Happy Birthday Wish

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This story has MMF bi content.


“Happy 25th Birthday Skyller” I hear my boyfriend, Taylor, tell me on the phone as I’m trying to wake up.

Taylor is a handsome hunk of man standing six feet tall, 200 pounds, blonde hair, and blue eye surfer boy. We are quite the contrasting pair with me at 5’5″ tall, 145 pounds, brown hair, and blue eyes.

“What do you want for your birthday present?” Taylor asked me, on my birthday.

“WHAT! If you don’t know and didn’t get anything, I’m sure as hell not going with you to pick out my own birthday present. You don’t know me at all do you?” I am awake now. What the hell?

“I thought we can go together and spend time shopping for you sweetheart.” Taylor was back peddling big time.

“It’s not about a stupid gift or how much you spend. It’s about doing something that comes from your heart, to show you care, just a little.” I was so upset at him right now, he ruined my birthday.

“I’m sorry Skyller. I really was thinking about spending the day with you and I know you like shopping. I’m really sorry. I’ll do anything to make this right, please.” Groveling, now that can turn into a good birthday present.

“Anything? Will you do what we talked about last month, you know, the thing you chickened out on?” I was going to bait him so he would beg me to submit himself to me.

“Ah come on Sky, really? Sex is great with us why do you want to tie me down to the bed? I’ll fuck you all day and night.” He was whining already, perfect. Now to drop the guilt bomb on him.

“It’s MY birthday Ty and since you didn’t think enough of me to get me a present this is what I want. I want my own little fuck toy where I’m in complete control. Don’t you want to give me what I want for my birthday?” The guilt has been implanted.

“Of course I do Sky, I’ll do it. I’ll be over in a few.” Mike drop and done.

“No, you’ll be here at 5:30, I have plans and preparation to complete. And lunch with my parents.” I’m in control its when I want and where I want, I feel so Julia Roberts in Pretty Women, a real whore.

After hanging up with Taylor I began to prepare for the evening. I cleaned my apartment, changed the sheets on the bed, and took out my rope and began to loop it through each leg on the bed and left the untied end draped over each corner of the bed. I wanted him spread eagle but his legs had to be able to move a little. Then I grabbed my box of pleasure toys and placed it next to my night stand. I made sure I took a long hot bath and shaved every hair off my body. I love a clean shaven pussy.

Now I had to call Bill. Bill is my old boyfriend from high school. He is 6’6″ tall 250 pounds of rock solid muscle, with brown hair and eyes. Bill made it to semi pro then had to find a job to survive, but he still retained his solid muscle mass. Bill is a great lover and his 10 inch cock makes it that much more fun. Taylor is a great guy, husband material. But once you’ve had 10 inches it’s hard to be totally satisfied with Taylor’s 6 incher. Bill is a dominant macho jock whereas Taylor is more of the submissive intellectual type.

Bill likes to push me to my limit sexually. One time he tied me up and brought a couple of other guys to gang bang me. It was truly a great experience, but I noticed Bill enjoyed the guys being naked as much as I did. He played macho jock as he let one guy suck his cock to get hard again so he could fuck me. I noticed he got hard very fast as he face fucked the guy.

I have to push Taylor into doing anything more than the missionary, but once I take the dominant role he gets more excited and takes orders well. I love to make him eat my pussy after he fills it with his cum. I tell him I need to cum too and he shouldn’t be so selfish so he eats me to an orgasm or two. Guilt works wonder for a girl.

He eagerly eats my pussy “Ya baby lick my pussy, stick your tongue in deep. Feel the heat of your cock that was just their baby? Suck that thick cum out, drink your cum…oh ya that’s it suck it out…mmmmm OH YES OH BABY!” I love talking dirty, makes me feel cheap and dirty, get me off every time.

I cum hard when he does that and he gets hard right away. He obviously likes the taste of his cum and me talking dirty to him so I know my plan will come together.

Bill arrived at 5 o’clock. I opened the door to see every inch of the doorway covered by his muscled body. Bill steps in, picks me up, and pulls me into a deep kiss. “I’ve missed you Sky. I was surprised when you called me up. Did you finally dump pretty boy Taylor?”

Bill lowered me back down to planet Earth, I punched him in the arm hard. “No I didn’t, it’s my birthday today and I have a huge birthday wish I need you to help me with, and I know you will love it.”

“Ouch! Happy Birthday! I guess I have to help you out since I didn’t get you anything. What’s the deal?” Bill looked intrigued as he massaged his arm.

