Middle of the Night Delight

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Alessandra lay perfectly still and held her breath. It was 3.23am and she’d awoken but the lack of cries coming through the baby monitor suggested she’d woken of her own accord. Another minute passed without the slightest sound from Sloane’s room and Alessandra deemed it safe to try and get back to sleep.

She rolled in toward Xavier and rested her hand on his belly, giggling quietly to herself when he let out a mumbled sigh of pleasure. Absentmindedly she began stroking her fingers back and forth along the trail of hair beneath his belly button, and found that rather than become sleepy, she only seemed to become more alert.

No thought went into it as she moved her hand lower, another unconscious sigh of pleasure escaping from Xavier as her fingertips brushed against the base of his penis.

Knowing she should let Xavier sleep one thing, but following through with that was another thing entirely; taking him in her fist she gave a gentle squeeze, a loud hiss of breath all the confirmation needed to know he was now awake.

“I can let you sleep,” Alessandra whispered, gripping him harder still.

“Somehow I doubt that,” Xavier whispered back sleepily and nipped at her earlobe.

“Not when you carry on like that,” Alessandra giggled quietly, her breath catching when he licked that spot on her neck.

“You started it,” Xavier reminded her, and rightly so.

“I’m just a little horny,” Alessandra explained, her hand moving ever so slowly up and down his stiffening shaft.

“It must be contagious,” Xavier chuckled.

“Sloaney is asleep, Nico is at Abi’s,” Alessandra commented.

“It would be silly to let this opportunity go to waste,” Xavier finished.

“I hoped you’d say that-” Alessandra was cut off by a hungry kiss, and right there she turned to putty in his hands.

Hands which were now roaming her body, fingers brushing against nipples, ghosting down her sides, grazing down her thighs before slowly moving up her inner thigh. With each millimetre of flesh he taunted and teased Alessandra could feel her pussy moving from a dull hum to an excited throb. The throb intensity went off the scale when in one fluid movement Xavier threw the blankets back and climbed on top of her, settling between her legs, on his knees.

He threw her a wicked, wicked grin, before placing a hand on each of her knees and pushing down, effectively spreading her, leaving her feeling both vulnerable, and frantic.

She was at his mercy now, he would decide when her craving for him Sakarya Escort would finally be satisfied. Even imagining him sliding inside was enough to cause her to moan, and Xavier laughed quietly.

“I know you far too well.”

“Shut up, not my fault,” Alessandra panted, more than spoke.

“Oh, it’s all your fault,” Xavier corrected her and placed a little more pressure on both of her knees.

“Oh god,” Alessandra gasped, her hole feeling taut and hot. She was pulsating for him, desperate to give herself over to him, to his body.

“I don’t know if you’re ready enough yet,” Xavier feigned concern.

“I am, I promise,” Alessandra’s voice was strained.

“I better see for myself,” Xavier decided, his left hand moving from her knee to where she so badly wanted him.

His fingers glided up and down the slick between her legs and she gripped the sheets, that simple touch had sent fire coursing through her veins, her hips arching off the bed, searching him out. Xavier made a big show of sucking her juices off his fingers and Alessandra whimpered, wishing his tongue was tasting her properly.

“I forgot how good you taste,” Xavier sighed and she knew he was beginning to cave.

“Do something about it then,” Alessandra retorted, not at all surprised when he was suddenly lying between her legs, his mouth close enough she could feel his warm breath mingling with her own wet heat.

“If you insist,” came Xavier’s reply and a split second later his tongue was probing inside her hole, his nose nudging against her clit in a way that felt a little too good.

She loved the magic he worked with his tongue, but what she really needed was to feel the fullness of his cock moving inside her, the power of his hips as he thrust into her, the solid heat that eminated from him.

But his tongue felt so good. It was probably the best problem to have — did she let her husband work his magic with his cock — or with his tongue?

Cock. Who was she kidding, the cock always won.

“Need you,” Alessandra gasped, “properly.”

“I know you do,” Xavier said, peppering kisses up her slit between each word.

The kisses travelled north, until he was kissing her full on the lips. It was then, with their tongues tangling and dancing together, he lined himself up and pressed deep inside her swollen pussy.

“Not gonna last,” Alessandra warned and Xavier chuckled against her mouth.


It was hard and fast from then on, their bodies slapping Sakarya Escort Bayan together, his cock filling her so perfectly it felt as if they were that cliché one.

