Katie Cums Out

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Katie was cute, in a next door neighbor – country girl sort of way. Strawberry blonde, big brown eyes with her innocence shining out. She was a people pleaser; she knew that about herself. Having a bigger frame, bigger shoulders, bigger hips, most people thought she was chunky, but she really wasn’t. Still, even more than most, she wanted to fit in, to be accepted.

Her desire for acceptance had gotten her into a few problems in college. She went to the big state school, and her dorm had almost as many people as her home town. Innocent and clingy are not good things for a young naive girl. Mix with alcohol and you know she has some regrets about who she slept with in college.

But out here in the “real world”, Katie was actually OK with being who she was, at least most of the time. She accepted her fate. She was never going to be that career woman who terrorized the men (and women) in the office. She was far more likely to be the last person laughing when someone told a joke.

But still, there was a hole in her life. With her personality, she attracted similar guys; guys who were nice, but a little bland. At home, alone at night, she would open up her computer and read stories about wild women, women who did all the things she wished she might do. But she lacked the confidence. Maybe confidence wasn’t exactly the right word, but she knew she would never just throw caution to the wind and let her wild side out.

But as she got a little deeper into the stories on Literotica, she realized that there was still hope. Just because she couldn’t get herself to turn up her own volume, there were men out there more than willing to take control of her. More and more, she knew this is what she needed. She needed a guy who would control her and force her to do all the things she really wanted to but couldn’t.

Katie started to pick her way through some of the dating / chat forums that focused on domination and submission. Unfortunately, her shyness was still coming through. She’d try to get in on conversations and even did some sexting, but she just wasn’t quick enough on typing out what she was thinking. She’d type something, and then erase it and try it a different way three or four times, and by then most guys had moved on. Some nights she got so frustrated even she didn’t want to masturbate with herself.

Her fix came from the most unexpected direction. One Friday night the gang from the office went out for drinks and by midnight it was just Katie and her work friend Jennifer. Jenn was the type of girl Katie wished she was. Honestly, Jenn wasn’t that pretty, probably more plain, but she used a lot of make-up and it seemed to work for her. But there was no denying that Jenn had a great body. A gym obsessed, yoga girl, Jenn wasn’t thin, she was skinny.

Katie nearly choked on her glass of wine when Jenn said, “Hell girl, I’d kill for your rack!”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean your stacked girl. You have tits and an ass. I’m bony. I’ve actually had boyfriends who suggested I had stolen the body of a nine-year-old boy. You look like a girl. I’m so jealous.”

Katie had never expected this. People didn’t compliment escort bayan her. She was like the Velma to Jenn’s Daphne. “But I’m so frumpy,” Katie muttered in reply.

“Yeah, but you can fix that. That’s how you present yourself. Me, I need surgery to have what you’ve got.”

Jenn changed the subject and started talking about something that happened at work. Katie was only half listening. Jenn was jealous of her? That was a mind boggling idea. Jenn could tell that Katie was lost in her own head, so she decided to up the ante. “Hey, shots!”

Katie objected, “I’m not that good drinker. Maybe I shouldn’t”

Jenn pressed her. “It’s Friday! It’s payday! We’re two young women out on the town! YOLO, baby!” and she ordered tequila shooters. Three shots each later and Jenn turned to Katie. “So tell me about your last boyfriend.”

“Well”, Katie started as she looked around. The night club was hugely noisy, and she had to shout to be heard. She just wasn’t comfortable shouting about her love life. Jenn caught her meaning right away, grabbed her hand and pulled her to the front of the place.

“Time for a change of scenery,” Jenn said as she yanked Katie out the front doors. Another person might have asked where they were going. Another person might have said “No”, “No thank you” or “Maybe next time”, but Katie did what she always did. She silently went along. She was secretly elated that Jenn was dragging her off to do girl talk.

Jenn hailed a cab and they threw themselves in the back. Millions of thoughts were going through Katie’s mind and she missed the address Jenn had given. She thought to herself, ‘Are we going to be friends? Wow! I am going to be Jenn’s grenade. Guys will be lining their buddies up to jump on me just so they can be with her.’

The ride was silent and fast. Jenn paid the cabbie and yanked Katie out of the car. Some fumbling keys, a short elevator ride and they were inside Jenn’s apartment. Katie sort of stood in the doorway for a second. It was so disorderly. Sweaters were thrown on chairs, dishes stacked up in the sink, used glasses scattered around. It wasn’t filthy; it was just cluttered.

“One last shooter and then you tell me all about your last boyfriend”, Jenn said. And Katie cheerfully went along, despite being way more drunk than she thought she was.

The two girls talked for a couple of hours. Well, Katie did most of the talking. Every once in a while Jenn would prompt her in a certain direction, but Katie was just spilling her whole life story, especially the sex parts. The conversation started to lull a bit and Katie felt anxious, as she always did. Had she said too much? Had she upset Jenn? Jenn looked her dead in the eyes and held her focus.

“You’ve been very honest with me here tonight Katie, and I wanted to be honest with you. I noticed you at the office, and I’ve been watching you. You want more out of life, don’t you?”

Katie felt hypnotized. “Yes, I do.”

“But you need some strong encouragement, don’t you?”

Katie knew she was blushing and only managed to nod.

“Yeah, I know. I knew it was just a matter of time.” Katie was still looking görükle escort down, refusing to make eye contact after admitting she needed a firm hand, so she had no idea that Jenn had moved in until she kissed her. Katie’s eyes flew open, but she didn’t move to break the kiss or move away. Jenn pressed and had her tongue in Katie’s mouth, exploring and seeking.

