Johnny’s Conquests: 1st Date Fling

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“I’m not going to wind sitting alone holding my dick in my hand am I?” asked Johnny. He was more than content to sit at home and play video games that night, but his friend Adam called him, trying to convince him to go into the city to a club.

“You hate night clubs, why do you want to go exactly?”

“I never said I hate night clubs.”

“What’s her name?”


“I’ve seen you get pissed off when there are more than a dozen people in a bar, and now you want to go to a club in the city. It has to be because of a girl, so what’s her name?”

“I mean…damn it is it really that obvious?”

“Yes. Yes it is.”

“Her name is Sonya.”

“Sounds made up.”

“No she’s real, I met her at the gym. She was going out with some friends and texted me to come.”

“So…drive out yourself? How am I being involved in this?”

“Because I’m either going to be going home with her, or I am going to get blasted on Jack Daniels and I need a ride home.”

“See, if you would have just come out and said that I would be much more willing to help you out.”

“So you’re in?”

“Oh God no. Dance clubs make me want to slit my wrists.”

“C’mon dude, what you put all your drinks on my card?”

“So free drinks for me all night?”

“Yes, but you have to still be able to drive.”

“Hmm…you drive a hard bargain…ok fine.”

Johnny hung up the phone, found a save point in his video game, and started putting on clothes that he felt were “night club appropriate.” He decided to throw his friend a bone and not wear his usual t-shirt and jeans, but opted for a colored shirt and khakis. The black Converse Chuck Taylor was still going to be staying on his feet.

He picked Adam up and grilled him on why Sonya was worth it.

“Describe her to me. What makes her so special that you’re going to go all out to a club to see her?”

“It’s not that far. And clubs aren’t that bad. They just play a lot of hip hop and techno music.”

“Techno sucks and you know it.”

“It’s not too bad.”


“Ok yeah techno sucks. Sonya is tall, tan, and blonde. Athletic body, tight ass, just perfect.”

“Perfect enough to drag me out?”

“I’m giving you free booze. Just enjoy it.”

“Oh I’m all about the free beer. Just know that you better hook up with this chick or I’m going to start ordering shots of Patron for the bar and rack up that tab.”


After finding a place to park and waiting in line to get in, the two finally got inside the club.

“All right let me try to find Sonya.”

“No first, we’re finding a spot for me at the bar.”

“You do that and I’ll find the ass.”

“No, think about it. We go to the bar now, then I can set up a home base, you can give your card, not only get a drink for you, but get one for Sonya so when you find her, you can start getting her lubed up right away.”

“Hmm, very excellent points.”

“That’s why I’m here. Well, one of the reasons.”

Johnny found an open spot at the bar and quickly settled in. He ordered his first beer and helped Adam choose wisely for him and Sonya.

“Make sure your beer is in a bottle because they spill less. Get her something with high alcohol but sweet so she loosens up quickly. Something like a Skittles.”

The boys got their drinks and Adam pulled out his phone to communicate with Sonya.

“Ok she’s at a table with her two friends in a black and blue zebra print dress. Think it’s skin tight?”

“Is the Pope catholic?”

“Good point. So…she’s with two friends no apparently. Do you think maybe…”


“You could come over…”


“And maybe corral the friends while I focus on Sonya.”

“No, no deal changes. I’ll be here. God speed, grasshopper.”

Adam last and started his mission with Sonya while Johnny stayed at the bar. He did not want to seem shady and sit at the bar on his phone the entire night, but he also did not want to turn towards the club’s population like he was scouting out talent. He kept his phone in his pocket and his eyes gazed on the closest television. The sound of the thumping bass was beginning to grate on his nerves so he used beer and whiskey to try to distract his attention.

He was on beer number three when he felt the presence of someone sitting in the spot next to him. He glanced over and smiled at the blonde now sitting next to him and facing toward him.

“Hey, how’s it going?” said Johnny politely.

“Hey cutie, how are you?” said the woman.

“I’m doing just fine.”

“Just fine?”

“Well I’m better now that you’re here.” Johnny gave her a quick look over. She had blonde hair which was tied up, a green low-cut sleeveless blouse exposing the right amount of cleavage, and jeans that were tight but not painted on.

“Aww, that’s more like it. Every time I look over here I just see you buy yourself, rarely talking to anyone, just looking at the TV. Why so sad?”

