Hot Pursuit of Mom

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My Mom Tina, is 41 and attractive but difficult to get along with sometimes. She is medium height with long blonde hair and a beautiful face. Her Breasts are big, size ‘D’ and she loves to show off her cleavage. Her ass is nice to, a little big but in a hot way. The kind of ass you’d like to swat and watch jiggle for a second. She dresses to tease and not to please, she hasn’t dated anyone in a few years now.

My parents divorced when I was only 4, my Dad got frustrated with her selfishness and left her. My Dad is a great guy and we are close, I see him almost every week. He married again to a very sweet lady. My Mom dated a lot after they divorced but never had a long term relationship with any guy. She is just too vocal at times and can tear anyone down in a flash. I learned to deal with her and learned how to deal with difficult females from her.

I’m 20 years old now, going to junior college and working part time. I live with my Mom in a small house and plan to go off to a University next year. I’m a little taller than the average guy and my good looks have gotten me some hot chicks over the years. Lately I’ve been so busy with college and work my love life is on the dull side.

My Mom has worked in the same law firm as a receptionist for several years. Her boobs are always a welcome sight to new clients and attorneys. She may catch a few eyes but her attitude dissolves any interest after dealing with her. We are not very close, I love my Mom but I have to tolerate her shitty attitude quite a lot. She needs to get laid in a big way, it’s been a long time as far as I know.

A few weeks ago I was looking for some AAA size batteries for the TV remote control. I looked everywhere and was about to go buy some when I decided to look in Mom’s room. I looked around her bathroom and in her desk, with no luck. I was about to give up and decided to check her night stands. In the bottom drawer of one of her night stands, under a bunch of junk I found her stash. She had a few small vibrating sex toys.

I checked them out and thought they couldn’t be very satisfying. Now wonder she’s so difficult at times, she’s sexually frustrated. I found some batteries for the TV remote and went about my day.

I couldn’t get my mind off my Mom’s little sex toys and I let my mind wonder. Maybe if she had some good sex she would be happier. She needed to get laid bad and not by a stupid little vibrator. I was intrigued and got several wild ideas. First I wanted to know how much she used them, so I monitored the collection for movement for a few days. She was using them frequently, as they were moved around every time I checked. I was getting more aroused by her actions and wanted to hear her bring herself to orgasm. I was picturing her big boobs bouncing all over as she made herself cum.

I came up with a great idea, I bought a baby monitor and hid it under her night stand. It was in a great spot, there was no way she would ever find it. I just had to turn it on before she got home and listen to her when she went to bed at night.

The first night I went to bed early, explaining to my Mom I was tired and had a tough day. I waited in my room with the lights off and hours later my Mom finally went to her room. I nervously flipped on the monitor and waited and listened patiently. I could hear her moving about her room, the monitor was working very well. Finally I heard her get in bed and then I heard the night stand drawer open and close. I soon heard the buzz of a vibrator and she was definitely using one tonight. I heard her breathing a little louder and the bed was making a little noise. I was very turned on and began to rub myself at the same time. It was erotic and exciting to be doing this from the noises my Mom was making. Then after a few minutes she began to breath even harder and the bed was making more noise. She began to say ‘oh Tommy, oh Tommy, oh son don’t stop. Oh, oh, oh, oh Tommy’ and she came after that. I shot my load all over myself at the same time.

I heard my Mom settle down and her breathing went back to normal. I heard her open the night stand and put her toy away. Then she went to the bathroom to freshen up.

My god Mom was masturbating while thinking of me. My name is Tom and Mom calls me Tommy. Now I knew I had to do something about this. My Mom was having orgasms picturing bursa escort me as her lover. Now I began to understand why she was so difficult all the time. She wanted something she shouldn’t or couldn’t have.

I listened in the next few nights and she did the same thing, she came as she said my name. This wasn’t a one time fantasy, she wanted sex with me but couldn’t do it for real. I began to lust for my Mom like never before. I always came at the same time she did and pretended we were making love in the dark. I was so turned on by my Mom, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I planned to make bold moves on my Mom the next chance I got.

The next day I arrived home from college and got looking my best for my Mom. I also cleaned up the house and ordered us a pizza before Mom got home. I was sitting at the kitchen table doing homework when Mom walked in. She was wearing high heels and sexy black dress that showed her cleavage and nice legs.

“Hi Mom” I said as she came into the kitchen.

“Hi Tommy, how was your day?”

“It was fine Mom, I did great on my test today.”

“That’s’ wonderful, congratulations! Did you cleanup?”

“I did and I ordered a pizza for us, it’s on the way.”

“Oh Honey, that was very nice of you. Pizza sounds great.”

Mom went to her room to change and freshen up, things were off to good start. I wanted to see her undressing so I boldly made my first move. She was in her room for only a few minutes when I decided to go for it. I walked up to her door and it was closed, I lightly tapped on the door and opened it before she could respond. Standing there was my sexy Mom stepping out of her dress. All she had on was a her sexy black bra and panties.

