Heel or Heal

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To my readers, please feel free to leave feedback for me so that I know that you liked my stories, what you would like to see, and perhaps maybe suggest one. Vote if you liked it or if you didn’t. If you’d like to read it over and over again, favorite it and come back to enjoy it like an old friend. I look forward to hearing from you…K’Anne

‘Looks like another beautiful day to sit out on the beach and work on my tan,’ Claudia thought as she glances out the plate glass windows of her beach house as she gazes thoughtfully. The sun had come up a few hours ago behind the house and it shone brightly out over the blue of the water. The wind hadn’t come up yet so there was none of those annoying sand particles in the air yet from the dunes.

A Golden Retriever looked up at her intently wagging her tail hopefully.

“Need to go out?” Claudia asked and saw the intelligent look change immediately to determination as she headed for the door in answer to her question. Claudia let the large honey gold dog out and watched as she sniffed her way into the long grasses away from the walkways and deep into the uncut area alongside the house. Claudia had walked her there every day for a week before letting her out on her own. She knew not to go near the house now.

Claudia turned to fix a cup of coffee and peel a banana for her breakfast. The potassium would be good for her as she did her morning routine, watching the waves lap along the beach and a few beachcombers on the stretch in back of her house. She sipped the last of her coffee and looked up to see the Golden Retriever returning to the door. Getting up she let her in to a wagging tail and a happy expression. “Beautiful out there isn’t it girl?” Claudia asked and the expression she got in return answered her question as the dog wagged acknowledgment of her question. The dog headed for a large plastic bucket in the corner of the room and her nose began to poke around in it. “Just one” Claudia called cautioning the dog. After several ball, rope, and chew toy selections had been chosen and then discarded, she came over with a rope tied through a ball and offered the rope end hopefully to Claudia, her soft brown eyes looking up at her owner anxiously, hopefully, playfully.

“Do you want to play?” Claudia asked amused. Of course the dog wanted to play, she always wanted to play. She took the end of the rope and the dog immediately began to tug. Claudia let her pull just enough before trying to yank it back in a tug of war. The dogs eyes twinkled excitedly as her tail wagged madly in appreciation of their play. Using both hands Claudia yanked back and forth causing the dog to lose purchase with her front claws on the tile floor before she pulled back enough to get on the carpet. Claudia let her win for awhile pulling her forward just enough to enjoy the play before letting it go so the dog sat unexpectedly. Immediately she was up again on all fours offering and teasing with the rope. As Claudia reached for it she would turn her head sideways as though to keep it out of her reach. Claudia was amused at her pets play. “Release” she commanded in a firm voice and immediately the dog dropped the toy at her feet and sat waiting expectantly. Claudia picked it up and threw it down the long hallway with the dog waiting patiently for her command. “Fetch” she quietly commanded and the dog bounded exuberantly down the hallway her toenails clicking on the tiles as she slid to catch the toy with her paws and mouth. She immediately picked it up and bounded just as excitedly back to her owner where she sat offering to Claudia. Claudia watched her for a moment and then with a quiet signal from her hand the dog went around her to a heel position and sat waiting expectantly. Claudia put her hand below the dogs mouth and said “release” and the dog dropped the toy in her hand. Claudia swung it and threw it down the hallway again. The dog waited impatiently, her butt about to come up off the floor and Claudia waited until the dog realized that Claudia wasn’t going to release her until she was in total control. She sat back down fully, staring intently at the toy at the end of the hall but looking out of the corner of her beautiful eyes for a command or a signal. Claudia gave it to her and she took off like a pistol shot for the toy. They played like this for about 15 minutes, the dog following Claudia’s commands perfectly until she was panting from her running. Claudia let her play with the toy on her own as she filled her water dish and food dish for her breakfast and allowed her to eat as she changed from her satin pajamas to a two piece swim suit.