I reminded him of the time we had the gang bang and how Picture upload I noticed he didn’t mind a little guy on guy contact when there are multiple players. I explained that Taylor has been a naughty boy and needs to be punished for screwing up my birthday. I want to get him naked, tie him to the bed, and blindfold him. Then I want to tease him into begging me to fuck him. But I won’t until he fulfills MY fantasy of eating another guy’s cum out of my pussy and I want him to watch as you fuck me and fill me with your cum. By the rock hard python attempting to snake its way out of his pants I knew Bill was up for the challenge.

I had Bill strip, oh my god I forgot how beautiful he is naked. I made hide out in my bathroom, and to keep quiet.

Taylor arrived at 5:30 with a huge bouquet of flowers, such a kiss ass. Well too little too late. But I thanked him for the flowers and kissed his cheek. He was looking a little sheepish.

I wasn’t going to let him off the hook, “Well are you ready to give me my birthday wish?”

He looked down at the ground, “Yes Sky. I even did that other thing you asked me to do awhile back, I shaved my body everywhere.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about, “That shows me you’re listening and willing to learn. Good boy. My birthday party started so whatever I say goes with no questions, GOT IT? Now strip down and let’s get this show on the road.”

Taylor hesitated, “But what if…”

“Just leave Taylor. Obviously you aren’t willing to give me anything I want. I shouldn’t have bothered with a second chance after that stunt you played this morning. Now just get out of here and lose my number you piece of shit.” I pushed him to his limits but he had to know I was serious and one more mistake would cost him.

Taylor started pulling his clothes off, “Please Sky, I shaved my cock and balls for you. I want to give you anything you want. I promise I won’t question you again, please let me stay and make you happy. Let me give you the present you want. Please?”

I almost came from his groveling and when he peeled off his pants and his cock was void of hair I felt my pussy leak. I was still being firm. Then he lifted his shirt over his head and his pits and chest were smooth, my legs went weak and I did feel my pussy lips tremor. “Fine, but one more objection and I throw you out for good just like you are, naked. Now get your ass in my room and lay on my bed.”

No questions asked he walked naked to my room. His ass was so good looking, tight and muscular as he walked. I dropped my robe and followed him in my room. Taylor was on the bed spread eagle with his head on my pillows. “No dumb ass, I want your head at the foot of the bed, now turn around.”

He quickly flipped around, no questions asked. His cock was harder than I’ve ever seen him. There was even some clear fluid leaking out. He loves being a submissive pussy boy. I love it. “No turn on your stomach for a second.”

He spun around and still kept his arms and legs spread. “Now for not listening you deserve a little punishment. If you want to leave now is the time, but you won’t ever come back.”

“No Sky, I’ll stay and be a good boy I promise. I won’t question you. It’s your birthday and I want it to be the best you’ll ever have.” As he talked his ass muscles kept flinching so I know his cock was straining underneath him. He loved this position.

“Well let’s see how you do before I tie you up.” With that I slapped his left ass cheek so hard in left my hand print. Before he had a chance to move I slapped the other cheek. Two perfect branded handprints.

My pussy juices were flowing now. I reached down and rubbed my pussy lips, dipping my fingers deep inside, I almost came. My fingers were soaked. I brought my fingers to Taylor’s face and rubbed my juice onto his lips. I leaned forward and whispered into his ear, “See what this is doing to me Taylor. You’re making my birthday come true baby. Do you want to stop or do you want me to be happy? Choose carefully and this will be fun.”

Taylor licked my fingers “I choose to make you happy.”

I began by giving him 10 hard spankings across his ass. He was biting the bedspread to keep from crying out. He took it like a champ. His white as was flaming red now. I placed my hand on his cheek and I could feel the heat. He had tears rolling down his face. “Good boy, now turn on your back.”

Taylor didn’t hesitate, he flipped onto his back. I tied the rope around his ankles, and then I moved to the footboard and tied his wrists down. My queen size bed was large enough to accommodate his tall frame and still have room on the bed to play. I stood at his head and placed my pussy to his face, “See what that did to me, eat my pussy Taylor, show me what a good boy you are. Oh ya baby suck those lips hard, make them swollen and puffy.”

I had to pull away before I came hard, “That was nice, but we have a long way to go.” I moved onto the bed and admired images upload his shave job. I knew freshly shaved skin would be sensitive so I licked all over where his pubic hair was. I held his cock upright as I gave him a tongue bath everywhere but was sure to avoid his cock. I even ran my tongue down behind his balls and flicked his tight hole. He moaned out loud and I felt his precum drip down the back of my hand as I still had a grip on his shaft.

