High School Reunion Gets Wild

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I was chosen to organize our upcoming 10th year High School reunion. I guess I was chosen because I was class President and one of the most popular girls in school. My classmates must have figured I kept in touch with the many friends I had in school over the years and could get enough people together to pull this thing off. Of course I couldn’t say no as nobody else showed any interest at all in doing it. Good old Barbara, they could always count on me.

If I’d only known how much work this was going to be at the time I would have made some kind of excuse not to do it. I had to locate as many classmates as possible in a short time and put together a committee to figure out where to have it, hire the entertainment, hire a caterer and still have time for everyday life.

I was one of the most popular girls in school and knew about everyone, but that was ten years ago. Luckily my husband, Steve and I hadn’t had children yet so we did have a little extra time and energy to pull this off.

Steve and I were high school sweethearts and married each other right after college, about six years ago. Steve’s a great guy, really is the love of my life. He’s tall, dark and handsome, a great friend and a fantastic lover. We’ve always had a great sex life, trying to spice things up now and then with fantasy role playing and other things like most married couples, nothing wild.

We’ve both stayed in great shape by working out together a few times a week and doing a lot of outdoor activities. I’m not very big, only five foot three and a petite 105 pounds. My husband says I’m perfect even though I wished I ‘d had bigger tits, they’re only 34B’s but Steve says they’re perfect. He particularly loves my hard nipples and the fact that I never have to wear a bra, they’re so firm I really don’t need to. I do get a lot of stares as my nipples tend to poke through the material of my clothing, especially in cold weather.

He loves my red hair as well but not necessarily the attitude that goes along with my being a redhead all the time. Even I have to admit I can be a bit of a handful at times, especially sexually as I never give him a rest. I want sex more than he does and love outdoor sex. Something about the possibility of being caught by someone turns me on. I think it does him as well but he likes to put on a conservative front, being a lawyer.

I teach Algebra in High School so I have access to having the school for special occasions like the upcoming reunion. It’ll be kind of weird having the reunion in the old High School gymnasium but might be nostalgic as well.

I was able to locate and invite almost all of our graduating class of 70 students except the few who had moved across country or hadn’t kept in touch with anyone.

The band and caterer had been hired as the big day was quickly approaching, now only a week away. It was early July and hotter than it had been in years in Wisconsin. It rarely got this warm, nearly 100 degrees as we were hoping for a break in the heatwave before the reunion. The gymnasium wasn’t air conditioned and would certainly be a sweat box if it stayed this hot.

It was two days before the big day with no break in sight for the heatwave. I had to come up with plan B or nobody would show up. There was absolutely no way we could have the reunion in the school. Steve had a great idea but it would take a little rearranging to get everything and everyone there.

We decided to have the reunion at the lake, in the camping area. Everyone had to be called and notified of the change but we had to do it. Actually I kind of liked the idea and location better than the original plan but we had to move fast.

I notified everyone and people were actually excited about the new venue.

I told everyone to bring their swimsuits and plan for a big cookout and dance on the beach rather than a buffet in the gym. We planned a big bonfire as well to really add a nostalgic touch. Steve suggested having kegs of beer versus the spiked punch originally planned.

This was going to be a better party after all. Even though I was the type of person who hated change, I was excited with the changes. My only decisions left to make now were what bathing suits to wear and what kind of beer to buy. I left the beer decision up to Steve and his friends.

The big day came as I spent the day at the lake setting up. Steve and his buddies spent the day drinking half of the first keg of beer. I had lots of help as many of my class mates and friends turned out to help. It’s a damn good thing as Steve as his buddies were spending more time drinking and telling stories.

Everything was going to be perfect. It turned out to be the right thing to do as it was the hottest day of the year, well over 100 degrees.

It was now four in the afternoon and people were already showing up, well before the scheduled starting time of six o’clock. But that was actually good too as now we had more people to help, but it was so damn hot!

I was caught by surprise by our early guests as I was still wearing my bikini when canlı bahis they started arriving. I hadn’t dressed as sweat was running off me from running around arranging tables, chairs and bring in food.

