Hot Summer Night

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My name is Mark and I live with my wife of twenty-three years and our eighteen year old daughter Julia in a modest, three-bedroom home in a small New England town. At age forty-three I have always maintained my athletic body. I am tall at six-five and weigh 230 lbs.

It has been a hot summer as we go into August. Julia and her best friend since grade school Hannah are making plans to start college in September. Over the years, Hannah and Julia have been inseparable. Either Julia is spending the weekend at Hannah’s house or vice versa. During the summer Hannah stays here a lot because we have a pool in the backyard.

I don’t know when I started to notice but both girls have turned into stunningly beautiful young ladies. They frequently lay pool-side in their thong bikinis and I take every opportunity to watch them from the upstairs bathroom window. I have, on occasion, jerked off while watching them lay in their lounge chairs. Hannah is the more attractive of the two at about 5’2″ and less than 100 pounds. She has a perfectly shaped ass, very slim waist-line and small, pert breasts (perfectly sized for her). She has shoulder length blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a little pug nose that crinkles when she smiles. Her mouth is one that most any man would look at and involuntarily think about what he would like to put there. My daughter Julia is taller at 5’7″ with a very slight build. She also weighs less than 100 pounds with long thin legs leading up to narrow hips, tiny waist and small breasts (but again perfectly sized for her slim body). She has fewer of the female curves than Hannah has. She has long dark brown hair with natural red highlights which she hates and wants to bleach to blonde. She has huge green eyes, a nose that had always appeared too large until she grew into it and a Angelina Jolie type pouty-lipped mouth which she can really pout-up if she isn’t getting her way.

Julia has told us about some of Hannah’s sex-capades with her long term boyfriend and how he wants to have a three-way with Hannah and Julia (that is not where this story is going). Julia has never had any long term boyfriend and she has never confessed to having sex but her mother read about her first sexual experience at age fourteen in her diary (….hey, that’s a mother’s job). We have never mentioned it to her.

On this particular night it is very hot and humid. My wife and I are asleep in our king-size, temperpedic bed. Even in the heat my wife sleeps with the sheet and blanket pulled up to her chin. She is lying on her right side faced away from me and snoring lightly. A fan is blowing the humid air around on her side of the bed. Sleeping poorly in the heat I am laying on my back with the sheet pulled up to my waist. In what seems like a dream, far away, I hear a sound that doesn’t register right away but it is the sound of feet walking on carpet in the dead still of night. I open my eyes to the half-moon lit darkness of the room and see a crouched shape moving quickly across the room and ducks down behind the foot-board. There is no other sound or movement for more than a minute and I am thinking ‘what the hell is she doing?’ (I am not sure which “she” it was). My first thought was ‘Julia is going for my wallet’ on the triple dresser, but that doesn’t make sense because the dresser is across the room closer to the door.

I pretend I am asleep and roll onto my left side as close to the edge of the bed as I can and while feigning sleep, look down the side of the bed to see Hannah crawling on her hands and knees up the side of the bed. Even in the dim light I can tell she is naked. My cock automatically starts to rise. Hannah makes her way slowly up the bed until she is half way. She looks into my face from that distance as I look back through partially shut eyes so she won’t know I am awake. Satisfied that I am asleep she lifts the sheet and ducks her head under. My cock rises a little further as I contemplate what is going to happen next.

I feel her warm breath on the head of my cock and then a very light touch. After a few seconds I feel a light pressure all around the head of my cock and realize that Hannah has her mouth around the tip of my circumcised cock down to the ridge. I can feel her lips adjusting to the circumference of my cock. She is moving slowly, apparently thinking she doesn’t want to wake me. After several moments she slowly starts flicking her tongue around my velvety cock-tip and my cock is now standing at full attention of 9″. No more pretending I am asleep.

I lift the sheet and she turns slightly to look at me with her mouth still surrounding my cock head and tongue flicking. In the dim light I can see her smiling around my cock. Her little nose crinkling. At this point I figure that this glorious mardin escort dream is over, but it was only beginning.