“Hi Mom, sorry to bug you but…”

“What is it Tom?” she said with a touch of anger.

“Mom, um you look hot.”

“Is that what you came to say?” She continued to step out of her dress and lay it on the bed.

“No I…”

“Yes Thomas?”

“The pizza guy just pulled up. You look hot Mom!”

I stepped up to her and kissed her cheek and tried to hug her.

“What are you doing, get out of here Tommy.”

“Sorry Mom, I just never seen you look so attractive before.”

Then the doorbell rang.

“Oh, stop it Tommy, go get the pizza.”

I kissed her on the cheek again and she glanced at me with a weird look on her face. Being even more bold I slapped her ass before I walked out, leaving the door open. I paid for the pizza and brought it into the kitchen. Mom came in a few minutes later wearing tight black stretch pants and a sexy low cut sports bra. Her boobs look hotter than ever and her ass was making me want her even more.

“That smells great Honey, you got my favorite, pepperoni and pineapple.”

I got up and helped Mom into her chair.

“Mom can I get you something to drink?”

“Water would be fine, thank you.”

I poured a glass of wine and gave it to her along with a bottled water. I got us some plates, napkins and sat down across from her. I began to hit on my Mom as we ate and talked.

“Wow Tommy, what a nice surprise, thank you.”

“My pleasure Mom, I wanted to show you my appreciation for all you do for us.”

“That’s sweet Honey, I could get use to this.”

We had a few slices and Mom finished her glass of wine. I went to the fridge and poured Mom some more wine.

“Oh Honey, I don’t need anymore wine.”

“Come on Mom, one more glass won’t kill you.”

Mom proceeded to finish her wine and began to lighten up. I was staring at her sexy cleavage and she noticed and blushed.

“Mom I can’t believe you don’t have a boyfriend, you must get hit on all the time.”

“Tommy, I can wait till you go off to college. I’m in no hurry to deal with a man right now. Besides we have each other and you are the man in my life for now.”

“I wish.”


“I mean I understand, I appreciate you waiting for me to move out before you start dating again. I wouldn’t mind if you found a guy that made you happy, but if you can wait that’s fine with me.”

“I can wait, it’s no big deal. If you keep treating me like this I will never want to date again.”

“Well Mom if that what it takes to keep you for myself, I will be glad to look malatya escort after you more.”

“You’re so sweet Tommy, I like this treatment. You’ve never acted this was around me before.”

“Maybe I just suddenly realized how good you have been to me, I love you Mom.”

“I love you too, more than you know son.”

“Hey Mom, would you like to take a walk after dinner?”

“Uh, sure. That would be nice.”

“Let’s take a ride to the beach and walk along the shore at sunset. You game for that?”

“Sure I’m game, you better drive. This wine is working it’s magic.”

We finished up our meal and I got us some water for the trip. I also filled up one empty water bottle with wine for Mom. I led Mom by the hand to the car and off we went. On the drive I touched my Mom’s leg a few times and held her hand briefly. The beach was a short 20 minute ride from our house and I was feeling closer to my Mom. We arrived at the beach and I helped her out of the car.

We made our way to the shore and had a great time kicking and splashing. I had my arm around her most of the time and occasionally felt her ass a little. She pushed my hand away once then let me without any more resistance. I surprised Mom with the wine disguised in the water bottle and she liked the idea. She liked it so much she drank most of it. I was getting very turned on by my Mom. She was flirty and fun, I was having the best time with her. I kept checking out her sexy ass and big breasts. She either didn’t care or didn’t notice. So I got a little bolder and while we were standing watching the sunset together.

I got behind her and put my arms around her stomach just below her boobs. I kissed her ear and she leaned into me. I pushed my hard cock against her ass and held her close. She seemed to enjoy this and let me do as I pleased. I just held her close without saying a word as the sunset. It was very romantic and beautiful. It was getting dark and there wasn’t anyone close by us. The sky was dark blue and the clouds were a pretty pink.

“Mom that sky is the most beautiful thing in the world, next to you.”

“Thank you son, you’re so affectionate. I love how you’re treating me tonight.”

“I’m having a great time with you Mom, we should do stuff like this more often.”

I gently moved my hard cock back and forth across her ass and she breathed in deep through her nose. I continued to kiss her ear from behind and moved my right hand and cupped the bottom of her left breast. She softly pushed it away and I let her. Then I moved it back up and cupped her breast again, I began to massage the bottom of her breast and she didn’t stop me the second time. She let her head fall back on my shoulder as I began to go for her hard nipples. I kissed her cheek and began to massage both of her large breasts with both hands. She pushed her ass back against my stiff cock and let out a loud sigh.

I reached under her sports bra and began to rub the flesh of her breasts, her breathing increased and she was letting me without any resistance. With my left hand on her left breast, I slid my right hand down her stomach towards her the top of her stretch pants.

