Mandy My Work Buddy

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I follow Mandy onto the mezzanine at work, watching her ass in her tight ass blue jeans. The pert, full, petite ass, I want to just reach and fuck her. The fabric stretches around her firm cheeks perfectly. She walks over into the filing area and then bends completely over at the hip, presenting her perfect ass as I watch.

I walk up to her and say, “Those jeans are incredible.”

Mandy looks back and up at me and says, “Oh, thanks Josh.”

“They make your ass look amazing. I just want to reach out and fuck it.”

She looks back up at me more intently this time, smiling shyly. “Umm, thanks.” She goes back to her filing. I notice her shirt start to ride up her prefect belly, and even see up to the bottom of her nice pert breasts, bare beneath her shirt.

There’s been a growing sexual tension between us, and I know it’s ready to burst. I go up behind her, place my hands on her incredible tight ass, and begin to rub. She freezes and holds her breath.

“We can’t do this,” she soon says without moving to stop anything.

“Yes we can,” I say and move a hand around her waist and down her crotch to her pussy.

She bolts up and I bring my other hand around and up to her breast, her body pressed back against mine and my mouth kissing her delicate neck.

“We can’t” Mandy whispers again.

“Yes we can, my sexy goddess, “I whisper in her ear.

I kiss and suck on her ear lobe, while rubbing her pussy. Her breathing quickens, and I bring my one hand from her breast down under her shirt, along her flat smooth skin, up her belly, to her beautiful round breasts.

“Oh Josh,” she quietly moans. The plump soft skin and hard nipples feel wonderful in my hands, the giving firmness of her breasts amazing. I grab and rub her pussy hard through her jeans. She melts into me and softly moans. I reach up to her snap and unsnap and unzip her jeans. I slide my hand down under her panties, in her jeans, and to the raw flesh of her wet pussy. Mandy moans in my arms as I message her breasts and play with her clit and pussy. Her breathing gets quicker and quicker.

“Oh, oh Josh,” she quietly moans. I slide a finger, then two, inside her, finger-fucking her tight wet pussy.

“Oh… Oh my!” she moans as an orgasm builds, “Oh, oh… oh fuck!”

She tenses up hard and throws her head back, muffling her screams. Then she says back to me, “Fuck me Josh, fuck me hard. Hurry!”

We don’t want to get caught so we must hurry. I bend her over again and start unbuttoning and unzipping my pants as I stare at her prefect round ass presented to me. I pull out my cock and reach out and pull her jeans down, over her beautiful bare ass and down to just below, revealing her perfect naked ass and glistening pussy. I grab her hips and guide my cock-head to her pussy.

We risked fucking in the open like this, but there was no turning back now. I slide my cock into her tight, hot, wet, and waiting pussy as she bends over the file drawers in front of us. She moans as I slide in and out, my bare cock driving deep within her. I go faster and faster, her beautiful bare ass in my hands, her gorgeous eyes closed and mouth struggling to keep back her moans. Our bodies slam together again and again and again, pounding mercilessly deep in her tight wet pussy, deep within her sexy exposed body on the mezzanine.

Soon I notice her body begin to noticeably tense up, and then feel her orgasm begin to flow through her body, bursting from her convulsing pussy. I join her with my own amazing orgasm, driving deep as I shoot load after load deep within her sweet young body, filling her with my hot pulsing cum. It was incredible, and we just stay there a moment with my cock enveloped within her warm pussy.

“That was incredible,” I say.

“I know,” she quietly replies, not moving, my hands rubbing her smooth ass.

I slide out my half-limp cock. I see our juices ooze out of her pussy. I reach over and clean off her pussy lips, Mandy letting out a little moan, and then pull up her panties, and then her tight jeans, and then pull her upright and into my arms.

“Come with me,” I whisper in her ear and we go over to the unused office nearby but out of the way, and shut the door.

We go behind the desk and down out of view. “They’ll never find us here,” I whisper and kiss her. I reach down and pull up her shirt. We break our kiss and I pull it off her beautiful body, leaving her upper body bare, her firm breasts exposed, her jeans low below her belly button and flat stomach. She looks up at me with her amazing ataşehir escort blue eyes, and then reaches down and unzips her jeans, sliding them down as she lifts her ass off the ground. I take them along with her panties, down her legs, down her smooth amazing legs, and off her feet.