Hannah drops the sheet back over her head and I feel her mouth moving down my shaft about half way and then pull back slowly. She repeats this several times and starts to increase the pace. All I can see is her bare ass and the sheet going up and down with her rhythm. The sensation is unbelievable. I close my eyes and my whole world becomes my cock and what is happening to it. My wife snores on. After several minutes Hannah begins pushing my shaft further into her mouth and down her throat. When her little pug nose hits my pubic hair her tongue starts flicking my balls. I have never been deep throated before so by now my entire body is ready to explode and I couldn’t care less if it does.

Hannah backs off and pulls my shaft all the way out of her mouth and flicks the velvety head several times. She raises the sheet and looks at me with a big smile. I am certain that the dream is over now but she moves over to my face and very quietly says “don’t worry, we aren’t done yet”. With that, she moves back down under the sheet and starts blowing me again. This time she engages a rhythm that pushes her lips all the way down and all the way back up to the head ridge and starts picking up speed. I am trying to think of other things to make this fantastic blow-job last forever but I am losing that battle fast and I feel myself about to burst and the cum is coming all the way from my toes. Hannah is aware of the on-cuming flood but she keeps her rhythm and sucks as hard as she can when she is pulling off my shaft. As I start pumping streams of cum into her mouth, Hannah quickens her pace and is lashing my cock with her tongue. I am sure my eyes are flying out of my head, but I have to be still to avoid waking my wife. As the last burst of cum erupts, Hannah raises the sheet and looks at me and swallows everything I had given her with her lips still wrapped around my cock head. As my senses begin to return I listen to my wife lightly snoring and still faced away from me. Hannah drops the sheet back over her head and begins washing my cock with her tongue while I delightfully figure the most fantastic blow-job of my life is history.

As Hannah continues washing she pushes my semi-rigid cock back into her mouth and after a few moments of sucking on the head she pushes it deep into her mouth. I have noticed that my cock no longer responds as quickly as when I was a teen, but with this gorgeous girl hanging on the end, I am back up to steel-rod again in minutes. Now Hannah is working my cock with her mouth and both hands. This action is slightly moving the bed and I am praying it won’t wake my wife but I am reassured that this bed doesn’t translate motion well. The ad with the woman jumping on one side of the bed while the glass of wine remains un-spilled on the other side flashes through my mind.

Still under the sheet, Hannah pulls her head back up the shaft to my cock-head and loosens her lips and puts her teeth lightly on the ridge. She lashes my cock-head with her tongue and then re-engages her lips and moves slowly down the shaft to her stroking hands. She pulls back to the head and repeats moving her hands in rhythm with her mouth. As I watch Hannah’s beautiful ass and the sheet moving up and down in unison with the blow-job I move my left arm off the bed and put my hand between Hannah’s legs and feel the wetness. She is soaked with juices running down her leg. I move my finger around her pussy lips and push my middle finger inside. With that, Hannah pushes back on my finger and pulls her head out from under the sheet. My mind goes rigid. Hannah is kneeling at the side of the bed with my finger in her cunt smiling at me and the amazing blow-job is continuing. What the hell?

I lift the sheet enough to let some light in and there is Julia’s face looking at me with my cock buried deep in her mouth. She smiles with her Jolie mouth around my shaft and continues. ‘Oh My God’. A million thoughts are going through my big head and the same number of sensations is going through my little head. ‘I should stop this immediately’, I think. As if Hannah is reading my mind she lifts herself off my hand and whispers in my ear “we are not done yet”. It occurs to me that she said that before but I thought she meant “we” as in “she and me”. I put my head back down on the pillow and succumb to the incredible ministrations to my cock by my lovely daughter Julia as she pulls the sheet behind her head and watches me enjoy her mouth. ‘Man, she gives one hell of a blow-job,’ I think.

