Getting Her Back

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Looking in through the window I was fill with rage and loathing. That stupid husband of my favorite pony Princess was having his way with her. I couldn’t believe it when Princess left my pasture for him. Ran off and got herself hitched, not to a cart but married. Princess, my sweet filly whose pretty pussy gleamed as shiny as her mane, was now eating his cock instead if my cunt. I call myself Rancher Jane and I’m here to nab me a horse-thief.

Princess and that horse-stealing bastard left the room, wine glasses still on the table. He should know better then to get princess drunk, it ruins her coordination. I slip in through the widows and pour just a little tranquilizer in the cups and after a few short waves of the glass, it disappears. I grin, he’s gonna regret crossing old Jane.

I slip out the way I slipped in, with nothing but a whisper as the window closes. They walk back in and, giggling, sip at the wine. I’m pleased, Princess will be back in my stables again real soon and that arrogant ass will be tied to a gallows and hung like all good horse-thieves. It was a good tranquilizer and they are asleep before he can further violate Princess’ shaved pussy. I sneak in, tie them both up and after wrapping them in a sheet, I throw them in my truck. I got her back but now I gotta make sure she never does it again.

Back at the stables, the fillies and stallions are restless. They see Princess as I’m tying up the rustler. The sagging pose puts pressure on him neck until he finally wakes up with a bit of help from the bucket of ice cold water I throw on him. He’s coughing and sputtering and oh man is he mad. As he yells his meaningless threats and curses up a storm I carefully take Princess out and redress her in he pony attire, she has always been such a tender filly.

I could tranquilize her with a fifth of whiskey and she’d be out for hours. I carefully brush her down and carry her back to her stall to wait for her to wake up.

He’s still screaming, he has no respect for the fact that Princess is sleeping. I walk over and stuff a dirty horse-rag in his mouth and then quicker then you can say Jackrabbit, duct tape covers his mouth so now there’s only muffles yelling.

“You stole my Princess you rustler and now you’ve got to pay the price. She’s mine, I bought that horse flesh and no no-good stealing bastard is going to take her from me now shut the hell up cause if you wake her then you’ll wish you never souped your mama’s crotch.”

I hear her starting to stir so I hope down and walk to her stall. She’s confused and tries to talk but the bit takes care of that.

“Good morning sunshine, you sure gave me a rough night but don’t you worry baby girl, Rancher Jane got Ankara escort you home safe and sound. Now now come on pretty girl, I know the tranquilizer was hard on you, such a sensitive girl. Now get up, Old Jane’s got you some food coming. We’ll deal with this horse thief in a bit baby girl.”

I made a few more reassuring sounds before going to get her some nice hot mash, she’s not grateful yet but she’ll adjust. I kick the stool under the bastards feet a bit just to tease him before feeding my Princess. She kept glancing nervously at him as she ate, “Don’t worry honey”, I crooned at her,”we’ll take care of him later. For now we need to get you some proper exercise, looking at those flanks I’d say he hasn’t even taken you for a walk. That stupid thief, can’t even take care of my Princess.” I led her out to the wheel and tied her in right and pretty.

“Oops, baby, one more thing. No horse is complete without her tail.” I fetched her tail out of my pack. It was pretty and made from her very own mane. I had it packed into a lovely, thick new soft-skin butt plug. She let out a nervous whiny as she felt the soft plug touch her anus. I stroked her flanks as I pressed it in. She took it as though she had never been without it with a slight suction sound as I wiggled it to make sure it was in proper.

Her sweet pussy was filmed in juice, I leaned down and swabbed her with my tongue, it felt good to taste Princess again, I could feel myself getting all wet at the sweet honey-flavor and musky scent. I began to lick her sweet cunt, not wanting any to go to waste. I could feel her shaking a little as I took her lovely little cl-it into my mouth. I was in heaven, I sucked her cl-it and tongued her pussy lips before working my way into her sweet hole. My tongue flicked in and out of her. She snorted and whinnied with pleasure, I knew she missed old Jane.I licked her cl-it to hole faster she began to shake harder with the onset of an orgasm. I tongue-rammed her pussy until I got what I wanted, a mouth full of sweet pussy juice. Won’t that Rustler hate me.

I gave Princess a swift smack with my riding crop got her moving and I walked back inside to gloat. I rubbed her cunt juice on his nose and cut off his house pants leaving him stark naked, I took out my flogger and began to berate him.

With every other word I spoke I tore in to his skin. I love the sound of my toys ripping into a man’s flesh, it got me real horny. I told him that after Princess was done I would fuck her right in front of him and he would hear her loving it, then he was going to be strangled to death at the old oak a mile out of the barn.