Alessandra was very aware of her belly between them, but they’d become so used to pregnant sex they’d naturally adjusted their positions to allow for a growing belly. Just as well, because growing it was!

Sometimes during pregnancy her cervix felt too sensitive for hard pounnding, but that night it was all she wanted, and twice had to encourage Xavier to move harder. She needed him to hit deep, and hard, she needed to feel it all. She didn’t want to have sex, she didn’t want to make love, in that moment she wanted to — needed to — be fucked.

Her orgasm began building and she was torn between feeling ecstatic, and sad. The pleasure she was feeling was magical, out of this world, but she wanted it to go on, and on, and on… in a couple of minutes it would all be over. She didn’t want the feeling to ever end, but at the same time, god she couldn’t wait to come undone around him, to experience yet another orgasm at the hands of her soulmate.

It wasn’t like she could really lie there for an hour and decide what was going to happen though; a few particularly forceful strokes of his cock against an especially sensitive spot in the depths of her cunt and the fuse had been lit.

Alessandra clung to Xavier for dear life, her body going tight as what felt like a fire storm brewed in the pit of her belly. Stroke, after stroke, after stroke, in that one little spot and it became far too much for her body to handle. There was an explosion, followed by shockwave, after shockwave, after shockwave, bright white light filled the room, her scream so loud and raw it almost scared her.

And then Xavier was lying back beside her, both covered in sweat, struggling to take normal breaths. It felt as if the room was spinning one way, and the bed the opposite; she felt floaty, and light, more than slightly dazed. What had just happened was quite indescribable.

Had it happened? Or was it a dream? She was prone to sex dreams during pregnancy, but this was different and there was no way she’d imagined it.

“Up to your standards?” Xavier sighed sleepily.

“It was okay, I guess,” Alessandra replied and began giggling uncontrollably, for her it was a common side effect of mindblowing sex.

“Yeah, I mean, it was more enjoyable than going to the dentist,” Xavier joked.

“A little bit,” Alessandra Escort Sakarya agreed and they both laughed.

“Okay, if you have to know, it was spectactularly spectacular,” Xavier informed her.

“It was pretty fucking incredible.”

“Putting it mildly,” Xavier replied and then kissed her sweetly, his lips only just making contact with hers.

“We should sleep now,” Alessandra suggested, hating to put an end to what had been a pretty wonderful middle of the night wake up call, but she had to be realistic — Sloane would be awake before long.

“I love you,” Alessandra said and kissed him, fighting the urge to kiss him with the hunger that was starting to build again. Or perhaps it had never left.

“I love you too,” Xavier told her and they shared one final kiss before slipping into the spooning position.

The moment Xavier’s hand made contact with her belly, Alessandra felt a familiar little flicker and grinned through tears.

“I felt it,” Alessandra whispered and Xavier kissed the back of her neck.

“I didn’t think it’d be long.”

“There’s really a baby in there,” Alessandra commented. “Two of them.”

“I can’t wait until I can feel them moving,” Xavier remarked, moving his hand in slow circles over her belly, the contact so soothing, and sweet, taking her back to her pregnancy with Sloane. It was such an amazing experience to share.

“I wonder how Sloaney will react when she feels them,” Alessandra said, smiling at the thought of her little girl sharing such a special moment with them.

“She’s going to be such a good sister,” Xavier said sounding surprisingly emotional.

“I hope she likes the babies,” Alessandra voiced a concern that had been bothering her since she found out she was pregnant.

“She will love them,” Xavier reassured her. “And the only thing better than one baby, is two babies.”

As if to agree with their daddy, Alessandra felt a little fluttery flicker, and seconds later a faint little ‘tap, tap, tap’ type feeling on the opposite side of her belly.

Alessandra giggled quietly and moved her hand on top of Xavier’s. “They’re not even here yet and it seems they’re both agreeing with you already.”

“Both of them?” Xavier sounded stunned and Alessandra laughed.

“I just felt one on the left side down near the bottom, and then one on the right side up toward the top!”

“Hi babies,” Xavier cooed, snuggling up closer against her and spanning his hand protectively over her belly. “Now go to sleep before your big sister wakes us all up.”

They were graced with a full thirty five minutes of sleep before Sloane decided that, not only did she want a feed, but she was also up for the day. Alessandra knew she’d be paying for it later, but their middle of the night romp had been so worth it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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