Hollywood Jim: The Early Years Pt. 10

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Big Tits

Before he was “Hollywood Jim” in Los Angeles, he was a geeky kid with a funny nickname in the Connecticut suburbs. And before he had numerous starlets as friends, he had various girlfriends. Here then are the “Adventures of Hollywood Jim-The Early Years”

I was still trying to comprehend what happened with Maria that afternoon. I’d gone up to her house to make a few bucks mowing the vast expanse of lawn at their home and wound up getting an adventure worthy of the Penthouse Forum.

I’d left her house wondering if a round two was in the works. If it wasn’t, I knew that Bonnie Matthews was still in town and even without the sex it was fun having her around as a friend. The same went for Joey Reed and his party house down the road. And I could always pull out that Playboy issue Maria was in long ago, and pull something else out, but that was another story altogether.

Joey’s house provided a good time, as always, in the meantime.

But now it was 2 weeks later and I was invited back to the Baldwin’s house for a party celebrating the family patriarch’s 75th birthday. I hadn’t seen Mr. Baldwin since I’d worked on the “big clear-out” as it was called. He’d known my parents for years so “the old folks” had much to talk about. My Dad told me beforehand they didn’t plan to stay too long so I could stay as long as I wanted. I was content to wander the newly manicured grounds, feeling so cool. It was a perfect summer’s night as I got closer to the lake. They’d since installed lights along the edge of their large boat dock giving it a pier-like look. The lights looked beautiful as they were reflected on the gently rippling water of the lake.

I thought I spotted Jeff Baldwin, my “partner in crime” from when we cleared out their barn. He was sipping a beer with a woman I didn’t recognize at first.

“Hey, Jim! Good to see you again.” He said

As I got closer, I saw the woman was Maria.

“Hey, luv, how are you?” she said with a soft kiss on my cheek

“I’m good, I didn’t expect to see you here.” I said

“Oh, Jeff’s family and mine go way back, you know that.”

She was right. I remembered her telling how competitive her husband’s family was with the Baldwin’s.

“Oh, yes. The competitive Baldwin’s versus the equally competitive Jackson’s.”

Jeff laughed at that.

“It always surprises me when I hear some detail about my Dad or Uncles for that matter.” He said

“Jeff was telling me about the clubhouse in the barn and what went on there long ago.” She said with a smile, like she knew everything.

“Man, I wish I’d been a little older when all that was going on.” I said wistfully

“Well, doesn’t mean you’re not old enough now.” She said to me

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, I might just have something.” She said as she fished through her purse “Ah, here it is.”

She produced a pack of Marlboro cigarettes and a lighter.

“Uh, I don’t smoke.” I said.

“I don’t think those are really Marlboros, Jim.” Jeff said apprehensively as he looked at what she produced from the pack. These definitely weren’t the kind of cigarettes our parents smoked.

“Where should we go to smoke these?” Maria asked as she looked around

“Uh, I know a place.” Jeff said “I’ve got a tent setup over there.

“Let’s go, mates.” She said in that cute Aussie accent of hers.

Jeff led us across the yard to the edge of some woods where a tent was setup. It looked like something from Army surplus. Now that I thought of it, it was probably the same vintage as that inflatable boat we’d previously resurrected. It was just large enough for three people. Once inside, Jeff found some camping lanterns that provided a glowing light. He already had a couple of sleeping bags in there.

“What’s the tent for?” I asked

“My Mom thought it would be fun for my cousins. It’s another relic from the barn.”

“This’ll do nicely.” Maria said as we all sat on the sleeping bags and she lit up one of these “special cigarettes” and took a long drag off it.

“Aren’t you afraid someone will come looking for us?” I asked nervously

“We’re far enough away from everyone, it won’t be any problem.” Jeff said as he took a hit.

The joint was passed to me and I did my best to look like I knew what I was doing. Up to now I’d been a goody-goody with things like this. I’d been around people doing this stuff but perhaps I was elsewhere when it came time for me to partake. The few times I’d ever tried it, I felt nothing.

“Try it, luv.” Maria said to me “I wouldn’t have offered it if I thought it would hurt you, trust me.”

I took a deep drag, and it did feel nice, I’ll say that.

“Like that?” Maria asked with a nice smile

I nodded

“Aw, good.” She said as she leaned forward and gave me a nice kiss on the cheek and then did the same to Jeff. Jeff took a deep hit off the joint and slowly exhaled.

“Very nice, huh?” she said to him

Jeff nodded

It wasn’t long before we all started to feel the effects. Maria had been wearing a light cotton blouse with a matching skirt Gaziantep Fetiş Escort and she loosened a few buttons giving us a view of her generous tits. I felt I was still pretty coherent but it seemed like I was moving a lot slower than before. Jeff seemed the same too.

