Hot Shower

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You slip in the open door, your visibility reduced to near nothing in the thick steam. You shed your clothes, giggling silently as I rumble out some eighties tune, singing to the showerhead. You watch through the translucent shower curtain as I look towards the water, idly stroking my cock, and feel yourself growing excited watching me without my notice. You reach down to tease yourself, wishing you could watch me candidly jerk off without me knowing.

I lean forward, one hand bracing myself against the wall, still slowly stroking, and you take the chance to slip in behind me. You listen to my breathing get heavier, the strokes getting shorter and faster, and you keep stroking yourself, teasing your clit and pinching your nipples, trying to stifle your gasps as you get more excited. I’m too deep into it to hear, though, and gradually my stance widens, my feet bracing against the sides of the tub. Unable to help yourself, so turned on from watching me in this private intimacy, you reach forward to cup my balls, hanging full and swaying as I stroke.

I give out a most unmanly yelp at the unexpected touch, jumping up and stumbling, falling to a seat on the toilet with the tattered remains of the shower curtain wrapped around me. I look at you in utter shock, and you try to stifle a laugh as I try to compose myself. It doesn’t happen… trying to stifle a laugh makes this even funnier, which means you’re now trying to stuff Escort bayan down an even greater laugh, until you’re finally bent double, holding onto the soap dish for support. I try to stand, legs tangled in the curtain, and that just makes it funnier as I slip and slide my way to vertical. With a certain air of injured pride, I right the shower curtain rod, then try to fix the horribly damaged curtain; fully half of it won’t stay up.

There’s a touch of acid in my voice as I say “Are you *quite* finished?”

Still giggling, you give me mock sympathy. “Ooooh, poor baby. Did someone get a bad touch?”

I look like I might be trying to hide a smile, and you see my eyes roving across your wet and naked curves, still flushed from your own attention.

“How about I make it better?” You don’t wait for me to answer, just reaching for my cock, kneeling down so you can inspect it better. In my hand, it didn’t look so large… the shaft fit entirely in my palm, with just the head poking out when I was on the base of my stroke. In your hand, though, it looks larger… you can barely fit your thumb and forefinger around the shaft, and the head pulses hungrily as you stroke it with your fingertip. You slowly jack the shaft, looking up at me as I watch you, meeting my eyes as you lean forward to circle my glans with long, lazy strokes of your tongue, leaning back so I can watch as your other hand slips between your Bayan Escort legs. You finger yourself boldly as you enjoy the thick heat of my cock in your palm, the leaning forward to lick the precum from the head. When you lean back, you whisper to me.

“Do you know how hot it made me to watch you jack off? How much I wished my cunt, my mouth, my tits could be that fist you were fucking? I couldn’t help but touch myself like this, imagining your hands on the back of my head as you fed me that shaft, your fingers gripping my hips as you shoved that glistening head into me. I wanted to wrap my tits around it and watch as all the cum in these heavy balls poured over my chest and neck. Can you do that for me?” You give my cock a kiss… just a peck, a smack. “Can you give me that cum?” I try to take your head in my hands… you know I want to grab you, to force your mouth around me, but you lean back, shaking your head, still jacking my shaft, still fingering yourself. “Tell me you want to fuck me. Tell me all the dirty things you’re going to do to me when I let you. Tell me you’re going to empty these big heavy balls into my little mouth.”

“Goddammit, I am going to fuck you until you forget how to walk.” As soon as I start speaking, you slam my cock against the back of your throat, taking me in as far as I will go, fingering yourself furiously. “I am going to suck your clit until it damn near falls off.” You Escort pull back, your tongue flicking around my shaft as you create as much suction as you can, your hand wrapped tight around the base of my cock. You feel my balls spasm in your hands, your head bobbing feverishly, as I practically roar “I’ll give you so much goddamn cum that you’ll sweat fucking white!” Hot jizz explodes from my cock and down your throat. I grab your head with one hand, shoving your nose into my crotch, pushing my cock as far into your mouth as it will go. Your entire body tenses as the hot talk and spurting cock shove you over the edge into a shuddering orgasm. You grasp at my butt, leaving crescent-moon imprints of your fingernails as you strive to milk everything from me.

After a moment, I let go of your head, the flood of jism subsiding, my cock softly pulsing between your lips. You move back from me reluctantly, licking and kissing the semi-hard and still twitching cock. It stirs as your ministrations, trying to harden again. You suck on each of my balls, gently squeezing them with your lips, eagerly slurping at the head when you produce even a little more cum. I stand, panting, as you continue, now holding onto a towel bar to keep from falling over. After a few minutes, I take your chin in my hand and bid you to your feet. I give your still cum-salty lips a gentle kiss, then pull you into an embrace, kissing you harder, wrapping my arms around you, pressing my semi-hard cock against your belly. It twitches and pulses, hungry for more but unable to eat quite yet.

After a moment, I step back, my breathing still heavy. “Can we get out, now? The water has gone REALLY fucking cold.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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