Helping Wendy

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Melissa and me have been married for just over fifteen years. We were together five years before that. We have a lovely house, in a semi rural area.

Mel works from home, and I work in a warehouse, four shifts on and four off.

With having no children, we have took on a bit of a nudist lifestyle around home. The sight of Mel naked in the garden still gets me turned on, and she never refuses an al fresco fuck.


The couple who lived next door, were very predictable with their habits and work. Which probably pushed us to be naked more and more. But with them next door they were off to work at seven thirty together every morning, and never came back until seven in the evening through the week. Only every other weekend did they stay at home for some gardening. They even took the same two weeks off in summer to visit the same place every year, and in winter alternate with visiting one of their two kids homes. I used to joke with Mel that any change for them would have sent them into shock.

Until the time come for them to retire, sell up and move to Spain.

The couple that bought the house off them were no where near as predictable. Meaning that our nudity in our garden was suddenly curtailed.

Our brand new neighbors were Wendy and James. (That’s James not Jimmy or Jim) and their two boys. Wendy and James were both thirty five and the kids were five and seven.

It turns out that James earned enough so Wendy cold stay at home and be a full time mother and housewife.

Mel told me later, that Wendy said that, James works away a lot, for long periods, so its just Wendy and the kids there most of the time. But the kids often got sent to either grandparents to give Wendy some relief.

In fact Mel and Wendy hit it off quite well, really quickly.

Before James and Wendy arrived. We had an excellent sex life. Plenty of outdoor fun, even more indoors.

Mel knew what got me going. Outside, just watching her gardening with only a pair of gloves on would be enough. But she would make sure I was nearby, and she would bend right over, showing me everything, from her bald pussy to her arsehole. It wasn’t as much showing but more of her saying that she wanted to be pleasured, either by my tongue or cock. My favorite was to lick her clit as she was bent over and I could usually judge the right moment when she was about to cum, and begin on her puckered ring.

Sometimes she would have hid some lube nearby so I could fuck her arse. She loved being taken like that outside. Then after watching some porn and seeing the porn stars with their arse holes gaping open then she had to try that. Even better if I had my phone with me so I could record it all. She would try and watch the playback as I continued fucking her bum. That always made her cum and sometimes squirt.

If I hadn’t cum by then, Mel would go and recover on the patio, while I cleaned myself.

Once back outside, I always tried to go down on her, if she let me she would start to play with her clit, and as her orgasm got closer I could watch her used hole open and close, that always fascinated me.

Then as she cum I could fuck her mouth or her pussy, Mel never cared by then, all she wanted was my cum.

Then there was the days where she would get comfy on the patio and use one or two of her toys, and bring herself off. Usually just before I had to go to work.

We both knew how to pleasure each other, and turn each other on. But Mel really struggled with a couple of things.

One was letting me see her having a pee, or on me if I was too close.

The other was playing with my arse. Unless that is. If she had enough to drink. After just a few drinks Mel always lost her inhibitions, so much so she would often gamble on that fact that she would.

It started with her asking me to wear her g string ages ago. Just before we were about to get ready to go out for the night. Throughout that night she repeatedly asked if I was enjoying wearing her underwear. I really did enjoy wearing it, except when I went to the gents. Too many willy watchers. I told her that by the end of the night, and she told me to make sure that the pink lace fabric could be seen, should anyone have a glance.

“That could be taken as an invitation to something more.”

“I would not mind if you got off with a man.”

“Sorry my love, not for me. I have never wanted to.”

“What if I had a dick?”

“A real one?”

“No silly a strap on one.”

“I don’t know to be honest.”

Anyway, at my next visit I managed to pee all alone. Mel seemed disappointed when I told her.

Back home I had to walk around the house only wearing that g string. It started something new to us. Mel was so turned on that first night.

At least once a week if we went out, Mel laid out a pair of panties for me to wear. Always with the same instruction. If someone was trying to see my cock then they should see my girly panties, and tell her so. When we got back home she was always more turned on.

Next she upped the ante. Along Bycasino with the panties were hold up stockings. Then a suspender belt with stockings. The only problem I had with wearing them was the tell tale ridges through my jeans or trousers.

