Downsizing Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

Dan and Stacy went to a couple of the “swinging” sessions in the weeks following the football game. They learned a lot about themselves and each other, but Dan still didn’t feel totally comfortable. He knew he was bisexual, because he enjoyed the men as much as the women, but something wasn’t right.

The ladies at the office picked up on his mood. They knew he was troubled about something, but not quite sure what it might be. Stacy noticed as well. When she asked him what was bothering him, he said he couldn’t put his finger on it. They figured it was because of the swinging, and the fact that he was almost as interested in the men as he was with the women.

Stacy had a suggestion that kind of piqued Dan’s interest a little bit. Her suggestion was that they create their own little swinging group, and see if that changed how he was feeling. So they go to work on creating what they had only been joining in the past few weeks.

Stacy had talked so several of the coworkers that seemed to be a bit more open than the rest, and did it on lunch break, away from the job. She singled out the “singles” and invited them to join for a night of “who knows what,” at their apartment. They all had a good idea of what they were there for when they arrived. But as each of them knocked on the door, Stacy made sure that they all were very clear as to what may happen, and were not allowed in if they said that they may not be able to handle it.

A couple of them were the new men at work, but most of them were the ladies they had grown to value the friendship of. Susan was one of the first to show up, and definitely the most anxious to get things underway. She stated, “Alright, we are all here so let’s get this show on the road!”

Susan peeled off her shirt, and looked at Stacy as if to say “What are you waiting on.” Stacy caught on right away, and her shirt was soon off as well. Dan started unbuttoning his shirt, and taking it off. Soon all of the hosts and guests were naked, and going at it in several different combinations. Mick, Michelle at the office was eating Susan while Jim, who was Sally at the office, was giving Mick the first anal fucking of his life. They were all getting into situations they were not very familiar with, and this continued until the wee hours of the morning.

For the next week, Dan seemed to be depressed again. It was as if the private party at Dan and Stacy’s didn’t have the effect they had been trying to achieve. Dan told Stacy during that week that he didn’t think that it was the swinging that was the problem. He told her he didn’t want to try another round the following weekend, but Stacy had already made plans and it was too late to cancel them. She sent an email to everyone that had attended the party the previous week, and informed them that the make up part of the dress code would be in effect for the party this weekend. Anyone not wearing the company’s line of make up would not be allowed to attend anymore.

None of the ladies had a problem with it, as it was the only makeup they would wear anymore if for no other reason than conditioning. A couple of the men complained a little bit in a reply email. All of them, however, ended with a similar statement that they would conform to the rules just to see if it was a little bit different, and if it made any difference as to the level of passion in the session.

Dan eskişehir escort was not sent this email, and was not expecting to see everyone conform to the dress code when they showed up at the door. Susan was the first to show up as expected. Stacy greeted her at the door and invited her in. Michelle and Sally came together. They were soon followed by two of the other “guys” from work, Toni and Tammy. Toni brought with him Deb, and Tammy brought Melanie. Maxine and Amy each arrived separately.

Susan had already been in to grab a bottle of wine from the den, and was starting to pour a glass for each person that walked in the apartment. After their wine was gone, people started to slip away in pairs or trios. Michelle wanted to get to know Melanie a little better than he did at the office, so they moved off by themselves. Susan went straight for Dani. Stacy had her sight set on Toni and Deb. Tammy split off with Maxine and Amy. Sally had been watching the door the whole time, and just decided for the time being to play barmaid, and make sure people still had wine.

Susan was all ready for the night, she had even had her strap-on on under her clothes. What she wanted to do more than anything was to ride Dani’s ass as long as he could take it before he would come. She did exactly that. After lubing up the strap-on, Susan rode Dani like a bucking bronc. He was going wild from the sensations. His prostate was being subjected to a very physical attack, and he loved every minute of it.

Stacy, Toni and Deb got into a daisy chain, with Stacy sucking Toni’s cock, Toni was licking Deb into a frenzy, and Deb was doing the same to Stacy. Stacy also had some lube and put a little bit of it on her finger, and started working her finger into Toni’s ass. Toni and Deb also asked for some so they could do the same to complete the daisy chain twice around.

Tammy was now fucking Maxine, while Amy sat on her face. Amy was moving back and forth similar to that of what Tammy was doing to Maxine’s pussy. Maxine had her tongue deep into Amy’s pussy and was trying to get as much nectar out of it as possible. She made sure to rub her chin on Amy’s clit as she was licking her pussy. Tammy was rubbing Maxine’s clit with his thumb as he was fucking her about the same pace as his strokes, he would occasionally move his thumb faster or slower to change the pace.

As Sally was getting finished with another round of wine, Lindsay walked in the door, and Sally’s face lit up like a candle. He went straight to her, and with two glasses of wine, ushered her off to the unoccupied den. Sally wanted to stay dressed as a woman while he was making love to Lindsay. He even wanted her to stay dressed for the time being and just took the panties off of each of them, and discarded them to the floor. They started in a sixty-nine to get both of themselves ready for some action. The spent around twenty minutes in the sixty-nine position before moving to doggy style fucking. Lindsay was prepared when she got there as well, she reached into her purse and pulled out a strap-on and informed Sally that he would be getting a good fucking himself after they had both cum.

There were many partner changes that evening, and it lasted much longer than the first weekend they got together. At some point that evening, everyone had sex with escort eskişehir everyone else that was in the apartment of Dani and Stacy. They all agreed that it would be a regular thing.