“So how do you feel, boys?” Maria asked us

“I’m…feeling pretty good.” I said as I got closer to her than before.

“Oh, you are, huh?” she said with a flirty smile

“Yeah…I do.” I said in a semi-slurring voice

“That’s nice…how ’bout you, Jeff?”

“I’m good, I’m good.”

“Very nice…” she said as she took another drag “I’d like to get more comfortable.”

“Yeah, it’s kinda hot in here.” I said

Jeff merely nodded as he took another hit

“I’d like you to get more comfortable too.” She said to me “You, too Jeff.”

Maria sat up in front of us and drew us in closer to give generous hugs and kisses.

“Mmm…you both feel so nice…” she purred “Boys…I’d like you to touch my boobs…I know you want to…Jim certainly has…”

Jeff eagerly started to caress her generous tits, I did the same. Maria was already breathing hard and smiling at the touches we were giving her.

“Mmmm…just like that, oh yessss…oh this feels so good…”

Maria broke away from our eager hands.

“Would you like to see them now?” she asked with a naughty smile

She didn’t wait for an answer she just unbuttoned her shirt and slowly opened it, exposing her beautiful tits to us. They were gorgeous, just as I remembered them from the other day. Jeff’s eyes, and mine, took in the beautiful sight.

“Like what you see?” Maria asked with a naughty smile

I don’t know if it was me or Jeff that made the first move, but we were both licking and caressing her tits. They felt so good! Maria was breathing heavily at our oral expertise

“Mmmmm…so nice…” she sighed “it’s my turn now…I want to see what you have to offer me…”

“What do you mean?” Jeff asked

“I think you know what I mean.” Maria replied with a smile as she reached out and touched the crotches of our pants. I got an instant hard-on, Jeff probably did too.

“I showed you mine…now I wanna see yours.” She said in a very flirty voice

Jeff and I looked at each other, was she serious?

“Drop your pants, boys…” She said “…and I’ll drop mine.”

Jeff and I looked at each other again, she WAS serious.

I took a deep breath, I’d been with her before but with having another guy in on things was, well, different. I unzipped my pants and tried not to look as I heard Jeff undo his. I was looking at Maria who had look of excitement on her face. She put her hand to her mouth and giggled.

“You both look good.” She said “Very nice…OK, my turn now.”

Maria now stood and shed her top fully, then unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the ground, she wore simple pink panties that she slowly slid down, revealing a beautiful pussy, not too hairy from what we could see in the dim light.

We all stood naked, looking at one another, it was Maria who finally broke the silence.

“Like what you see?” she asked

We both nodded, I think Jeff croaked out a “very pretty.”

“Do I look like your Playboy girls?” she asked, striking a pose

“Yes, only better.” I said

Maria laughed

“That’s because you’ve seen my photos, huh?” she laughed

“Photos? What photos?” Jeff asked in a somewhat slurred tone

Maria giggled

“Oh, just some photos of me from long ago.” She said while looking at me.

Maria beckoned us in and we hesitantly engaged in a group hug. Her body felt soft and warm against mine. Maria gave us both long and slow kisses. My hand drifted down and touched her soft ass.

“Mmmmm…it’s been a long time since I did this.” She said in a playful tone

“What do you mean?” Jeff asked nervously, he was practically shaking.

“Been with 2 guys.” She replied calmly “Don’t worry, babe. It’ll be fun.”

Maria gave Jeff another long and slow kiss, then ran her finger slowly down his chest ’til she had his dick in her hand.”

“Very nice, Jeff.” She said with a smile “Let me make you feel good.”

Maria slowly went down on her knees and softly kissed the head of his dick, then licked around the head before it disappeared into her mouth. I’d never watched a guy getting a blow job and wasn’t sure what to do. I certainly wasn’t going to “join in”, as it were.

In other words, what do I do now?

Maria was on her knees as she eagerly sucked and licked Jeff’s dick. Jeff’s eyes were closed and his mouth was slowly forming a smile the more she did this. She then turned to me and I felt the wet warmth of her mouth as my dick went inside it. She went back and forth between us, always keeping a hand on one of our dicks. Jeff put his hands on Maria’s head and began caressing it as she bobbed up and down on his dick. His face grimaced and then his body jerked forward and he let out a deep groan. Maria stopped sucking him and when her mouth came off his dick I could see a generous amount of cum around it.

