David and Jess Ch. 02

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This story is entirely fictitious. All names and likenesses are fabricated, and all characters depicted are over the age of 18.

This story is multiple pages / chapters, and involves elements of romance and erotica.


Chapter Two:

Later that day I stood in my room, banging my head against the dresser. Not only had I ejaculated over myself in front of my friend while crossdressing, but somehow I ended up frenching him when I tried to clear things up. That scene played through my mind the entire day, making it difficult to focus in class. I lived close enough to school that I was able to walk back home, which I was particularly grateful for as it allowed me to clear my head.

A phone call from Nick interrupted my penitent self-retribution.

“Hey man, you never came back at lunch. What happened?”

“Nothing,” I replied, my voice breaking slightly.

“Right. Well I’m having some people over for drinks. You coming by?”

I rarely took part in drinking. I clung desperately to my self-control, and feared losing cognizance. At least when I smoked weed I didn’t have to worry about doing anything too stupid. “I dunno.”

“My girl is gonna be there. She said she’s gonna hook us up.”

That piqued my interest. Nick’s girlfriend was a notorious pothead, and was responsible for the majority of our supply. I still wasn’t certain as to the details behind their relationship. They were far from exclusive, but stuck together regardless. More than once I had been propositioned with Nick’s consent, though I turned her down. Their relationship was an enigma to me, but to each their own I suppose.

“Maybe. Who else is coming?”

“Viv is bringing some friends, I didn’t really ask. Daniel will be there a bit later as well, I think Brandon and Will are coming too.”

I wasn’t particularly well aquatinted with Vivienne’s friends, nor Brandon and Will. They were jock types, which I generally tried to avoid. At least those two didn’t give me too hard of a time. I can’t imagine Nick would put up with them if they did. I was sure the party would be much busier than he led me to believe. There wasn’t exactly a closed guest list.

Nick’s parties were fairly infamous throughout the school, widely regarded as a fruitfull breeding ground of degeneracy and teenage sex. There were always countless libations, and it became known as a popular hook-up spot.


“He said he would if you’re coming. I swear you two act like a couple sometimes.”

“Shut it,” I growled. David rarely attended Nick’s raunchy gatherings, and the fact that he mentioned my name added further implications. Maybe I was reading too far into things, but I decided to take my chances. “I’ll be there.”

“Oh shit, really?” He replied in astonishment. He invited us all more as a formality than anything else. “If you cling to David the whole time you’re gonna end up a wizard, and ruin his chances as well.”

I ended the call abruptly, tossing the phone on my bed. He wasn’t entirely wrong. Even before recent events we were insepersble, which inspired a number of rumors about our supposed relationship. For a long time he turned down any girl that came his way, which certainly didn’t help things. Shortly after those rumors began to crop up he started dating some girl in the grade below him. After that point he was seen with a new girl every few weeks.

A few hours passed and it came time to get ready. I was admittedly anxious, both because I was going to be in a crowd and because I was going to see David again so soon. I threw on a button-up plaid flannel shirt and my usual skinny jeans, and went to borrow my sister’s keys.

She relinquished them without question, only asking that I return them by the following morning. She was a year older than me and had recently graduated. Most of her spare time was spent working as a waitress, and she needed the car bright and early for work.

“Oh one more thing,” she added as I turned to leave.


“You look like a lesbian. Knock ’em dead.”

“Thanks,” I replied, rolling my eyes, though I did not mind her ribbing humour. For some reason I found the comment almost comforting.

I arrived at Nick’s house just as the sun started to creep below the horizon, painting the sky in a bright and diverse pallet. I admired the scenery as I found a parking spot along the side of the road. Stepping out of the car, I took several deep breaths in an effort to center myself and control my nerves. As I approached the door I could hear several familiar voice. Nick sprang to the door moments after I rang the bell, ushering me in and giving quick introduction to those I had not met before.

