us. I’ll leave the door on the latch and you can let yourself in.”

“You sure it’ll be fine?”

“Yes. Yes. It’ll be fine. More than fine.”

The sexy woman turned her face towards me, puckered up ready for a kiss. How could I resist? I leaned forward and was about to kiss her plump, red lips when at the last second she turned away from me leaving me kissing her on the cheek.

Such a tease!

I was going to fuck her pussy so hard, she’d never let her cross dressing friend near her again!

“Don’t forget, give us thirty minutes and let yourself in.”

With a quick peck on my cheek she sashayed over to her boyfriend. Her wiggling arse was almost as sexy as her big tits. Once I’d fucked her pussy, I might have to fuck her from behind on all fours and watch her arse wobble urfa escort as I fucked her with her tits hanging down.

As I had half an hour to kill, I went to the bar to get myself another drink. By the time I’d been served, I looked over and they’d gone. Another thirty minutes and I’d be balls deep in that big tittied woman whilst her boyfriend sat in the corner in his stockings wanking as he watched her being used by a real man.

It was a long thirty minutes!

Following the directions on my phone I was soon at the address I’d been given. As promised, the door was on the latch, so I let myself in. Going from the sounds I could hear, it was obvious where they were and what they were up to.

I headed to what was obviously the bedroom and was presented by the sight of the both of them in their underwear, the guy between her spread thighs. His knicker covered ass was sticking in the air as he was licking out her pussy.

As quietly as possible, I began to undress without taking my eyes off the couple on the bed. The girl had grabbed the sissy’s head and was grinding her pussy against his lips. She’d removed her bra and her huge tits were hanging free, wobbling on her chest as she was pushing herself forward. Apparently the sissy had a good tongue as she was obviously very aroused.

She looked over his shoulder and watched me getting myself naked. Despite myself, the silk covered arse in front of me, framed by the white garters and lace topped stockings was getting me hard.

“Jesus Vinny! Your tongue is amazing!!”

It looked like the woman wouldn’t be ready for fucking until the sissy had finished licking her …

… and I needed some hole to fuck …

Fuck it!

I was going to have to fuck the sissy …

Hell, no one else would know.

I got on the edge of the bed and pulled the sissy’s knickers down to his stocking tops and put the tip of my cock against his arse hole.

Was I going to fuck him?

“Don’t worry Vinny. He’ll be gentle. Relax and enjoy it.”

Am I?

I was going to fuck him like a cheap slut. If he wants to act like a woman, He should know what it feels like to be fucked like one.

My cock was already hard from watching the big tittied woman grind herself in to her bloke’s face. If I wanted to get my rocks off, perhaps I did need to slide in gently. I know my cock is long and most women struggle to take me the first time. And I want to go balls deep. Perhaps I should take it gently.

Pushing gently forward before withdrawing. Then going a little further with the next penetration. Soon I was half way in and the girl, sorry the sissy below me was accepting my cock. With each thrust, more of my cock was disappearing in her, sorry, his arse.

I knew that the next thrust I was going to be balls deep inside. I grabbed her around her narrow waist and slide all of the way in, holding her against me. I could feel the stockings on her legs against my hairy legs and she felt good as she got used to my size inside her.

“Feels good doesn’t it Vinny? It’s so hot seeing you taking your first cock. I remember my first time. I bet you feel like a cheap whore don’t you?”

Looking over her back I saw her give the smallest of nods. Seems like she was enjoying being fucked like a woman. Bit by bit, I began to speed up. The sissy in front of me wanted to be fucked, I would fuck her.

“Now I’m going to cum. Are you ready to taste your woman’s cum?”

From the sound of it, the girl with the big tits was close to cumming. The girl on the end of my cock nodded again as her tongue must have been magic inside the girl’s pussy.

“Cumming Vinny! I’mmmmmmmmmmm CUUUUMMMMMMMING …”

Wow! She’s having fun! I can’t wait to fuck her pussy! She must be so wet my cock will slide right in in one go.

As her orgasm swept over her she released the sissy’s head and began playing with her hugs tits. Her face was flushed as she played with herself. With one of her hands, she ran them through the sissy’s hair in appreciation for bringing her to a climax.

“Ohhhh!! That was amazing Vinny!”

No it can’t be! Is that cum all over the sissy’s face? Did the girl just cum over her boyfriend’s face? She’s got a cock!

“What the fuck? You’ve got a cock too? I thought it was your boy friend who was the cross-dresser!”