The following week at work, Dani was in a much better mood. He actually felt like he fit in everywhere he went after that second session with the “girls” from work. He was finally happy at work and at home again, like he was before the hostile take over. Ms Stanton noticed that he was a bit more cheerful, and inquired as to why he seemed to be even happier than he was a few weeks ago.

Dani felt bad when he told her he was not able to tell because it was something private about his home life. Ms Stanton tried to put two and two together and guessed that Stacy and Dani had become engaged. He made sure to dismiss that as the cause right away. Ms. Stanton was shocked, she was sure she knew the reason that Dani was so happy. Dani said to her, “Look, if it were that, wouldn’t you notice a difference in Stacy’s mood as well?” She agreed, and said whatever it was, she was happy for it for him.

The thought wouldn’t leave Ms. Stanton’s head. She sat for days, and pondered what could have brought such a change if it wasn’t a marital union between Stacy and Dani. In fact, she had contacted the corporate office, and decided to try for a new position for one of the male employee’s. She wanted to see if she could boost moral all over the company. After getting a response from corporate, she posted the new position on the company billboard.

The billboard read:

Attention to all male employees:

Immediate opening for a male representative to model the new male line of Today’s Cosmetics™. Apply in person with Ms Stanton for an interview for this new position.

Danny and Stacy had talked about the new position at home, and knew that it would involve some traveling. They were wondering if they would be able to handle being away from each other for several days at a time. They also wondered what it would do to their little circle of friends that had developed.

After several weeks, Ms Stanton decided to go by each of the male employee’s desks and talk to them personally to see what they all thought about the idea. Tammy and Toni weren’t really big on the idea. They loved the dress code for the weekend, but were not real hot about having to dress up for work. Sally was a little more open to the idea, but said he wouldn’t be able to get away for very long at a time because he has a fiancé that didn’t like the dressing up, and was even less approving of his being gone for days at a time.

Gina, Gene at home, and Loraine, Larry at home, are the two married male employees. Both of them had to decline due to pressure from the wives. That being the case, Dani was the only male left. Which meant, he would have the opportunity to add to his happiness if he accepted the position of “Male Cosmetics Representative.”

Ms. Stanton had rounded the corner of Dani’s cubicle. He had a damn good idea what she was there for today, and was prepared with his answer, although it wasn’t what Stanton wanted to hear. When the subject was finally broached about twenty minutes into their conversation, Dani looked Ms Stanton in the face and said, “Well you have noticed my new happiness, and that is due to my weekend eskişehir escort bayan festivities. I would have to give up quite a few of them, but I will give you an answer on Monday.”

Ms Stanton was disappointed because she still didn’t have a yes on the new position, but accepted his answer. She was thinking to herself as she headed back to her office, “At least he didn’t say no.”

That weekend rolled around, and the crowd got together for another weekend session of sexual bliss. Stacy cleared her throat and said, “If I can get everyone’s attention for just a few minutes we can get started.” While everyone was calming down to listen to Stacy, Dani passed out the glasses of wine. “As you all may know, Sally got engaged last weekend after our ‘Fun Time.’ He won’t be with us anymore because his fiancé is just a little closed minded, and doesn’t even like him dressing to meet the dress code at work. Also as most of you may have guessed, Dani has been offered the ‘Male Representative’ position posted on the billboard at work. Dani and I have had our own talk, and we have decided it is a great opportunity for his career. Not all that often that a man is given a position of representative/model for a cosmetics company. Now for that part that pertains to the weekend gatherings, while Dani is out of town, I will not be joining in on the festivities. If I do, it will only be when Dani and I can’t spend a little bit of time on the phone while he is away. However, we would like to see the rest of you spend the quality sensual/sexual time together in our absence. We’re sure that Susan would make a great host for the times that Dani is out of town on the weekends.”

Everyone was quiet for a few moments. Finally Dani broke the silence. “I just wanted to thank the other male employees for this opportunity. If you will all pay attention for a few more minutes, I’ll explain.” Not a sole said a word as Dani continued. “Ms. Stanton noticed my happier disposition, and tried to find out what it was. I didn’t tell her we have “Ladies” swinging sessions, and she even tried to guess that Stacy and I had become engaged. When I assured her that it wasn’t because of a engagement, she went to corporate and got this new position going. Corporate told her she could pilot the program because she had the idea. The reason she came up with the idea was so that one of you, or the married men would be as cheerful as I have been lately. She gave you all the opportunity before she came to me. I got full details of the position because I am her last chance to pilot the program. Corporate loved the idea actually, and has been developing the male line of products since the dress code went into effect. We are not the only facility that has the exact same dress code, all of the other share in our policy. Now the reason that I must thank you is simple. My salary will go from fifty-seven grand a year, to ninety-seven grand. On top of that, I will receive seventeen percent commission on all sales of the “Male” line of products.” Just then Dani ducked behind the breakfast bar he was standing at, and stood up a few seconds later and exclaimed, “Now before you all start getting depressed at what you have passed up in your career, lets get this party going.” Then Dani threw his panties he had just taken off, and they landed on Tammy’s crotch.

Between the wine, the liquor that was brought out, and all the sex, the rest of the night was a blur. Everyone was a little bit emotional when they left the next morning. They were all wondering if it would be the same without Dani and Stacy there in the “Sexy Circle,” as they had come to call it. As well, everyone gave Dani a kiss on the cheek and wished him luck in his new position starting Monday.

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