I was happy enough to oblige. Mel loved me in her lingerie.

One night much later, still wearing a thong and hold ups, Mel told me she had a surprise for when we get home. I spent most of that night hounding her for clues, but I had to wait until we arrived back home.

I was told where it was and to fetch it, the box anyway, and we could open it together.

After revealing what the surprise was, I was not too sure. A strap on cock! It seemed smaller than mine not much though.

“What’s this for?”

“For you to take, and me to give it to you.”

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“You will soon love it. I have checked this out and done my research. Don’t worry.”

Then a moment of genius. “If you think your going to fuck me with that, then I want something from you.”

“Anything name it.”

“I want to watch you pee, not when your sat on the toilet either. I want your legs wide apart and see it leaving you.”

“Ok. I will try to do that for you. Even though with my research about using that on you. You should be thanking me, not blackmailing me.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“From what I gather, we are both, that’s men and women, built exactly the same there. So if I love you taking me there, then you should also enjoy it too.”

“So long as you use plenty of lubrication, and take your time with me.”

Mel wasted no time. She almost tore my panties off before ordering me onto all fours.

Usually we kissed and teased each other before delving into each others more private parts. Not tonight though.

As soon as I had made myself comfortable. Mel was going to work on my little bum hole. Running a finger along the crack of my asre, gently teasing my hole, then her tongue was wriggling all around it. She has licked me there a few times before. Always if we were in a sixty nine with me on the top. She never initiated it, until then.

There was a pause, Mel had to ask for some assistance to fasten the straps of her new cock. Then it was back in position, the click of the lid of the bottle of lube, feeling the cold and wetness of it around my ring, before Mel slid a finger slowly inside me.

I was expecting it to hurt , but it turned out that it was quite a strange and nice sensation being fingered, even when she added another finger.

“Are you ready to try it?”

“If you are, just take your time.”

She must have lubed up her cock, I felt the cold and wetness against me again.

Then when she found my hole, she began to ease it in to me.

I felt my hole open wider to accept her.

In no time I had taken the whole length. I was positive that it took longer for me to get myself up Mel the first time.

Melanie began to slowly fuck me, it felt like only a few inches at a time. As she got into a steady rhythm I began to really enjoy the sensation of a plastic cock fucking me. I began to sigh and moan to her thrusts.

I felt sad when she stopped fucking me there.

“Don’t want to overdo it on your first time. Anyway I want you to do me there.”

I only needed a little dollop of lube to fuck Mel in her arse now.

With the thoughts of what she had done to me and with the speed in which she cum, I was spurting into her in no time.

We continued with that for a month or so. Me wearing stockings and knickers while we were out, and back home taking her cock.

Over the time Mel and Wendy were becoming close friends.

Often Mel would tell me all the juicy bits of their chats. Life carried on.

Mel’s next surprise was a home laser, hair removal kit. I nearly collapsed when she told me how much the thing cost. But she convinced me that it was for the better. How silky smooth her pussy would be, was her selling point, along with her legs and armpits.

Within maybe a month, the machine was proving her right. Her pussy stayed nice and bald and so so soft, no stubble.

Then Mel suggested that I should lose my pubes, instead of keeping them trimmed. I went along with that.

Next was to have my legs smooth too, and my bum. “It would feel so much better when your wearing your stockings”.

Soon enough I had no body hair. Even though I wouldn’t admit it. I loved the ‘new’ me.

Then we started watching porn together. I did get a feeling that Mel liked seeing the women more than the men, so I started to play more and more lesbian movies.

I would often go down on her as the film played. By asking the odd question as I licked and sucked on her beautiful pussy, I gleaned more and more about what she wanted to see. young slim women with smooth tight pussies, with god close ups of them licking and fingering each other.

From then on all I had to do was to ask Mel, which one had the nicest pussy, and she would start squirting Bycasino giriş into my mouth.

She even began to lose her inhibitions about peeing for me. At first it was only with her sat on the bath, and I could only see from the side. Gradually she started to open her legs for me and I could watch from the first little dribble to the full stream of pee. Unless she had a few too many then I could hold her lips open to see her pee hole open up to release her fluid, and I could have a little play with her piss, and rub it into her pussy to taste later. But she wouldn’t piss on me, yet.

