Fun With Kate

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Retirement gives you a new perspective on life. After years of following the routine of work one is suddenly free to spend time as they wish. Kate and I retired a little over a year ago and have become very interested in experimenting sexually. I’m 61 and Kate just turned 58. We have always enjoyed an active sex life together but I wanted to broaden our experiences. She is still a fine figure of a woman with a firm body that still excites me. The kids left the nest a while back and after our retirement we had the freedom and the inclination for frequent sex…any time of the day or night. I wanted to realize many sexual fantasies I’d had throughout our marriage and Kate was a willing partner and open to new ideas.

Our exploration began with fondling in a restaurant. Kate was a little nervous at first but quickly warmed to the situation as my fingers caressed her crotch and she realized no one was taking any notice. On another visit I got my cock out and she played with it under the table. We fondled each other in the car and she admitted that it was an exciting and erotic experience, especially when passing truckers noticed and blasted their air horns in approval. We engaged in this behaviour frequently and were excited by pushing the envelope. Our favourite restaurant, where it all began, was where Kate first went without panties. I fingered her wet pussy while she stroked my erection as patrons and staff passed by our table unaware.

I was encouraged by Kate’s sexual appetite and there were many situations I wanted to explore. Our sexual play in public often resulted in a restrained orgasm for Kate. We found it extremely exciting and took the opportunity whenever it arose. While in Vegas for a week we were almost caught in the hotel elevator as Kate was on her knees blowing me. She just managed to stand up and I barely got my dick back in my pants before the door opened and three people came aboard. We laughed as we walked down the hall to our room and Kate wished that we had been caught, “It would have been erotic,” she said. My wife’s adventurous and exhibitionist behaviour was a real turn-on for me and we continued to experiment. We made love in the woods, just off a nature trail and were sure some walkers passing by had seen us, only adding to the thrill. We fucked in the in car lots of time in many different locations…a little uncomfortable for folks our age but rewarding nevertheless.

One afternoon I decided to share with Kate my porn interests and asked her to join me at the computer. I had never done this before with her and I was hard before the first site came onto the screen. I prefer amateur porn and went to several sites, women in sexy lingerie displaying themselves and teasing before they were fucked, group sex, gangbangs, interracial sex and big cock sites. Kate soon had my cock out and her very wet pussy attested to how much she was aroused. She seemed excited by all of it and commented on how big some of the cocks were, especially the black ones, and how horny she got watching several men fuck one woman. It really excited her to watch one man after another fuck the woman and cum all over her. “What must that feel like?” she asked. I could only shake my head and comment that, as far as we could see, the women certainly seemed to be enjoying it. We were watching a video of a very attractive, mature woman, not unlike Kate, being fucked by 3 very well-hung black men. I imagined the woman was my wife, as I always had when watching porn and masturbating, and exploded with a huge load that she directed all over my shirt. “Umm, that one really got you going didn’t it,” she said as she licked cum from her fingers.

“I was imagining the woman was you,” I replied.

She gave me a quizzical look then smiled. I didn’t quite know what to make of it but hoped the seed had been planted. A few days later Kate had been on the computer for quite a while and I went to check on her. She was on a website featuring men with big cocks. I leaned over her shoulder as she clicked from one picture to the next and asked if she had ever thought of trying one for real. She said it certainly intrigued her but wasn’t sure she would want to make it a reality. I sat beside her and felt between her legs and found she was very aroused. I located the video of the mature woman with 3 blacks then knelt in front of Kate’s chair. I took her panties off and tongued her clit while finger fucking her. She was incredibly wet and climaxed as she watched the video. By the time it finished she slumped in the chair gasping, “Oh my god, that makes me so horny.” I pulled her down onto the floor and we fucked wildly. I lay beside her afterwards and she half turned and rested her head on my chest. I stared at the ceiling for a few moments then said “I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to make it a reality, in fact I would love to watch you.”

“As much as I would like to know what it feels like I don’t think I could. Would you really like to watch me with another man?’

“I’ve fantasized about it a lot for Resim Yükle a long time,” I replied and the way she said, “Oh,” seemed to leave the door open for definite possibilities in the future.

