Harry, Kate , Jan Finale

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Harry awoke with a start but he was alone again. He looked at his watch and jumped from the bed. Breakfast was on a little tray by his side of the bed. What a darling! He ate and showered quickly. As he walked through the reception area downstairs Cindy looked up and blew him a little kiss.

Harry drove home. Kate was not there and he remembered her saying something about sleeping at her own house last night. He shaved and walked to work in good time for the start of the day.

During the day Alan Smith phoned Harry and said that there was a full practice match arranged for Saturday and asked if he were available. He accepted and called Kate to tell her.

“That’s OK Harry,” she answered. “I’ll come too and it will give me the chance to meet some of the players and other wives and girlfriends.”

“Including fucking Tony Morris!” growled Harry.

Kate giggled. “Harry Makepeace, I do believe you’re a little bit jealous. Now listen, you remember I told you about my friend Joan at work. Her husband plays cricket for your team so I am going to talk to her about coming along with her to learn the ropes. You’ll like Joan; she’s nearly forty but she’s still quite attractive. She has got really big tits but they don’t sag much at all! You’ll love them!”

Harry hung up and realised that Kate had inferred that he would be playing with Joan’s big tits sometime in the near future. His memory of Tom Goodyear’s huge fists didn’t really fit in with playing with his wife’s breasts somehow!

Friday evening Harry and Kate spent at home, no eating out and no clubbing. Harry kept thinking about Kate’s description of her friends big tits so he removed Kate’s upper covering and began to play with her breasts, milking her nipples as they grew hard. Kate moaned and thrust her flesh at Harry as he played with her.

“Ohhhh Harry darling, I do love that so. Are you going to fuck me? You can have my bum if you want. I won’t ever refuse you any part of my body you know.”

Harry smiled and finished undressing Kate. They were in the lounge. He pushed her naked body down on to the sofa, stood close and thrust the tent in his slacks at her face. Kate smiled wickedly up into his eyes and then firmly pulled his zip fastener down. One hand dived into the gap in his fly and pulled out his thick hard monster.

“This is what I want,” said Kate as she spat saliva on to his tip and spread it with her thumb. “Tell me about fucking Sammy and Cindy. I presume that you did do them both?”

Harry gave Kate a ‘blow by blow’ account of his fucking time with Sammy and Cindy. This excited Kate and she began to toss Harry firmly and his pre cum started to leak from his urethra.

“Ooooo, yummy!” said Kate and swallowed Harry’s knob end, increasing the speed of her wanking. Harry moaned as he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her on to his tool as he thrust his cock into her throat.

Kate attacked his cock harder, her breasts heaving and flexing as her arms worked harder on Harry’s prick. Harry closed his eyes and tried to think of other things but Josie’s big brown bombers with their huge nipples clouded his thinking. He must stop this and fuck Kate he thought.

Just in time he managed to remove Kate’s lips from his cock. He firmly turned her over and lifted her lovely rounded bottom cheeks. She supported herself on the sofa on her elbows and pushed her crotch up into the air.

“Which hole are you going to fuck Harry?” she asked.

“Well,” said Harry as he spread Kate’s copious juices around her pussy and arse. “I’m going to fuck your pussy in bed tonight. Last night I did fuck both Sammy and Cindy in all of their holes! Cindy says your dad is going to fuck her arse tonight!”

“Ohhhh yessss,” hissed Kate. “Fuck my arse Harry. Fill it with your hot spunk!”

As she said it Harry was already pushing his rigid tool at her entrance. He pulled her hole wide with his thumbs. He pushed his ramrod at the hole and watched as the whole length of his cock disappeared into the chasm.

Kate was hot, very hot. Her arsehole was also very hot. It always was and made Harry want to cool it with his hot spunk. He withdrew and thrust again; and then again, harder this time. Kate squealed.

“Fuckin’ Hell Harry, that’s really hard and your cock feels so hot. I love it though darling; you’re not hurting me a bit! Fuck me hard and fill me with your cum. Play with my clitty too; I want to come all over you. I might even squirt tonight!”

Harry eventually moaned and stopped thrusting at the top of Kate’s hot arse tunnel. His hot white cream jetted out of his cock and filled Kate to the brim. She howled and came but did not squirt, just anointing Harry’s hands with her copious juices. He carefully withdrew.

“Fucking Hell darling!” he gasped. “That was stupendous. I might not even be able to get it Gaziantep Yabancı Escort up again tonight! You’ve done me!”

