I Love Thailand Ch. 02

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Jake’s tongue swept into my mouth as his hands slid down my back to rest on my hips. I could feel him getting hard again already, and squirmed on top of him as his cock poked into my belly. My clit began to thrum with arousal and I maneuvered my body so that my legs straddled his thigh, and I started to rub my pussy, still wet from cumming, up and down his thigh. The friction of his hair against my skin was amazing, and I grinned as we continued to kiss.

“God, you want it again, don’t you?” he muttered against my mouth.

“I want this,” I said, and slid down his body, my nipples getting harder from brushing against his chest, stomach and then his thighs. I settled in between his legs, with his cock right in front of my face. He was fully erect again, the veins standing out and it looked so goddam beautiful I couldn’t help but smile and involuntarily lick my lips. He raised his head to look down his body at me and said, “Oh, babe, suck my cock. I’m dying here.”

I licked his cock, like a lollipop, straight up the shaft and then swirled my tongue around the head. I raised myself onto my knees so that I could better fit his cock inside my mouth, but before I engulfed it, I licked my way back down again, wanting to lube him up a bit. Then I had a better idea, and reached down between my legs, put my fingers in my cunt and scooped up my own juices to smear all over his cock. My mouth once again closed over the head and my hand slid up and down the shaft, twisting ever so slightly. I took as much of him in my mouth as I could, tongue sliding and slurping and probing his hole. As I pulled back, I could see precum welling up and happily licked it off before sliding my mouth back down towards his balls, which I cupped gently in my hand. I sucked one of them into my mouth, then the other, as my hand continued to slid up and down his cock.

I took him back into my mouth and his hands came up and wound themselves in my hair, as he thrust his hips upwards, pushing himself further into my mouth. I relaxed and tried to take him as far as I could into my mouth, humming a bit in the hopes he’d feel the vibrations.

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” he groaned, so I assumed he was pleased with my efforts. I sucked harder, and moved my hand a bit quicker as he continued to buck upwards and mutter all kinds of obscene things under his breath. Things like “make me cum” and “suck it harder” and “I wanna jizz in your hot mouth” and then just “fuuuuuuck” over and over and over. I continued to cup his balls as I sucked and stroked olgun porno and when I felt them tighten up, I sucked even harder until he let out a huge loud groan and spurted his cum into my mouth. I couldn’t swallow fast enough and ended up with his cum dripping out of my mouth and down onto my tits.

He collapsed down onto my sarong, as I sat back and wiped my mouth. I was pretty sticky though, so I got up and went down to the water, to rinse off. I don’t mind being covered in cum at times, but it felt good to rinse off the sweat, too.

I walked back to where Jake lay. He looked like he had fallen asleep and I wondered if I should try to wake him up or just go back to my hut. My clit was still thrumming, though, and in all honesty, I was hoping he’d have enough stamina to fuck me again. Or at the very least, eat me out.

I shook my hair over him, and he gasped as drops over water rained down on his chest. “Whaa? Caroline! Wait, did you go swimming? Did I fall asleep? Shit, sorry!”

I laughed and laid down beside him. “If you slept, it was only for a few minutes. I just ran down to the water to clean up a bit. I kind of got your cum all over me.”

He gave me a rather intense look. “Fuck, but that’s a gorgeous sentence: I got your cum all over me. I like hearing that come out of your mouth.”

“Well, and I liked it coming out of your cock,” I replied, with a laugh. He grinned, too, and pulled me down to kiss me.

“So,” he said, after a busy few minutes, “I believe that takes care of me cumming in your pretty little mouth. Didn’t we also have something on the agenda about your ass?”

“Did we?” I asked innocently.

His answer was to flip me onto my back, pin my hands above my head and growl, “you know we did.” He paused, and his eyes ran up and down my body. “What I wouldn’t give for some rope,” he murmured. “I like the idea of you tied up and me being able to do whatever the hell I want to you.”

I swallowed noisily, and felt my pussy respond to his words with a gush of moisture. My clit was on fire again and I squirmed a little, trying to rub my thighs together. He glanced down at what I was doing, and said, “well, since I have no rope, I’m just going to have to make do.” And with that, he pushed my thighs open and dove in. I didn’t think I could get wetter or more turned on, but within minutes, no, seconds, I was. His tongue danced over my cunt, licking my clit, nibbling on my pussy lips, and then he pushed his tongue as far as he could into my playboy porno sopping hole. My hips bucked upwards as the pleasure washed over me and I couldn’t hold still underneath him, though his hands were on my hips like a vice. Then he sucked my clit into his mouth and I screamed, cumming so hard I could barely breath.