There were a few girls drinking wine coolers and chatting amiably. They gave a small bursa escort wave my way and I nodded in turn. Will sat at the center of the harem gesturing emphatically with a beer bottle in hand. There were a few other guys I did not recognize as well, but I didn’t ask for any further introductions. My eyes scanned the room, searching for David as he spoke. Nick saw right through me, rolling his eyes as he directed me towards the basement where the smokers had congregated.

I ducked my head as I made my way down the rickety stairs to the refurbished basement. David sat on one of the two couches at the far end. Vivienne was st his side, relentlessly talking his ear off. He brightened visibly as he saw me, and I managed a weak smile in turn as took a seat on the opposite side.

“Hey Jess, glad you could make it,” Viv said with a smile, passing me an expertly rolled joint. She always called me that, despite my objections. The nickname had stuck over time, and she was not the only one to use it by far. David had always avoided using it, which I appreciated to an extent. I knew he refrained for my own sake, but I honestly didn’t mind it too much. If anything, I had come to enjoy the more feminine connotations. A small smile crept to my lips.

“Likewise,” I mumbled as I took a draw. “How’s tricks?”

“Christ, you talk like my grandpa. Things are good, I take it you don’t want a drink?”

“I’ll grab a wine cooler later.”

“Your such a fucking girl.” She pouted. “I want to see drunk Jess.”

“I don’t,” I retorted, though I didn’t bother to dispute her former comment.

Vivienne shrugged and stood, stretching as she did so. I caught David sneaking a peak as her shirt rode up, evoking a strange jealous from deep within me. I knew I had no place to feel that way, it wasn’t like he belonged to me, but the feeling remained.

“Hey,” I greeted him stiffly, my voice barely audible over the boys on the couch adjacent to us. They shouted boisterously as they played some shooter I didn’t recognize. They took shots on each death, becoming exponentially louder and drunker as the match progressed.

“Hey,” he returned with a warm smile. “I’m glad you came.” He seemed to regret his word choice a moment later as he reconsidered the implication. I could not help but laugh.

Two of the girls from upstairs came down stairs to join the circle, making themselves comfortable on the couch. The small gap between the two of us was soon closed as he moved over to make room. Before I knew it he had slipped his arm across the back of the couch and around my shoulder. Whether it was to make room for the others, or because he was making an advance on me, I couldn’t say. It may have seemed like an innocent gesture between friends to an outside observer, but given the events of the last few days it may have carried other implications.

I felt rather small in the crook of his arm. David’s large body radiated heat and carried the scent of old spice, building to the feeling of sensory overload. “I-I think I will get that drink,” I stammered, scrambling off the couch.

I took a peak over my shoulder as I went upstairs. The other two girls seemed happy to get some alone time with him, though David seemed a bit dejected at my sudden dismissal. It was probably better this way. He deserved a normal life with a normal girl. Anything that happened between us would just further complicate that. I dug through the fridge and grabbed a bottle. I popped the cap off and went for a breath of fresh air, already overwhelmed by the party atmosphere.

Daniel was outside working his way through a pack of cigarettes. I collapsed in the lawn chair next to him. “Can I bum a smoke?”

He looked at me curiously. “You smoke?”

“Not generally,” I acknowledged. I could count the number of times I had indulged on a single hand.

He shrugged, not wanting to press further. Daniel was a casual guy. He had a subtle humor and was generally very accepting of everything that came his way. He was about my height, with almond colored skin and a scraggly beard. His bright green eyes held a strange intensity when compared to his laid-back demeanor.

We sat in silence, smoking and drinking while we enjoyed the cool evening breeze and watched the last remnants of sunlight disappear across the horizon. The door opened behind us and I heard a familiar voice. “Jess, what are you doing out here?”

I turned to face David. Did he just call me Jess? That was a first, though I wasn’t complaining. Hearing it from him sent a shiver up my spine. I wondered how long I had been outside, as I had not been keeping track of time. I suddenly felt guilty for abandoning him downstairs with the others. After all, hadn’t he said he would only come if I bursa escort bayan did?

“Hey, sorry. Daniel and I were just sharing a cigarette.”

“Since when do you smoke?”

