Sissy Hubby Ch. 03

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Big Tits

As the sleepy fog cleared my mind, I felt warm sunshine on my face. Remembering the night before, I couldn’t help but smile as I pictured my wife Stacy fucking my ass with my pink dildo. Running my hands down my slim body I felt the baby doll nightie still spread across my chest. Finding the strength to sit up and greet the day, I found I was unable to open my eyes. Raising my hands I felt a crusty layer of something around my eyes, wiping it away until my eyes could open at least part way, as usual Stacy had already left for work.
I got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom, gazing at myself in the mirror, I felt that familiar tingling sensation between my legs as I realized the crusty layer on my face was cum from the facial I received last night. Sensuously swaying my hips and pouting my crusty cum covered lips, I did a little strip tease for myself as I pulled the nightie off. Completely naked, I watched my body gently sway and grind to the imaginary music in my mind.
I felt so sexy, but not a manly sexy, more of a pretty sexy and for some reason, it didn’t bother me in the least. Turning my back to the mirror and grinding my butt in the same way I had last night as Stacy drove that hot pink dildo inside me. Having never really looked at my own butt before, I was shocked and grossed out at the amount of hair covering my cheeks, that wasn’t very sexy I thought to myself. Spreading my cheeks apart, I found the hair between them was even thicker, yucky! Maybe I’ll ask my wife what she thinks about it when she gets home tonight.
Adjusting the water temperature and hopping into the shower, I couldn’t keep my mind off the amount of hair covering myself. The hair on my face has always been sparse and thin, and I shaved regularly. My arms were also sparsely covered with light hair, that didn’t bother me either. My armpits and pubic hair were covered by long dark hair. Tugging on some of my pubic hair, I was amazed to realize the hair might be as long as my cock when it was hard! My legs and chest may also need some attention, the hair wasn’t long but it was a darker color that stood out boldly against my lightly tanned skin.
Pushing the concerns from my mind, I took my time in the shower, washing every square inch of my body, baffling myself once again with my sudden concern for personal cleanliness. When satisfied, I dried myself with a soft fluffy towel, brushed my teeth, shaved my face and applied deodorant. I then found myself with my face up close to the mirror, scrutinizing my face. What was I doing? I had never done this before?
Before pulling my face away, I noticed a few hairs between my eyebrows and a couple of stray hairs popping out of my nose. Digging through Stacy’s cabinet, I located a tweezer. Without hesitation, I plucked the beginnings of a mono-brow and yanked out the nose hair that was visible, that made my nose run like a faucet and nearly brought me to tears.
Pleased with my appearance, I sort of skipped to the bedroom to discover what Stacy had selected for me to wear today. There was no note today, but on top of the stack was a light blue, lacey thong. Eagerly sliding it up my legs and positioning my hard cock to the side, allowing the top edge of the thong to lay flat on my tummy. The thong again dipped low in the front leaving quite a bit of my kinky pubic hair sticking out. Picking up the shirt and holding it up, I had never seen this shirt before. She must have bought more yesterday than she showed me last night. The shirt was similar to a muscle shirt, only the shoulder straps were lacey and there were wires sewn into the shirt to support boobs.
I wasn’t so sure about this, it was obviously a shirt for a girl. After rolling the idea over in my mind, I decided I didn’t want this change in lifestyle with my wife to end. Pulling on the shirt and tugging it down snugly, I found the shirt was again short, ending several inches above my belly button. It was also very tight and very thin. Looking into the mirror, I saw there were ‘pockets’ in the shirt above the wires where the boobs would be held. I stuck my hands in the pockets and pushed them out, hey I don’t look to bad with tits, I thought to myself.
Back to the dresser, I picked up the shorts, they were a stretchy, pocket-less denim material, very short maybe a two inch inseam. Around the cuffs of each leg opening were embroidered white flowers, the chain of flowers rose up on the butt and formed the shape of a large heart spanning over both cheeks. I caught myself thinking, how cute! Quickly catching the thought and wondering where it came from.
Pulling the shorts up my legs was no easy task, they were VERY tight. I laid on the bed as I had seen my wife do before and worked them into place. Exhaling deeply, I zipped them up and buttoned them. Struggling into a standing position, I modeled for myself in front of the mirror. They were definitely tight, hugging every little curve of my body and squashing my cock into myself. The curves of my butt almost made the heart Ümraniye Yabancı Escort emblem look three dimensional.