Claudia put her blonde hair up in a hair band keeping it back from her pretty face as she gazed into the mirror. Glancing down at the pictures on her dresser her eyes were drawn to the one of her and a younger woman. The pain was almost as fresh as the day years ago when that picture had been taken. It showed the two of them so in love and happy. Mersin Escort Her arms around her dark haired girl, both of them gazing and smiling into the camera. She hadn’t known such happiness since then. She squashed the painful thoughts as much as she could and returned to getting ready to go out. She smoothed suntan lotion on her long limbs, knowing she would only get darker and more exotic looking and not really caring. She grabbed a wide brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses and put a bottle of Evian in her beach bag which already contained a book, a newspaper, and a towel. As she went through the kitchen she grabbed a cordless phone and her cell phone to slip into the bag.

The dog stood up hopefully where she had been laying on the kitchen floor having finished her breakfast. Claudia glanced to see that her water dish and food dish were both empty and silently nodded at the dog before letting her out on the deck. The deck overlooked the sands right down to the ocean with a set of stairs that went over some of the small dunes to the shore. Beachcombers of every type walked up and down the beach, some holding hands, some jogging, some meandering in and out of the smooth waves that came up on this stretch of beach. Claudia waved to a few of her neighbors she saw that were out and about. She walked to the edge of her deck and picked up a sand chair which she slung from her other shoulder. The dog sat patiently at the top of the stairs waiting and watching her as it also gazed out over the sand domain behind their deck to the ocean. She looked on interested as people walked dogs, children played, and strangers came and went but she never moved an inch without Claudia. Claudia smiled down at the beautiful dog and said “come” as she made her way down the steps carefully in her sandals. The dog stayed at a heel position, perfectly matching her step for step until Claudia stopped and she sat immediately without being told. Claudia didn’t go far from her own deck before setting up the chair. She put on her big, wide brimmed floppy hat and her sunglasses before sitting in the chair. The dog settled on her left side sitting proudly and surveying over all her domain.

“Down” Claudia said quietly and immediately the dog lay down, gazing non-challantly at toddlers and dogs and a host of other beach goers trekking up and down the sands. Her nose quivered as she smelled in messages and watched people come and go.

Claudia essentially ignored the beautiful dog as she read her newspaper, her long limbs spread out elegantly before her on the sands growing darker from the sun as it edged towards mid-day. Occasionally her hand drifted down to pet the beautiful honey gold head. The dog dozed in the sun and eventually put it’s head down on her own paws. Once Claudia had read everything she wanted from the paper she began to read her book. She looked up from time to time from behind her dark sunglasses to watch and peruse the people walking on the beach. Occasionally she bobbed her head up and then nodded in acknowledgment of a wave or a similar nod from neighbors. She was well known on this stretch of the beach and while there were not a lot of houses nearby, hers was distinctive with its huge plate glass windows overlooking the sands. The house had been built 50 years ago by a famous architect and people came from all over to photograph it, to draw it’s modern lines, to view it. Claudia didn’t mind that, she minded when they knocked on her door and asked to see the inside as well or worse yet started looking through the windows as though she were on exhibit. Then she got a little rude about trespassing. Most of her neighbors knew not to push the solitary woman, she wasn’t someone to fool with and she didn’t suffer fools gladly.

The book wasn’t holding much interest and she let it fall to her side as she lay her head back against the chair. Her hat flopped up from the pressure behind it on it’s brim and exposed more of her face to the hot sun. She gazed absently through her sunglasses as she people watched. It was then that she saw a woman walking solitarily on the beach. She was coming towards Claudia from her left and something about her walk captured Claudia’s attention. She shifted her head slightly so she could view her better through her glasses. She knew no one could tell from her glasses whether she was awake or not as they hid her eyes with their dark tint. She wasn’t nearly as tall as Claudia and was a little chubby but she had an attractive way about her that for some reason captured Claudia’s interest.

The woman was almost halfway to her position on the beach before she really noticed Claudia laid out there in her chair. Claudia watched her as she checked her out. Definite interest. Claudia knew what she saw as she looked up and down the tall blonde’s fit body. Long tanned limbs, a tight stomach exposed to the sun’s rays, a French cut bikini bottom with a tube cut top and no straps. Her blonde hair was mostly hidden by her Escort Mersin hat but that hat at this angle couldn’t hide the well defined facial features, the elegant nose, the perfectly aligned brows, the pouty lips, and the high cheekbones.