We continued our adventurous sexual activities and whenever we went out Kate and I never wore underwear. We took a bus ride around town and sat in the back seat fondling each other to orgasm. My semen splashed on the back of the seat in front of us and onto the floor. We did the same in the restaurant with Jenny directing my load into her napkin. We were enjoying sex more than ever and becoming bolder. We continued to watch porn together and it never failed to stimulate us. Kate came across a video of a young black guy with a huge cock with an older woman bearing a striking resemblance to herself. She fixated on it and we masturbated each other a lot while watching it. One Friday night we went to the movies and aroused one another while watching the show. It was exciting to do it with so many people in close proximity and we continued our fondling in the car on the way home. By the time we arrived we were both very horny and while Kate went upstairs to change I loaded her movie on the computer. She came down in just a robe and removed it when she saw me naked and stroking my erection in the computer chair. She sat on my lap and I clicked the mouse to start the movie. As we watched the woman licking and sucking the huge cock I encouraged Kate to imagine it was her mouth and lips on the big dick as I played with her clit. The woman spread her legs and was subjected to an energetic tonguing after which the camera focussed closely on her gaping pussy more than ready to accept a huge black dick. “Imagine that’s your pussy, wet, open and ready to be fucked by a big black cock.” Kate was super wet and I knew she wanted to be that woman, I knew she wanted to feel a big, black cock in her mouth and pussy. The camera was at bed level as the guy climbed on top. The woman’s pussy looked so aroused and inviting and the guy’s cock so huge. Kate sighed as the woman took hold of his erection and rubbed it along her parted pussy lips and clit then pulled him into her. Kate climaxed as we watched the huge dick stretching the woman’s pussy with each outward motion before plunging into her again. I continued to talk to Kate as my fingers drilled her pussy, “Look at that cock, wouldn’t you like to feel it driving deep into you, reaching places never before touched? You can if you want, just say the word. Imagine how a young man can give it to you over and over. Giving you orgasm after orgasm then feeling his massive load of hot cum splash deep inside.” The young man ejaculated, filling the woman’s pussy, covering his cock and Kate climaxed again as the camera captured semen pouring from her pussy, down over her anus and onto the bed sheet. “Just think, in less than an hour he would be rock hard again and sucking on the giant dick for a while he would fuck you again.”

“Oh, stop, stop!” Kate cried and took my hand away from her pussy. “I’m so sensitive there now, he makes me so horny.”

It was a few days later that she asked, quite out of the blue, “How would you find a black man anyway?”

“Why?” I replied, “Do you really want to try for real?”

“I think I have to, I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“Okay, we’ll start right now.”

“No!” she said immediately. “You look…surprise me. I know you will choose someone I’ll like.”

I placed an ad on an adult friend-finding site and attached two sexy photos of Kate in erotic lingerie. It read in part: Attractive, sexy, happily married white woman seeks very well hung younger black man for sex. Husband will watch, join in and meet with you first to establish suitability.

All there was to do now was to wait and after 3 weeks no one suitable had replied and I was beginning to give up hope of finding anyone via this method. I had just started to look at alternatives when a reply came that looked promising. He lived about an hour away and was 32 years old. His profile photo showed a fit, toned body and very generous endowment – 10 ½ inches and very thick according to his profile and it looked every bit of that.

Kate was not home but I sent an email immediately and received a reply after about an hour with a phone number. I called right away and chatted with Jesse for about 20 minutes. He was articulate, considerate and seemed a likely candidate. He told me he preferred older woman and had recently split with an older woman, his partner of five years, and was not looking to enter another relationship just yet. He’d placed his ad only a few days before and ours was the only one he had responded to. He praised Kate’s photos and said how sexy she looked in her outfits and I was a very lucky man. I told him she looked better in person and was eager to meet a black guy. We arranged to meet in a bar close to where he lived the following evening and I hung up the phone in a very excited and erect state.

Kate was hardly through the front door before I blurted that we had a prospect and I was meeting with him the following day. She too was sexually excited and we rushed upstairs and quickly shed our clothes. I gave no more details but talked to her about big black cocks as we writhed naked and climaxed rather quickly and intensely.

