Girl Next Door

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I had dressed in a simple teal sheath of a dress, tight around all the right places. I thought the color set off my brown skin marvelously, and I was rewarded by an appreciative whistle from Travis when I came downstairs.

“Not bad…you clean up nice.”

“Thanks,” I said, sardonically, but I was pleased. I knew he meant it. I had left my hair down, and the curls hung loosely around my face and shoulders. I’d worn the only jewelry I owned, a simple gold chain around my neck, and a silver anklet, twinkling in the light. Fake costume earrings completed the look. Oh, and my mother’s gold ring on my finger, but I was never without that.

Inside, I sat and tried not to admit to myself I had dressed extra nice for Marius. Would he even notice?

But before he came down, Lady Gray joined us and I sighed inwardly. Ten years older than us, Lady Gray still looked our age and as beautiful as ever. She was taller than me, about 5’8″, and slim and curvy. Her hair was copper ringlets, and she wore a stunning pleated skirt and low-cut blouse. She was wearing diamond earrings and a diamond pendant that hung between her breasts. No wonder Marius was hot for her.

And I thought she was attracted to Marius. But then, who wouldn’t be? Marius was six foot two inches of gorgeous man. He was broad in the chest, strong, serious, intelligent, and very, very handsome. He had dark eyes and long wavy brown hair, which he kept to his shoulders. Normally he wore a hat, like many people these days did, or a helmet when in the field. Occasionally I had seen him without, but it was rare.

“Hello, Lady Gray,” I smiled. “Don’t you look lovely?”

“Thank you, and so do you! That teal color is perfect for you.”

Yes, the worst of it was, Lady Gray was unforgivably gorgeous and nice. It just wasn’t fair, was it?

Only a few minutes later Marius came down with Maya, Travis’ little girlfriend. She was utterly cute, only about five feet tall, wearing a very sexy little two-piece number. She was not shy in the least, and hurried over and sat in Travis’ lap. His arms went automatically around her and she snuggled into his arms, waving at me. I smiled fondly.

Behind her came Marius and as I clapped eyes on him my mouth went dry.

He had brushed his hair until most of the waves were gone, and it hung around his face, silky soft. He was wearing a sort of silk jacket, slightly open at the front, just baring about an inch-wide strip of his chest, and my mind immediately presented me with images of my fingers running through the hair just visible. He wore jeans that were somewhat tight, not indecently so, but enough to see the rippling muscles in his thighs.

His face had an uncustomarily lazy look on it, with amber bedroom eyes, which just about did it for me. I always noticed a man’s eyes and bedroom eyes always made my loins twitch.

Marius also wore, not really a beard, but the equivalent of several days without shaving. I didn’t like beards much, but the several days’ growth was just fine.

Lady Gray stood to greet him. “Marius! Don’t you look fine!” and I realized my mouth was open.

Travis nudged me. “Quit staring,” he said, laughing at me. In the background I heard Marius telling Lady Gray how lovely she looked.

I blushed. “Sorry. I just…look at him.”

“I know.” Travis shook his head and raised his voice to address his comments to Marius directly. “Marius, quit it. That ain’t right, you dressing like that. All the girls are going to be looking at you and ignoring us.”

Marius chuckled. “Should I go back and change?”

“No!” I blurted out, and then blushed again as everyone laughed. Marius took Lady Gray’s arm (my heart sank) and we all headed out together.

Travis, being a gentleman at heart, offered me his other arm, and we three walked together. The club wasn’t far, and none of us had a car anyway.

About twenty minutes later, we entered Vapor. Travis offered to get us all drinks, and I asked for a dry martini. Marius and Lady Gray both got Bloody Marys.

We drank and chatted for a bit, and then Lady Gray asked Marius to dance. I watched them go, thinking I should have been brave enough to ask him myself.

“What’s with you?” Travis nudged me.


“You’ve never been shy around guys. Why are you suddenly shy now?”

I shrugged. “Just look at him. He’s way out of my league.”

“Nonsense. I bet he’s thinking about you.”

“If he is, then why is he dancing with Lady Gray?”

“To be nice? Anyway, if that’s your only problem, you better look out, he’s coming over.”

I looked up in surprise, and indeed, there he was, striding over to me. My heart beat faster.

“Where’s Lady Gray?” I managed to say, calmly.

“She’s dancing with some guy that started talking to her about gears.” He gestured over his shoulder and I looked past. Indeed, she was with another man, laughing and enjoying herself.