“I-I’m so sorry…so sorry…” he said breathlessly

Maria wiped her mouth, then giggled a little

“That’s OK, luv” she said “It just means you were really excited, I was too. Just relax, hon. I’m sure watching me with Jim will get you going again.” She said as she looked at me with a naughty smile on her face before sucking on my dick some more. She gave my dick one last long lick before giving my balls some attention too. “Come on, luv. It’s your turn to make me feel good.” She said as she stood up

Maria softly pushed me down onto my knees and stood in front of me, her legs parted so I could see her pussy close up

“Your turn, Jim…lick my pussy.” She said with a smile

Her pussy looked so nice, even in the dim light of the tent. I gingerly leaned in and gave it a kiss, it was super wet already. My next kiss was deeper and then my tongue licked all around it. Maria let out an erotic sigh as my tongue entered her.

“Ohhhh yessss luv…so nice…oh fuck… Mmmmm….that’s it…suck me Jim…so good…” she moaned

She tasted good!

Her breaths and moans became even more pronounced. I looked up and saw hands caressing her tits. Jeff was behind her, kissing her neck and fondling her tits.

“Oh god that’s it…oh god, yessss…” she moaned

My tongue pushed further into her pussy and her body shuddered.

“Oh god….oh my godddd…yessssss…” she moaned

Maria continued to shudder as she moaned, then she slowly fell forward against me and we were now face to face. Her face showed the ecstasy she was feeling and she was slowly catching her breath.

“Oh so good…” she laughed “You boys know what you’re doing.”

“Taste yourself.” I said as I kissed her

She eagerly French kissed me

“Mmmm…I taste good, don’t I?” she said breathlessly

Jeff was still behind her and his hands went to her hips and pulled her upwards.

“Oh yeah, luv…I’m so ready.” She said

Maria’s eyes closed slightly and a slow moan came from her mouth as Jeff’s dick entered her pussy. Her smile showed how good it felt. In between her moans she seemed to be saying something quickly but I couldn’t make out what it was.

Why wonder? I was watching her get fucked!

“Oh yeah, fuck me luv…fuck me…uhhhh yeahhh” she moaned

Jeff gave her ass a smack and it made her laugh

“Oh, fuck yeah!” she laughed before grunting as Jeff pounded into her and her moans grew more pronounced.

Jeff fucked her harder

“Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me…fuck my married pussy…fuck my married pussy…oh yeah…oh yeah…oh yeah…OH YEAH…FUCK I’M COMING!!!”

Jeff was also breathing heavy, then loudly groaned.

“OH GOD I FEEL IT!!! CUM IN MY PUSSY!!!” she cried

Breathing heavily, she slowly fell forward onto me. She was gasping and smiling at the same time.

“Oh, my…y-you boys are gonna wear me out.” she said as she sat up and Jeff felt her tits from behind again. She turned and kissed him eagerly, then looked down at me.

“Your friend is good, Jim…but it’s your turn now.” she said with a naughty look on her face.

I eagerly sat up and took her around the waist and laid her down on the floor of the tent.

“Oh! You get right down to business, luv!” she giggled as she lay back.

“It’s what you like.” I replied as I moved on top of her

“Lemme see that cock, babe.” she whispered

I sat up again and her eyes widened as she saw it twitching to full hardness.

“Oh, it looks beautiful.” she said in a soft and sexy voice

“You ready?”

“Oh, I’m so ready luv…fuck with that beautiful cock.”

My dick easily slid into her dark haired pussy and she gasped happily as I filled her up. I couldn’t wait! I started fucking her hard and felt her legs wrap around me. It felt so sexy being atop this dark skinned beauty again. I was even more turned on this time than last as I fucked her pussy.

“Yes! FUCK ME JIM…OH GOD FUCK ME!” she cried “FUCK MY MARIIED PUSSY…FUCK MY MARRIED PUSSY!!” she said repeatedly in gasping tones, like she loved the idea of a married woman like her getting fucked, I sure did. We were practically bonded together as we fucked, I sat up a little and Maria grabbed her tits and held them as I pounded into her, she let her tits go and they freely bounced up and down.


I slowed down and pulled out of her, she sat up quickly and turned around.

“Fuck me doggie now…” she gasped

Her ass looked so nice as I got behind her and slid my dick into her again. She let out a long slow groan as it went inside her, then looked back at me with a satisfied smile as I fucked her again.

“Sooo good…oh yessss…so good.”

I kept a steady rhythm going as I fucked her, I held her hips and they felt soft but a little sweaty given the heat were generating inside the tent. Just like Jeff, I gave her ass a smack and she yelped in response.

“Oh! Naughty boy, you!” she giggled in between moans

“You naughty girl.” I said

“Am I now? How naughty am I?”