“I need to go change into something appropriate,” I said to one of my old friends, Jeff.

“Why? I think we should all be dressed like you. It’s hotter than hell and you’re smoking hot anyway,” Jeff said surprising me with his comment.

“This will end up being a bikini party if I don’t though,” I answered.

“I hope so, especially if all the gals end up looking like you.”

“Oh stop, you’re just being nice,” I said sheepishly.

“If I’d seen you like this in High School, you probably wouldn’t be married to Steve,” now definitely flirting with me.

Jeff was the school jock and hunk, captain of the football team and the hottest guy in school. He still looked great, maybe even better. I couldn’t stop checking him out and thinking about what he’d said to me.

“I’m going to get changed too,” Jeff said making his way to the bath house.

“Is this a bikini Party?” asked one of my old friends, Janice.

“I guess it is now,” I answered. “I hadn’t planned it that way but what the hell, it’s hot.”

“I’m in,” she said as she went to change as well.

Janice came out of the bath house and all eyes were on her. Wow, she had a hell of a body. Her bikini barely contained her big tits as she strutted back to me. Everyone’s eyes were one her, she loved it.

“What do you think?” she asked as she did a twirl as if modeling it.

“Wow,” was all I could thing to say without showing too much jealousy. I couldn’t believe she was going to wear that thing, a g-string at the reunion.

One by one, people filtered in. Everyone suiting up now before we even ate. Some couples were already in the water, others were laying on the beach drinking and mingling. I was beginning to fear where this may lead. I didn’t want it to turn into a drunken beach party but it was already beyond my control.

The grills were all manned and turning out burgers and hot dogs as people we mingling, eating, drinking and enjoying the beach Everything seemed like it was going quite well, not the direction I had hoped but at least no trouble yet. Everyone was happy and seemed very appreciative of the preparations we’d made and how the party was turning out.

The band started playing at about eight as the sun started to set, it was by far the warmest night of the summer. Almost everyone was in bathing suits now,swimming, dancing and drinking.

Steve was having a great time with a few of his best high school buddies, reliving old memories, exaggerating their accomplishments and conquests as their blood alcohol level continued to rise. The kegs of beer were a great idea but people were taking advantage of the free booze and everyone was getting drunk pretty early in the evening.

I could overhear Janice’s husband, Richard bragging about how much he paid for his wife’s tits and how they were worth every cent.

“You should talk Barb into getting a set, you can afford it Steve,” I heard Richard say.

“You be the one to ask her Rich, I’d love it,” I couldn’t believe what Steve had just said. Talk about hurting my feelings.

“Steve, can we have a few words?” I interrupted.

“Ah, sure Hun.”

I led Steve a few feet away before I let him have it.

“What the hell are you thinking? How dare you talk about me needing a boob job!”

“I didn’t say that. Richard did, that’s not what I meant. Rich was just talking about how he bought Janice’s tit’s and said I should ask you if you would like a set.”

“You can be such an asshole sometimes! How dare you think my tits aren’t good enough!”

“I didn’t say that. Please you misunderstood what I said, or meant to say, really. I’m sorry.” Steve pleaded.

“I’m sure there are plenty of men here who would love my tits just the way they are. I caught you staring at Janice’s tits too, that’s fine.”

I let Steve off the hook temporarily by leaving him with his buddies to continue talking shit and having a good time with them.

“Would you like to dance gorgeous?” I was asked by an old classmate, Henry.

Henry was one of the star baseball players and always had a thing for me, he was cute too. Steve was busy so what the hell, someone thought I was cute. I’d make the bastard who thought my tits were too small jealous.

“I’d love to Henry,” I answered as I took his hand and was whisked to the dance area. It was actually a sandy area we had cleared on the beach and roped off for dancing. It was perfect as everyone would kick off their shoes, dancing barefoot in the sand.

Henry was a great dancer. It was an old favorite we used to dance to back at school dances, a nice fast dance song with a great beat. The dance area was packed with people, most with drinks in hand having a great time. This party was turning out to be perfect.