Fuck it. If these two wanted to treat me like a fool, I’m going to fuck them good and proper. I grabbed the sissy in white’s waist and really started to pound her hole. I was using all my energy to go deeper and deeper in her dirty little arse. But the harder I fucked her, the more she pushed back. Seems like she liked it rough.

“Take my cum you stupid whore. I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to sit for days.”

I wasn’t going to cum yet. I wanted to keep pounding her pussy until she was begging me to stop.

“Fuck me! Fill me up! Shoot your spunk in me!”

What a whore. The harder I fucked her, the more she liked it. She was wiggling around on the escort urfa end of my cock. Her girlfriend was enjoying watching us. She was still playing with her tits as I pounded her boyfriend.

“Oh Vinny, I knew you’d love being fucked!”

She certainly seemed to be enjoying it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying it too! I was getting so close to filling her pussy with my spunk.

“Oh girl, here I cum. You ready to be fucked by a MAN?”

“Yes! YES!! Fuck me. Make we your woman!”

And her pussy, sure felt like a woman. My cock didn’t care if it was inside a real woman’s pussy or the arse of this sexy sissy. She’d pulled her arse cheeks apart and I took the invitation to push further and further in to her tight hole.

And then I came. I held her tight to me and emptied my balls inside her. My cock was sending shot after shot as far inside her as it could. I’ve not cum that much since I was an 18 year-old.

When I’d finished emptying myself inside the sissy, I let my cock slide out of her hole and sat back on my heels. The dirty girls then started cleaning each other. The girl with the big tits was licking the cum off the sissy I’d just fucked. Watching the two of them, I could feel my cock getting hard again.

“Well, I would never have guessed that you had a cock hidden between those thighs of yours. You two are sexy fucking bitches!”

I think they’d forgotten they still had company!

“We’ve only just started Hun. This was just a warm up. Are you ready for some more fucking?”

I’ve never been interested in trans-woman or sissies before, but I was well in to it tonight!

“Fucking HELL yeah!”

“Well, well, well Vinny. It looks like one of us still has an erection that needs to be released.”

Looks like these two were now going to fuck each other.

The girl in red had crawled on the bed and was about to lower herself on her boyfriend’s cock. Knowing how slowly I’d had to take it to fuck the girl in white, I was amazed that she slid down the cock entering her in one slow, single movement.

“Oh SHIT! Fuck me Nikki! That feels fucking awesome!!”

I bet it did! I wish it was my cock she was riding!

“Oh Vinny, That’s exactly what I intend to do. I’m going to fuck you so hard your balls will be like shrivelled peas when I’ve sucked your cum out of them.”

Once she’s finished with you, you’re going to feel my cock fucking you too Missy, I thought to myself. She was still sitting there enjoying feeling a cock up her hole. It looked like they were both enjoying the sensations.

“How do you do that? That is just amazing!”

“Don’t worry. I will teach you later. I’ve never known a man who can resist my anal fucking.”

I so wanted to be fucking one of these fillies. If I couldn’t fuck them, I needed to be blown.

The girl with the big tits was now sliding up and down her friend’s cock. Her huge tits were poetry in motion as she moved. I’ve never seen a girl with such big, natural looking monsters. And yet she also had a cock. They were kissing each other with ever increasing passion and my cock was getting harder with each passing second.

“Come on girls, let the real man have a piece of the action. Let me see how you suck a man’s cock.”

I didn’t care which of the bitches sucked my cock, but it needed sucking and it needed sucking now.

The girl with a cock up her arse made the first move. She wrapped one of her hands around the base of my cock. I loved the feeling as her red tipped fingers squeezed the base of my erection. The first and was soon followed by her other hand, both gently squeezing my length. As much as I was enjoying her fingers, I needed more attention.

And soon I got it.

With my cock head protruding beyond her little hands, she brought me to her mouth, opening her kissable crimson lips to let her tongue engulf it.

“Yeah, that’s it girl. Suck my dick like a cheap whore!”

And fuck me if she didn’t!

Despite riding a cock, the girl with the big tits took a single breath and then slid her lips down my erection in a single movement. Before I had a chance to react, her lips were around the base of my cock as the head of my cock entered her throat. I couldn’t believe how goof it felt to be down her throat. She was looking me in the eye to see what sort of reaction her blow job was having on me.

“Holy shit woman! That’s fucking awesome!”

I’ve never had a woman who’s been able to take my whole length down their throat. This whore took all of me with no sign of gagging. Eventually she had to take another breath so she released me from her throat. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down my erection, leaving a trail of her red lipstick as she went. With each downward movement, she twisted my cock giving me more sensations than I’ve had before.