“Who said I’m sad?”

“Are you?”

“No. teach that-bitch porno Just bored. A friend talked me into coming here so he can try get with a girl he was meeting here.”

“You must be a good friend to help out like that.”

“Well I’m not entirely selfless. He gave me his credit card and told me to drink as much as I can handle. Speaking of drinking do you need one? It’s on me…well technically it’s on him, but it’s on behalf of me.”

“I would love one. I’m Alexis.”

“Johnny, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” The loud music was forcing them to lean in to talk to each other. Anytime Alexis would lean in, Johnny could not help himself and peak down her shirt. While she was showing a good amount of cleavage, she could have been showing much more as her breasts looked enormous.

After a round of drinks and conversation, Alexis left to go to the bathroom. They exchanged cell phone numbers in case they were separated and Johnny kept her spot next to him open with his jacket. While Alexis was seemingly inline for the restrooms, Adam reappeared and put his hands on his shoulders.

“Hey, big guy.”

“What’s up stud? How’s Sonya treating you?”

“This one is in the bag. I won’t be needed a drive back so let me thank you now for doing this. Is this your jacket? You meet someone?”

“I may have.”

“See, clubs aren’t that bad.”

“This place still sucks, but she’s pretty spectacular.”

“Well let me grab some drinks for me and this fine specimen I’ll be fucking later and you really are free to go whenever.”

“You’re such a gentlemen, Adam.”

“I know. It’s great.”

Adam left with his drinks and Johnny waited a few more minutes for Alexis before shooting her a text asking about her whereabouts. A few more minutes passed from that point and he decided to take a round across the club to search for her but to no avail. He could feel his body beginning to tell him to go home, so he sent one more text, apologizing that he couldn’t find her, and saying how he regretfully had to leave. He hung around for a few more minutes before finally leaving.

The next morning, he was awoken but a text message. It was Alexis.

“Hey! The reception at that place sucks, I got all your texts like a hour after I left.”

“And to think that I thought we just ran away from me.”

“Oh please! I was hoping you’d take me to bed last night.” Well that was forward. The sheer thought made Johnny’s cock harden.

“I would have been more than happy to help you.”

“You could have woken up to this today!” The text was a mirror of Alexis in a red bra and black thong with her ass turned to the camera. She must have taken it right after a shower since her hair looked wet.

“And you could have woken up to this!” Johnny slid the covers down and took a picture of his body. He made sure to show off his muscular and athletic figure. Since Alexis’ picture made him hard, he made sure to include the bulge in his underwear.

“Holy shit” texted Alexis.


“You’re so fucking hot.”

“You’re not too bad yourself. So tell me about yourself, aside from how you look in your underwear.”

The two texted back and forth for the rest of the day. Johnny talked about playing sports and going to college. Alexis talked about her trying to get into modeling and going out to clubs. He had a feeling that Alexis was not going to be someone to marry, or even someone he could bring home to mom. He did however think she was sexy as all hell and he could at least have some fun with her.

“So anything else you want to know about me?” texted Alexis.

“Hmm…there is but I’m not sure if it’s a good question or not.”

“I can be the judge of that. Ask it.”

“What size are your tits? Haha.”

“How is that a bad question?”

“I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to ask yet.”

“Do you mean these tits?” Alexis accompanied the question with a photo of her pushing her breasts together.

“Yes…those, haha.”

“36DD ;). All natural too. People think I have breast implants since I don’t have a curvy body.”

“Those two curves look fine by me.”

“Yeah but I have no ass.”

“Didn’t notice.”

“I can’t imagine you would. So can I ask a question now?”

“It’s only fair.”

“How big are you?”

“I don’t have tits.”

“No! You know what I mean!”

“Hmm…I’m not sure I do.”

“Fine, be that way.”

The exchanged a few more questions before Alexis broke the train of conversation.

“Fine I’ll ask it! How big is your dick?!?”

“Wow, how long have you been holding that back?”

“Since you played dumb and wouldn’t tell me.”

“Well in that case you deserve to know. I’m close to 7-inches.”

“Are you thick?”

“I’ve been told that.”

“And you’re not sending me a picture?!?”

“I need to wanting more. If I show you now it will ruin the surprise.”

“I guess that’s fair. So when can I see you again?”

“When do you want to?” teamskeet porno

“Soon :)”

“Ok, what would you like to do?”