As my second load of cum begins its ascension, I warn Julia what is ‘cuming’ by pulling back van escort slightly. Her pouty lips stay right on my cock, continuing at the same pace as before with her gorgeous eyes locked on mine. I erupt with a restrained guttural sound deep in my throat, and every muscle is clenched, she takes the load with my shaft deep in her throat with hands pumping furiously. She is swallowing as fast as she can as I involuntarily lift my hips to shove my cock deeper into her mouth and Julia gags slightly with cum flooding in and my cock shoved deeper in her mouth.

When I am spent, Julia and Hannah both begin cleaning my cock with their tongues. Hannah finds some cum on Julia’s lips and chin and gently licks it off. Hannah looks up and smiles at me and then shoves her mouth back down the full length of my cock and holds my still hard cock in her mouth while she lashes the full length with her tongue. ‘Man, that feels good.’

After several seconds Hannah pulls my cock out of her mouth and pushes the head toward Julia who is sitting on the edge of the bed with her head only inches away from Hannah’s. Julia takes my hard cock in her hand and rubs the head around her face and then with a smile on her face shoves my cock by her pouty lips and while looking me right in the eyes begins a furious attack on my cock. Lips, tongue, teeth and hands are flying.

Then Hannah touches Julia’s shoulder and Julia’s eye contact with me shifts to Hannah’s face. Hannah says something to Julia but I can’t hear what it is. With that Julia slows her attack and then pops my cock out of her mouth and backs off the bed in one motion. Hannah then moves to my face and softly says “I can’t believe you are still hard”. I responded as softly “I can’t either”. Hannah says “I guess we still aren’t done yet” to which I responded “Let’s go for it”.

With that Hannah lifts herself to her feet and rubs her tits in my face and then swings her ass around and sits down on the edge of the bed forcing me further to the middle of my side of the bed. The wife snores on. As Hannah settles up against me in the spoon position Julia moves up the side of the bed to the middle to get a better view in the dim light. I put my right hand on Hannah’s tits and softly rotate the palm on her right nipple. It is already rock hard and sticking out a good half inch. I move my hand down her trim stomach to the finely trimmed pussy hair and begin softly stroking her clit. She is soaked. She reaches her right hand down to mine and moves it to her right hip. She then reaches around behind her and takes my cock by the swollen shaft and moves the head to her pussy and rubs it around the edge of her sloshing pit and with the head slightly engaged pushes back as I push forward. As I enter her teen-age pussy and start pushing deeper, her mouth opens as if to make some sound but no sound comes out.

I am in absolute heaven as I begin pushing my cock into her tight cunt. When I am totally engulfed Hannah immediately starts to pull away and I get the message that she is ready to pick up the pace. I want so much to start hammering her pussy with my cock but I have to go slow to avoid shaking the bed. The slow fucking motion turns out to be fine for me because after cuming twice in the last hour I feel like I can do this all night. I never want this to end.

I place my right hand on her right tit and gently thumb her long nipple. After several minutes of the deep thrusts and pulling back to the cock head, I pull my cock all the way out of her cunt and then fuck her with just the tip for a dozen or so quicker strokes and then push my cock all the way to the base, Hannah opens her mouth again as I impale her and she holds it that way as every muscle in her body goes rigid and I can feel waves of orgasm coursing through her body. My cock is invigorated by the pulsing of her cunt. I continue fucking her as she relaxes from what turns out to be multiple orgasms. I am mixing up my movements so each thrust is a new sensation. I move my hand to her pussy and begin softly stroking her clit and I can feel my cock slipping into her cunt between my fingers. Very soon after the first cluster of orgasms, she has another one. When this one settles through her she turns her head and whispers “I have to stop. I can’t take another orgasm like that without raising the dead.” She slowly pulls herself off my cock, which is harder than it has ever been before, and slid off the bed to the floor getting tangled up with Julia who had positioned herself close to get a good view.