I recognized Jesse immediately and joined him at the table. He was certainly handsome, looked very fit, well groomed and nicely dressed. His skin was dark and I knew Kate would like that; she had found the jet black cock of the man in the video very arousing. Jesse was a professional in the finance sector and lived in a condo nearby. I had made up my mind after a few minutes to ask him to join us but we chatted for an hour an a half before I actually asked him if he would like to. As we talked my mind wandered from time to time and I imagined him with Kate and it aroused me very much. I told him that Kate wanted me to surprise her and I had only mentioned that a promising response had been received. We both thought it was exciting that he and Kate would meet for the first time just minutes before they fucked. It was agreed to meet in a hotel on Saturday evening. I gave him my phone number and said I would call with details the next day.

Shortly after arriving home Kate and I were tearing our clothes off and fucking on the sofa, we never made it upstairs. In three days I would see my wife fucked by Jesse…I couldn’t wait!

I booked a room in a hotel in the town where Jesse lived and called him with the details. Kate fretted over what to wear and just how she would feel being with a different man for the first time in many, many years. I reassured her saying she would be fine and instincts and arousal would take over. She loved sex and was good at it so I was sure once she got Jesse’s big cock in her hands everything would be alright. I helped Kate choose what she would wear and settled on: a short, silver dress that was tight enough to show her curves and underneath, black lingerie, matching Jesse’s skin and contrasting her own. The half-cup bra showed off her ample cleavage and left only her nipples to the imagination. Garter belt with nylons, a thong and stilettos completed her outfit. For jewellery she chose a pearl necklace and earrings.

Our excitement built during Friday morning and in the afternoon when I went online there were two more replies to our ad and both looked promising. I decided not to tell Kate and see how things went with Jesse but thoughts of her with more than one man dominated my mind.

Kate and I arrived at the hotel about five and after settling in we went for dinner. I had checked online for restaurants near the hotel and made a reservation for one that promised a ‘romantic, private atmosphere’ and was very pleased with my choice. The food was excellent and the dimly lit room offered lots of opportunity to fondle one another. This had become normal for us and restaurants were now synonymous with sexual fondling and occasionally, orgasms. Kate was very wet with excitement and anticipation and my cock was rock hard. My fingers brought her to an orgasm, albeit restrained due to the location but I stopped well short of ejaculation, wanting to save it for later. We got back to the hotel just after seven and Kate went to get ready. Jesse was scheduled to arrive at eight and I was to meet him in the lobby. I tried to distract myself with television without success and checked the time constantly. Kate came out of the bathroom and was visibly nervous but looked ravishing.

“It’s ten-to,” I said looking at my watch for the hundredth time, “I think I’ll go on down.” Kate nodded as she played nervously with her wedding ring.

In the lobby I found a chair facing the entrance, picked up a newspaper and waited. I read the same couple of lines over and over as I frequently glanced at the main doors. By ten after I was getting anxious and beginning to think this had all been a waste of time when he walked in and strolled over to me with a big smile on his face.

“Sorry I late,” he apologised, “I had an emergency meeting with a very good client. Happens occasionally on weekends in my business and it was only just down the block, by the time I called I would be here.”

“No problem,” I said as I rose from the chair and shook hands, “Let’s go.”

Kate was sitting on the couch when Jesse and I entered the room. She rose, still twiddling her ring, and I made the introductions. They shook hands and I could tell by my wife’s eyes and poor attempt to hide a smile that she was pleased with my choice. She sat back down, I sat next to her and Jesse sat in a chair opposite. I offered our guest and Kate a drink but they both declined. We were all obviously at an awkward moment, all knowing what was about to happen but not sure how, or who, should proceed. Since I had arranged this I thought I should make the first move. I stood and said, “Jesse, why don’t you sit here and you and Kate can get to know one another?”

