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Big Dicks

It’s a cold, rainy morning. The noise of water dropping from the skies above is audible all over the city. The last thing anyone would want to do is be at work early on a day like today. But sadly, Alex is. Inside the office building in which she works, the clock beeps, saying it is now 7AM. She looks to her phone, hoping her boyfriend is awake and has texted her, but he’s asleep. “It’s his day off,” she thinks, “he deserves to sleep in.” She back to her computer, and continues to write up the report her boss wants.

Two hours later, her phone goes off. “Text Message: Babe” comes up on the screen. She quickly grabs it, and opens it. “Hey babe, I hope you’re not busy tonight, I’ve got something planned for you, a nice relaxing night after all the stress from work. I can’t wait to see you!” She quickly texts back, “I can’t wait to see you too, I can’t wait to find out what you’re planning!”

Hours pass, and Alex slowly succumbs to boredom and decides she’s going to go home, she can finish this report tomorrow and can always work late tomorrow night to make up for it. “I’m coming home soon, I can’t stand any more report writing for today.” she texts to her boyfriend. He soon replies with a winky face, making her wonder even more what he’s got planned for her.

The long drive home makes Ümraniye Fetiş Escort her more excited. “What is he planning? Is it a romantic dinner? A movie and bath? Massages for me? Something naughty? I have no idea.” she thinks, as the lights shine on and off of her face. She eventually makes it to her driveway, goes to the door, and unlocks it. Walking in, she sees a note on the table in the hallway. “Come into the bedroom and take your clothes off. Leave your bra, panties and stockings on, and put on the blindfold. When you are done, call out for me.” it reads. She gets excited, knowing he has something naughty planned, but doesn’t know what it is.

She walks to her bedroom and walks in. She notices the silky sheets on her bed, but doesn’t notice the cuffs stashed under the mattress, or any of the other toys hidden. She takes off her top and skirt, revealing a fancy red bra, matching thong and garter belt, and the thigh high stockings she wore today. She sees the blindfold, and grabs it. She sees it matches her underwear, “he must have seen me getting dressed.” she thinks. She puts it on, sits on the bed, and calls out to her boyfriend.

After a few tense minutes, the door opens. He walks in, walks to her, and slowly caresses her cheek. He moves down to her neck, Ümraniye Gecelik Escort then over her breast to her stomach. She tingles and tries to reach out to touch him, but he grabs her arm, puts it by her side and speaks, “So, Alex. Tonight, you will submit yourself. You will let me take control of you. You will be pleasured, but must obey, otherwise you will be punished. Do you understand?” She straight away thinks of all the porn she’s watched, all the BDSM porn. He must have realised I watch it so much, noticed all the searching about toys and gear, so she replies “Yes sir.”

Unable to see, she waits for his next move. He grabs her hand softly, caressing and massaging it, and then he stops. She waits, it feels like forever when he finally grabs her body and brings her down onto the bed, grabbing the restraints and tying her hands into the bed. Next thing she knows, she feels something on her stomach, but she can’t tell what it is. It’s being dragged over her stomach and breasts, and then… whip! She feels the sharp pain throughout her body, expecting it to feel bad, but it feels nice. Too nice. She lays there, occasionally letting out a moan of pleasure as he continues to whip her. Eventually, he stops, and he undoes the restraints from the bed, and tells her to Ümraniye Genç Escort get on her knees and bend over. She does as he says, and then he grabs her wrists and attaches the restraints to the ones on her ankles. He expects his cock in her pussy, but instead, he grabs a powerful vibrator, the one she usually uses when she needs to get off quickly, and ties it to her pussy, turning it on high. She can’t stop moaning and screaming, so he grabs a gag, and Alex lets him put it on her.

After 10 minutes, a big wet spot has formed on the bed, and the vibrator is turned down. Alex lets out a final moan of relief. As he takes the vibrator off of her, Alex tries to peek under the blindfold to see what is next. He grabs her hips and inserts his cock into her pussy, fucking it hard and fast. She moans and moans, but eventually, he stops, and pulls out. He walks outside, but returns a few seconds later, grabbing a new toy. She feels a cold gel being applied to her asshole, then, next thing she knows, a buttplug is being inserted into her. She loves the feeling of this, and remembers the talk they had about how much she loves anal. After putting it in, he undoes the restraints, flips her over, and puts two nipple clamps on, and a clamp on her clit, before turning her back over and tying her up the same way again. He pulls the plug out and replaces it with his cock, starting slow, then speeding up, eventually pounding her asshole until they both come together.

He pulls out, undoes the restraints, takes off the blindfold, and cuddles Alex. She whispers into his ear, “Tomorrow night, it’s my turn.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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