At My Cabin Ch. 04

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Group Sex

It’s 8:45 the next morning and I’m anxious for Stephanie to show up. I have everything ready so that she can get into the machine for the first time. I don’t want to put myself into the machine too so that I can monitor the program though I really wish I was going in too. And, after yesterday’s experience, I expect this to work well.

I think about Stephanie some more and realize I love these sessions with her but I don’t know anything about here. I don’t know why she keeps running out so quickly afterwards. Yesterday was the first time she stayed at all but she ran out as soon as she finished giving me a blowjob.

Not that I’m complaining. After all, it was a great blow job. And I just love to watch her cum.

I think she is just using me for sex. I can live with that.

It’s 9:00 am. She’s late and I’m horny. I decide to masturbate before she gets here. As soon as I get started, as you would guess, I hear the doorbell. I figure what the hell and answer the door naked and hard. Stephanie sees me with my erection and smiles. She walks in and, in what has become the norm, removes her coat and is naked.

She gives me a peck on the cheek as she walks over to the stuff. She starts getting ready. Once the butt vibrator is in, she grabs the butterfly vibrator and asks me where she should go.

I have the machine setup in my small dining area and direct her there. As she sits down, I tell her that we will be using the wrist and ankle cuffs today. She asks why. “Because you will masturbate if we don’t. That’s why I added the cuffs in the first place. Once you start getting frustrated by the machine, you won’t be able to help youself and will want to masturbate. You’ll understand better once we get started.”

That makes her smile as she gets into position. I kneel down and put the ankle cuffs on her while she puts the wrist cuffs on.

When she is all hooked up, she lays down and puts the butterfly vibrator in place. I ask her if she wants me to give it a quick buzz so that she can make sure it is positioned correctly. She tells me that it’s fine and that she’s ready to get started.

“How long do you want edirne escort the session to go?” I ask her.

“I don’t know.”

“How about 15 to 25 minutes? That seems like a good place to start.”

She nods in agreement. I enter the parameters and start the program. Her arms and legs are gently pulled tight. I adjusted the pulleys so that her legs are pulled wider apart than mine are; I was worried she might knock the vibrator out of position if I didn’t do that.

Once the program has her tied tight, it pauses. “Are your arms and legs okay? They aren’t pulled too tight are they?”

“I’m fine” she tells me.

I tell the program to start. I hear the vibrators and see her react to them. She is definitely enjoying the start of the program.

It only takes a minute before she starts really reacting to the vibrators. I see that an edging cycle is about to start. As sit starts, I hear a loud moan from her.

I quickly glance at the computer and see everything is looking good. I notice that this cycle will last a full four minutes. I look at her and see that the program is doing a great job of keeping her on the edge and of denying her orgasm.

She continues to moan and starts to gyrate her hips. Her moans are growing in volume and are making me super horny. I resist the urge to masturbate.

Her moans have become constant and she has started to grind her hips. She keeps this up until I hear the vibrators turn off at the end of the cycle.

“Oh my god, you didn’t tell me it would be like this” she exclaims.

“What do you mean?”

“That it would feel this good and be this frustrating. I need to cum more than I ever have before in my life. I can’t believe how much I want to rub my pussy right now but I can’t. “

I smile and hear the vibrators start again. Almost immediately, she is moaning again and starting to move around.

My cock is so hard from just watching her. I so need to cum but I’m planning to use the machine on myself once she leaves. That is, unless she offers me another alternative.

I keep checking the computer escort edirne and everything is working well. The program is doing what it is supposed to and she seems to be hanging on the edge of ograsm. Every so often, I get a bit worried the program is pushing her a bit too far but she hasn’t cum yet so I don’t make any changes.

I hear the vibrators turn off as the cycle ends.

“Oh my God. I so need to cum. Please, change the program and let me cum.”

I look at her. “It hasn’t even been 10 minutes yet. You still have some time to go. And this is why you needed to have your arms tied up.”

“Please, oh my God, I need to cum.”

The vibrators start again. I steal a quick look at the computer and see that this will be a short 2 minute cycle. I notice that there is still 10 minutes left before the program will make her cum. I can’t imagine how badly she is going to need to cum by then with how desperate she is this soon.

She is constantly moaning and grinding. It looks like she is trying to get some pressure on her pussy but nothing is helping. Looking at her, I do think I need to adjust the pulleys to make her legs a tad wider next time just to make sure the vibrator doesn’t shift.

This cycle ends and she gives the neediest, sexiest, most frustrated moan I’ve ever heard.

“Oh my God, please, make me cum. Please I need to cum. I’ll do anything, just make me cum.”

I see that this will be a 45 second break before the vibrators start up again. “You’ll be fine. Think how good the orgasm will be once you have it. The frustration makes the orgasm that much stronger. In fact, I’ll bet that once you experience it, a normal orgasm won’t feel as good.”

“Please, I can’t take it” she says as the vibrators start up again. Almost immediately, she starts moaning. When I look at the computer screen, I see that it is already edging her. Somehow, she didn’t cool down during the 45 second break. So I change the wait times to be 45 seconds to 90 seconds, 30 seconds longer than what they were.

We continue like this for the next eight minutes. The increased edirne escort bayan wait time between cycles seems to help a bit as she’s no longer right on the edge when the next cycle starts. But her moans and begging continue.

The program has shut down the vibrators for the last time. I know that when they turn back on, they are going to make her cum though she doesn’t know that.

The vibrators start up, slower than normal. I made this change so that this part was more frustrating since I knew orgasm was coming but very slowly. Her reactions lead me to believe she notices the differences too.

“Oh my God” she screams as the vibrators continue their slow, tortuous route to orgasm. To me, it seems to take forever; I can only imagine how frustrating it is for her.

Before another minute has passed, she arches her back and let’s out this incredibly sexy moan as her orgasm starts. It goes on forever; watching her cum is enough to make my cock drip pre-cum.

After quite a while, I see her relax. When I check, I see that her orgasm lasted 53 seconds. That makes me jealous since I’ve never even hit 30 seconds. I know, men and women are different, but 53 seconds, jeez. I am jealous.

Half a minute later, the program relaxes the restraints. It takes her a few minutes to regain her senses.

She looks over and immediately notices my hard and wet cock.

“Wow, was that all from watching me?” she asks me as she starts to disconnect herself.


“You weren’t stroking at all, were you?”


“Would you like me to make you cum?”

“Oh God yes” is the only reply I can manage.

She comes over and starts to stroke my cock. It only takes a few strokes before I’m feeling my orgasm start. She stops the stroking, kneels down and takes my cock into her mouth.

She is gently flicking her tongue on the underside of my cock while her moving her mouth along my cock. It only takes a few seconds of this before I cum.

I shoot my load into her mouth. Too quickly, my orgasm subsides and she lets my cock, now getting soft, fall out of her mouth.

Stephanie stands up, gives me a quick kiss on the cheek, whispers in my ear “That was the best orgasm I have ever had in my life. Thank you.” She puts on her coat and is out the door before I can say anything. One day, I do have to find out why she runs out of here so quickly. But today, I’m content to just sit here and remember what just happened.

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