“Well we should definitely do something to get to know each other.”

“Dinner? Movie?”

“Nah. Want to just go to the mall? We can spend the day walking around, shop a little, whatever.”

“Yeah that sounds fun. Let’s do it!”

They agreed to meet a few days later. They were planning on meeting around noon to avoid the majority of the mall crowd and focus on spending time with each other. Around eleven, Johnny received a text from Alexis.

“Just getting ready!” She sent along a picture of her posing in the mirror with just a bra on. Johnny decided to return the favor and sent a photo of himself shirtless with the caption “me too! Should I wear just a t-shirt or just stay like this?”

“Oh you’ll get like that eventually” responded Alexis.

Johnny thought to himself “Man, this may be the easiest conquest yet.” While all signs pointed towards fucking Alexis in the near future, he was not expecting anything to really happen at the mall. Whether or not he would find himself taking her back to his or her place was yet to be determined, but he felt he had a good chance of bedding Alexis and was looking forward to seeing what was in store.

He arrived at the mall about fifteen minutes before the arranged time. He always thought it was beneficial to be early for any meeting, especially when a beautiful woman was at the other end of it. While he walking towards the mall entrance, he sent Alexis a text to let her know he was there.

“Hey, I’m walking in right now. Are you here yet?”

“Yeah, I’m outside the sneaker store near the main entrance. Look for a pink jacket.”

Johnny walked in and searched through the crowd of people until he spotted the bright pink jacket. He found one draped over a blonde and he assumed that it was Alexis. He straightened out the three-quarter sleeve shirt he had on, ran his fingers through his hair one last time, and walked over.


The blonde turned and Johnny had indeed guessed correctly.

“Hey you! Can I have a hug?”

“Of course you can!” They wrapped their arms around each other and upon parting they caught each other looking each other up and down. Alexis had her blonde hair teased up with a pink jacket over a spaghetti strap top exposing almost two inches of cleavage. She had a short denim skirt pulled across her backside and a pair of low top sneakers. Johnny on the other hand had on an Eastern State baseball three-quarter sleeve shirt which was admittedly tight to show off some of his physique. He kept it casual with a pair of cargo pants and canvas sneakers.

“You look great” complimented Johnny.

“Thank you” said Alexis as she playfully curtseyed. “You look good, too. You go to Eastern State right?”

“Yup, even play baseball for them.”

“That’s why you look so built.”

“I’m not that built, darling. So shall we?” Johnny motioned down the foyer of the mall and extended his elbow to allow he and Alexis walk arm in arm.

“Oh such a gentleman. I think we shall.”

The two walked around the mall, popping in and out of stores, generally just talking and making jokes with each other. When they walked passed an women’s clothing store, Alexis gained a hop in her step when she saw they were advertising a sale on underwear.

“Oooh thongs!” She ran over and started filing through the bin of thong underwear.

“Is that your underwear of choice?”

“Oh yes. It’s all I wear.”

“Is that comfy for you?”

“Very. Plus I think it’s sexy. Do you?”

“I think almost anything on you would look sexy.”

“Even Granny Panties?”

“Like I said, almost anything.”

They moved throughout the mall and every time they made a stop to window shop, they moved closer and closer. It was clear that there was a strong sexual attraction between the both of them, they were just seeing who was going to be making the first move. They stopped at one store and started trying on baseball caps. Alexis was walking somewhere behind him and when he needed to get her attention, he reached both hands behind him.

“Where are you? I want to show you something.”

Alexis grabbed both of his wrists and placed his hands on her Double D breasts. “I’m right here!”

The feeling of his hands cupping her breasts made his dick rock hard.

“Are you sure that’s you?” said Johnny as he playfully caresses Alexis’ tits. She grabbed his wrists again and moved his hands away.

“Stop, you’re turning me on.”

“Well we wouldn’t want that.”

There was a brief pause where both seemed to wait for each other to make a move. When no one did, they both sheepishly left the store and kept going down the mall. By the time they stopped to get a bit to eat in the food court, Johnny’s erection for the hat store was still persistent to the point he was feeling blue balls setting in. When Alexis went to the restroom, Johnny had reached the point where he had had tecavuz porno enough. As soon as she left the bathroom and met up with Johnny, he through his arm around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss. As he moved his tongue down her throat, he felt his erection throbbed. Alexis reciprocated by putting her hand around his end before they broke off.