“Care to dance, Kendra?”

“Me? Um, sure.” He took my hand and pulled me to my feet, and for a moment I was only star trek strange new worlds izle a few inches away from him, and I could smell his aftershave, faintly. He led me out onto the dance floor and pulled me into his arms.

“You look very nice today, Kendra. I think I said already, but I wanted to be sure you knew.”

“Thank you, Marius. You look pretty damn good yourself.”

“You think so?” He gave me a sardonic little smile, and pulled me closer to him. I had to crane my neck to look up into his eyes, and I felt the warmth of his body against mine.

“I think you look…well, frankly, you should be illegal.”

He laughed out loud at that. His arms slipped around my waist and I felt him loop his fingers at my waist. Now I was dancing right with him, hip-to-hip, almost but not quite touching, leaning back against his arms to look into his face.

“You dance very nicely, Kendra.” His voice was silky smooth and curled around my ears. It wasn’t terribly loud in here but he did have to lean right into my ear, and I felt his breath on my skin.

“You do too, Marius,” I breathed. I was slowly becoming aware of something occasionally brushing against my hip, high up on the side, and I thought I knew what it was, too. Marius was hard for me. But…really? Marius was attracted to me? And not Lady Gray? I wanted to know.

“You are just so tall, Marius; it’s almost hard for me to put my hands on your shoulders.”

“Do you mind?”

“Not. At. All,” I emphasized, giggling a little. “It’s…an attractive quality in a man. Why, am I too short?”

“I think it’s kind of cute,” he said, his large hands sliding along my waist. They slid to the top of my hips and stopped just below where it would be considered proper. I wondered if he could tell that I wasn’t wearing anything at all underneath the dress.

I wondered if he guessed I’d done it for him.

“Cute?” I protested. “Cute is for puppies and duckies.”

“Oh, is it? Then how about…sexy? Cause you are damn sexy, my dear.”

I was breathless, looking up at him, my lips slightly parted. He smiled slightly.

“Looking at you like that makes me want to kiss you.”

I found my voice from somewhere. “Then, why don’t you?”

“Hmm. If you’re going to ask…” and to my complete and utter shock he leaned down and kissed me.

He had to bend quite a bit to reach me. His lips were heavy and full as they pressed against my mouth. I felt his whole body wrap around me, and his cock pressing against my thigh intruded into my thoughts again. I knew he was a large man, but the weight of what was pressed against my thigh almost distracted me from the delicious, delicious kiss.

He didn’t hurry. His kiss was slow, deliberate, and very erotic. I felt his hand come up and slide into my hair, tilting my head further up, and as his velvet tongue slid into my mouth, my knees trembled.

He touched his tongue to mine, and I felt myself grow damp between my legs. What magic was this man performing on me that I was ready for him already? Such a wanton was I, that I rubbed my hip against his cock, and was rewarded with hearing a sharp intake of breath from him.

Slowly he pulled away, leaving me panting and stranded on the shores of desire. Desire suffused my entire being. With some difficulty I managed to get control of myself.

“I’ve been thinking of doing that for a long time,” he murmured.

“Not just you,” I returned, biting the corner of my lip. “I have, too.”

“So…if I may ask…why didn’t you?”

“I…guess I just never thought of it before now.”

“Or you thought I was attracted to Elizabeth.” Elizabeth was Lady Gray’s first name.

I gave him an embarrassed look. “Perhaps. You two would make a fine couple. And besides, she likes you.”

“She does?”

“It seems like it.”

He laughed again, that rich, deep laugh filling my ears. “Elizabeth and I have known each other since grade school. We’re best of friends. But I don’t think she’s attracted to me. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, does it? Now you know.”

“I do. Marius?”

“Yes, my dear?”

The quaint term made me smile. “May I kiss you again?”

“Good heavens. So polite. And if I said no?” He said this with a smile, so I said, teasingly,

“I probably would kiss you anyway.”

“Then why ask? Just kiss me.”

I bit my lip again and then stood on my toes to reach his mouth. This time I was the instigator, though he still had to lean a bit for me to reach. I let my fingers run up the back of his neck and through his thick, silky hair. I wanted him so badly right now it was ridiculous.

We danced again, this time pressed fully hip-to-hip. His cock rubbed against me, sending delightful chills down my body. I did not pull away at all. On the contrary, I slowly let him shift until his cock was directly pressed against my belly, rubbing against me. If I had been a little taller or he a little shorter he could have pressed star wars andor izle it against the juncture between my legs, but there was something even filthier about this.

