Mermaid Tale

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My A.M. routine was off, and I didn’t leave the house until 8:08. The sun had pulled itself over the lip of the horizon completely and now stretched skyward, but that beautiful cool of morning still caressed my lungs with sweet salty breaths, which brought me to a luxurious state of mind. I started an easy run down my favorite path, and soon was settled into the rhythm of my lungs and legs in motion. Within minutes I could hear the crash of ocean waves, which signalled my departure from the path most taken. I worked my way down to the fine rocky beach that glittered like jewels of innumerable hue in the sunlight. Mmmm… what a transcendental morning! I stopped to savor several moments, and feel the warm sun soak into my closed eyes.

As I stood listening, I heard a distant voice – I could barely make it out above the symphony of waves, but there it was, hidden in the layers of the ocean song. At first I thought it was shouting, but then I realized it was singing, and a melody began to describe itself to me in an entrancing way. There was something mystical in it – something that beckoned, perhaps even commanded me, to back away from my oceanside view and turn my footsteps up the beach. This was no simple task, as larger rocks disrupted the beach and the ocean worked its way in amongst them. It required several displays of footwork, dexterity and luck to reach the crest of beach that had kept me from seeing the source of the song that had so hypnotized me. I carefully made my way across the slippery rocks and looked over the edge down a slight embankment that ended in a solid rock wall 20 feet further on. But what was nestled in a small pool at the base of the wall stole the breath from my throat.

A very naked and very beautiful woman lay partially submerged in the pool, head thrown back and eyes closed, weaving melodies like tapestries into the air. My eyes must have gone into instant shock, and my heart started pounding furiously. I was welded to the spot, a spontaneous voyeur trapped in a moment that drew out deliciously like millenia. Little diamonds of water danced on her skin, and as I watched her neck and breasts sparkle, my eyes wandered over every inch I could see, drinking in the scene. I was beginning to stir from my spot, but it wasn’t my feet that wanted to move! I was incredibly hard, and my cock strained at its confines. I tried to shift my shorts, but it was so hard that it popped out the bottom and flung the fabric back up my thigh. It kind of surprised me with its ferocity!

It was at that moment that I realized that though the song sang on, this lady’s lips were no longer moving, and her wide-open green eyes were staring back at me. My spell was broken, küçükçekmece escort and suddenly I was a stammering mess of embarrassment and explanation and words tripping over themselves on their way out of my mouth as I tried to explain myself. Of course this failed miserably, and eventually I stopped trying to talk and took a deep breath, letting it out in a sigh. At this, the corners of her mouth began to turn up slightly, and her eyes added another layer of glow as a she leveled me with a smile. Relief flooded through me, and my legs nearly collapsed as I stepped back to compose myself as much as possible. What in the world was going on here?

“Hello there, do you like my music?”

I heard a voice, but it wasn’t a spoken voice. More like a voice speaking from in my mind, with a ringing frequency that worked like soft explosions of energy in my brain. “Yes,” I said still somewhat dazed and confused, “I like it very much – I heard it singing to me over the waves”

“I knew you could hear me. You come to this beach often don’t you? I can see your memories from this place. Are you happy to be here right now?”

“Um… Yes… Is there another word greater than Yes?”

“How about if we let words go and see what happens?” She slid forward in the pool and drew herself towards the edge closest to me, which was very shallow and revealed much more. Reaching out a hand in my direction, she beckoned me into the water, and I shucked my shoes and socks off in an amazingly quick instant and took her hand. She had a soft touch and warm hands that radiated energy and had my insides all syrupy in an instant. Leading me across the pool, she hoisted herself up to sit on the side of the pool and then pulled me closer. I felt like a sailor trapped in the song of a siren, and I was glad for it!

There was an overwhelmingly magnetic urge to kiss her, and as I touched my lips gently to hers, I felt an electric charge that sent sparks through my brain. Pressing into the kiss a second time, the delicious charge spread throughout my entire body, and filled me with a hunger that started chanting somewhere in my core. I pulled her still harder into my kiss, all the sudden losing control to desire.

My hands wandered across the broad planes of her back, delighting in the smooth skin that lit my senses as if by magic. Working my hands in strong steady spirals, I wandered lower, feeling the gentle curve of her back as it met her sacrum. She moaned with that music into my kiss and put her arms around my neck to pull herself closer. I felt her sun heated body press into me and was dangerously near swoon with the sensation. küçükyalı escort I stepped back, and she wrapped her legs around my waist as I walked us back into the water. We were still connected with a kiss, but separated by my clothes. That was just as well, because I had a hunger.