She was doing such a good job on me, I was close to cumming. The girl in white was now stroking her friend’s cock. I hadn’t seen it erect before as it must have been down her throat when I joined urfa escort bayan them. So she had huge tits, a shapely arse and a cock most guys would be proud of.

So horny now, I began to fuck her throat.

“Stop it girl. I’m going to cum if you’re not careful!”

With her bobbing up and down on my dick, she began to tickle my balls. I’ve never had a woman do that to me before … but it felt like nothing I’d ever felt.

“Oh shit! Ohhhh ShhhhIIIIITTTTTTT!!”

I was getting so close to climaxing. Her lips around my cock as she tickled my balls. Just watching her tits bounce around as she rode her friend’s cock. And her cock was now fully erect as her friend continued playing with her.

The hand tickling my balls was now sliding further back and she began poking a finger around my arse hole.

“Yeah! That feels good babe. You suck dick like a street hooker. You want to taste my thick white spunk don’t you, you little slut? You want to have my cum all over your pretty face don’t you?”

With my cock in her mouth, she couldn’t answer.

But she did nod.

And then her finger went from teasing my arse hole to entering it!

She had put her finger up my arse!

“Holy shit woman! What do ya think you’re doing?”

No one, and I mean NO ONE, had ever put their finger in my arse!

But she knew what she was doing.

Before I knew what was happening, my balls had started to fire spunk along my shaft. The girl was running her tongue along the underside of my cock as she fingered my arse. I started shooting my spunk in to her mouth. It felt amazing shooting in to her pretty face.

But now she had her finger inside me, she was in full control. She had let my first blast enter directly in to her belly, but I was now shooting my load between her sexy red lips.

“Mmmm!!” she moaned as my spunk began dribbling out of her mouth. Still cumming, I shot the last of my sperm all over her face making her look like the dirty, cum loving whore she was.

“Fuck meeeee!!” That was the best blow job I’d ever had. Hell, it was the best sex I’d ever had. This girl with the big tits and a cock between her legs was the sexiest woman I’d ever met!

I realised what I’d just said. Knowing what these girls kept inside their knickers, I hoped they didn’t think that was an invitation. There was no way I wanted either of these girls to fuck me …

… did I?

Now she’d finished with me, the girl in red removed her finger from my arse and focused on getting filled up with cum from her other hole. Her friend was now stroking her faster and faster. Surely she would soon be shooting her load all over her friend’s cute little tits.

“Make me cum Vinny! Fuck my sweet pussy and fill me with your sperm. I want to cum Vinny. Please let me cum …”

So jealous. Boy did I wish it was my cock in her arse. That it was me stroking her cock as she rode my pole. That it was me looking up at her big tits as she rode me like a cheap piece of meat.

“Beg Nikki. Beg for it girl. Are you ready to feel my cum inside you Nikki?”

These women knew how to tease one another. If I hadn’t already cum twice so close together, I would have been waving my cock in the face of the girl in white giving her a chance to taste my cum.

“Yes Vinny. PLEASE! Yes I’m ready for you.”

And then the big tittied girl shot her load over her friend’s little tits. Soon her white bra had streams of white spunk covering it.

“Now Vinny. Shoot inside me now!”

Now she was laying on her friend, squashing her huge tits against the little ones on her boyfriend’s chest. She was grinding her big boobs against the little ones in the white bra. I could only imagine how it feels when two girls rub their tits against one another.

The girl in white had now grabbed the waist of her lover and I imagine was now shooting her load in to her lover’s arse. They were both moaning and caressing each other. I swear they had forgotten I was still there.

As they embraced, my cum was still dripping off the girl in red’s face down on to her lover’s. It was becoming mixed with the load she had shot over her little tits. Breaking the embrace, they began to clean up the mixture of cum over their bodies.

As they separated from each other, I saw her cock go soft and exit the arse of the girl with the big tits. Looking exhausted and well used, she rested her head on her friend’s chest, one of her big boobs lying across her flat stomach.

I needed to have a memento of the night, so I took my phone out of my trouser pocket and took some pictures of the two girls I has spent the night fucking with. I had plenty of memories to last me a lifetime, but no one would believe that a gorgeous girl with such big, natural tits could also have a functioning cock between her sexy thighs. These photos would show my friends that I wasn’t lying when I told them about my great night.

The girls just laid on the bed watching me taking my photos. Without another word, I put my clothes on and got ready to leave.

As they were just smiling, no laughing at me, I wanted to take control of the situation.

They wanted to act like women?

No not women.

They wanted to act like whores?

Well, in that case I’d treat them like whores.

I took two £10 notes out of my wallet and threw them on to the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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