She put her hand lightly on my wrist to stop me, but I moved my hand down under the top of her waistband without much resistance. I slowly made my way under her panties to her wet pussy. I gently massaged her wet slit and slid my ring finger in. Still massaging her left breast and bringing moans of pleasure from my Mom’s mouth.

She turned around to face me and we began to kiss. We both opened up to each other and our tongues danced together, slowly and passionately. I held on to my Mom as we kissed and slid my wet hand down under her waistband and felt her sexy buns. She kissed me like we were on our honeymoon, it was tender and very sexual.

“Mom are you ready to go home with me?”

“Yes Thomas, let’s go.”

We jogged back to the car and sped off. Along the way she unbuttoned my pants and gave me a blow job. As we got close to the house she backed off and we pulled up and parked. We got inside as fast as possible and began to make out like crazy. We were both out of control with lust. We made our way to her bedroom and she removed all my clothes in a hurry. I pushed her back on her bed and got çanakkale escort over her. She was still wearing her sexy outfit and spread her legs. I put my mouth up to her pussy and licked hard against the fabric. I could see and feel her camel toe as I licked her with all my desire. Mom began to moan with pleasure as I warmed up her juices for us.

“Mom you are so beautiful and so sexy, I want you more than anything in the world.”

“Oh, Honey, you are so strong and handsome. Make love to your Mommy!”

I slid up to her face and we kissed again. I pulled up her sports bra exposing the biggest sexiest tit’s I’ve ever seen. I kissed them and massaged them, I was lost in another world of pleasure. I backed up a bit and slid my cock between her boobs and she squeezed them around my cock. She opened her mouth and I let her suck my cock head without pulling back. I couldn’t take much more, I had to have her now!

I backed up and licked her camel toe briefly once more. There was a wet spot forming at the crotch of her spandex pants. I reached for both sides and slid them slowly down her legs.

I feasted my eyes on my Mom’s pussy for the first time. It made me so horny, I was about to explode. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and wet with her cream. It looked so sexy and hot, I had to taste it first. I slid my tongue from her knee to her vagina, very slowly building up the anticipation. She spread her legs nice and wide for me and began to lick her pussy for the first time. I licked everywhere around her pussy lips, teasing her as she begged me to eat her more and more. Mom pussy juice tasted sexy, that all I can say, it made me wild for her. I was soon licking up and down her slit and her clit began to rise and harden. I started to focus on her clit and rubbed the her g-spot inside her sugar walls. In no time she was breathing loud and screaming with joy. I made her cum like this several times before I stopped. My cock was hard as steel and I made my way back up to her face. We kissed again, with her pussy juice all over my face. I laid my throbbing cock on her wet slit and began to slide up and down as we kissed.

“Honey, make love to Mommy, I need it so bad.”

She lifted her legs for me and I broke through her entrance. It was very tight and very wet. She was already moaning like crazy and I only had the head of my cock inside her. I pushed in a little more and a little more. She was getting louder and louder and I wasn’t even 1/2 way in. Her pussy was so tight, it felt like she was a virgin. I managed to go deeper and finally made it all the way in. My cock was buried to the base and we held each other like this for a few seconds. Mom was screaming with pleasure and must of been having another orgasm. I had to focus because I wanted to give her the fuck of her life.

I tried to ignore my Mom’s moaning, it wasn’t easy. I focused on something non sexual and began to give my Mom the pounding she needed. I slid all my 7 inch cock in and out of her and we slowly and built up a nice rhythm. My cock was wet with her juices and the base was soaked. She was having multiple orgasms as we made love for the first time. I closed my eyes and thought of baseball, college, my car or anything to make this last longer. I fucked her hard and fast for at least 20 minutes, I couldn’t hold on much longer. My strong orgasm was on the way and I couldn’t stop it now.

“Mom, I’m going to cum, can I cum inside you?”

“Whatever you want honey. Whatever you want.”

I plowed my Mom with all my might and soon my cum began to erupt inside her. I felt like I was having multiple orgasms to for the first time. After shooting several spurts inside Mom, I pulled out and my cock continued to shoot a few more jets on her pussy hair. It was all so fun and sexually satisfying. Mom’s pussy was the best and had given each other the best loving of our lives. I hugged my Mom and we passionately kissed after our wild intense sexual experience. I had never imagined sex could be this intense on this extreme level.

Sex with my Mom is the best I ever had. The girls I dated and fucked in the past couldn’t compare with sex with my Mom. We were crazy for each other from this day forward. I can see how younger guys like to have sex with older woman, I also under stand now why Mother and Son sex is the best!

My Mother was the most attractive woman in the world to me. I ate her out as much as possible. We make love almost everyday, we have sex in every position known to man.

I love seeing my Mom having orgasms, it’s the most enjoyable aspect of my life. Our sex life has gotten better over time. We still can’t get enough of each other.

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