“Well hello there” said Alexis.

“That needed to be done.”

“I’ve been waiting for that.”

“Now you don’t have to anymore.”

They kissed again and went along with their date. Seemingly anytime there was a break in time, the two would continue their make-out session with a series of quick kisses. When they were more alone, their tongues would interlock or Johnny would cup her ass. He felt a little silly, making out with a girl in the mall like they were two high school students, but he did not care.

They stopped kissing long enough to go into a clothing store so Alexis could shop for clothes. She found a top she liked and asked the store clerk about where the fitting room was.

“It’s just back there. There is a seat back there in the hall of you would like to wait for her” said the clerk, referring to Johnny.


Johnny sat in the chair as Alexis went into the changing room. As she went in, she blew Johnny a kiss and lifted up her skirt, showing Johnny one of her cheeks and the red thong she had on under them. While Johnny sat in the chair, he tried thinking of anything to make his erection subside. Baseball, cold showers, nothing worked. He could only think about Alexis taking her clothes off a few feet away from him, and what he would do if he barged into the fitting room.

Alexis soon came out with her new top on and modeled it for Johnny.

“I like it.”

“I like it too, I think I’m going to get it. Sit tight, I’ll be right back out.” Alexis went back into the fitting room and a few moments later, whispered for Johnny’s attention. When Johnny looked up, he saw Alexis peaking out of the fitting room. She then opened the door fully and lifter her shirt up to flash Johnny. He large breasts fell out of her top onto her body with the bounce that only real breasts have. He felt his heart skip a beat as she giggled and went back into the fitting room. When she left, Johnny was still reeling as she winked a delivered a kiss to him.

After paying for the top and leaving, Johnny pulled her in tight, making sure she could feel his erection. She grazed her hands across it, almost like she wanted to grab it before realizing they were in a public place.

“I wish we could find somewhere to be alone” she said.

“I’m sure we could find somewhere. Where are you parked?”

“My car? It’s right be the entrance up here but the lot is kind of full.”

“Hmm…well this mall has a parking garage.”


“I’m sure there’s an isolated spot in it somewhere.”

“Ok, let’s go.”

They kissed and went to Alexis’s car, which turned out to be an SUV. They drove to the mall’s parking garage and kept driving up levels until they reached the top. They were one of only two cars at the top level, making it a perfect spot.

Alexis turned her car off and looked over at Johnny. Her glance only lasted a few seconds before she reached over and grabbed Johnny’s erection. He pulled her to him and the passionate tongue kissing resumed. She started rubbing his cock through his pants and Johnny started fondling her breasts over her shirt.

“Do you like these?”

“Oh I do.”

Alexis moved her hands behind her back an attempted to take her bra off.

“It’s tough to do this up here.”

“There’s a backseat.”

“Oh you don’t want to go back there. Shit is going down if we go back there.”

“Good, I want it to.”

“Oh you’re bad, mister.”

“You don’t know the half of it.” Johnny kissed her and slid his hands up her skirt. She was soaking wet and instantly shivered when he rubbed his fingers up her clit.

“Get back there” whispered Alexis.

Johnny moved to the backseat and Alexis followed. She straddled his and kept her shirt on, but lifted it above her breasts. She unhooked her bra and showed Johnny her breasts in all their glory. He immediately started sucking on them, raising her nipples to full attention.

Alexis slid down Johnny’s lap and undid his belt. She opened the fly of his jeans and pulled out his throbbing cock. She moved to the next seat and sat on her knees next to him. Before Johnny could react, Alexis put his cock in her mouth. Her dick sucking was both wet and rhythmic and Johnny’s hard dick finally getting some much needed attention led to him leaning his head back. His eyes were closed out of pleasure but he could hear the slurping sounds of Alexis gobbling up his cock, as well as her moans from taking pleasure out of blowing him.

After a few minutes of oral, Alexis stopped to sit on her knees on the seat next to Johnny. He breasts were still out and Johnny took the opportunity to suck on her breasts again. She put his cock back into her mouth and hunched her ass in the air. He slid her skirt up and moved her thong to the side and began playing with her pussy as she sucked his cock. Her pussy was wet and tight and Johnny slid a finger deep inside of it. His finger felt so good that Alexis had to stop blowing him to let out a squeal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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