People were beginning to loosen up a bit to as the beer flowed freely. The conversations bahis siteleri were getting louder and more flirtatious, even the dancing was getting a lot more risque. The ladies were shaking tits and the men were bumping and grinding seductively to anyone who would show them a little attention.

It felt like high school all over again only with the sexual energy and tension that could only be felt by consenting adults, kids just went with the flow not caring about anything. Most of us on the dance floor were dancing with class mates other than our own spouses, just having a good time.

By ten o’clock about half the people had left. They were either tired or the party might have gotten a bit wild for them. There were about twenty couples left, none of whom were feeling any pain. My admirer Jeff had long ago passed out. He was sleeping in his car.

The band was still playing as people were now really bumping and grinding on the dance floor. I was getting a bit uncomfortable with the direction things were headed and thinking about calling an end to party around eleven o’clock. Some of the guys were grabbing tits and women were grabbing their asses and rubbing crotches.

Henry and his wife Marge were still here, Henry spending most of his time falling all over me now with Marge showing a bit too much attention to another man, Joseph. Joseph was a great looking guy, now shirtless with a great chest. I think Joe was very close to passing out though.

I hadn’t seen Steven in a while, at least fifteen minutes as I glanced to the water. There were about six couples in the water, splashing each other acting like kids. They were obviously quite drunk. Right in the middle of the crowd stood Steve, raising his drink in the air, appearing to initiate a toast to something. Janice was also in the midst of this group.

All glasses rose in the air as drinks splashed together, everyone looking like they were in agreement. I figured the were either playing some kind of foolish game or were up to no good. Knowing Janice they were up to no good, I didn’t trust her with Steve.

It didn’t take long to find out what the commotion was all about. The women all removed their bikini tops and one piece swimsuits, twirling them in the air. The men followed now all twirling their trunks.

I was hoping this was just a temporary loss of sanity and that they’d put them right back on, instead the men threw theirs toward the shore. Steve was the first one to do it! Of course the rest all followed not wanting to be outdone by their buddy.

Right in the middle of this mess was Janice, jumping up and down shaking her big naked fake tits for everyone. All three ladies were naked with four men, acting like complete idiots, jumping and shouting. I was ready to kill Steve, fucking instigator.

It didn’t take long for the others on the dance floor and beach to notice the excitement going on in the water. A few couples were obviously disgusted by this and left immediately. Others stopped dancing and waded into the water to join them.

What was happening to my reunion? I was losing total control. The band kept playing but they were watching the action in the water intently. What man wouldn’t watch a bunch of naked women jump up and down? I was now the lone person standing on the beach as the others had joined the naked party in the water, Steve being the instigator. Just wait until I got him home. First, the tit comment now this!

Bathing suits continued being shed until all couples appeared to be naked now, all hooping and hollering, having a great time splashing each other in the water. Most of the women were doing their best to bounce as often as possible, at least that’s how I saw it.

They kept inching down the beach into the darkness, this I didn’t like a bit. I still stood on the shore watching, not wanting to be part of this class skinny dip. They were almost our of sight, now only detectible by the moonlight as I decided I had better go after Steve and at least bring him back before someone drunk ended up dead. I was going to go down and kill Steve anyway.

I walked down the beach toward them, inching my way into the water. They had made their way quite a bit from the party area, at least a hundred yards. I counted the people as I approached just to keep a head count as there were eleven people in the water, five couples and Steve. I guess six couples counting me but I was the only one with my clothes on, and keeping it that way!

I didn’t like what I saw as I approached. I was drunk too but knew right from wrong. Men were taking turns fondling all the lady’s tits, Janice being right in the middle of it. It looked like they were choosing melons in the supermarket. Janice’s melons seemed to be the favorites as everyone’s hands were all over them, even Steve’s!

Steve didn’t see me as I tapped him on the shoulder as he jumped, a look of shock on his face as his hands fondled Janice’s tits. He had the look of a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“I’m sorry, Hun, we’re just playin’ around,” bahis şirketleri Steve said.

“Get your clothes back on, we’re leaving,” I said.

“Come one, join us, loosen up,” Henry said as he approached as he overheard me.