The woman must have decided Claudia was asleep by her stillness as she blatantly stared and looked her over. Claudia moved slowly and sensually as though she didn’t notice the auburn haired beauty checking her out. She stretched as though she had just woken up and put her book in the bag. She pulled off her hat and pulled off the hair tie and shook out her long blonde hair into it’s normal mane of beauty. It was calculated and Claudia knew exactly what she was doing as she did it. She could see the woman watching and almost stumbling over her feet as Claudia settled back down in her chair and looked back up at the sun pretending to go back to dozing. In reality she was squinting at the woman watching to see her reaction as she walked past Claudia’s position.

Never had she seen such a beautiful woman in person. Her cousins had said there were some beautiful women on this stretch of beach but that word was an understatement when she saw the blonde. Her fit body demanded attention. Her breasts bobbed perfectly on her body, obviously real by the way their weight pulled them down slightly. Those legs, those endlessly long legs. They were worth another look and it was then that the auburn haired girl nearly tripped over sand on the beach. She quickly looked away to hide her little two step clumsiness.

‘I’ll give her one more look back’ thought Claudia as she watched the intensely pretty girl walk further down the beach. Sure enough, the girl took one more look over her shoulder before quickly looking forward again so she wouldn’t trip over one of the people laying on the beach.

Claudia glanced down at the dog looking up at her expectantly. Having pulled off her hat and throwing her mane of hair around it had awoken and alerted the intelligent dog and she had looked around to see what had captured her owner’s interest. Claudia said one word quietly, commandingly “go” and the perceptive dog shot off towards the pretty auburn haired woman as though on springs.

“Why hello” the woman gushed as the dog deliberately headed her off and effectively stopped her forward motion. The dog halted to let her pet her and waited there patiently as Claudia rose and came across the sand towards them. “Aren’t you beautiful” the woman told the adoring dog who wagged her tail in understanding, her tongue hanging out from the heat of the sun giving her the appearance of laughing and agreeing.

“I’m sorry, is she bothering you?” Claudia asked in her cultured tones drawing the woman’s attention to her immediately.

The woman looked up from where she was bending to pet the beautiful dog and saw the beautiful blonde who perfectly matched this dog, walking towards her. Her breath caught in her throat momentarily and she couldn’t answer for a second. How could anything this lovely exist in the real world? The question the blonde had asked though finally penetrated her numb brain. “Oh no, not at all, she’s beautiful” she gushed to hide the fact that she wanted to stare at this statuesque blonde coming to stand beside her. “She yours?” she asked stupidly knowing the answer but wanting to say something, anything.

The blonde smiled. There was something about the smile that set off warning bells in the other woman’s head but not enough to scare her. Instead a funny intense feeling began behind her belly button and embarrassingly spread down to her nether regions.

“Yes, she’s mine” she answered in her smooth voice. Something about the word ‘mine’ was intense although she altered no part of the statement. Maybe it was only in the auburn haired woman’s head?

“Oh, she’s beautiful, what’s her name?” she asked feeling as though she was gushing in her enthusiasm to talk to this woman.

“Brandy” the woman said shortly examining the smaller woman before her minutely. The glasses hid her intense scrutiny from the woman. If she had realized the penetrating look she might have been frightened just a little, or perhaps not.

“What a perfect name, her coat is almost the same color” she continued to pet the dog and rough up her coat around her shoulders. It was then that she could really get a look at her collar. Two inches wide leather it was covered in Swarovski Crystals? Discovering this collar, she fingered it thoughtfully and glanced up at the blonde who was observing her closely. The woman rose slowly from where she was bent petting the dog and held out her hand. “I’m Brenda” she said by way of introducing herself.

“Claudia” the blonde answered as she grasped the shorter woman’s hand firmly.

Brenda felt the warmth of the elegant hand immediately, she also felt the strength behind it. She didn’t know why but the weird feeling she had felt before intensified at her touch. Mersin Bayan Escort Brenda couldn’t breath for a nano-second and she looked around for something to say, anything. “This your house?” she asked as she let the blonde’s hand go.