The crowd pressed close against us, and Marius took advantage of it. He bent a little at the knee and let his leg slide between mine, until I was half-sitting on his leg. He began to grind against me, and embarrassingly I felt my dress slowly ride up until my wet sex was directly against his pants. I must have been dampening them, and I thought he knew, for he had a smile in his eyes.

Marius pulled me into his arms and I let myself ride his leg wantonly, in public, with a hundred other people around me. I wondered if anyone noticed, but that thought was soon quelled by my rising emotions. The sensation was delicious…suddenly I realized I was distressingly close to coming, right there, on the dance floor.

“Marius…”I murmured, and tried to pull away. To my surprise, he wouldn’t let me. I turned my face away, but he stroked my head like a puppy. “Shh, honey, it’s all right. Just let yourself go. I won’t hurt you, Kendra.” His voice was very soothing and I relaxed a bit/

And he kept on grinding that knee between my legs, and his hands stroked up and down my back, and I had never thought I was an exhibitionist but here I was being brought to an orgasm right here in the middle of the crowd and it was an incredible feeling. I moaned, softly, gripping his arms and turning my face into his warm neck. I bit gently, and he jumped a little. He caught my mouth with his and kissed me, deeply, forcing his tongue far into my mouth and silencing my little yelps, and I came, embarrassingly hard, right against his thigh.

I reeled for a few seconds, panting and he held me tightly. Slowly I came to myself. I was ashamed to look at him but he cupped my face and lifted it to look at me.

He looked closely at my face with a half-smile. “Did you like it?”

Bashfully, I nodded.

“Then why be shy about it? I don’t mind, at all. I thought it was incredibly hot. And I kind of want to do it again.”

I kissed his sweet, salty lips, and tasted his warm mouth and felt his tongue against mine, and I came to a decision. I withdrew and whispered in his ear, “Would you think terribly of me if I suggested we go somewhere else?”

“Gods, no. Do you want to go to my room?”

I nodded, and he put his arm around my waist as we withdrew from the dance floor. On the way out I caught Travis’ eye. He was grinning broadly, and gave him a shy, excited grin, and a wave. He gave me a thumbs up back and sat back with Maya.

Outside in the cool night air I turned back to him and, gripping the lapels of his shirt, pulled myself up to kiss him again. He responded just as eagerly, crushing my much smaller body against his.

“Do you want to take a cab, or walk?”

I considered. Walking meant time to cool down. A cab wouldn’t; on the contrary, it might cause exactly the opposite.

“Cab, please, if you don’t mind.”

He nodded, and gestured the doorman to call us one. Grinning, he did so, and we tumbled into the back.

“To the Days Inn,” he said, and the cabbie pulled away. He turned to me. I was already eager and breathless, and welcomed him into my arms.

We kissed like teenagers, breathless and anxious to have each other. His hands were at first on my waist, and then dropped to my thighs. I felt him run his hand up my stockinged leg, and as he pushed my dress aside gently, he came to the portion of my thigh that was covered neither by dress nor stocking. He groaned as he squeezed, gently.

I wondered if he would slide his hand up my dress but he seemed content to keep it there, at least for the moment. It seemed seconds before the cabbie was saying, “We’re here.” I looked up, and he was grinning at us in the rearview mirror, and I realized how hot and heavy we had been going at it – providing quite the show it would seem.

He paid the cab driver with some bills from his wallet. I straightened my dress out and stepped out. He helped me up, and, putting his arm around me, we walked together into the hotel.

“I’ll pay you later for the cab,” I murmured.

“Don’t even worry about it.” he responded.

We managed to mostly keep our hands off each other in the elevator, and by the time we got to his room I was feeling a little shy. I’d known Marius for months, but still, we were going from “first kiss” straight to the bedroom.

He must have sensed it, for he unlocked the door and gestured me in, politely. I had been in his room before, mostly with the group, so there was nothing surprising in his neat little place. He motioned to the couch.

“Have a seat. I think I have some drinks, you want something?”

“What kind of drinks?”

“Enough to make a few alcoholic drinks, if that’s what you’re asking. Another martini, maybe?” I nodded, unsurprised. We all had lots of stuff in our rooms, since we generally stayed for a month or more at a time.

He star wars visions izle fixed us both martinis and came back over to me. Handing me one, he slid onto the couch facing me, his knee touching mine. The only light on in the room was a dim lamp by the couch.