The last item on the dresser was a pair of socks. They were white and short, barely covering my ankles, around the top was a fancy lacy frill that hung down toward my feet. They reminded me of what a schoolgirl would wear with a uniform. Quickly pulling them on, they looked sexy I said out loud, except for my leg hair.
I scanned the room for my tennis shoes, where did I leave them? Right beside the dresser were a pair of white ‘flats’, as Stacy called them. They looked brand new, just as I was about to pass them on my search for my own shoes, I saw a note inside one of them. Picking up the note, it read, “Dear Dottie, (that’s Todd spelled backwards… kind of)” there was a smiley face drawn in there. It continued, “Pretty shoes for my pretty slut. Kisses, Stacy” At the bottom of the paper it read, “P.S.- it’s a belly chain.”
My mind was completely blank as I picked up the shoes and sat on the bed, I was about to try one of them on when I heard a metal sound. Raising the toe of the shoe, a gold chain slid into the heel. Ah, belly chain, that’s what that meant! Grabbing an end and pulling it out of the shoe, I saw a little golden tag hanging from it. Examining the tag, it was inscribed with the words “My Little Slut”. I felt proud and happy and had no idea why? Wrapping the chain around my waist, clasping it in the back with the tag hanging down on my bare tummy, I felt sexier than ever before. Slipping into the “flats”, they felt very comfortable and… normal.
Standing up to leave the room and get to work, I turned just as I was passing through the door. Oh my God! The drapes have been open all along! Quickly remembering the feeling of sunshine on the face as I woke up, panicking almost dashing from the room in shame, but I remained there without moving. Bringing my eyes to focus beyond the window, I saw Kim sitting on her deck, waving me over with one hand and holding up a glass of orange liquid in a ‘cheers’ manner.
I waved back at her and considered hiding inside all day long, she continued waving me over, inviting me to join her. I nodded my head in her direction and moved toward the sliding glass doors which separated us. Stepping out onto my own deck, Kim said loud enough for me to hear “Come on over Dottie, we’ll have some orange juice!”
Crap! Stacy must have met with her after I fell asleep last night, how else would she know to call me Dottie? God only knows what else she told Kim about me. Crap! Feeling sort of faint, knowing all of the blood in my body had rushed to my face. I pulled myself together and started walking in her direction. I wondered to myself, what could possibly happen?
Kicking off my flats and tossing them over the chain-link fence, I hooked my toes in the fence and pulled myself up and over landing on my feet in Kim’s yard. Slipping my shoes back on and bending over to pull the lacey frill of the socks free from the shoes, I stood and took the last few steps toward her deck and sat in the only other chair right beside her. Today she was wearing a light purple summer dress with buttons all the way down the front. The dress barely contained her big boobs, and showed off her thighs nicely.
Kim smiled brightly at me while saying “You look prettier every day I see you Dottie!” The name Dottie rung in my ears, it didn’t bother me at all, I actually thought it sounded pretty and fit me. Reaching to my stomach, fingering the golden tag hanging from my belly chain, a soft moan escaped her lips as she read the inscription. Dropping the tag, she offered her hand to me inviting me inside for a glass of juice.
Stepping into her house I found our homes were mirror images of each other. The most apparent difference was the furnishings. Where our house is a miss match of different styles, mostly particle board and all low cost, Kim’s home was elegantly furnished with fine leather and oak furniture. The walls were tastefully decorated with painting and photographs. Flowers and candles gently scented the room.
After pouring me a glass of juice, she led the way to the living room where we sat on the couch and she continued to compliment my appearance. Feeling more and more confident and comfortable with each word she spoke.
“May I ask you a question Kim?” spoken timidly.
“Sure Dottie, anything.” She replied cheerfully.
“How long were you sitting outside this morning? Did you see me getting dressed?” feeling my face flush with embarrassment, but needing to know.
Placing her hand on my upper thigh, “Yes I did Dottie. It’s nothing to be ashamed of though, I had a nice chat with Stacy last night and she explained what was happening to you.”
“May I ask what she said was happening to me?”
“That’s nothing to worry your pretty little head about.” Her hand sliding farther up my thigh, a wide grin spread across her face.
“I guess not… um, did you happen to… I mean you didn’t happen Ümraniye Yeni Escort to glance at our house last night? Did you?” Fumbling with my words, feeling exposed and vulnerable.