At my suggestion, we ordered a larger strap on. There was a forfeit though. I had to wear a miniskirt along with the underwear when we were home. I agreed to that without a question. If I knew what was coming next then I should have had doubts. Mel wanted me in high heels. She would teach me on how to walk in them. There was a few times that I thought that I was going to break an ankle or worse. But in the end it was well worth it.

We would be out having a drink, with me usually wearing the now almost mandatory girly underwear. I would ask if we were going to be watching some porn when we got home. Or would she be fucking me.

Whatever it may have been, by the time we would get home and I got her naked her pussy would be visibly dripping wet.

Then one night I was in position to receive her new and larger cock, she moved herself in front of me and asked me to suck on her cock.

I was that turned on anyway. I went down and gave her fake cock my best attempt at a blow job.

As I sucked, Mel said that we should look into making me even more girly, Before she began to fuck my not so little hole nice and hard.

By now, Wendy and James had been moved in almost a year. I could only recall seeing James twice.

Mel and Wendy were now really close, and the gossip was getting more and more personal. Mel assured me that our little secrets were never talked about, just that we watched porn together, used to fuck in the garden regularly and we were still very much in love and we still lusted after each other.

Wendy on the other hand, said that she was getting nothing. If Mel had not suggested buying herself a vibrator then she would be getting zero.

After a week Mel confirmed that the vibrator had done the trick for Wendy, apparently she couldn’t get enough of it.

The next thing that they had decided was for when the kids were packed off to their grandparents for the weekend.

The three of us would go out for a few drinks.

I managed to get out of it saying that the two ladies should just go, I would spoil their gossiping. In fact I would drop them off and pick them up when they were ready and have a little drink after.

When the night arrived, Wendy looked totally different. Her hair all done and some make up and she and on some grown up clothes on instead of the usual joggers or leggings.

Mel looked like she always did when going out. Perfect.

They began in the kitchen, sharing a bottle of wine.

I was glad to get rid of them. Peace and quiet and a house to myself for a couple of hours.

I must have fell asleep on the sofa. Before I knew it they were on the phone wanting to come back, and sounding a bit drunk.

Back home, as soon as we got in Wendy needed the toilet. That set Mel off wanting to go too. Our downstairs loo was mainly under the stairs, Wendy never bothered with closing the door, both of us heard her peeing very loudly. I whispered to Mel to try and save some of hers for later for me to see. Then Mel went, she too left the door open so Wendy and me could hear.

I tried to make small talk, but Wendy seemed more interested in when Mel was coming back to join us.

Mel asked Wendy to grab some glasses, once she turned around Mel gave me her knickers. “Feel how wet they are.” She whispered. “And its not just from me feeling horny, a little pee there maybe?”

I had to scurry off to the toilet and examine her knickers.

On my return the ladies were giggling away.

“What is so funny?”

“Its nothing really. But Wendy cannot believe what we used to do in the garden before they moved here.”

All I could do was smile.

“Are you two going to be doing it there tonight?”

“We might do once your away home and in bed, it has been a while.”

“Where abouts in the garden would you be doing it?”

“Why will you be spying on us two fucking?”

“I have never seen anyone doing that, and it would be nice to be reminded what its like.”

“You told me you were happy with your new plastic toy.”

“I am more than happy with it. But to see people doing it must be better. Last time he was here I got nothing, so it has to be at least six months now.”

Mel was standing in front of me by then, and she had one hand stroking at my cock making that hard.

Mel turned and faced me. “Why don’t we do it now for Wendy to watch?”

I pulled Mel to me and kissed her, she kissed back with Bycasino güncel giriş more urgency. I began to play with her arse cheeks, and that started her skirt to rise, letting Wendy have a good view of her bum.

Moving my hand around to the front I began rubbing at Mel’s pussy, god she was wet. I planned to get Mel on the table to lick her.

Mel had other ideas. She was on her knees and releasing my hard cock, then she was sucking me like there was no tomorrow.

