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I couldn’t shake the thought out of my head. Ever since I met Haley I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities. I mean, I’d checked out girls before, I had kissed girls before, I had enjoyed watching girl-on-girl action in porn, but I had never considered actually acting on those feelings. Haley though, she brought something out in me. Each time I saw her, I could feel her reaction soaking through my underwear.

Haley was the only other female working in my office – we were surrounded by balding middle aged men, or recently-graduated frat boys. She was my sanctuary. However, standing at 5’10, Haley was a distraction for all in the office, with legs that went on forever and a curvaceous ass. I was so envious of Haley’s brunette hair that fell in waves framing her sun-kissed face, which had the effect of accenting her already dramatic cheekbones. Her hair stopped conveniently just below her shoulders, drawing your attention to her impressive cleavage. She was just breath-taking, curves in all the right places, smiles always reaching her eyes and a genuinely nice person to boot. Haley was the kind of girl you wanted to hate but just couldn’t bring yourself to do it.

I was sat at my corner desk, observing the office go about its daily tasks. Haley walked into view, her breasts clearly free from the constraints of a bra, nipples faintly outlined through the semi-sheer material of her shirt. ‘She has to be a 32D at a minimum, but is probably larger’ I mused, distracted at the thought of how Haley’s breasts would fit so well into my hands. I was slightly taken aback at the thought – sure, I hadn’t had sex for a few months, bursa escort bayan and yes I was super horny right at that moment, but it was the first time I had fantasized about holding another woman’s breasts. The fantasy starts taking shape as Haley interrupts a group of younger colleagues, flipping her hair and jiggling her breasts.

God, her breasts. If we were alone, I’d sidle up behind her, my arms embracing her waist, reaching upwards and fondling those gorgeous tits. I’d sweep her hair to one side, start kissing her neck, light and gentle kisses at first, getting more insistent and reaching down to her collarbone, that’s kept just out of reach by her shirt. Her skin would feel so soft beneath my lips, her natural scent mingling with her perfume intoxicating. I’d have to remove that shirt. I couldn’t be denied access to Haley’s boobs. Shirt removed I’d be facing her, hands full with her nipples poking between my fingers as I massage her tits. I’d tweak and tug them, pinch and twist until they were standing to attention.

In the office, I can feel how wet I’m becoming at the thought of administering lavish attention to my coworker’s breasts. I took a quick look around the office. No one was looking her direction. Subtly, I slid a hand under my leggings, feeling how much my fantasy had aroused me. I’d have to replace one hand with my mouth, sucking her nipples, playing with the hardened points they became, licking and flicking and sucking and twisting and pulling and pinching. I’d keep going, fascinated by her nipple’s reaction to my attention, until Haley moans in response.

My görükle escort hands would wander, caressing her incredible body. One hand would reach down, finding a lacey thong under her pencil skirt. That skirt had to be removed too. Instead of immediately ripping off her thong, I’d pull and tug at it, creating a heated friction winding Haley up even more than my attention to her breasts had. I knew that thong would be off before long but I wanted to enjoy the reaction my hand being this close to her pussy would have on her composure. Back in the office, I was doing the same thing to myself, conscious of how heavy I was suddenly breathing.

Haley’s thong was becoming rather inconvenient, so reluctantly removing my mouth from her nipples, I’d kiss my way down her body until I’m staring the blue lacy garment in the face. I would inhale, finding the scent had the effect of arousing me further. I’d put my teeth on the waistband and remove the soaked through pair of panties. My hands would creep back up Haley’s taut, curvaceous body to find her breasts again, while my tongue would tentatively creep out to explore this new territory.

I was surprised at how natural this fantasy felt. Somehow I knew that knowing what worked to please myself would translate into knowing my way around Haley’s pussy. My tongue would explore, finding Haley’s engorged clit and would dart out flicking and teasing. Fantasy Haley let out a moan.

It shocked me back to the present. I had been circling my own clit, bringing myself closer and closer and had involuntarily let out a moan. I coughed and put my head down, hoping bursa escort bayan my colleagues hadn’t noticed. My slit was sopping wet now, and I dipped a finger in, surreptitiously bringing it up to my mouth to taste. Imagining I was tasting Haley just aroused me further and sucking it clean, I returned her finger to my cunt, languidly pushing back and forth with my middle finger, while my ring finger continued to circle my clit. I returned to my fantasy.

Haley’s clit was red and stood to attention. I sucked on it, flicking the bud with my tongue while my fingers caressed her opening, becoming covered with her juices. I finger-fucked her, curling up inside & hitting her g-spot, all the while sucking on her clit and toying with her nipples. Haley’s breathing became ragged, her face wanton as she watched my face and fingers buried deep between her thighs. Fantasy Haley was close to cumming, I could feel her pussy tightening around her fingers, her back arching, her breasts heaving and her control slipping.

I looked around, checking to make sure no one in the office was watching me get off in the corner. I’d already slipped up with the moan and I knew that my breathing was on the point of giving the game away. All the men were otherwise occupied, but Haley looked over in my direction, watching my arm moving suspiciously under the desk while my face became more flushed. This was the final straw to throw me over the edge, convulsing around my fingers, breath caught in my throat. I maintained eye contact with Haley as I came, trying hard as I could to be discrete.

A few minutes after I had recovered some level of composure, Haley walked over to my desk, her sheer shirt unbuttoned further than would be considered proper in a work environment. She leans over the front, giving me an eyeful of her fantastic boobs, and whispered

‘How about next time you join me in the conference room and you won’t have to do it solo?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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