“When I drink.”

“And since when do you drink?”

“It’s not like I’m drunk, it’s no big deal.” Admittedly I was getting a little buzzed, as the combination of inebriants were starting to get to me.

David sighed. “Will you come inside? I’m gonna go crazy if I have to listen to those girls alone for another minute. They wont leave me alone and nearly followed me out here.”

“Alright, fine. I’m getting another drink though,” I conceded, stumbling a little as I got up.

“Not drunk huh?” He grumbled bitterly, helping me steady myself. At that moment the effects of drugs and alcohol paled in comparison to the sensation of his arm around me.

“I swear,” I pleaded, pouting a little. As I expected, his frown quickly dissipated.

“Fine, one more.”

“Be a good girl and listen to David,” Daniel added with a wink. My face turned bright red. Perhaps it was just casual banter, but it always seemed as though he knew more than he let on. He was perceptive like that.

We headed in and I grabbed my second drink. We navigated to the living room where a crowd had gathered to watch ‘Pineapple Express’ on a massive flat screen. Nick’s place was sizeable, a testament to his parents wealth, allowing the living room to easily accommodate the gaggle of drunk teens. David found us a seat at the end of one of the couches, though as the others congregated upstairs I once again found myself in the same position as before.

Feeling less inhibited, I was content to sip my strawberry wine cooler from the crook of David’s arm. We got a few sideways looks, but most people shrugged it off. The girls from before looked particularly jealous, however. As the night wore on and the alcohol flowed freely, the party-goers became less constrained. The lights were dimmed to afford a modicum of privacy, as several people had paired off for make-out sessions across the room. Vivienne, as usual, was engaging in salacious acts with Nick and another guy on the loveseat near our couch.

This was expected behavior for the host and hostess, so no one paid them any mind, even when she started giving the two boys handjobs simultaneously. Some of the couples wandered off to find a private room, though others saw Nick’s actions and began to follow suit. I had just finished my second drink, and the immense sexual energy in the air was starting to get to me.

It seemed I was not the only one. David stole glances to the side, peeking at Viv as she began sucking Nick’s cock. A few suggestive comments were shouted out by the other onlookers, which only served to encourage her further. David’s arm had casually slipped to my shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. The other boy next to Vivienne began feeling her up, slipping a hand up between her legs.

I could not help but notice the impression of tented fabric between David’s legs. My hand moved on its own, gripping the growing bulge through his jeans. He jumped, looking down at me incredulously, but did not stop me. Instead he situated himself in such a way that my actions would be less noticeable. I ran my hand up and down the length of his cock, eliciting a pleasurable groan. His arm pulled me in closer as I began massaging him more frantically.

In short time David was fully erect and bursting against the confines of his pants. I had some idea of his endowment, but feeling it was entirely different. His hand had slipped behind me, working its way beneath my jeans to grip my ass. His expression seemed shocked but pleased as his hands brushed against the delicate satin panties I had selected for the party.

David stood awkwardly, his sizeable manhood clear against his pants. My own phallus, though fairly small, was also quite visible in the tight fitted jeans I wore that night. He took me by my arm and dragged me from the developing orgy in the living room. Leading me up the stairs, he knocked on doors until he found one that was empty and ushered me inside.

“Jess, what are you doing?” He asked, voiced strained. My name sounded so sweet on his lips. I leaned up for a kiss but he faltered.

“I want you,” I begged. The words I had struggled to say for so long slipped effortlessly from my drunken lips. “Please?”

David growled and pressed me up against the wall, his massive visage towering over me. My pulse raced wildly. “Are you sure this is what you want?” I nodded enthusiastically. “This isn’t just because you’re drunk?”

“I’ve wanted this for a while,” I admitted.

“Are you absolutely-“

His words cut off sharply as I turned the tables, pressing his escort bursa back up against the wall. I sank to my knees, coming face to face with the object of my carnal desires. A small dark spot had begun to form at the tip of his bulge where precum had leaked through. I ran my tongue across the fabric, causing David to shiver with anticipation. I eagerly undid the button and zipper and pulled his pants to the floor, tossing them aside.