I sat up and slapped his balls. Taylor lifted off the bed and screamed through clenched teeth, “Shhhhh, the neighbors Taylor. I guess I will have to take care of that.”

I got up and reached down to my bag-O-fun and pulled out a penis gag, a blindfold, and a ruler. I brought them around the bed, being sure that he couldn’t see what I had. Whispering in his ear, “Do you trust me Taylor?” He nodded with affirmation. “Good boy. Now in order to heighten your experience I’m going to blindfold you.”

I put the blindfold on. It was a black satin sleep mask that I put over his head then I added another black scarf to hold the mask firmly to his head to insure vision was impossible. “Now we can’t have you moaning and screaming again now can we?” He shook his head no.

I placed the penis to his lips, “Open your mouth and bite down on this.” He opened his mouth and I put the four inch penis into his mouth and slipped one strap around his head and cinched it firmly in place on the other side. He could breathe and still make sounds, but at least he could bite down on a nice cock when he needs to.

I took the ruler and got back between his legs. His cock was rock hard again. “Now what made you get so hard Taylor, the blindfold? No I don’t think so. I think it was the penis I just put in your mouth, yes I think having a penis in your mouth turns you on.” His cock flinched and his cockhead flared which was answer enough for me. I lightly tapped the ruler to his cock head.

Then I measured his cock, yep six inches, barely. His cock bobbed up and down again and another drip oozed down his shaft. I tapped his balls with the ruler which just made him drip more, “You like your balls spanked as much as your ass, what a bad boy. Maybe I’m not doing it hard enough?” With that I slapped the ruled five times against his balls. His body flexed and he bit down on the cock in his mouth. But he didn’t scream out. His cock did not go down at all.

“We don’t need you cumming all over the place just yet. I need to have some major orgasms before you do. Don’t you think that’s fair since it is MY birthday?” He nodded his head.

Bill was standing in the doorway as soon as I put the blindfold on. His cock was hard as a rock and dripping. I wanted to crawl over to him and suck his cock until he shot his load down my throat. But I was in charge today. I crawled up on the bed and straddled Taylor’s chest. “Smell my pussy baby? I’m so horny I need to cum right now. I’m going to sit on your nice hard cock. I want to fuck your cock until I cum. You can’t cum or you will have to clean my pussy out, do you understand me?” He nodded yes again.

I scooted back and lowered myself onto his stiff cock. He was so hard, but I was so wet he just slipped right in with no resistance. “Oh god you’re so hard baby.”

I lifted up and down a couple of times. Taylor thrashed trying to keep from cumming. “Don’t cum baby. I know my pussy is super-hot around your hard cock but I need to fuck you until I cum. Don’t shoot that hot cum in me yet.” I started bouncing up and down on his cock. I was riding him hard and fast. I was going to make him cum.

“Don’t cum yet baby I’m not there yet. If you cum I’m going to sit on your face and make you lick me out. Unless you want to eat my pussy? Do you want your cum baby? Do you want to eat your cum from my pussy baby?” It was too much for him, I felt his cock swell and his hot cum sprayed the inside of my pussy. I seated myself down hard so his cum went in deep.

I didn’t even wait until he got soft which he never did. I leaned forward and unsnapped his penis gag and pulled it out of his mouth. Then I turned around and sat on his face, “Bad boy, I told you I need cock to make me cum and now you blew your wad already. Eat your cum out of my pussy now.”

Taylor wasted no time in sticking his tongue in my pussy and searched out his load. I felt gobs of it dribble out of my pussy and into his mouth. I started to cum and pushed my pussy onto his mouth. “You fucker eat your cum. I want a cock now in my pussy. I need a real cock in me, one that will last longer than a minute.”

Bill moved up to the edge of the bed. I lifted my pussy off of Taylor’s mouth and leaned forward exposing my pussy to bill. He was tall enough that he lined his cock up with my pussy and pushed into me. His balls dragged across Taylor’s face and landed on his mouth. “Oh god YES Bill, shove that cock in me hard. This is my other part of my birthday present baby, I want Bill to fuck me and you watch.”

Bill reached down and pulled off the scarf and mask from Taylor’s head. Taylor looked up at two large balls and a huge cock buried in his girlfriend’s pussy. His cum was their lubricant. Bill pulled his cum covered cock out of my pussy and shoved it back in, again and again. I could feel mine and Taylor’s juices frothing at my entrance as Bill’s huge cock mixed them together in my pussy. Taylor didn’t move, his cock was not only hard it was flinching and straining as he was watching me being fucked. He was enjoying the show.