I kiss my way up her leg, up inside of her thigh, up, up around her oozing pussy, up her firm belly, over her incredible breasts, along her beautiful neck, and to her waiting parted lips. I kiss her soft lips and warm, eager mouth as she reaches down and grabs my shirt. She pulls it off my body and I go down and undo my pants and slide them down below my cock. I lower myself back down on top of her as she watches me guide my hard cock to her pussy. She is more than ready and I slide right into her wet little pussy. She moans, and I start to pump in and out of her naked body on the floor behind the desk. Her eyes close and her mouth hangs open, little squeaks coming from her scrumptious mouth. I watch her beautiful face in ecstasy.

Her back arches and her hands tense up. As I continue pumping her boiling little pussy, she starts to convulse beneath me. Her mouth opens wide and lets out a constrained squeak from the scream she wants to let out. She grabs and squeezes my arms, and I soon begin to cum in her pulsing pussy, again shooting load after load of thick white cum into her hot young womb.

We collapse in each other’s arms on the floor of the office. “That was incredible,” she whispers, “I suppose we better get going before someone comes looking for us.”

I caress her naked body and trace circles around her breasts and nipples. We reluctantly agree, but are even more reluctant to get dressed. “Oh, fuck it. One more time,” Mandy exclaims all of a sudden, “but I get to be on top.”

I’m not going to argue and lay on my back and Mandy crawls over me, her breasts hanging down in front of my face as she looks down to get into position. I look at her plump puffy pussy lips as she lowers herself down, noticing our cum dribbling down her smooth thigh, dribbles of white among the clear glistening goo trailing down her bare skin.

She touches the tip of my cock head to her juicy pussy lips, and then starts to lower herself, my cock pushing its way between those pussy lips and into her tight, hot canal, deeper and deeper, until I am fully within her beautiful body above me, feeling her pussy lips soft against my balls and pubic hair. I look at her face, with her eyes closed, enjoying the feel of me deep within her, slowly grinding down on me. I reach up and guide her head down gently with my hand so I can kiss her wonderful lips again.

We kiss and she starts rocking on my cock, sliding it in and out. Mandy moans as she pulls me in and out of her gorgeous pussy, faster and faster, sliding in and out, in and out, her body sexily gliding up and down.

“Oh, oh fuck, mmmmm….” She starts playing with herself, and I reach down for her sweet ass. I hold that firm bare-naked ass, feeling her muscles flex as she fucks me, Mandy’s incredible, tight, wet pussy feeling amazing around my cock. She’s getting ready to cum, so I reach around to her asshole, and just as she starts to orgasm, I slip in my pinkie into her tight ass. Her dripping juices had gone down to her hole, so I could easily slide right in. In the middle of her efforts to stay quiet, she let’s out an “Oh!” in surprise, and goes with it in her ecstasy.

I play with her asshole as we continue to fuck, both of us in heaven on that office floor. With some more vigorous pounding, her cute pert breasts bouncing with her movements, she says “Cum with me baby.” I’m about to orgasm, so I start to more vigorously finger her ass as we prepare for climax.

Mandy is on the edge of a huge one. “Oh, cum in my baby, cum in me,” Mandy moans, and I start to shoot my hot cum deep in her yet again as she begins her shuddering orgasm, and as I slide in a second finger into her breathtaking ass. Mandy is climaxing so hard she starts to get a little louder than she should. Her body contorts and arches as I spurt again and again within her. And as our orgasms finally subside, she collapses her naked body onto my chest in bliss.

“I am so full of your cum,” Mandy says, having cummed in her for the third time, “And the ass thing was surprisingly good. Maybe we can do more with that in the future,” she whispers again on my chest, her silky hair draped over my skin, “But this time we have to go.”