I turn over on my back and start to get up but Julia is now standing beside the bed with her hands on my chest pushing me back down. She put her finger to my lips for me to be quiet. She then ankara escort climbs up on the bed and throws her left leg over my hips and leans forward to kiss me on the lips. She leans even further forward and shoves her pert tits into my face and starts grinding them. My tongue is frantically moving from one nipple to the other. Her nipples are as erect as my cock. She has small aureoles, about the size of nickel. After several moments Julia reaches between her legs and grabs my cock and aims the head at the sopping wet entrance to her cunt as she firmly sits down on it taking the entire length in one motion. I almost come to a sitting position as her ass comes down hard to the base of the shaft. She looks into my eyes and smiles. I slowly lye back down on the bed as this incredible sensation eases somewhat.

The sex, the danger, the fact that my cock is buried in my daughter cunt as she smiles down at me is intoxicating. She starts lifting herself off my cock with her thighs and slowly sitting back down. I know in my big head that what I am doing is way wrong, but my little head is still in control so I just lye back and enjoy the ride. After about five minutes of this slow fuck Julia leans forward with her hands on my chest and increases the rhythm. I grab her slim hips and start lifting her up and pulling her down to match her rhythm with a firm up thrust of my hips as she descends. She throws her head back and she has a blank look on her face as if her conscious self has gone somewhere else. After a couple minutes she goes absolutely rigid as she sits up straighter and further lifts her head to look at the ceiling (or heaven). She totally stops moving as an orgasm washes through her. I start lifting and dropping my hips to help her maximize the impact. Her cunt is furiously grabbing my cock in spasm after spasm.

Hannah lays down on the bed behind Julia and based on the angle of her head she is tonguing Julia’s rose-bud as her spasms continue until she collapses with her face on my chest. Then Hannah begins licking the base of my cock each time it emerges from Julia’s cunt and then takes my balls in her mouth as I continue lifting Julia’s hips on and off my cock with my arms while she recovers from her orgasm.

This new sensation on my balls is driving me to climax but it was coming on so slowly that it hurt. I released Julia’s hips and gently begin tweaking her nipples as she resumes her up and down motion mixed with a little grinding that really seems to be doing something special to take her higher. I have been in Heaven for the last hour plus so I can’t get much higher. With Julia grinding on my cock and Hannah sucking on my balls, my third cum of the night starts its march to a cataclysmic release. I could feel Julia tense up again in orgasm so I picked up the pace trying to blow my load at the same time as hers. Because this was my third cum in the past ninety minutes, and with my big head screwing things up with a thought ‘I shouldn’t be cuming in my daughter’s cunt’, I know I am not going to make it in time, as Julia’s juices flood by the base of my cock, over my balls and into Hannah’s eagerly sucking mouth. It seems that this load is coming from across the room.

Julia pulls off my cock just as the freight train is ‘cuming’ down the tracks and now my cock is just flailing in the air. I sit bolt upright and grab Julia around the back with my left hand and pull her tits into my face. My right hand is frantically moving toward my cock to aid the arrival of my load. Julia wraps her arms around my head and holds my face to her tits. Before my hand can get to my cock, Hannah realizes what is happening and releases my balls and shoves her mouth down on my cock and starts her first thrust down the length of my shaft just as the cum train arrived in full force.

Hannah tries to contain the load but starts gagging so she pulls her head off my cock only to get several jets of cum in her face before she aims it at her tits for several more. I am sure I died at that moment and slowly lay back down on the bed and just stayed there without moving. Julia climbed off me and then off the bed and came forward and kissed me full on the lips and quietly whispers “thanks daddy”. I can’t move and say nothing in response.

Hannah shoved my now spent cock back into her mouth and lashes her tongue around my cock until it is nice and clean. She pulls off my limp cock, looks me straight in the eyes and kisses the head of my cock and smiles with her crinkly nose before she moves off the bed. Hannah stands beside the bed near my head wiping cum off her face and tits and licking her fingers. She is in no hurry. When she is done she kneels down on the floor and kisses me with her cum covered lips and whispers “yes, thanks daddy” and then rose and both girls walked stealthily out of the room. I fall asleep and wake in exactly the same position with my wife now turned toward me and silently snoring. I smile to myself with the maximum definition of “WOW” flashing through my big head and roll over and go back to sleep.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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