“We’re leaving,”

These guys must have been a lot drunker than I thought, even Steve as what happened next surprised me. The entire crowd of eleven people had now surrounded me as I felt hands from everyone all over me, except Steve’s. I knew he hadn’t put them up to this, I’d have killed him.

My top was off before I had the time to react with someone working at my bikini bottoms. I was being forced to join them skinny dipping I guess. But did they have to feel me up too?

“OK guys, back off,” Steve said.”This isn’t funny.”

“She likes it Steve, it’s OK,’ said Rich. “Leave her alone, she’ll be alright.”

Steve didn’t say anything else as I stood in shock, now naked too. It was almost totally dark but I could tell who was around me and who was touching me, it wasn’t Steve.

Henry was caressing my tits, but being discrete about it by just grazing against them for a few seconds. To be honest, it turned me on a little, especially when I felt him rub his erect cock against my hip. Like I said, I’ve always had a thing for Henry and he has me.

Everyone was back to being cozy now as things got very quiet in the water. I was beginning to wonder if this skinny dip was turning into an orgy or something. There was no way I’d let that happen. A little harmless flirting might be OK while we’re drunk, but there would be too many regrets in the morning.

Rich was now hovering around, joining Henry brushing against me. I could swear I just felt Henry’s penis touch me as well but it must have been his hand. Someone’s hand was now cupping my breast though from behind.

I looked over my shoulder as I expected to see Steve, it was Janice! She was squeezing my tit.

“You have great tits Hun,” she whispered in my ear.

I was shocked. Now Henry was in front of me touching my other breast, they were working me as a husband and wife team. I felt Henry’s breath hot close to my face as my breath quickened. I could also feel his erect penis resting on my stomach, he felt very large.

Behind Janice stood Steve, his hands now cupping her big tits as he seemed to enjoy viewing these two seduce me.

Other couples were busy as well. It looked like we were all tangled closely attached to each other as I now felt body parts of people who I wasn’t quite sure who they were. I must admit that I was beginning to lose the reservations I’d had and was enjoying the attention.

Henry kissed me, softly on the lips at first once. Then he kissed me passionately as his tongue explored my mouth for mine. I accepted his advance as my heart raced, Henry now caressed my breast as we embraced.

I felt his hand touch my thigh, it felt like an electrical current surging throughout my body, a forbidden pleasure. Henry continued his sensuous journey with his fingertips as they made their way up my thigh to my pussy, lightly touching the outside folds.

At that moment I pulled back from our kiss, understanding where this was leading as my eyes searched for Steve.

Steve was now locked in an embrace with Janice, a hand on her breast as I could see her arm moving under the water. It was pretty evident what she had her hand around so I figured all was well.

I resumed my kiss with Henry, our tongues exploring each others’ mouths. I could feel his hardness between us grow as he pushed against me. I had my arms around him, now moving one hand toward his waist, caressing his muscular body as he tensed beneath the water,

I slowing inched my hand toward his front, tentatively still not sure if I was willing to go this far. I paused just before his hand met mine under the water, guiding me to his cock. He placed my hand on his massive erection, it twitched reacting to my touch. His eyes met mine as I grasped his penis, his hand releasing mine as I slowly began stroking him.

Henry’s hand was now back between my legs, searching for my now quivering pussy. My entire body shook in anticipation of another man fondling me as his fingers found me, caressing and inserting them tenderly into me. I closed my eyes, this was so wrong but felt so right.

My husband was now surrounded in a group of people, I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on but it looked like they were moving toward the beach.

“Let’s get out the water too,” said Henry. “We’ll get some blankets.”

“What are we doing?” I asked

“Just follow me,”

I followed, a little embarrassed being totally naked but we all were. Most of the men were walking with erections pointing toward the stars. I t looked like everyone was standing in a group with someone running back to the picnic area.

“Where’s he going?” I asked when I had discovered it was Steve.

“He’s getting blankets probably,” answered Henry.

Steve ran back with an arm full of blankets as he and the other guys spread them out on the beach. It was funny watching him run back naked, his cock swinging up and down as he jogged back with the blankets. I actually laughed and think he got a little pissed. A man’s ego is a fragile thing I suppose.

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