“This naughty.” I said as I smacked her ass again

“Oh! I love being…naughty for you boys.” she grunted

“You do, huh?” I said “You love being sexy?”

“I love it!” she moaned “Oooo…look at your friend.”

I looked over and saw Jeff was slowly jerking off as he watched us

“You like what you’re seeing, luv?” she said to him

He could only muster a nod and a smile

“Come over here…lemme help you.”

Jeff hesitantly walked over on his knees and Maria eagerly held his dick before it disappeared into her mouth again. Jeff’s head went back and he let out a long groan as she sucked him again.

This girl was unreal!

Her sucking stopped every few seconds with a cry from her of how good she felt. I continued to fuck her, occasionally smacking her ass to remind her who else was with her, not that it was too hard for her to tell!

Jeff started to groan more now

“Gonna cum…oh yeah gonna cum…” he groaned

Maria continued to suck him until he exploded in her mouth again, then came off his dick, her mouth dripping with his cum

“Oh god…yes!” she gasped

It was my turn now

“Maria…gonna cummmmmm…” I said as I exploded into her pussy

“OH MY GODDD! So good!! I feel it…oh you’re filling me up!!” she moaned

I pushed every last bit into her before gently pulling her up and kissing her neck like Jeff had. We slowly laid down on the sleeping bags, Jeff was lying on his back, he was just as spent as we were. Maria and I lay in the “spoon position”, my dick was still inside her, my hands softly holding her tits.

“Are you OK?” I softly asked her

“Oh, luv…I never felt better…your dick feel so nice even now…lemme rest awhile.” she said in a soft voice that trailed off as we all fell sleep.

I don’t think we slept long but I heard Maria sit up and then slowly stand up. She was a little wobbly, as expected. I did the same and we crawled out of the tent, still naked. The early morning stillness felt good.

“Ah, this feels nice.” She said in her cute accent

“Yes, it does.” I replied as I looked around, trying not to be paranoid we’d be spotted.

Maria didn’t seem to mind as I saw her bend her legs slightly and begin peeing into the bushes. It looked so erotic, I joined her.

“Sorry, luv…I couldn’t wait.” She said with a sleepy smile on her face. She looked like she was ready to go back to sleep but loved being with me “I hope you’re not offended.”

“Uh…no, not at all.”

“Let me give you a hand…” she said with a naughty smile as she held my dick, “Looks like you’ve got a little morning wood there.” She said with a naughty smile as she felt my dick starting to harden from being around her “Let me check that.”

She softly held my dick and it instantly became rock-hard.

“Oh, yes…very nice.” She said “Let’s start your day right…come here.”

Maria and I faced each other and we had a slow, languid, naked morning kiss.

“This was so nice, you know…wish I could do it every night.” She said

“I loved it too…” I said nervously

Maria began to jerk my dick

“I wouldn’t mind doing this every morning too…but a good fuck is better.” She added. She was smiling as she jerked my dick to hardness “I can tell you like this.”

I could barely speak I was enjoying the feel of her hand too much.

Maria looked down at my dick than bashfully smiled at me.

“I know what you love, you love my boobs don’t you, Jim?”

“Y-y-yes…” I croaked out

“Tell me, then.”

“I-I-I love your boobs…”

“What else do you love?”

I was afraid to respond, thinking I’d cum too quick and end this experience.

“You can tell me, luv.”

“I l-l-love your boobs…”

“Thank you, luv…you looked at my pictures didn’t you?”

I nodded

“And you liked them too, right?”

I nodded again, her soft hands felt incredible

“I wanna make you cum like you did for my photos…like you did in my pussy…” she said before leaning in close “…when you fucked me…”

She looked at me with a naughty smile, she clearly knew she was turning me on with every stroke.

“You wanna cum, luv? Cum all over my boobs?”

I nodded again

“You tell me when…’cause I wanna love it too…tell me when…you’re gonna cum aren’t you, luv…I know you want to…cum on my big boobs…cum on, luv…cum on my boobs…”

I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes as I tried to hold back, but her soft sexy voice, with an Aussie accent, was no match. She knew it too, she knelt down and held my dick to her tits.

I exploded.

“Oh, YEAH!” she laughed “All right, luv! Yeah that’s it babe!”

I had exploded onto her tits all right. She milked every drop out of me with her hand and then smeared my dick around the nipples.

“Just lovely!” she said with a big smile as she stood up and held me, between the sticky cum and whatever sweat we’d accumulated, we were practically bonded together.

Again, we kissed deeply.

“That was beautiful, luv.”

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