He sat back on his heels as I gasped to get my breath back. “That….” I tried to say, “was… fucking… amazing.”

Jack smiled down at me. “Guess what?” he said, hefting his dick in his hand, “I’m getting hard again.”

“Again? Seriously?”

“I can’t help it, Caroline. You are fucking hot, do you know that? Eating you out, feeling you cum on my tongue, and now, just looking at you splayed out right now – your legs partly open, the insides of your thighs wet from both of us, and your tits, oh, God, your big, luscious tits. Yeah, I’m hard again. And this time I want your ass.”

I moaned. I hadn’t tried anal very many times, but the few times I did, I had loved it. Jake leaned over me, his mouth skimming over my tits before settling back on my lips. I could taste myself on him, as our tongues danced I felt my body respond.

“Do you want this?” he asked softly.

“Ohhhh, yes,” I whispered. “But we don’t have any lube.”

“I think you have produced more than enough natural lube from your pussy,” he grinned, “but if I start to hurt you at all, just say the word and I’ll stop.”

I nodded.

“On your hands and knees, then,” he said with a grin.

I got up and onto all fours, twisting my head around to see him position himself behind me. “God, you’re sexy in this position,” he told me, cock in hand, giving himself a few strokes. “Ok, I’m just going to get my dick wet” and with that, he plunged into my cunt.

Being pounded from behind is my favourite position ever, and I couldn’t help squealing in pleasure as he slid into me. Jake must have enjoyed the feel of my cunt from this position, too, as he couldn’t stop himself from thrusting into me once, twice, three times.

Then he slid out, and immediately slid two fingers into my pussy. I could hear the squishing noises and knew my juices were just dripping out of me. He smeared cunt juice out and up, opening my ass checks with one hand, and lubing me up with the other. One finger circled my asshole and I clenched with pleasure. It circled with a little more pressure and then he popped it in. I let out a sigh of pure pleasure and pressed my head into the sand, thrusting pornhub porno my ass even higher into the air as he slowly pressed his finger forward, allowing my ass to become used to the invasion. He scooped out more cunt juice, smeared even more around, and then squished two fingers into my ass. Slowly, he thrust them in and out a few times as I made more incoherent noises and I’m pretty sure I gushed even more pussy juice down my thighs.

“God, I want to fuck your ass,” he muttered.

“Do it,” I begged. “Fuck my ass. Take it. Ream me. Please. Now. I need it. I need your cock in my ass.”

His fingers slid out of me, only to be replaced by the head of his cock. He pushed forward, as I once again raised myself on my arms and looked at him over my shoulder. He looked into my eyes as he slowly, slowly thrust his cock into my ass. My mouth fell open with the glorious sensation of it and all I could say was “yes, Jake, yes, yes, yes, so good, yes, please, yes!!”

When he was imbedded all the way up in my ass, I once again leaned down, pushing my ass up into his hips. He began to rock into me, and I thrashed my head back and forth, arching my back and moaning with pleasure.

“Fuck your ass feels so good. You’re so tight. So hot and tight and I’m going to explode inside you.” he kept up a litany of how good I felt as he continued to slide in and out of me. I reached back with one hand to toy with my clit and as I did, his hand joined mine. It felt amazing, both of our fingers sliding over my clit; it just intensified my pleasure. Soon I was the one muttering a litany of pleasure: “Yes, fuck me, yes, it feels so good, I love your cock, I love it in my ass, fuck me good, cum in me, I love it, more, more, harder, I’m cumming, oh, babe, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, yes, please!…. don’t stop …..I can’t…..! Oh, please, oh fuck yes, Oh god!!!!”

And then I came, shaking and gasping and clenching down on his cock.

“Fucking hell!” he shouted and with a loud grunt that sounded almost like pain, he exploded in me and I felt his hot cum fill my ass. I couldn’t believe he could cum that hard – it was his third time that night, after all. But he did, and I had the cum leaking out of me to prove it.

I collapsed down onto my now stained and sweaty sarong, and Jake collapsed on top of me. We both lay there, sticky, sweaty, and satiated for a moment. Then he rolled off me, and I turned onto my back. We stared up at the stars in the sky for a few moments.

“God, that was good,” he said.

“Yes, but I think we both need to rinse off now,” I smiled.

“Yeah, and maybe get some sleep? Recover our strength?”

“Something like that. But tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow,” he said with a grin, “I’m going to have to introduce you to my buddy, Steve.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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