Soon, she sits up and pulls avcılar escort up off my cock. She crawls over me to grab her shirt. As she is putting it on, I look to see a stream of our juices rolling out of her pussy and down her firm toned thigh, a sticky mixture of cum and pussy juice. Mandy notices where I’m looking and reaches down and scoops some up on her fingers, brings them up to her mouth, and with a sexy smirk and looking straight into my eyes, she puts them in her mouth and sucks our juices off. In a fit of pure lust, I grab her, flip us over, and drive my newly hard cock deep into her pussy and start fucking her so hard just as she is with her shirt on and absolutely nothing else, from her juicy pussy and wet thighs to her dainty little toes.

We were fucking quick and dirty before she knew what was happening. Before we know it we are both climaxing. Her body tenses in ecstasy as my cock spurts a fourth load of cum deep in her pussy. I’m blissfully exhausted as I roll over off of her. “Amazing again” she says blissfully exhausted herself.

Mandy sits up and looks down at the cum oozing out of her pussy and all over her beautiful thighs. “I’m a mess!” she says. “Here, use my boxers, but I get your panties,” I offer. “Well, OK,” Mandy reluctantly agrees realizing she will have to go pantiless for the rest of the day. I claim her panties and she begins wiping herself clean with my boxers. She then slides on her jeans, watching as her bare skin disappears behind the “V” of her zipper and button, reveling in the thought that she is wearing no underwear, and completely naked beneath her shirt and jeans, her pussy and ass bare against the denim, and only I know.

“The thought of you naked under there makes me want to rip your clothes off again and fuck you like crazy,” I say as I look her up and down.

Mandy comes over and kisses me, “I have to go.”


Later on, I meet Mandy at her cubicle with no one in sight. “Show me,” I say to her, “while no one’s around.” She hesitates and then turns a little towards her desk and reaches down and unbuttons and unzips her jeans, showing me her bare, pantiless skin. I look around again and say, “Oh baby, you got me so hard for you. How about showing me that sweet ass of yours.”

She hesitates a moment more, sitting there with her jeans undone, and then gets up, turns around, bends over, and slides her jeans below her beautiful bare ass. I reach out and cup her bare cheek, feeling her smooth, firm skin. Right there in the middle of the office she is bent over with pants down and ass naked in my hand, fully exposed to the world.

Then she gets up, slides her jeans back up over her bare ass and pussy, and zips up, and quickly kisses me. “We have to fuck soon,” she says, “I am so damn wet.”

I reach forward and grab her pussy through her tight jeans. “I know,” I say, “Lunch is here soon.” I rub her pussy.

“Oh..mmmm… ya…. Mmmm lunch…. Come over with me…. Oh Josh,” she replies enjoying my touch. I let go as she stumbles back.

“Sounds good,” I agree, “I’ll meet you at your car.” And I leave.


15 minutes later it is lunch and I head out to her car. She is already there, so I hop in and we take off. I watch her lithe young body in those skin-tight jeans and sweet ass body. I put my hand on her upper thigh and caress her pussy through her jeans.

We are there in not time, and we rush inside. We are kissing almost before we even get inside. I pull off her shirt, leaving her wearing nothing but her jeans, her beautiful upper body bare, her firm, round breasts exposed. She takes off my shirt and my pants, and we collapse on the couch. I reach down and undo her jeans, then I go down and slide them off her naked body, watching as each inch of lovely skin is revealed to me, from her sweet pussy to her dainty feet and little toes. I jump back on Mandy’s bare body, drive deep into her hot wet pussy, and we fuck like there’s no tomorrow. She is in ecstasy, moaning and pulsing, her body naked and enraptured beneath me, pounding her mercilessly.

“Oh fuck! Oh Oh Josh! Oh fuck me, fuck me hard! Ohhhh!!” She pants below me as she then begins to orgasm, thrashing under my heaving body, the little sexy harlot. It’s all too much and fast and I let loose an amazing orgasm shooting deep inside her gyrating womb. As our orgasms subside, tight in each other’s arms, we collapse there on her couch.

We lay there in each others arms a few moments, and Mandy says “, avrupa yakası escort Ohh, that was amazing. What now?”

“What do you usually do when you come home for lunch?”

“Exercise and eat.”