We drifted back to the shallow end of the pool, and I lay her on the gradual incline so most of her body was out of the water, but her knees and feet still were submerged. I lifted one of her legs out of the water and brought her foot to my lips, kissing lightly at her toes before working my way up the inside of her ankle to her knee. She sighed into my touch, and let her legs relax open. I made myself resist the temptation to dive straight into her nectar, and took my time kissing the underside of her knee and inner thigh while massaging her heels. But at a certain point, I was in the pull of her intoxicating scent, and completely powerless to keep myself from ignoring her desire any longer.

I drifted into her, just breathing in her essence for a small spell, then letting my warm breath spill out in a sigh. She was shaking with anticipation, and her juices were already working their way down to meet my tongue. I licked boldly up the center of her beautiful pussy to harvest that treasure, then let my tongue drift slowly down her left labia before lingering my tongue back up the right side. My fingers joined in the exploration to pull her lips back and find her pearl, which responded with an electric dance with every touch and taste of my tongue. I kept working lusciously at her clit, and my fingers felt her push into me, urging for more. I slid two fingers inside of her, and explored her temple, all the while licking her in slow circles and infinity spirals. She started to buck uncontrollably against my fingers, and that only served to redouble my efforts as I held on for the ride.

By the time I felt my face being flooded in her orgasm, I was out of breath and swimming in the deep sea of pleasure, nearly out of body with the surrealness of it all. I stripped off my shirt, sat back and lay on the shallow rocks next to her, listening to the cadence of her breathing as it went from frantic panting to slow steady shaking.

My brain was in a daze… was this a dream? I looked at my hand, and then pinched myself hard in the chest. Yes, it did indeed hurt, and yes, it did leave a mark, so no dreams here!

I felt a soft touch at the mark I had just given myself, and my companion’s fingers soothed away any remaining pain. Then I felt her mouth kissing my chest and nipples, with a light sensitive touch that I could tell maltepe escort she knew was driving me crazy. My cock had been patient, but insisted now on attention, as it was straining against my shorts so hard that it hurt. I lifted my waist so that she could strip off my shorts, which caught my dick on the way, and stretched it down before finally springing free to slap back up on my stomach.

She laughed delightedly at this, and began to plant feathery kisses all around my cock and balls, but not quite touching. She breathed into me, mocking the teasing torture I had done to her, and had me writhing around in short order, with precum forming in a large drop that spilled over and ran down my length. At that she touched her tongue to the decending drop, then retraced its route back to the tip, where she swirled her touch all around the head of my cock. My brain was now swirling, and it wasn’t long before I felt an uncontrollable surge building. She seemed to sense this, and focused instead on my balls, planting calming kisses of fiery energy that grounded me back in the moment… at least for a moment…

In one simultaneous movement she rocked back on her haunches and pulled me a little further into the pool, then rocked back forward and straddled me just near the surface of the water. I felt her beautiful entrance seek and find my key, and then I slid smoothly in, her head falling forward while singing out a low moaning tone into my ear. That drove me to thrust uncontrollably up to meet her again and again, each time colliding in fireworks that had me seeing starry skies. I heard her breathing in, but I could still hear the tone singing into me. It did not cease, and as she started to command the dance it intensified. I tried to catalog it with my thoughts, but it was beyond comprehension. I tried to store it away for later, but it was beyond all time. The sound and her motion permeated my consciousness, and she was sailing me out onto the ocean. Then into its depths, where we experienced mysteries and gravities and went to a place too deep for the sun to touch…

I came to my senses completely confused and disoriented. I opened my eyes and saw the shadow of a bird silhouetted as it spiraled upward into sun. My vision was fluttering. I felt amazing and electric. The charge in my body was pulsing and alive, and I could still hear…no, feel the tones of that song! Even so, it was already starting to fade in my memory like a dream dissolving into day.

I snapped to and surveyed myself. I was laying naked in the morning sun with cum all over myself. Had that really been a waking dream? Did someone give me psychotropics or something? I sat up hurriedly and looked around, seeing nothing but ocean, rock and sand. But I could still hear the sound in me, so I opened my mouth and sang it. I sang it for a spell, then opened my eyes. There she was, out there in the water, waving. She shone that radiant smile at me once more, then turned on her side slightly and slapped a playful wave my way with her mermaid tail before plunging beneath the waves.

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