David’s tight boxers left little to the imagination. I delicately ran my hand along the length of him, delighting in his reaction to my touch. Looking up at him, I slowly began to pull down his underwear. As I worked them down, David’s cock spilled out, a mere inch from my lips. It truly was a sight to behold. It was well over twice the size of my own, with rippling veins running along the length. I had seen my share in porn, but his was stunning. The hair above it was freshly trimmed, leading me to wonder if he had been planning on this all along.

I began working my hands over the shaft. It was warm to the touch, pulsing erotically as I teased it. Droplets of precum leaked down from the bulbous tip, across my hands. I leaned forward, lapping them up as I ran my tongue along the underside. Holding the base of his cock with one hand, I took the tip of him into my mouth and began sucking. While not having prior experience, I had done extensive research. I swirled my tongue around him as I continued to stroke with my other hand.

David’s hand came to rest on the back of my head, his fingers running through my hair as I eagerly sucked his cock. I moaned delightedly at the touch, and he began to grip my hair lightly. His actions encouraged me to push his cock further into my mouth, down to the precipice of my throat. I did not have much of a gag reflex, but his massive member caused me to choke slightly. I pushed further regardless, until the impression of his member could be seen bulging down my throat. Even so, I could not reach the base.

With a sputtering cough, I pulled back, saliva and precum cascading from my mouth as I panted for air. David looked down at me with a note of concern, though I quickly returned to my duty without complaint. As David became more passionate, he started thrusting assertively into my mouth. I accepted him without hesitation, allowing him to fuck my throat as he pleased. I delighted in the dominant change of pace. After a few moments he pulled back.

“Jess, if we keep this up I’m gonna-“

“That’s fine,” I interjected. He didn’t look convinced, and opened his mouth once more. “I want you to cum for me.”

He didn’t require much more convincing. I took his throbbing phallus back into my mouth, with one hand stroking at the base, and the other braced against his leg. I bobbed my head up and down on his member, looking up at him as I did so. I could tell he was getting close from his strained expression. I picked up the pace and took him deeper than ever before. I could feel him start to convulse and he began to withdraw from my mouth, but I gripped his leg insistently and pushed down further. David held the back of my head firmly as he gave one final thrust inside me, emptying load after load of cum down my throat.

I finally leaned back, his cock falling from my lips. I gasped for breath as cum dribbled down my chin and onto my shirt. He looked down at me, still shocked at the events that had unfolded. I managed a nervous smile before leaning back forward to clean up the last remnants of cum. “Jesus Christ Jess,” he chuckled incredulously. “You’re something else.”

Before I could respond, we once again found ourselves in a compromising position as the door swung inwards. One of Viv’s friends stumbled into the room with a strange guy I didn’t recognize. I quickly turned away, hoping that would not make the connection. The girl squeaked in surprise as she noticed David, pressed against the wall with his cock out, and me on my knees in front of him.

“Oh shit man, sorry,” the guy slurred drunkenly. “I didn’t realize it was occupied.”

Viv’s friend giggled nervously and the two shuffled out of the room. David hurriedly tucked himself away and pulled his pants on. He sat on the bed with a sigh, his face flush red. I took a seat next to him, positioning myself in such a way to hide my erection. I wasn’t in a hurry to have him see that part of me again. It felt like it would shatter the fragile momentary illusion of being his girl.

“Do you need me to…?” He gestured down at my lap. Apparently my efforts did not work as well as I’d hoped. The tight fitted jeans I picked for the party were doing me no favors. I shook my head adamantly, and he didn’t push any further. Instead, he changed the subject. “Those panties, were they for me?” He asked stiffly. I nodded, turning away to hide my embarrassment.

David leaned back, laying on the bed with a deep sigh. I took my place at his side and he pulled me closer against him until my head rest on his chest. I could hear the quick rhythm of his heart beat. I don’t know how long the two of us lay there quietly holding one another. Our embrace felt both timeless and surreal.

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