“Hmmm… why don’t you show me some of your exercising?”

“OK” Mandy agrees, aware of my intention, and gets up and I watch her firm, naked, sexy body prance off to her bedroom.

A couple minutes later she comes out with her mat and wearing this incredibly sexy exercising outfit, with a bra top that was almost a string between her round breasts, and was designed in such a way that most of her back was bare, and below she was wearing these tight, sexy, very low rise capri exercise pants, leaving her calves and feet bare.

Her capris hugged her body and sweet ass like her own skin, and were cut to a shallow “V” below her belly, tied at the sides, and split at her calves. She bent straight over to put her mat down and out, her ass stretching against the soft, tight fabric high in the air at the top of her straight, firm, sexy long legs. The sight could have made me cum right there.

She gets back up and says, “What do you think?” as she twirls around.

She looks amazing, from her generous cleavage and hardening nipples poking through the tight soft cloth, her bare flat stomach to her low cut capris cupping and lifting her incredible ass to her beautiful bare feet. “Incredible,” I say.

“Thanks,” she says and goes into her preliminary stretches.

She puts a leg up on the couch and stretches, leaning over her outstretched leg. Then she does the other, rounding her tight ass, and dropping her gorgeous cleavage for my greedy eyes. She does some upper body stretching, arching her back, jutting out her breast, and twisting from side to side. And then she does the best of all and doubles completely over. Her sweet ass hovers tight and firm in the air, her hands at her feet. I want to fuck her brains out again.

She gets up and stretches back, arching her back and jutting out her wonderful breasts again. Her nipples are clear as day through the soft, tight fabric. “That bra is a little tight,” I suggest, “Maybe you would be more comfortable with it off.”

Mandy gives a sly smile, reaches up, and takes of her bikini-like top, leaving her entire upper body bare, her luscious breasts exposed, nipples hard in the fresh air, and her lower body sheathed only in her skin-tight capris, leaving her practically naked for me. She looks incredible. She starts doing some yoga, and I start jacking off as I watch her amazing topless, barefoot body stretch, bend, and contort. Her ass is shown off in her tight yoga capris in many interesting positions.

“You know what, those pants look pretty uncomfortable too,” I suggest.

“Maybe I should take them off too,” Mandy says giving me another sly smile. She reaches down and slowly pulls on the side ties, and then slowly and sexily peels down her pants, revealing bit by bit her tight ass and sexy long legs. Mandy pulls them off her feet and tosses them aside, now completely naked standing on her mat.

Naked, she goes into mountain pose, brings her hands above her head and stretches back, pushing out her sweet firm breast. Then she doubles over, her tight naked ass high in the air. She goes into downward dog and later into cobra pose. Then she turns around and does it all again giving me a wonderful view of her backside.

And then she goes into cat pose and seeing that inviting bare ass pointed up at me and waiting moist pussy, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I get down behind her, put my hands on that incredible ass, and bring my rock hard cock to her pussy, and slide right in. Mandy lets out a long guttural moan. I slide my cock all the way out, and then all the way back in. She moans again. I start building a rhythm of faster and faster strokes, fucking her harder and harder from behind, my hands on her sweet ass feeling so good, Mandy on her hands and knees moaning.

She moans and moans, “Harder, baby, harder! Oh fuck me! Yes! Yes!” I bring my thumb to her mouth and tell her to suck it. Mandy quickly sucks it into her sweet, warm mouth, sucking my thumb like a baby. It was so cute and sexy with her eyes closed in ecstasy that I didn’t want to pull my thumb out from between those sexy lips. But I did, and her moans came out again as I fucked her hard.

I bring my thumb to her asshole, push gently, and slide slowly into her ass, tight and steaming hot. I fuck her and feel her getting ready to cum. I start pumping her ass and pussy at the same time on her mat until she starts cumming hard. I let go and cum deep inside her sweet pussy as she moans and convulses on her hands and knees in front of me. I fill Mandy as we ride out our orgasms, her body panting and sweating on her mat, her ass still up in the air and her face against her rubbery mat. “OH Josh, that was the best Yoga I’ve ever had,” she grins.

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