Lisa Goes Gay

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Adriana Chechik

When we first moved into our apartment there lived a young couple directly across the hall. They were nice but we really only knew them to say hi and goodbye. About 3 months later they moved out and the apartment stayed vacant for a couple of weeks.

Then a single guy move into that apartment. He appeared to be in his mid 20’s, good looking, blonde about 6′ tall. Lisa made some comments about our new neighbor that led me to believe she might have an interest in knowing more about him. We later came to know him as Greg.

As the weeks passed the only visitors to his apartment was another man, again in his mid 20’s but with a boyish face. He only showed up on the weekends and never during the week. Needless to say this stimulated a lot of speculation between Lisa and me as to Greg’s sexual preferences. Lisa would often joke that she didn’t have to “worry” when Greg was around but that I did.

As the weeks passed Halloween approached and it occurred on the last weekend in October. The Saturday night of Halloween, it looked like Greg was having a costume party. Lisa and I would take turns looking through the peep hole in our apartment door at the coming and goings through Greg’s door. To me it appeared that everyone attending the party was male. Lisa doubted my observation until about 10pm when Greg and his guests formed a parade coming out his apartment door, down the steps and around the parking lot. It became apparent to Lisa that my observation was absolutely correct as everyone in the parade was male.

Needless to say this discovery about our neighbor led to some interesting bedroom conversations. Lisa could not quite grasp why such a good looking guy would only be interested in men. Such banter would ultimately lead to the question of “choice” or “genetics.” The odd thing was that Lisa almost saw Greg as a challenge to her womanhood rather than accepting our neighbor for who he was. Lisa believed that perhaps something was lacking in Greg’s exposure to women and his early years made him more “comfortable” with men than women.

Lisa soon turned any discussions about Greg into “what if’s?” As the nights passed she started to formulate a plan to test Greg’s sexual identity. Once she worked out all the details in her mind she asked if I would support her and allow her the leeway to carry it out. Since she could not predict the outcome of her little experiment, Lisa explained that there was a strong possibility it could involve sexual contact between her and Greg. I had never seen a female anywhere near Greg’s apartment and I felt confident that nothing would happen between them and agreed to let her do as she wished but noting she had to tell me all the details regardless of the outcome.

Lisa will pick up the story from here.

Hi this is Lisa!

I had convinced myself that if “properly motivated” Greg not only could have sex with a woman (namely me) but would actually enjoy it.

The overall plan was simple. Get locked out of our apartment in something skimpy and knock on Greg’s door for help to get me out of public view. While in his apartment show him plenty of skin and then let nature take its course from there.

I started to study his habits and movements that would provide me the best opportunity to implement my plan. Typically Greg left his apartment at 8:30 am every morning. It appeared he was up at least an hour and a half earlier as he would pick up the newspaper from his doorstep by 7 am. My boyfriend Jim left our place at 7 am and I didn’t have to leave for work until 9:30. While the plan was simple the details were complex.

I picked a day for my little experiment and asked Jim, my boyfriend, for his help to get prepared. I knew that I would not be able to go through with this unless I was extremely aroused. The day started out early by trimming up my pubic hairs Kadıköy Escort and combing out any tangles. Next was a shower in which I started with a little self stimulation. When I was sure that all of my lady parts were sufficiently clean I went and laid out a large towel on our bed and climbed on top laying face down. Then I asked Jim to apply a very light coat of body oil to the back of my body and asked him to pay special attention to my ass. As he was massaging my ass I could feel my pussy start to tingle and get wet.

Jim then had me turn over so he could oil my front. He started with my tits and kneeled and played with them until my nipples were rock hard. He then worked his way down to my genitals where he started to work his magic on my clit. He slicked back and parted my pubic hair so my lips were clearly visible. He continued to lubricate and work my clit until it stood on it’s own past my pussy lips. Jim then reached into a nightstand drawer for some KY jelly. He applied it to his fingers and told me to spread my legs. I followed his directions and as he eased his fingers into my now wanting pussy. He said, “if we are going to lubricate the outside we should lubricate the inside…just in case he decides he likes girls.”