He was red, blistered and bleeding, still I thrashed him more. With every blow I Ankara escort bayan tore further into his body. He was well muscled and strong, it would be a shame to let him die but Rustler’s need to be taught a lesson.

I left him there, angry, bleeding, and butt naked, to go and get my filly. She screamed at the sight of him, she struggled to get to him but I told her how much I’d hate to lash her and she settled down. I took her over to the stocks I kept in the middle of the barn and fastened her in. He had a clear view of her from the side as I started. I put her nipple rings back in and attached the floor-bound chains to them.

Next I rubbed her down to get the sweat off her and after toweling her off I set to licking her sweet, sweaty pussy, the only thing I didn’t wash.

I could hear her sobbing, and her body quivered, it was so good. Her pussy dripped sex juice. I lapped it up and worked on her cl-it again. I sucked and licked her cl-it until she was all lubed up. I stuck my crop up her cunt and began to fuck her with it as I reached into my pack for her electrode cl-it ring.

I let go of the crop to put the ring into place. Then, using the control, I turned it on to vibrate. She snorted and whinnied, so I took the crop out and put on the strap-on. It was such a turn on to slide it into Princess’ tight cunt and began to fuck her hard.

“So, my little princess wants some cock huh? Huh baby girl, did Miss Pris need some cock baby. I can give you cock. I can fuck you better then him.” I smacked her glistening ass while I rammed my cock into her sloppy cunt. “You never run off again you little filly or I’ll have to put you on work detail. You wanted cock baby, or did you want a foul of your very own? I can breed you baby, to the finest stock. I can do everything he can do.”

I slammed my rubber cock up her harder, turning the power to her cl-it ring up as I went. The nipple rings I had chained to the floor were shaking hard as I banged my filly harder.

“Look Princess, you man’s cock is hard as a rock. I suppose I should let him fuck your cunt to, last request and all, but I think he’s had enough Princess cunt seeing as you two went and got hitched up together.” My anger returned as I slammed her hard, I could hear her crying but she still seemed to like it. She came hard, like a rocket ship, she squirted all over me. I pulled the table out and placed it right in front of her face. I stripped down naked and lay down in front of her, legs spread, it was time for her to suck me off.

“Suck it real good and I may just let him live for awhile longer Princess, lick my soaked cunt. Suck it like you sucked his cock when I saw him face-fucking my filly.”

She Escort Ankara lapped at my cunt cleaning off my cunt lips first and working her way in, just like she knows I love it.” She even got that little patch of pubic hair I keep. Then, my cl-it was slurped. She sucked hard and the lapped at it, snorting while my cl-it was between her teeth.

Then she used her long tongue to lick my asshole, rimming me and probing my anus with her head bobbing for me. Then back to my cunt-hole, she sucked the juices out, tongue-fucked me then slurped some more, each time she returned to my anus for further probing. I decided to teach her a lesson.

I got up and let one of my stallions out, a large-cocked black stallion named Eddy-boy. I hooked him up to the stocks and told him to fuck Princess since she needs cock so badly that she’ll run off to any old stallion to get it.

I then walked over and sucked The rustler’s cock, “I suddenly feel like some cock to, lets see why Princess wanted this one.

He roared angry-like as I sucked him, he had a 14 inch cock only one inch shorter then Eddy-boy but so much thicker, I needed both hands to face-fuck this monster cock.

I turned around and stuck it up my horny-as-hell cunt and started fucking it. Oh my god, it was so hard and good. He hit all the right spots and filled me up so good I thought I would split in half.

I rode him hard, slamming hard against him to get myself off. Oh man it felt good, his hard cock rammed awesomely well. I needed to try it up my ass.

It was well lubed after the tongue-lashing I got from Princess but his cock still needed to work to get all the way up my ass. He couldn’t help but to hump back as I slammed his large cock into my bowels. He fucked my ass like a pro, grunting and sweating. No wonder Princess ran off with him, he would make me a bundle on stud service.

He came up my ass with om much cum it was leaking out. It felt like gallons as he shot his load so far up my ass I could taste it in the back of my throat.

I got off his still hard cock and laid down in front of Princess, “Your stallion is a stud. Lick his cum outta Jane’s ass would you Princess, suck it out with your mouth and eat it.” She did her job and she did it well, she suction-cupped her mouth to my ass and it felt like a vacuum as she sucked cum and swallowed it.

She cleaned out my ass and the licked it off my ass. I was all clean and Eddy was satisfied but now it was time to hang the rustler out at the old oak tree. I was looking forward to it.

I got Eddy-boy all harnessed up as well as another stallion named Patches.

Princess back in her harness and was detached from the floor.

I chained the rustler up to the three horses before letting the rope down and we escorted him out of the barn down the long road to the oak.

I’ll see him squirming real soon. Now that I got Princess, I’ll get him to.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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