“I’ve done you?” laughed his darling. “Whose bum hole is full of your cream? I really like that now Harry darling. You never need to ask me again if you can fuck me there. The answer is yes!”

They spent a loving evening together and finally went up to bed. Kate rubbed her soft body up against Harry, not touching his prick. She kissed him lovingly and began to lick all over his body. When she felt him begin to respond to her actions she gathered juice from her pussy and began to spread it all over his growing cock. She gathered more and soon his cock was very juicy, making obscene wet noises as she frigged his foreskin up and down. He was now very big and hard.

“Kate darling,” Harry whispered,

“Yes darling,” answered Kate.

“Please lie on your back and part your gorgeous thighs for me.”

“Ohhh yes please master! Are you going to fuck my pussy now?”

“That’s the general idea,” grinned Harry as he raised himself above her and sighted on the target.

Sighting was not needed as Kate grabbed him again and inserted him inside of her. She clasped his entire length with her hot cunt muscles. Harry began to move slowly inside her. He made long slow thrusts by withdrawing almost to her entrance and then slowly and carefully thrusting back inside her. Kate was lifting her hips along his length in frustration, wanting him to move more quickly.

“Ohhhhh Harry darling,” she whispered in his ear. “I’m going to come soon and it’s building up into a squirter. I want to squirt on you from above. Can we turn over?”

“Tell me when you’re about to come darling and I’ll turn us. I’m going to keep up this pace until I come. It may take a while; your cunny is so hot and juicy I just want to enjoy it for as long as possible.”

“Take your time darling. I love these feelings too. I just want to express my love for you with my juices, that’s all!”

Harry kissed her as they continued to make love gently, carefully and lovingly. Kate’s build-up continued and eventually she whispered urgently into Harry’s ear.

“I’m going to come darling; let’s turn over!”

Harry started the movement and Kate helped. Soon she was upright on his pole. The movement delayed her orgasm momentarily but within seconds it was there again.”

“Now Harry! Now!” she squealed. She hung on as long as she dared and then raised herself just high enough, her hands flat on Harry’s chest to support herself. The tip of Harry’s cock was at the entrance of her cunt as she fiercely expelled her love juice in long hot streams.

“Oooooo! Oooooo! Oooooo!” she shouted. “Yesssss! Yesssss! Yesssss fuckin’ yesssss!”

Harry had had his eyes open as Kate had raised herself to his tip. Consequently her first two fierce squirts had hit him full in the face. The rest had hit his chest and then his belly as the intensity diminished. He was soaked! His cock was still rigid!

Kate looked down at the hot sticky mess she had created. She sank down on to Harry’s rigid cock again.

“Oh Harry darling, I’m so sorry! That’s the most and the hardest I’ve ever squirted. I’ll clean you up!”

“You stay right there!” ordered Harry. “That was fantastic darling. You can do that as often as you like. I hope you’ve noticed that I haven’t come yet. Come and rub your gorgeous body on my juicy chest and belly. Lick your cum off my face and toss me off with your hot wet cunt! I want to shoot too!”

Kate immediately obeyed orders, sliding her cunt up and down Harry’s shaft. She licked her cum off his face and felt as if she was going to come again. They kissed and Harry swallowed some of Kate’s cream. It made his cock swell and his spunk flow. He grunted into her mouth as he spurted his hot white sticky jism into her belly.

Kate moaned as she felt her lover’s love juice splash deep inside her. She carefully slid off Harry’s tool, taking his softening rod in her hand as it emerged from her cunt. She swallowed the whole thing, sucking and swallowing the remains of his sperm into her stomach.

Kate licked her fingers and lay down beside Harry, putting her arm across his lower belly so that she could feel his prick. She kissed him softly.

“Now that’s what I call a fantastic fuck!” she whispered into his ear.

Harry was knackered. He was already ninety nine percent asleep!


Would you believe it? Of course you would! The first day that a proper cricket match had been arranged it rained all morning! Harry heard it on the windows and turned over to sleep. Kate did get up and padded downstairs. She made coffee and breakfast for herself but she didn’t disturb Harry.

About eleven thirty the phone rang. Kate heard Harry pick it up upstairs. Five minutes later he appeared downstairs, wearing only his underpants to contain his large genitals.

“Hi darling,” he said as he kissed her. “That was Alan; the match is off, of course, but he wanted to know if we would go to the ground and help smarten up the pavilion ready for next Saturday. There will be others there so I said OK. I hope that’s alright with you?”

Kate rubbed the palm of her hand over Harry’s equipment as she kissed him again.