Claudia’s mouth twitched slightly to hide a smile as she nodded and looked up at the glass house they were standing behind. The deck looked to be a deep rich wooden color against the sharpness of the glass architecture. “Yes, it’s mine” she said proudly as she watched Brenda out of the corner of her eye. “Would you like to come up?” she indicated the deck with her head.

Brenda started in surprise at the sudden invitation but found herself nodding enthusiastically. “Yes, I’d like to see the view from your deck.”

Claudia turned away abruptly and was pleased as the dog got into an immediate heel position at her left leg and Brenda in one on her right. They stopped to pick up her sand chair and bag before heading for the steps to her deck.

Brenda looked out in surprise at the view that the deck afforded them. It was lovely. The nearest house was a long ways away and while there were a lot of people on the beach, there really weren’t as many as farther down where she had walked from. Most of the people on the beach were passing through except for just a select few who apparently preferred the remote and quiet section of this stretch. Claudia was very lucky, she had an unimpeded view of the water, the beach stretched on for miles, and her nearest neighbor was far away. “Wow, beautiful” Brenda breathed.

“Yes, beautiful” Claudia repeated but she wasn’t looking at the view. Instead she was checking out Brenda.

Claudia invited Brenda inside after they had chatted for awhile to show her the house but feeling suddenly shy Brenda refused. Instead she accepted an invitation to a casual party that Claudia was having that evening. Her friends were invited as well. This calmed her as she was so excited to have met Claudia and a casual party at least would give her some breathing room.

For a casual party, Claudia looked incredible in a form fitting green blue summer dress. Even her dog was wearing a matching collar to her owner. Brenda wondered how Claudia had managed to accessorize her dog’s collar to her dress. What Brenda didn’t know is that Claudia had hemmed the dress a little shorter and taken the extra cloth to fit over and around the tiny spikes of Brandy’s collar. What she also didn’t know is this casual party had been thrown together by Claudia calling a caterer and a few friends who were encouraged to bring a few friends. Just so Claudia could get to know Brenda better.

As the party was in full swing Claudia glanced around repeatedly to make sure her guests had plenty of food and drink. The caterers had supplied a couple of waiters as well and they looked nice in their little tuxedo’s, their tight little buttocks encased in the black pants the suit entailed. Claudia had been very clear to what their duties involved and what rooms the guests would be allowed in. Several of the doors were locked to her household rooms and this was signal enough that people weren’t welcomed to those particular rooms.

Claudia fretted to herself whether Brenda would show up after all. She faintly knew the friends that Brenda had mentioned and when she had impulsively made up this party to get to know Brenda better she hoped her friends would come as well, just to make Brenda feel comfortable. She didn’t want to scare her away. The very little she had seen today, sensed, and hoped had wetted her appetite for more.

THERE she is! Her heart leapt at the sight of the delicious chubby little brunette that arrived with two other couples. Claudia let them approach her so as not to appear too anxious. Brenda introduced her friends and Claudia was gracious but in her head she had already dismissed them as she examined Brenda. She had dressed to impress and Claudia was pleased. She made a point of touching Brenda repeatedly, brushing against her arm, even her own arm rubbing against Brenda’s nipples through her pretty little peasants dress. Claudia was all glamour and sophistication next to the little brunette but she made her interest known.

“How did you say you met her?” Ann asked Brenda when she managed to get her away from the tight little group that had formed around them and Claudia.

“On the beach this morning, she mentioned she was having a little party and invited us all” Brenda naively responded.

Ann looked at Brenda wondering if she was aware that Claudia had marked her for her next conquest. Brenda was an adult at 26, but she was also not very sophisticated. “Are you aware of what she is?” she asked to be sure. She didn’t want Brenda getting in over her head.

“Yes, she’s a very generous woman, look at this place and she invited us to it!” Brenda enthused as she looked around the modern living space that was Claudia’s. “It’s obvious she has wealth.”

Ann had to agree with her but she wasn’t sure Brenda was getting the full picture. “She also is attracted to you” she stated bluntly to make sure Brenda got it.

Brenda smiled brilliantly at that news “you think so?”

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