With Jim’s fingers applying the jelly to my vagina my arousal started to swell and I could feel an orgasm coming. I told Jim that he had to stop and withdraw his fingers. I could ill afford to have a climax at this point for fear that the after effect would cause me to lose my nerve. Jim applied the rest of the oil to my arms and legs and once again returned his attention to my tits and clit. He started to remove his underwear to expose his rock hard cock. I was peaking again on another climax while he positioned himself between my legs. I told Jim to not only withdraw his fingers but also his cock as sex with him was not in the plans for right now.

7 am was fast approaching and Jim hurriedly got dressed for work. I got out of bed and went to my full length mirror to see how I looked. The light coat of oil highlighted and accentuated every aspect of my naked body. My nipples were hard and the rest of my tits glistened in the morning light. Even my pubic hair had a soft sheen about it. I felt I only had one shot at making Greg appreciate a woman. I went to the linen closet and looked for 2 undersized bath towels. I quickly soaked my hair with water and wrapped one towel around my head. I played with all of my lady parts one more time just to keep me on the edge of sexual arousal. I took the second towel and wrapped it around my body and tied it up under my right arm. The two ends of the towel met around under my arm and I was able to wrap and tuck the ends. As the towel traveled down my body when it got to my to my hips, a gap of about 3 inches appeared between the two ends. The length from my chest down was only enough to barely cover my pussy and certain movements exposed it completely.

Just a couple minutes before 7 and Jim was ready to leave and my show was about to begin. He put his cell phone in his briefcase and left both on the kitchen table. He gave me a kiss, wished me good luck (laughing) and walked out the door. Watching from our apartment window I waited until Jim was a few feet from his car when I opened our apartment door with briefcase in hand as if to chase him. Locking the door and pulling it closed behind me I went down two steps to the outside door just in time to see him pulling away.

Quickly I moved up to Greg’s door and knocked hoping he would answer. I had placed a back up key over our door just in case. In just a few seconds there stood Greg in a pair of sweats asking me what was wrong. I told him I had locked myself out of the apartment and with that he ushered me inside. Greg took a long look up and down my body while I stood there Kadıköy Escort Bayan and explained that I tried to catch Jim because he left his briefcase a home and when I ran out to try to catch him I had accidentally locked myself out. I told Greg I needed to call Jim’s cell so he could comeback and let me in and get his briefcase.

Greg walked me over to his phone and I called Jim’s cell knowing full well it was in the case and would ring so Greg could hear it. As the ring tone on the cell went of I yelled, “Oh damn.” My yell brought Greg’s attention back to me and specifically the split in my bath towel because a shift in my stance. I couldn’t be sure but I thought that perhaps my pubic hair was now on display.

I asked Greg if I could make another call to Jim’s office and leave a message for him. Greg said it would be no problem so I made the call. I actually called our apartment and made up a conversation that explained where I was and what had happened and what I needed Jim to do. I included the time it would take Jim to reach the office and what time it would take him to get back home so Greg could hear it. From a timing standpoint it would take longer than Greg’s normal departure time for his work.

As I finished up the call I turned toward Greg to find his gaze was still fixed on the opening of my towel. I apologized profusely for this mishap and asked what kind of inconvenience it was going to be for me to wait until Jim to get back here.

“No problem at all Lisa. You just stay here as long as you need to and then lock up when you leave.” said Greg. With that I went to hug him and when we parted from the hug my towel dropped to the floor. If Greg had never seen a female body before, he certainly had now.

I squatted down to pick up the towel and was able to see that my nipples were still fully erect and my clit was on perfect display. Greg turned a nice shade of red but did not turn away. Up until now everything had appeared to be accidental but how would I continue to offer Greg some visual stimulation by being naked and offering myself to him without the whole thing appearing to be contrived?

I fidgeted like I was trying to reset the towel while delaying to give Greg the opportunity to view my body and make an advance if he desired. After several fake attempts to cover my body I finally retied the towel directly above my tits which left a gap in the towel for a perfect view of my pussy. Greg watched me the whole time and finally said that he needed to get ready for work but needed to take a shower first. Telling me to make myself at home and he then disappeared into the bathroom. After a few minutes I could hear the water running.

