Gym Buddies Pt. 01

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Aletta Ocean

As always a big thank you to my editor Cheer_Smartie526. I wasn’t sure exactly which category this fit into, but based one where I think it will go EC seemed like the best choice. Please comment and rate the story.


Krista swiped her ID over the grey panel, a second later the lock made its distinctive click as it unlocked. She pushed the door open and heard the steady sound of the elliptical machine. She noticed the lights were on when she drove by on her way to the parking garage. Scanning the room she saw no one. All the weights were on the racks and the mats and medicine balls were neatly stacked in the corner. The room was L shaped, so the cardio equipment was not visible, and that is where the sound was coming from. After stuffing her bag into a locker in the women’s dressing room she rounded the corner. Much to her satisfaction there was only one person on the equipment. She didn’t know his name, even though the two of them were usually the only people that used the facility in the early morning hours.

He was at least five years younger than she was, probably more. She rarely saw him outside of the gym, and had not been able to figure out which company he worked for. She had looked over the list in the lobby several times, but it remained a mystery. One thing she was certain of was her physical attraction to him. He had recently switched to running shorts from the longer basketball style shorts, confirming her suspicion that he had very nice legs. Normally he still wore a baggy shirt that hid everything except his broad shoulders and muscular neck, but today was different. The shirt he wore today fit a little tighter, revealing the well formed physique she had hoped he possessed. She wondered if he had decided to show off or if he was just behind on doing laundry.

The treadmill whirled to life as she finished entering the specifics of her workout. She glanced over at him, today he was reading while he worked out. She had noticed some days he had headphones on, some days he watched his tablet and some days he just went all out. Those were her favorite days. It was easy to get away with staring at him when he was watching a show on his tablet, but something about him breathing hard and sweating hard turned her on. One day his shirt had been sufficiently sweat soaked to start sticking to his body. That was the day she learned he had a nice chest and a trim waist. Today was even better. His current wardrobe was a bit more revealing.

The cardio equipment was in front of the windows, and at this hour acted more like mirrors than windows. The only thing Corbin could see outside were the headlights of passing cars. He didn’t mind, there was nothing outside the office that he wanted to see, but there was something inside the gym. Running on the treadmill next to him was a very attractive woman. He guessed she was at least a few years older than he was, but that was hardly a deterrent. They had never spoken, and despite his best attempts he had never managed to sync up their workout schedules. Corbin had varied the time and day of his workout, hoping to catch her walking in to the gym so he could strike up a conversation, but it never seemed to happen. Instead he always walked in when she was well into her workout, or she would saunter in while he was lost in his exercise routine. A bit of movement caught his attention. She was doing it again. He glanced up to watch her reflection as she pulled her T shirt up and wiped the sweat off her face. In the process she exposed her midriff, and it was a wonderful sight. Her skin was smooth and firm. Sometimes she pulled her shirt up enough to expose the bottom edge of her sports bra. He felt juvenile stealing glances at her, but he was unable to resist the temptation. He looked down at the display on the elliptical machine, and then his eyes drifted back up to the window to watch her breasts bounce up and down as she ran. It appeared her sports bra was not quite up to the task, or maybe there was supposed to be a certain amount of jiggle. Corbin averted his eyes again, not wanting to bayburt escort get an erection.

It was cute, Krista thought as she let go of her shirt, he thought she had not noticed the way he looked at her. She wondered if he had realized she was pulling her shirt up for his benefit. If she was modest she would use the small towel that she had draped over the handle of the treadmill.

For some reason they never seemed to arrive at the gym at the same time, and he didn’t hang around after his workout. She looked at the readout on his machine; despite holding a pretty aggressive pace, his heart rate seemed low. She began to think of ways she could get it up.

The seconds were ticking away and soon the machine switched to the cool down stage. Corbin knew he would be done well before she would, his only satisfaction would be hearing the shower running in the women’s dressing room as he left. More than once he had imagined what it would be like to walk in and watch her in the shower, to see the water flowing over her fit body. There were times she finished first, and those were the times he took cold showers so he would not be tempted to jack off to the fantasy of fucking her in the women’s dressing room. He looked at her one more time, she was clearly out of his league, and then shifted his eyes back to the display on the exercise machine. The numbers paraded across the display. They were mostly satisfactory, although his heart rate wasn’t dropping down as quickly as it usually did. Corbin stole one more glance at her, then turned and walked back to the men’s dressing room, knowing that an ice cold spray of water was in his future.