I looked over at Wendy. She was rooted to the spot. Eyes wide open gazing at Melanie sucking me.

“Oh no you don’t, I’m not going to cum just yet. Get yourself comfy on the table.”

Mel knew what to do, from the many times that I had licked her on that table so many times.

Wendy was still rooted to the spot.

“Why not grab a seat and watch the action, over there.” Mel whimpered.

By then I couldn’t have cared who was watching. I had to fuck Mel, my cock was so hard it was hurting.

I slid all the way up Mel in one.

A few strokes more Mel was telling everyone that she was going to cum. I thought “Me too.”

As soon as Mel started I couldn’t hold back and began pumping my cum in her.

We had forgot that we had company.

It was a gasp from Wendy that reminded us. She had her legs apart and was rubbing away at her clit.

She must have known that we were both watching her playing with herself and yet Wendy carried on.

I slipped out of Mel’s wet and slimy cunt. I was going to get the kitchen roll for us to tidy ourselves up.

“Can I have a taste?”

I thought why not it saves me cleaning my cock off, so I turned to Wendy ready to offer her my softening cock.

“No I mean Mel, she has the most of it.”

Mel didn’t really have a chance to say yes or no when Wendy began licking away at the cum dribbling from out of Mel’s pussy.

Mel started to shake as that orgasm ripped through her. Wendy had not even went near Mel’s clit.

When she did start licking her there Mel couldn’t take it.

It wasn’t the fact that her newest friend was licking her pussy it was the way in which she had cum just before.

With that sight my cock had changed its mind and decided that it wanted to play again. I wanted to fuck Wendy, if that was ok with Mel and of course Wendy.

Luckily Mel wanted to watch me fucking Wendy, and she said that she was desperate to feel me inside of her.

Then probably at the worst time, I worried about the whole situation. Wendy was willing to cheat on her husband with me while her new best friend was watching us. Was it the drink? Would we all be able to look each other in the eye in the morning? Should the girls not get it on first, just in case there was to be no repeat?

“Why don’t we go upstairs to the bedroom? It will be more comfortable.”

Once in the bedroom, the girls took off each others clothes. Both of them giggling.

I still had not seen much of Wendy’s bits. Her hand was really in the way when she was wanking herself before. I would have to wait a little longer. When they were both naked they embraced each other and started kissing, their bodies pressed against each other. I just lay there and stroked my cock watching.

When Mel started to feel her way around Wendy’s slim body, she began to moan and gasp, the way she sounded before cumming when she toyed with herself.

I really wanted to start and direct them to do what I wanted to see. But I held back, reasoning that they would probably put on a better show by themselves.

When Mel cupped her hand on Wendy’s pussy I could tell she was about to cum. When Wendy done the same to her, it tipped Mel over the edge and she did cum. Mel had to take her hand off Wendy’s pussy so she could remove Wendy’s hand from her. That was enough for Wendy.

She turned to me, and for the first time I could see her in all her glory. Her tits were a bit droopy, having kids I supposed. Her quite big and chunky nipples pointed to the floor. Think of the top hat you get in monopoly. There was a few stretch marks around her midriff, nice hips and a landing strip of long pubes, shaved to the sides and her lips, which looked like they were longer than Mel’s. Mel had what I would have called an average pussy, what you normally see when watching porn.

“Lie back”. Was the only thing Wendy said.

As soon as I had settled in the middle of the bed Wendy was astride me. My cock in her hand guiding it into her.

I didn’t have to do a thing. Wendy slowly rode me. From the tip of my shaft all the way down, sometimes making sure all of it was in her.

Mel had positioned herself to watch where the action was.

I lay there enjoying the feeling of being fucked by someone else, an unfamiliar feeling of a very wet but more loose than Mel’s cunt. knowing that my wife was there watching it all.

I reached out and held Wendy’s breasts, they were quite a handful, hardly any firmness.

As Wendy rode me she kept her eyes closed, she looked like she was only concentrating on fucking me. I had to start and thrust into her when she had reached the tip of my dick, when her bald lips and my hairless mound met you could hear a squelch.

The more I thrust the more Wendy ground herself down on me, and I could feel it getting wetter and wetter.

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