Since he didn’t offer me any clothing alternatives and I did not want to get the body oil on his furniture, I removed both towels to cover the furniture before I sat down. While I sat there naked I could not resist testing my genitals to make sure I was still at the height of sexual readiness. A few key touches in key places and I knew I was still on the verge of a huge orgasm.

I heard the water in the bathroom get turned off but before I could stand up and reposition my towels to make attempt at modesty, Greg emerged from the bathroom completely naked. His cock was showing signs of life yet not fully erect. I could see that his penis was long and skinny. I guessed it was probably 8-9″ long when rock hard.

He came toward me, sat beside me and said, “You know that I am gay?”

His rising cock told me otherwise and I made sure that I pointed it out to him. He went on to tell me that he had virtually no experience with women because he was uncomfortable around them. He continued on to say that at a young age he had his first experience with another boy and that experience was so intense and satisfying he saw Escort Kadıköy no reason to seek out women. As he told his story his cock grew to fully erect and pre-cum was oozing out of the head.

With that I turned to him asked if he wanted to try sex with a woman since the opportunity was presenting itself right now with both of us being naked. Greg shook his head yes. I stood up, took my towels and placed them on the carpeted floor. I kneeled on the towels and asked if he had access to a condom. He walked to his bedroom down the hall and returned to the living room with the condom on. I laid on my back and spread my legs to give him full access to my sex.

He knelt between my legs and positioned his cock at the entry to my vagina. He entered me so easily and drove so deep into me it was amazing. I had forgotten that Jim had already pre-lubed the inside of my cock tunnel. Greg’s entry into my tunnel caused me to have a small orgasm.

He slid in and out with great ease. I could hardly contain myself from just exploding into an orgasm. Greg withdrew his cock in order to change position and when the head of his dick popped out, I exploded with a squirt from my pussy that hit him just below the belly button. It wasn’t just one squirt but four long large squirts of pussy juice and an orgasm so intense I thought I might pass out.

I don’t know if Greg knew exactly what happened but my juices didn’t even faze him as he was eager to regain entry to my vagina. Now that I was completely spent I pushed my body to respond to our coupling by letting him use my body so he could finalize his new experience. As he approached the height of his orgasm his vocalization told me that I would not have to ask him if he enjoyed sex with a woman. He completed by thrusting into me hard several times and then rolled off of me with his condom full of semen.

We laid there together for a few minutes. I did not know what to say to him but made no attempt to cover myself. He removed the condom and examined the white milk that it contained. I looked down at his cock and I could see it having small spasms as it began to shrink.

Without saying a word he jumped up and headed to the kitchen to dispose of the condom. He continued to look at me as he made his way to his bedroom. I looked up and saw that it was almost 8:30 on his wall clock. He came out of the bedroom a few minutes later dressed and ready for work. I was till almost in a dreamlike state from that wonderful orgasm. He gazed ay my naked body one more time and said, “Thank you. Take as long as you need and just lock up.”

About 10 minutes later, Jim showed up and knocked on Greg’s door. I answered the door naked and let Jim in. The conversation went like this:

He looked at me from head to toe and said, “Well?????”

I said, “Go in the kitchen and look in the trash.”

He followed my instructions and when he looked in the container he spotted the used rubber full of cum.

“He really fucked you? ” Jim asked.

“Sure did!” I responded.

“And what about you?” Jim queried.

“Oh man, I absolutely exploded from all the sexual teasing of the morning. He pulled his cock out of me at one point to reposition himself and I squirted on him 4 times with a massive orgasm and that quick he was back in me. He’s never has sex with a woman so I think he thought was just a natural thing to happen when fucking a woman. I think he didn’t want to ask what it was and show his ignorance.” I explained.

Jim commented, “I don’t know if you proved anything about women and gay men but you showed me that you are so sexy to make some of them think about it. I need to get to work. What about you?”

“I think I will call in and take a vacation day.” replied Lisa, “Let me get your briefcase and my towels.”

Lisa made no attempt to cover her body as Jim opened the door to the common area hallway. Lisa walked across the way while Jim fumbled for their front door key. As the door opened and Lisa walked in Jim took his briefcase and remarked he had to go to work but he would be home for the grand finale tonight.

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