She didn’t say a word as she picked up the remote control and pushed play. The large screen T.V. came alive and was filled with the image of our bedroom, me on my hands and knees, sucking passionately on the pink dildo while Stacy knelt behind me, fucking my ass with the other.
Kim stood up and walked beside the T.V. looking right at me, “You looked so sexy in your little nightie. I couldn’t help but record it so I could watch this again and again.”
Feeling like I was sinking into the leather of the couch, even my arms and legs had turned a deep shade of red with embarrassment. I wanted to get up and run away! But I didn’t, I sat there looking at the floor.
“Dottie, you don’t need to feel embarrassed with me, I think what you are going through is so special. Actually, I would like to help you through this change if you will let me.” Kim said these words in a soft, comforting voice.
I looked up, her grin had been replaced with a caring smile. My embarrassment quickly faded, “Help me through the change? What change and how can you help me?” I asked, feeling confused but anxious for any help I could get.
“Dottie, don’t be silly, the change into the little sissy slut that you are becoming. Stacy explained everything to me, she asked if I would help you out during the days while she’s at work.” Kim’s voice had a soft tone, I believed she truly wanted to help in any way she could.
My mind spinning, sissy slut, it is what I have dreamed of for such a long time. Yet hearing the words leave Kim’s mouth startled me, looking down at my clothes, I was changing. A week ago, I wouldn’t have been caught dead in this outfit, but now it felt natural, very normal.
Tears formed in my eyes as I whimpered “What can you do to help? I’m so confused and need help. Please help me Kim.” Bursting into tears as the words were spoken.
Kim sat down beside and let me cry it all out, holding my head between her massive boobs. She cradled me, rubbing my back until I calmed down. Then she said that while watching me last night she noticed some things I might want to change.
“Like what?” I asked eagerly, now finding myself not only wanting to please my wife, but Kim also!
Picking up the remote and rewinding to a segment that zoomed in on my naked butt, the pink dildo sliding in and out at a quick, steady pace. “Oh yuck!” I said while making a funny face. When the dildo was pulled out, there was poop on it!
“That, we can fix Dottie. I need to teach you to douche your little “pussy”!” Her hand once again on my upper thigh.
“Do you mean an enema Kim?” looking to her, confused with her choice in terms.
She replied firmly, “No Dottie, asses get enemas, “pussy’s” get douched. You do know that between your cute little cheeks there is a “pussy”, not an asshole.” Her hand sliding up my thigh until her pinky laid across my cock.
The idea of my “hole” being referred to as a “pussy” sent a chill of excitement up my spine. Her little finger laying across my cock sent a different kind a chill throughout the rest of my body. “I have never douched my “pussy” before, but I want to be clean for Stacy.” Thinking out loud, pausing to sort out my thoughts.
Kim took advantage of the pause to grab my hand, stand up and lead me down the hall. She stopped by the closet, opened the door and pulled out a brand name douche. “I hope springtime scent is alright with you, it’s all I have.”
Lost in my thoughts, feeling like a young girl, “Springtime scent is just fine!”
Kim took my hand once again and led me to the bathroom. Once in the room, she took a step back from me and asked, “Can you get those cute shorts off, or are they painted on?”
Without hesitation, I unbuttoned and unzipped the shorts, I pushed them down about an inch and then had to suck in my tummy and wiggle the rest of the way out. My rock hard cock had leaked onto my light blue thong. I pulled the sides up which pulled the fabric in tight against my cock.
Kim had a lusty look in her eyes as she whispered, “Very nice, that is a lovely “clitty” you have there Dottie. But you need to take your panties off too.”
Looking down at my thong, my cock, she called my cock my “clitty”. Feeling like Kim truly understood me, even more so than possibly my wife. Hooking my thumbs in the sides of my panties, I quickly slid them down my legs. Standing up straight to face her, dressed in only a white muscle shirt, frilly socks and flats. Surprisingly I wasn’t the slight bit embarrassed at being nearly naked in front of my neighbor who I had never spoken to until yesterday.
Kim looked me up and down, then said critically, “We will have to do something about all that hair, but we’ll save that for another day.”
After a short giggle, I replied “I was thinking about my body’s hair this morning in the shower! Isn’t that Ümraniye Masaj Salonu funny?”
“Yes it is Dottie, we’re thinking along the same lines.” She placed her hand on my upper back, “Bend over, lean on the counter and we’ll get you all cleaned out!”