The moment she saw him round the corner Krista began to slow down. She allowed him a full minute before her thumb mashed the cancel button and the belt on the treadmill slowed to a stop. She grabbed the small towel and wiped the sweat from her brow, then began walking towards the Men’s dressing room. The door was propped open, but she could not see past the first turn. Listening carefully she could hear the soft sound of him undressing, then the clatter as he set the bottles of soap and shampoo into the shelf molded into the fiberglass shower stall. Finally the steady sound of the shower spraying against the wall filled her ears. Once she heard the shower curtain close she walked in.

The water hit his chest like icy needles. Corbin took a deep breath and lowered his head under the spray, shivering as the cold water saturated his hair. It was almost painful, but the cold water was doing what he wanted. Instead of standing up and begging for attention his cock had shriveled up, trying to conserve all the warmth it could. He followed his routine of lather, rinse, and repeat and then moved on to soaping up his body. He had the odd feeling he was being watched, but the shower curtain was closed and the dressing room was usually empty at this time.

The shower curtain was opaque and she could just make out his silhouette. Something seemed amiss, but she could not quite put her finger on it. Krista slipped her hand beneath the waistband of her shorts. The moment her finger reached her hot, wet pussy she realized what was wrong. It was cold in the dressing room. There should have been a cloud of moist air pouring out of the shower, but there wasn’t. It dawned on her that he was taking a cold shower, and that only excited her more. She dipped her finger into the folds of her labia and then drew the wet digit over her clit. She heard a loud clunk and noticed he was bending over, no doubt to pick up something he had dropped. The idea of him bent over in the shower encouraged her to quicken the pace at which she stroked herself. She imagined him doubled over, grabbing his ankles as she stood behind him. He would be nervous, wondering what she would command him to do next. Her free hand slid up her body until it found the sports bra’s zipper and unfastened it. Her breasts tumbled out, finally free of the restrictive spandex. Seconds later she was tugging on her swollen nipple bartın escort and a quiet moan escaped her lips. She heard the water stop, but she didn’t care. Getting caught was part of her plan.

Still shivering Corbin opened the shower curtain to retrieve his towel. His eyes went wide at the unbelievable sight that greeted him. His nameless companion, the fixture of his fantasies, was standing there with one hand between her legs and the other on her breast. Despite being on the edge of frostbite his cock became fully erect in a matter of seconds and his jaw dropped open.

“If you want me to stay, turn around and put your hands on the wall,” Krista commanded. He started to turn, but then he paused. Krista wondered what would work better, the carrot or the stick. Even with her martial arts skills she probably could not beat him if he came at her, so she thought it best to avoid a physical confrontation. It was unlikely he was familiar with the customs of being a submissive, so ordering him to do anything probably would not work. That left the carrot. A seductive smile flashed across her face, “I promise you will be happy if I stay.”

Her smile broadened when he complied. He was in even better shape that she had imagined. She continued to finger herself as her eyes took in his physique. From his shapely legs to his firm ass to his broad shoulders there wasn’t an inch of him she did not want to devour.

“Did I surprise you?” she asked.

“Y…Y…Yes,” he replied.

“Do you want me to leave?”

“No, no,” he answered, still not sure what was happening. If one of his friends was pranking him he would be kicking someone’s ass very soon.

“Would you like to fuck me?”

Corbin paused, this had to be some kind of sick joke, but he could not resist the temptation to play along on the slim chance it wasn’t, “Yes.”

“Then you need to do exactly what I tell you to do. If you are obedient then some day you might get to stick your nice hard cock in my hot little pussy. Do you understand?”

“Yes… Ma’am.”

“You don’t have to call me Ma’am, or mistress or any of that stuff. Just do what I tell you, okay?”


“That’s better. Now, stroke your cock. I want you to come for me,” she said sweetly.

For a brief moment he thought he was dreaming, but his skin felt much too cold for this to be a dream. He tried to make sense of the words he was hearing. What kind of person would want to watch him jack off? Why was he listening to her, and why did he trust her enough to turn his back. Despite the vulnerable position he found himself in he did not feel threatened, but he still questioned her request.

“You want to have blue balls all day?” she asked. “Put your hand on your dick and get busy.”

