Central Coast Beach Vacation Ch. 01

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This story is entirely true.

We are a fit couple who enjoy the outdoors, including nude beaches, with sexual play when the opportunity presents itself. She is 45, I am 51. We are professionals living in the Bay Area of Northern California.

Last year we spent a week in early October on vacation on the Central Coast in California, staying in a condo in Avila Beach near San Luis Obispo. We love this area, especially during the Fall when it is still warm, but generally not continually foggy. The area offers places to hike, bike, and kayak, as well as several very nice nearby beaches. Pismo State Beach to the south is wide and a little over 2 miles long, with dunes behind a relatively flat beach. It isn’t clothing optional, but its size and the presence of the dunes can offer opportunities for erotic play. Pirate’s Cove is probably the best nude beach in the area – maybe the only one. It is not too crowded in the Fall, and tends to be frequented by some of the college crowd from nearby Cal Poly.

During our visit last year we had a few interesting experiences at Pirate’s Cove.

One experience that comes to mind was a brief trip to the beach late afternoon mid-week when the weather was a bit marginal. The beach was almost deserted except for a few guys up on the cliffs by the parking lot. We walked about halfway down the beach, set up our blanket, and relaxed for a while. It was chilly enough that we couldn’t get naked and remain comfortable, so we just enjoyed the sights and sounds of the ocean. We were both a bit horny and had been looking forward to the possibility of some erotic fun on the beach.

As we sat there, our horniness overcame the weather and we started fondling each other. We decided that the mostly deserted beach provided too good an opportunity to pass on a quick fuck. yalova escort We both removed our pants and continued to stroke each other. My cock was hard and ready to get inside my wife’s dripping pussy. She got on her hands and knees facing the ocean and I positioned my stiff cock at the opening of her waiting hole. My cock slid in easily. I slowly pumped in and out, quickly bringing her to her first orgasm.

As I fucked her from behind, I noticed that some of the guys up by the parking lot were using binoculars to watch us. They had a clear view as I rammed her cunt with my throbbing cock. They probably had their own cocks out, stroking and shooting as they took in our erotic display. I soon went over the edge, pumping a nice load of cum into her pussy. She loves the feeling of my cum spurting inside of her. She had another intense orgasm as she felt my load deposited deep inside her hot cunt.

After pulling out my cock, the view of my wife on all fours and just fucked on the open beach in full view of a few onlookers was worth recording. I got out our digital camera and took a couple of shots of her swollen pussy, dripping with my hot cum. My cock comes to attention whenever I come across these shots while reviewing our photos.

Another memorable experience occurred on the Friday we were leaving, after we checked out of the condo. We decided to relax at Pirate’s Cove for a while before starting the 3-4 hour drive north to the Bay Area. Being a weekday, there were few people on the beach, so it was easy to engage in some erotic play without offending anyone. We enjoyed tickling each other and went as far as some subtle stroking and masturbation. My cock gets rather hard during this type of activity, and this day was no exception.

We played off edirne escort and on, stopping occasionally as various people walked by. We like to be watched, but some nudists are offended by erotic activity. We also try not to attract the attention of people we feel might result in unpleasant or uncomfortable interactions.

As we continued to play, a fairly attractive guy stopped nearby and spread out his towel. He was close enough to watch, but far enough away that we didn’t feel he had invaded our space. His demeanor and appearance left us comfortable with his presence. He wasted no time removing his clothes and laying out on his towel. We both noticed that his body was in reasonably good shape and his cock, while not enormous, was a respectable size. We both like watching a guy get aroused and display a throbbing cock for everyone’s enjoyment.

As we were comfortable with our new neighbor, we didn’t hesitate to continue with our erotic play. He was watching and obviously much more interested than offended. It was evident that our activities were having an affect on him, as his cock gradually became semi-hard.

We soon struck up a conversation with him. He moved his towel near ours and we talked for quite a while. His name was Jim, he lived about a half hour to the south, and often visited Pirate’s Cove on Fridays. Our discussion hit various topics, including some aspects of various nude beaches and the enjoyment of erotic activities outside in the open.

As we talked and the subject matter turned to the erotic, Jim started stroking his good-sized cock. It provided further excitement for us to watch him pumping his throbbing member on the open beach. My wife and I stroked each other openly while he watched and she reached at least one orgasm. erzurum escort We all hesitated a few times as people walked by, but everyone stayed very excited.

While we were enjoying our erotic fun, one other guy stopped to watch from a safe distance away. He looked like he might be associated with one of the nearby military facilities. He was naked and openly stroking his large cock. Although he was obviously interested in watching, he made no attempt to get closer or interact with us. Too bad, since we all would have enjoyed getting a closeup view of his impressive piece of meat.

At this point, there were still few people in the immediate vicinity of our little show. I turned my wife on her side facing Jim, got on my knees straddling her leg, and started fucking her out in the open on the beach. Jim encouraged me to lift her leg so he could get a clear view of my rock hard cock pumping in and out of her dripping pussy. He was watching intently while pumping his throbbing member, but hadn’t yet cum. Our nearby watcher obviously enjoyed the view, as he quickly blew his load soon after we started fucking.

Fucking outside in the sun while being watched by a couple of horny guys openly stroking their hard cocks overcame any self control I might have been able to exercise. I shot my load deep inside my wife and pulled out my now softening cock. Jim was still hard and stroking as we talked for a bit. He related that one of his fantasies was to stroke and shoot while watching a woman masturbate for him.

My wife was still horny and eager to indulge his fantasy. She sat up, spread her legs, and began to rub her clit with a passion. Jim was sitting facing her, furiously pumping his cock. She was enjoying the view and soon started moaning. Watching each other sent them both over the edge. She reached an intense orgasm as he starting spewing cum all over the sand between them.

This encounter provided a nice finishing touch to our wonderful week on the Central Coast. We headed back to the Bay Area, looking forward to future visits to Pirate’s Cove and the possibility of meeting up with Jim again sometime.

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