Bill had a strong grip on my hips and being on the floor gave him the leverage he needed to give me a nice hard fuck. I bent my head forward, Taylor’s cock pressing against my head as I looked under my body at Taylor’s lust filled face. I could see Bill’s balls rolling across Taylor’s forehead, nose, and mouth as he plunged his cock back and forth into me.

It has been over a year since I’ve felt a cock so deep inside. I could feel an orgasm rip through my body. Bill held me tight as I clamped down on his cock. I wanted to scream out but I knew the neighbors would hear. I looked down and spotted my own penis gag. I plunged my mouth onto Taylor’s cock. I could taste my own pussy juice mixed with his cum which was dripping down his shaft. I screamed onto his cock and his leg muscles flexed as his body went firm. He held onto his cum, he wanted this to last.

Bill pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over Taylor’s face, “Taste Sky’s pussy, Boy. Lick the cock that just gave your girlfriend a powerful orgasm. She probably hasn’t cum like that since the last time I fucked her.”

I looked back to see the head of Bill’s cock in Taylor’s mouth. Bill pulled it out of his mouth and slapped his face with his cock. Taylor’s cheeks glistened with my pussy juice smeared all over them. “What a pussy.” Bill said just before he plunged his cock balls deep into my pussy.

When Bill’s cock went balls deep, so did my mouth on Taylor’s cock. Then I felt it, Taylor’s tongue on my pussy. Bill must have felt it to, “Oh ya that’s it pussy boy lick my cock and eat her pussy, nice fresh juices. Suck on her lips boy.”

Taylor sucked on the side of my pussy drawing in my lips. They must have really been stretched. My entire body was shaking. My orgasm just didn’t stop. Then Bill shoved his cock in me as deep as he could get it. I think if his balls would climb up into my pussy he would have shoved them up inside as well. His cock head expanded and his burning hot cum pumped deep inside. I was sweating and weak as my orgasm started up again. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore I feel Bill cock sliding out. I didn’t want it out of me yet, I wanted his cock to stay in my pussy until I came down off my orgasm. His cock pulled out of my pussy and I felt his cum flood out along with it. Then I felt Taylor’s mouth cover my entire pussy. His face smashed against my pelvic bone. His tongue darted in and around my freshly fucked swollen pussy. He was sucking out all of Bill’s cum.

“You like the taste of my cum boy? That’s it drink it all up there’s plenty more where that came from. I can’t wait for you to suck my cock and get a fresh load. Sucking cock and eating another man’s cum from your girlfriend’s pussy. This is so fucking hot.” Bill was taunting Taylor.

I came again when I heard Bill telling Taylor to suck his cock. I’ve always wanted to see two men making love with each other. Seeing Taylor suck Bill’s cock made me cum before, but to watch them together alone would push me to the edge and over.

I couldn’t take anymore, my body felt like Jello. I pulled off of Taylor’s face. I turned around and sat on Taylor’s lap with my pussy resting on his balls and his cock sticking straight up. I looked down and it looked like I had a cock. That was hot. Bill moved forward and offered Taylor his cock. Taylor licked the thick white drop of cum that was oozing out of Bill’s cockhead. “That’s it Taylor, eat that cum.” Bill said just before he pushed his cock back into Taylor’s mouth.

Bill was semi hard so his cock bent into Taylor’s mouth. Bill looked down at Taylor with lust in his eye as he started stroking his face, “That’s it baby suck my cock. That feels so good. Oh ya I’m getting hard again. You’re making me so damn horny Taylor. Oh ya move that tongue all around my head. Ya that’s it, push your tongue in my clit. MMMM.”

Bill was no longer being the dominate prick but was actually seducing Taylor. Bill’s cock was getting hard and the angle was wrong for Taylor to keep sucking his cock. I locked eyes with Bill and motioned for him to come eat my pussy, putting him in a 69 position with Taylor, this would allow Taylor to keep sucking Bill’s cock. Bill understood and climbed up on the bed putting his knees on either side of Taylor’s head. He leaned forward and brushed his face along Taylor’s cock before I lifted up and offered him my pussy. Bill began licking my pussy, it was still sensitive. I was lifting my pussy up to his face and gyrated around but my arms became weak and I dropped back down onto Taylor’s cock. Bill still went in for my pussy but Taylor’s cock was sticking up from under me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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