“So. Are you feeling comfortable?”

“Yes. No. Mostly.”

He smiled a little, and I looked into those deep, deep eyes. “Thank you for being honest. Is it me? Anything I’ve done?”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Well…yes. Of course. But not in the way you think.”

“Shall I stop doing it, or shall I do it again?” His smile was devilish, and I felt desire resurge, desperately, drowning out my nervousness. I drained the martini.

“Again, please,” I whispered, setting down the glass on the table. His followed suit, and he shifted up closer to me on the couch. I thought he was going to kiss me right away, but instead, to my surprise, he put his arms around me and easily lifted me into his lap. Only then did he kiss me, and I welcomed it. He let his mouth drift, over my cheek, my throat, over my ear.

I felt safe and secure in his lap. I was not really a tiny woman, at 5’5″, and I had broad shoulders and long legs, but his arms surrounded me and I felt completely enveloped. It was an unfamiliar feeling for me.

His hand was resting on my ribs, just below my breast, and I felt it begin to move up. My breathing quickened as I felt him slide over my body, crumpling the dress under it, and then his hand was first pressed against the bottom of my breast, then sliding over it, and finally, cupping it. His hand was large and I felt the heat right through the thin dress. His thumb ran over my nipple and I felt him register surprise.

“You’re not wearing anything under this, are you?” he murmured into my ear.

I shook my head and whispered, “No.”

“Mmm, I thought so, in the club. That’s very hot. You are a dirty girl.” His voice was low, crooning, in my ear.

Impulsively, “Do you want to see?”

“Very much.”

I shifted out of the circle of his arms and stood, facing him. He sat on the couch looking up at me. I could now see his penis fully outlined against his pants, hard and eager for me.

Shyly, I reached out and stroked my fingers against its shape. He closed his eyes and actually groaned.

“Stand up for a moment, Marius.”

He did so, towering in front of me again. I looked into his face, and then, lifting my hair off my neck, turned slowly.

“Undo my zipper, would you?” I felt him pause, and then felt him place several tender kisses at the top of my neck which made me shiver. His hands came to the zipper and pulled it down, exposing my back to him.

I turned back to face him letting my hair drop. Not looking into his eyes, I slid the dress off first one shoulder and then the other, letting it slide down my body. It pooled at my feet gracefully, leaving me completely naked to him.

There was a long moment where neither of us spoke. I was petrified. What if he found me ugly or unattractive? What if he bent down, picked up the dress, and gently redressed me again? I didn’t think I could stand the humiliation.

Instead of doing any of those things, he groaned and put his arms around me and drew me close. “God, Kendra, you are gorgeous. I’ll try to go slow, but you drive me to distraction.” He kissed me again, and let his hands go to my breasts, feeling the shape and running his fingers over the curves. I moaned as he bent and took one nipple into his mouth. I slipped my arms around his neck while he suckled gently, moving from one nipple to the next. The cool air hit my wet skin and it made me shiver. There was something incredibly dirty and alluring about him being fully dressed while I was naked.

His hands roamed freely over my body now, exploring every round curve and flat surface. I was definitely darker than him…my skin was almost a caramel color, and though he had been well-tanned by the sun, his still had that undertone of white. His hands stood out in stark relief against me.

His hand slid down my belly which fluttered at his touch, and then over my mound, which I kept neatly trimmed to just a small patch of hair. He slid his fingers between my legs… and paused.

“You’re soaking wet.”

“I can’t help it.”

“I like it. I’m flattered.”

He ran his hand over my slick wetness, and then plunged a finger inside without hesitating. I gasped, loudly; his finger was very thick and it had been a long time for me. It went in easily enough, though I was tight around it. He didn’t hesitate, though, but pressed his palm against my clit, and began to grind his hand gently against me.

I began to move with him. When he began to slide another finger in I only spread my legs a little wider in acceptance. His other hand was now supporting my back, as my knees were trembling. My eyes were only half-seeing as he continued to grind into my clit. He didn’t grow impatient or stop doing what he had found turned me on so, he just kept on doing it, bringing me higher and higher. God, his fingers were like fucking magic. Already so turned on, when he lowered his head to my nipple again, and I felt his palm once again grind against my clit, I jerked against his palm and came, right against his hand, standing up, naked, in his arms. I cried out, feeling the flood spread all through my body, down to my fingertips, down my legs, into my toes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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