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You don’t hear me as I quietly enter the room. You sit there on your bed in your pink cotton panties, naked otherwise. You feel a strong pair of hands on your shoulders, they start rubbing your shoulders firmly, massaging your neck.

The initial shock is quickly replaced by extreme relaxation. You are such a sucker for my massages. I lay you down on your bed, face down, and start rubbing my hands over your shoulders. My fingers dance along your neck, kneading the muscles as I lean over and kiss your neck.

My hands rub up and down your body, pressing along the muscles by your spine. My lips and tongue kiss and lick your body all over. You let out a deep sigh as a smile spreads on your face, and you rest your head on your folded arms. I rub you all over, kneading your arms, rubbing your sides. At times I let my fingers brush the sides of your breasts. You can feel my naked dick pressing against the fabric at your bum as I straddle you.

I rub and kiss my way down your body, gliding my hands over your ass and down to your thighs, massaging them firmly, letting my fingers just brush your panty-clad mound. I pull your panties down and off, exposing your beautiful round bum. I can see a hint of your pussy showing from between your legs.

You squirm under my touch, your body heating with desire. I take the globes of your ass in my hands and massage them in up-and-out circles, spreading your cheeks with each rotation, letting the cool air hit your butt hole. I lean in and gently blow on your puckered hole, and on your bahçeşehir escort slowly-moistening pussy. You moan into the mattress and raise your ass in the air.

My tongue snakes out and flicks at your ass then slides down to your pussy, pushing between the folds of your nether lips before going back up to your ass. I lie down on my back and position my face under your pussy, lifting you up to sit on my face. “Dear God,” you whisper.

I clamp my lips on your delicious woman mound and slide my tongue inside you, the stud rubbing up against your insides as my tongue writhes around inside you like a living thing. I use your pussy juices to wet my fingers. I use one hand to massage and probe your ass while the other reaches up and over your leg to rub your clit around in my fingers.

Your hips start to rock and you bite down hard on your bottom lip to keep from moaning, your eyes are closed tight. I lick and suck your pussy hard, drinking up every drop of you I can get my mouth on. “God you taste so good!” I murmur from around your pussy. Your breath is coming in gasps now.

I get out from under you and hold you from behind, both of us kneeling upright on the bed. One hand is wrapped around you and rubbing your pussy, slipping fingers into your dripping snatch. The other hand is holding your breast, pulling on the nipple and teasing it. My mouth is clamped on your neck, gnawing and sucking on you, giving you one hell of a hickie on display for tonight. bakırköy escort My hard cock is nestled along your ass, slowly sliding up and down as my hands and mouth pleasure your body. You whimper and sigh, leaning back against me, grinding your pussy into my hand.

I push you forward on your hands and knees and slide my cock up along your pussy, dragging it up and down your little slit. I press it up against your clit then slide it down so the tip is barely parting the folds of your pussy lips. I hold it there, not entering you, not removing it, just letting it sit there.

You groan loudly. “Tease!” you whisper.

“Tease am I?” I whisper in you ear, “What would you rather I do?”

You smile, turning your head and catching my lips with yours, ever so briefly. “I’d rather you fuck me,” you say through sultry lips.

“What’s that?” I ask with a devilish grin on my face. “I don’t think I heard you…”

I idlely play with your clit as I revel in the agonizing pleasure coursing through your body. “Come on Baby,” I hiss, “tell me what you want…”

“Mmmmmmm God!” you moan, “You’re terrible… Evil…”

“Yes. I am. Tell me what you want and it’s yours my beautiful sex nymph!”

You clutch the sheets beneath you. “I want you…” you groan through clenched teeth, “to fuck me… now…”

I plunge my hard meat into you, impaling you deeply! You gasp and moan loud and long, shuddering visibly. I slide my cock in and out of başakşehir escort your sopping pussy, slowly, but hard. I shove you forward with each thrust. You drop your head forward, whimpering quietly each time I thrust into you. “God in heaven…” you moan, “So delicious…”

I start going faster, pumping you harder and deeper. I rub my fingers along your pussy and lick up your essence from them. I wet them again and start sliding them along your anus. “God yesssss…” your voice comes out in a hiss.

I start sliding a finger into your ass, letting you get used to its presence, then slowly start finger-fucking your ass in time with my thrusts in your pussy. After a few seconds, I push a second finger into you as my cock pounds in and out of your pussy.

“Mmmmm… incredible…” you groan. Your body rocks as you push back against me. You can feel my balls slapping your clit with each thrust. My fingers slip easily in and out of your butt. “Oh god you feel so good on my cock!” I moan.

“Mmmmm… I’m so incredibly close!” you hiss.

I can feel your body tensing under me. I grip your hips and slam my cock in and out of your slick snatch. Faster and faster.



With each thrust you gasp out, “Fuck! Yes! Yes, yes, yes!!!”

Pounding… Pounding… fasterdeeperharderfasterdeeperharder…

You’re whimpering, moaning louder. You’re nearly screaming!



The slaps of our bodies’ merging gets louder and louder. I pull you back onto my cock as I thrust it deeper into you!

A raw scream rips from your throat! You shudder… I feel your pussy grip my cock like a vice! I can feel you start to gush all over my cock!

“Oh Fuck YES!” I shout. My cock twitches inside you. With each twitch you can feel spurt after spurt flood your pussy. A pool of warm gooeyness spreads throughout your pussy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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