Getting excited about what was to happen, I enthusiastically bent at my waist, resting my head on the counter near the sink between my hands, taking the initiative and spreading my legs. Kim reached in the cupboard and withdrew a tube of lubricant. Dripping a glob of it between my cheeks, then rubbing it in with two fingers. Her free hand had cupped my little balls and was sensuously massaging them.
Pulling both hands from me, Kim opened the box and assembled the bottle, showing me each step and explaining the assembly. When ready, she placed her hand on the small of my back, positioned the tip of the douche on my “pussy”, and gently pushed. The tip easily slipped inside.
“Are you ready sweetie? This may feel a little strange, but you will feel so clean afterwards.”
I nodded my head, and she gently squeezed the bottle. I felt warm liquid shoot inside me, it burned for only a second then I felt it filling me up. I moaned, “How much more is there? I already feel so full.”
Kim replied softly while shifting her free hand to continue massaging my balls, “Almost done, when I say to, pinch yourself closed as tight as you can. I would be upset if you made a mess in my bathroom.”
My stomach started to cramp, it felt so heavy and my legs got weak. I thought I was going to burst when the liquid flow stopped.
Kim uttered a single word, “Pinch.”
I squeezed my “pussy” closed as tight as I could, the cramping inside me was getting to the unbearable point.
“Mmmmmm” was all I heard as she slipped the tip of the douche out. “Okay, now keep pinching closed and stand up straight.” She commanded.
I clenched my teeth to help deal with the cramping, and stood up as straight as I could, slowly turning to face her. A look of pure lust covered her face, she reached down and wrapped her hand around my “clitty”, slowly jacking me off, slipping her other hand inside my shirt and pinching my nipples. She leaned in close and whispered in my ear, “We are going to have such fun together Dottie.”
The cramping was so painful, I didn’t know how much longer I could last. Kim must have seen it in my face and pointed to the toilet. I threw up the lid, as soon as my cheeks made contact with the seat, I heard the fluid shooting out from in me. I squeezed hard to expel the liquid from my body. As the last few drips fell, my whole body relaxed.
Kim leaned over and pushed the lever flushing the water away. Still bent over, she whispered in my ear, “Now don’t you feel clean and fresh Dottie?”
“Yes, actually I don’t remember ever feeling this clean before!” Rising up off of the toilet, my erection pointing straight out, her hand once again wrapped around it and slowly slid up and down its modest length.
“I think tomorrow we should take care of your hair, but don’t tell Stacy. I think it would be a nice surprise for her.” She said with her hand still on my “clitty”.
“Alright.” I answered dumbly, so turned on I thought I might cum in her palm. I moaned out loud when she pulled her hand away.
“Grab your things and we’ll go chat some more in the living room.” She said as she turned and walked out.
Picking up my panties, almost putting them on, but then remembering she said to “Grab your things”, not get dressed. So I picked up my thong and shorts and carried them into the living room.
“Very good Dottie! You follow directions very well.” The grin had returned to her face. “Why don’t you sit on the table here in front of me.” It was more of a statement than a request.
I took a seat on the coffee table directly in front of her. Casually tucked my erection between my thighs and squeezing them close together, laying my things down beside me. “So what would you like to talk about?”
She leaned forward, placed her hands on my knees and spread them apart, my erect “clitty” jumping up “What I would really like to do is to watch you stroke your “clitty”. I would love to see you squirt your girly juice.”
Now I smiled a wicked little smile as I wrapped my index finger and thumb around my “clitty” and slid up and down its length. In no time my hips were writhing. She called my attention back to her face each time I closed my eyes or looked away from her.
It was so embarrassing to be nearly naked and stroking my “clitty” only a foot or two from a completely clothed woman. The shame, fear and deprived feelings were soon replaced with a slutty desire to give Kim a little show of her own.
Kim concentrated on my movements and facial expressions, I think I shocked her when I stood up and turned my back to her, spread my legs and bent over, stroking myself the whole time. I slipped a hand behind me and watched her face as my index finger disappeared inside my “pussy”.
After fucking myself for only a few minutes, my cock throbbed suddenly and I squirted my juice all over her coffee table. The orgasm was powerful, I felt my pussy clamp down on my finger as four large squirts of juice shot out, splattering on the table. Shivering from the intensity, I managed to stand up and squeeze out the last few drops.

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