“Of course it is darling. It will still give me a chance to meet some of the others and get the layout of the kitchen in my mind. Did Alan say who else would be there?”

“No he didn’t. Why, did you want to know if Tony Morris would be there?”

Kate punched his arm playfully! “No darling! I was just wondering that’s all!”

By three o’clock a fairly small party of players, wives and girlfriends had gathered at the clubhouse. Alan Smith and his girlfriend Anne, Harry and Kate were there plus one or two other juniors.

“There should a couple of others,” grumbled Alan. “They promised!”

Kate and Anne soon struck up a friendship and they soon learned all about the kitchen routine. Harry heard a new female voice outside, followed by Alan’s reply.

“It’s okay Joan, thank you for coming anyway. Come inside and I’ll introduce you all round.”

So Harry was introduced to Kate’s colleague at work. Yes, Joan was a well preserved near forty. She stood about five eight, with darkish blonde hair down to her shoulders. She was well shaped, with a definite waist and generous hip. She was wearing a dark blue skirt and a white top. Harry couldn’t take his eyes off her white top!

Joan’s top was very tight with a deep cleavage, accentuating her more than generous tits. Nipples could be seen although she must be wearing a bra. Breasts that size could not jut out like that without some support. Harry was caught staring but Joan did seem to thrust her chest towards him.

Kate giggled, turning to Alan.

Joan and I work together,” she explained. “I promised Harry that it would be worth his while to turn up this afternoon after I phoned Joan to make sure that she was coming! My Harry loves a good display of tit, don’t you darling?”

Kate went to stand beside Joan and put her arm around her waist, also thrusting her chest forward. After a moment or two of quiet Anne joined the other women. With her generous breasts to the fore they gazed at Harry as his prick began to tent his slacks.

Quick on the uptake, Alan Smith stuck his head through the kitchen door and thanked the three juniors still there and said that they could go.

He turned back to the tableau before him and grinned as his shorts swelled in front of him.

“Wow,” laughed Kate. “This looks interesting! Maybe I should be first to show how excited I am!”

Kate was wearing a pair of dungarees with a matching blue denim button down blouse underneath. Harry knew that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He had watched her dress, having a feel as she did so!

Kate slipped off the dungaree straps and began to unbutton her blouse. Anne gasped and reached for the hem of her woolly skinny-rib lemon sweater. As Kate’s first nipple appeared Anne groaned and pulled her top over her head. Kate pulled her blouse apart to reveal her ample charms as Anne unclipped her thin pale lemon coloured bra and threw it on the kitchen counter along with her sweater. Kate threw her blouse there too. The two girls faced each other.

“Wow,” said Kate again. “Fuckin’ wow! Yours are gorgeous Anne. Just look at your big hard nipples. Can I touch them? Show us yours Joan; I promised Harry!”

Alan Smith moaned as Kate began to play with Anne’s engorged nipples and her hand reached out and rubbed his crotch. Kate’s hands were full of tits so Harry rubbed his lump and smiled encouragingly at Joan. She had put her hands over her mountains but had made no move, yet, to show them off.

Kate made a firm movement. She let go of Anne’s breasts and groped for Alan’s zip as she knelt down before him. Anne gasped and moved toward Harry. He transferred his hands to her breasts as his cock was exposed! Anne gasped.

“Ohhhh my gosh, just look at the size of this cock. Alan has a beauty but this is wonderful!”

By this time Kate was playing with Alan’s big tool.

“You’re right Anne; Alan does have a beauty! I’m going to get my tits around this! Shaft my titty channel big Al.! Come on Joan get yours out and show the boys what you’ve got!”

As Kate fitted Alan’s cock between her breasts and Anne did the same with Harry’s hard fat cock Joan made a move.

She moved to stand behind the two girls as they began to be tit fucked. She reached down and took one hand of both men and placed them on her tits. As one they squeezed a tit each and rubbed a thumb over the nipple nub that they could feel. Joan gasped and clasped her hands over the boys’ as they played.

Both Harry and Alan were making plenty of pre cum. The girl’s tit valleys began to make sticky squelching sounds. Harry groaned and thrust the hand holding Joan’s left tit into her cleavage. He pulled and a breast appeared, large and pink with the nipple peeping over the lacy edge. Alan gasped and repeated Harry’s action, revealing the other breast and nipple.

Joan, with difficulty, pulled off her top and bra and her tits fell out. Well, they would have done but Harry and Alan caught them and began to play again. Joan began to pant and moan in time with the titty fucking.