Katie had never had someone kiss her with such confidence before. Even the jerks she had been with were more hesitant, less sure of themselves. Not Jenn. She knew what she wanted and she was going to take it. But that wasn’t it either. Jenn was guiding Katie as to how to give it.

At this point, 3:00am, two drunk girls on the couch kissing, things were about to happen. But Katie wasn’t feeling like something was being taken from her or done to her. Instead, Jenn was coaching her. Maybe it was what she did with her hands, maybe what she did with that kiss. Katie couldn’t bring herself to break away despite never having had sexual thoughts about another woman before.

Things were moving quickly, but Katie was in the moment. Clothes were being removed, bras and panties were hitting the floor. Well, Katie’s were. Jenn didn’t wear underwear it seemed. Jenn was climbing on top of Katie, kissing deeply into her mouth, hands rubbing her breasts, her hips, the back of her head. Katie was trying to respond, but she was more drunk on that kiss than she was on tequila. She felt like a newborn baby, but using her elbows, Jenn seemed to guide Katie’s hands without ever letting go.

In minutes they were in a 69 with Jenn on top and Katie doing her all to show Jenn her eternal gratitude. She lapped at Jenn’s lips and clit with fervor, not knowing if it was right or wrong, but fully committed to doing as good a job as she possibly could. She must have been doing something right, because it couldn’t have been more than three minutes when Jenn came up for air and barely held back a scream.

“Yes! That’s it’s bitch!” Jenn began rubbing herself against Katie’s face and Katie just kept up the best assault her tongue could manage. Seconds later, Jenn was cumming all over Katie’s face and Katie was tasting a woman for the first time. And she liked it!

Katie started to slow down, but Jenn slapped her ass. “Again!” was all she said as she dove back down between Katie’s legs and started to renew her own attacks at Katie’s clit. Like the kiss before, Jenn acted with such confidence, such a total lack of the timidity that ruled Katie’s life. Katie couldn’t believe how well Jenn seemed to know exactly where to go, exactly what to touch, exactly what to suck. Where Katie had nearly ignored the initial pleasure Jenn was giving her as she drove all her attention into getting Jenn off, now that Jenn had cum, Katie was far more easily distracted by her own horniness.

Katie felt it starting. She knew her orgasm was going to be a big one, maybe the biggest of her life. Here for the first time was a lover who actually seemed to care if she had a good time and knew what she was doing. Katie was becoming overwhelmed, but she still wanted to get Jenn off again. bursa elit escort She renewed her attentions on Jenn despite the distractions. As her own orgasm was taking over her body, Katie buried her face into Jenn’s pussy and screamed.

The orgasm broke over her like she fell off a cliff. The tension had built to beyond bearing and then let lose all at once. Katie was shaking violently as her pussy disgorged her sweet cum. Jenn must have hit her orgasm when Katie yelled, because she was shaking and gasping for breath as well. Katie was desperately trying to get her brain to work, because it seemed to have shut off. It was like trying to swim to the surface for a breath; she just couldn’t fully take in all that had just happened.

Jenn spun around without getting off and began kissing Katie again. These were playful kisses, rolling tongues together, quick little sucks on her nipples and neck. Katie realized her eyes were closed so she opened them to look at her new lover. Jenn was all smiles, but her face was damp with Katie’s cum. Jenn seemed to enjoy that, revel in it.

Katie shivered suddenly and started to regain some sense of consciousness. She was covered in sweat from all the work she had been doing to get Jenn off. Unfortunately, conscious thought in Katie meant anxiety and worry. What did they do now? Was she spending the night or should she leave? Would they ever speak of this again? Did Jenn only do this because she was drunk? Did Katie only do it because she was drunk?

Katie came fully into reality because Jenn had just bit her nipple hard. “Hey – get out of your head. I’m right here and I want you to be too.”

“Really?” Katie asked. “Do you really want me to be here?”

“Wow, you really are a basket case. Yes, I want you to be here. Fuck, I’ve been planning this for weeks. I damn near stalked you this last month.”

Katie blushed again, probably all over. This made her shiver again, but Jenn was not rolling off of her.

“Look, when you start thinking about what we just did, you’re going to get all worried, right?” Katie nodded sheepishly. “Right, so here’s what you need to remember, and I mean this. You didn’t have a choice. I planned this. I wanted this. I led you here, and I did not give you a choice. How’s that feel?”

“It feels good,” Katie found herself admitting. “It’s really nice to have someone want you so much that they stalk you for a month.” They both chuckled a bit at that.

“Good. Because I’m not done with you, girl.” Katie looked at Jenn on top of her. She was sure she didn’t have anything left in the tank for tonight. Jenn smiled as she easily read Katie’s mind. “Next Saturday, I’m throwing a party and you’re going to be here.”

“Am I your girlfriend now?” Katie asked.

“Well, yes, but not in the way you mean it. Don’t go labeling me a lesbian or anything. I’m just a sexual creature who loves orgasms. This was great fun, but we’re not exclusive.” All of that would take Katie the rest of the week to fully understand and come to terms with, but right now, she was in the arms of the best lover she had ever had. She was desired, and she was catered to.

The two girls snuggled together on the couch. Katie felt herself slipping off to sleep, but she was terrified that this might have just been some alcohol induced dream. As she was losing her hold on consciousness, Jenn sucked on her earlobe and whispered, “This is just the start for you.”

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