Almost on its own his hand began to move. He didn’t dare stop it. Even after the cold shower his rigid shaft felt hot. He began to move his arm up and down, thankful that the soap had a bit of moisturizer in it that provided just enough lubrication to get started. She had a point, the image of her playing with her pussy was burned into his brain and he knew he would be thinking of it all day. Having to hide an erection all day would be torture.

“Oh, yea, that’s it. Watching you is making me so wet,” she moaned and her finger danced around her clit. It had been a while since she had her last submissive. She wanted something a little different this time. She wanted someone that would challenge her, but also be capable of taking care of her on days she was horny but too tired to play the role of dominant. He seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

The sound of her heavy breathing aroused him. Knowing that someone could walk in at any moment was both terrifying and exciting. A few drops of pre-cum bubbled out, making his erection a bit slicker. He moved his arm up and down at a slow, steady pace. His ears strained to hear what she was doing. The wet sound of her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy sent a shiver down his spine. He could not believe ığdır escort what was happening, but he did not want it to stop.

“I want you to come in your hand,” she moaned.

Corbin nodded, not sure if he was allowed to speak. He knew that his orgasm was inevitable. Even though he was so cold he thought his balls felt like they were still up next to his kidneys, he could feel them begin to boil over. Oddly he wasn’t thinking about fucking her, he wasn’t even picturing her naked. Instead he imagined her just as she had appeared, with one hand on her breast and the other playing with her pussy. The concept of mutual masturbation was something he had heard of, but had never tried. This was certainly not how he thought it would happen, but at the same time he found it very sexy.

As she saw his ass cheeks tensed up she knew he was about to come, and so was she. Krista plunged two fingers into her dripping wet pussy and let out a loud moan. She was very close to climaxing.

“Oh, oh, oh, fuck, oh, yes,” she moaned.

The sound of her voice pushed him over the edge. He felt his cock jerk and obediently wrapped his fingers around the engorged head as a jet of hot cum spurted out. It was a novel experience. He had always let his cum spray outward before, so having the thick sticky fluid coat his fingers was certainly different. He arm stopped moving and he stood motionless, waiting for his next order. He was surprised when she whispered it in his ear instead of shouting it across the room.

“Give me your hand,” she said.

He put his arm in the small of his back, and then jumped when he felt something warm and wet against it. It took him a few seconds to realize she was licking him.

“Not bad, a little bitter. Less red meat and more fruits for next time,” she said, then turned and walked out.

Corbin stood dumbfounded for a few minutes. The entire episode seemed like a waking dream, but the sticky mess on his hand said otherwise. The sound of approaching footsteps brought him back to reality. He closed the shower curtain and turned the water back on, washing away the evidence of what had happened. He heard a gym bag hit the floor, telling him it wasn’t her. Corbin rinsed off again and the turned off the water. As toweled a familiar smell began to permeate the air. He pressed the towel to his face, it smelled like sex. She must have wiped her hand on it before she left. He sniffed the towel again, finding a spot that she had not marked with her scent and finished drying off. It was subtle, but he knew the smell would stay with him all day unless he got back in the shower. Corbin tossed the towel into his gym bag and shook his head, “Well played ma’am, well played.”

Hot water streamed against her sex and Krista leaned back against the shower stall wall. She had almost turned around and gone back into the men’s dressing room to make him finish her off, but another man walked in before she could slip by. The idea of him going down on her while someone showered in the next stall just made her hornier; she jumped into one of the showers in the women’s dressing room to satisfy her wanton needs. Voices of other women drifted into the shower stall. The idea of getting caught thrilled her, but deep down she knew it was unlikely that anyone would have the nerve to peek behind the curtain and see what she was doing.

With one hand she held the shower wand, directing the flow between her legs. Her other hand tugged on the swollen amber rosebud that topped her breast. She tried to concentrate on just one fantasy with her new boy toy, but could not focus. A montage of debauchery ran through her mind, all the different ways he could please her, and all the different places she could take him. Eventually she settled on the idea of making him kneel before her in the middle of the gym and lick her pussy. She imagined watching him in the floor to ceiling mirrors the covered one of the walls. Finally her climax erupted, flooding her body with a rush of endorphins.

As the last sensations of her orgasm faded she put the shower back into its holder and muttered, “I really love the ADA,” She wondered if the people that wrote the law that required the shower to be handicap accessible had any idea what the ‘off label’ uses there were. She dried her body with a towel and got dressed. Working out had just become a lot more interesting.

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