“Get ready girls,” panted Harry. “I’m going to do it all over your tits in a minute!”

“Me too,” gasped Alan.

Harry pulled on one of Joan’s big elongated teats, forcing her down to rest her breasts on Kate and Anne’s shoulders, just above their bouncing melons. He felt the surge from his balls to his piss crack.

“Now girls, nowwwww!” he gasped.

“Yessss me too,” grunted Alan.

Almost simultaneously two jets of hot sticky white cum shot out both cocks, anointing six breasts instantly. The women held firm and as Kate and Anne continued tossing they were rewarded with several more streams.

Finally there were six spunk-covered breasts. It was running down the upper slopes, gathering in the aureole circles and covering nipples.

“Mnn,” said Kate, as she tasted Alan’s sperm. “Not bad, not bad at all!”

That set off the others. They all licked and tasted each other with gusto and soon six breasts were wet but clean of spunk. Then the girls started kissing one another with Joan getting especially excited, lifting her skirt and obviously playing with her pussy. Two cocks visibly began to rise again.

“It’s all right for you girls,” moaned Joan. “You’ve got your guys here but I probably won’t get any even if I go home randy!”

Kate looked at Anne and smiled.

“Please don’t think badly of me Anne darling,” she said, “but I don’t mind helping a damsel in distress.”

“Don’t worry Kate. I may help out too!”

Kate turned to Harry and pulled down his slacks and pants. She took off his shoes and pulled his clothes off. His cock was rising in anticipation again.

“Get your knickers off Joan,” ordered Kate. “This is a one off jolly for you. You’re going to find out why I’ve been changed into a craven sexual creature in about six weeks flat! Come on, strip off!”

Joan didn’t argue. In a few seconds she was naked, her big bouncers pointing straight at Harry. He boosted her up on to the kitchen counter and spread her legs. He took a nipple in each hand and pulled his crotch towards her cunt. Joan just looked down, mewling softly as Harry’s giant cock slid into her wide sticky fanny.

“Ohhhh my gawddd!” she gasped, “that’s beautiful. Ohhhh Kate you lucky girl you! Ohhhh yessss Harry, fuck me hard and fill me with your cream!”

Harry set to with a will, noticing that Alan was hard and stroking. Anne hadn’t said no so it looked as if Joan would get a double helping of spunk this afternoon.

Harry thoroughly enjoyed himself and pumped himself happily into Joan’s cunt, soon clearing another consignment out of his balls and into a willing receptacle. Joan shuddered into an orgasm and Harry wondered if she was on the pill.

He pulled his dripping cock out of Joan and Alan took his place. She was sobbing as he pounded his length into her, holding on to her tits for all he was worth.

Harry glanced behind him for the girls and found them fingering each other’s pussies as they sucked on nipples. Kate spotted him and removed her teeth from Anne’s nipple.

“Don’t worry darling! I’ve already invited these two back to my house for a little session in front of my mirror.”

Alan seemed to know what Kate was referring to. He began to fountain his seed deep into Joan. Once again Harry wondered if she was on the pill.

The five of them calmed down and dressed but not before Harry had had a final nibble at Joan’s long nipples on top of her lovely soft squishy tits.

On the way to Kate’s house she explained.

“I could see that you really fancied Anne darling and I did need to check on my post at home. So it came to me that I could really see you get it on with her in my big mirror. I’m going to have Alan too darling if that’s all right with you.”

At Kate’s house she went straight into the kitchen, calling over her shoulder.

“Help me get the beers Alan. Harry, you show Anne around upstairs. Tell her about me and you and my mirror.”

Alan followed Kate into the kitchen as Harry steered Anne up the stairs.

“Right Alan darling,” said Kate, peeling off her light cardigan. “Let me show you where everything is.” Through her thin sleeveless white top she was showing her braless breasts with her hard nipples protruding. Alan gasped and moved closer. Kate smiled at him as she pressed her thighs at his hard bulge.

“Harry is going to show Anne how he first fucked me in front of my big full length mirror. He will have a full length for her, just like you have for me right now. Will she go for it?”

“I saw her looking at Harry’s big tool in the clubhouse,” gasped Alan as Kate rubbed her pubic mound up and down his shaft. “I think that he may well persuade her. Christ Kate, you don’t need to persuade me, I’m sold!”

Kate smiled again and dropped to her knees. In one movement Alan’s zip was down and Kate’s hand was bringing out her prize. She swallowed him whole.

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