He sat close to my wife and I sat in the chair. They looked at each other and slowly their heads came together and they kissed. It quickly became passionate and Kate’s hand began to caress his chest. His hand tentatively explored her breasts as their tongues darted into each other’s mouth. Kate broke away and stood in front of him. She asked me to unzip her dress and I came up behind her, cupped her breasts and I kissed her neck then unzipped the dress and sat back down. She let it slip over her shoulders and onto the floor and stood in her lingerie. She ran her hands over her body, gyrating her hips and staring at the Jesse’s erection was very evident beneath his slacks. He began rubbing himself then took his cock out. It was huge, so long, thick and hard and he stroked it slowly, up and down, up and down. Kate couldn’t her eyes off it and sighed, “Ooh!” She caressed her breasts with one hand while the other rubbed her pussy. Jesse unbuttoned his shirt and threw it aside then unbuckled his belt. Kate could not just look any longer, she went to him and pulled off his pants, shoes, socks and underwear then stepped back to look at the naked man with his huge erection pointing rigidly almost to his chin. She knelt between his legs and with one hand fondled the big head of his cock and down along the long shaft and the other caressed his balls. After a while she used both hands to masturbate him then leant forward to lick his knob. Her tongue circled the base, working around to his piss hole then back around again. She opened her mouth wide and took in the entire knob while her hands caressed his shaft and balls.

I had a lovely view of her ass as she sucked Jesse’s dick and my cock was as hard as it could be. I stripped off and knelt behind her. I pulled her thong to one side and looked at her cunt. She was very aroused; the lips were swollen and parted and a lot of pink was showing. My fingers probed and thumbed her clit then I lined up my cock and drove it in. She moaned as my balls slapped against her and bucked back onto me. I watched as she licked, sucked and jerked Jesse’s erection, it looked bigger than ever. Her cheeks bulged and she choked occasionally but she was enjoying this big dick in her mouth, of that there was no mistake.

“Try some of this Jesse, she’s ready for you and I want to see you fuck her,” I suggested. I was close to ejaculation so I pulled out, offering him my wife’s pussy and sat on the couch beside her.

“I want to taste her first,” he replied and pulled Kate to her feet. They kissed and fondled then Jesse sat her down and spread her legs. I mouthed her tits as he held her legs apart and ate her pussy. The moment finally arrived; Jesse stood up and positioned himself over Kate. His huge erection twitched and he rubbed it along her pussy lips and clit a few times before nudging the big knob in a little bit. She lifted her head and I held it so she could watch as Jesse pushed in further.

“Oh my god,” Jenny cried predictably, “It’s so big and it feels so good, yes…ooh yes!”

Jesse kept working his cock into my wife until all but an inch or so was left to go. He became still and Kate turned her head to me and gasped, “It feels so good, throbbing deep inside.” I kissed her and Jesse began pumping.

We’re not sure how many times Kate climaxed that night, she said it was one after the other. Jesse gave her a tremendous pounding while she sucked my dick. He spent his wad deep in her pussy and I coated the back of her throat. The evening had been a great success, Kate was overwhelmed with the experience and we agreed to keep in touch and do it again very soon.

The next morning I remembered the other replies we had received and went to the computer to check them again. The first was a 36 year old divorced guy. A photo showed a heavy-set, muscular man with a shaved head and tattoos on his arms. A second photo showed a huge hard, uncut cock in his hand, it was extremely thick and images flashed across my mind; Kate being dominated by the sheer bulk of this big man, of his thick cock in her mouth and of my lovely wife holding her legs wide apart, flaunting herself to him, her hot, wet pussy open and craving to be filled with his thick cock. His profile and email were well written and he also was a professional in the aircraft industry. The second guy was 27 and single. Photos showed a slim, well-toned body with very large endowment, longer than Jesse or the other guy and again I imagined several scenarios of him with Kate. I replied to both and realized when I had finished that my heart was racing with excitement at the possibilities and my cock was very hard.

I received emails back that evening and, without telling Kate, arranged to meet with Clayton, the 44 year old on Tuesday night at a local bar and the second guy, Wes, on Wednesday at a coffee shop. Going to these meetings made me very horny. Talking with a stranger who had looked at my wife’s erotic photos and wanted to fuck her was a great turn-on for me. Both men seemed ideal and I told them I would be in touch. Kate never asked where I’d been on either occasion and I wondered if she knew what I was up to.

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