Mike , Andrea Ch. 02: The Adventure Continues

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Thank you to all for the hearts you’ve sent my way with the first chapter of Mike and Andrea. While mostly fiction there is a rich helping of reality behind the scenes of the story. The second chapter like the first is part of the development and only touches lightly on sensual involvements. It’s from this base that Andrea and Mike will explore their sexual sides. The next chapter promises to be the real start of their sexual adventures. Hopefully, over time, the story will capture many of the erotic highlights from voyeurism, exhibitionism, cuckolding, and some bisexuality. Enjoy for I enjoy writing this story of sexual awakening…. Michale.

Mike and Andrea

Chapter II – The Adventure Continues.

From that evening on Andrea and Mike were near inseparable. Besides the great sex the two of them became great friends. As their first semester began to close both of them suppressed the demands of their sexual ids spending what time they had preparing for exams.

The days ran together endlessly. Then with a sudden emancipation the tests were over and they had two weeks to themselves. They had already told their respective families that they would be staying on campus over the break. They had fourteen days, fourteen glorious days of no responsibility. Through out the semester in the ribald frolics they could manage Andrea had fueled Mike’s quirk with whispered fantasies and questions as they made love.

Andrea would tease Mike with off the wall questions and mental images as he was about to cum. She’d wait and gauged the moment then with Mike lost in the chase for orgasm she nibble his ear and whisper things like…

“Are you going to be okay with another hard cock oh so very close to me… to you.” Or, “Should we tie you to a chair to make sure all you can do is watch. Your hard cock desperate to be touched but no one there because I’m going to be busy with the other guy.”

She had keyed into Mike’s kink from the first seconds they were together and found the thought of her being with two guys an insane, tingling turn on. So each time she talked about their fantasy threesome they’d both erupted in mind-altering climaxes.

Now they had the time to make these dreams come true. The only stumbling block was who would be the other guy. Neither of them thought that it would be much of a problem since guys were notoriously horny but finding someone they both liked did create a few hurdles.

So after the last exams the two of them wound up stretched out on a blanket atop one of the grassy hills in the middle of the campus watching random members of the student body pass by. Between the kisses and hugs one or the other of them would point out a passer by asking…

“What about him?”

Lying there on their sides pointing guys out to one another Andrea ran her nails over Mike’s arm leaving light trails over his skin. Spying a carefree trio of guys walking towards them Andrea sent a quick look towards them and then turning back to watch Mike she said…

“Ooh… look at the one in the middle doesn’t he seem delicious and look at the bulge between his legs. I bet he has a really nice looking cock.”

Smiling to herself she felt her insides warm and tingle as her words made Mike squirm. Making Mike react had become one of her favorite pleasures. They had made countless plans about bringing a third to their bed and now they had the time to pursue Sinop Escort that dream.

Funny, who ever said men don’t like shopping must have been very wrong because this kind of shopping seemed to agree with Mike. Laying there letting their mutual fantasy run wild Mike’s shorts showed obvious signs of his arousal. The menu of men was amazing, Black, Asian, Hispanic, white, tall, short, lean, muscular, nerdy or handsome.

As they narrowed their choice based on looks Mike kept reflecting back to their first night together behind the shrubs. While they thought they were hidden they soon noticed the windows above them gave anyone behind them a clear view of what was happening and of course they wound up with an audience. Both Andrea and Mike knew a couple had caught and watched them but it was Mike who recognized one of them as Eric when he finally saw the voyeur’s profile. From that day to this one Mike had kept the fact that he knew who had caught them a secret. Now, interestingly the narrowing, Andrea and Mike were in the midst of doing, seemed to put Eric right in the mix of what Andrea seemed to like.

More than once Mike almost mentioned Eric to Andrea but each time he started to open his mouth his last view of Eric and his companion came to mind. Conflicted hardly covers how Mike felt because when he recognized Eric’s face he was turning to kiss the person he was with and that person’s silhouette was a little too strong. Even now Mike was unsure if that person was a guy or gal.

Stretched out on the blanket Mike’s brows narrowed as he worked on the puzzle. If it was a guy that Eric was with did that mean Eric was gay and gay only? Conversely, if it was a gal how would Eric feel about being naked in front of another guy? And, the last bit of the equation was how he felt about the incidental contact that was bound to occur in a threesome with two guys and one gal. There were a lot of things bubbling in Mike’s mind as the reality got closer and closer.

Andrea, seem to have a radar about Mike’s feelings and looking at his pursed brow she twisted her head reaching out with a questioning glance. Ever since their first hours together Mike felt completely comfortable discussing these things with her and so told her exactly what he was thinking. Oh no not about Eric but about the guy with guy thing.

“Mike from our first talks about bringing another guy to bed we knew at the very least there would be some guy to guy contact. It’s going to happen and it seems a natural part of where this will take us. It’s also natural that that three naked people could and probably would wind up touching each other.”

“And you’re okay with that?”

“Oh Mike,” she said as she leaned in kissing him gently. “We’ve both talked about this for almost three months as we made love. I think I’ve imagined doing everything three loves can do. Surprisingly, seeing two guys touch each other sent me far over the edge more than once. So I’m more than okay with it. If it’s something you want too then I’ll look forward to the show.”

Mike expelled a relieved breath one he didn’t realize he’d been holding. Once again this amazing woman put him at ease making it possible for him to make his own choice when the time came. In those few seconds he decided to find out a bit more about Eric, his likes and dislikes. The shadows began to lengthen and the two of them packed up their stuff. Grabbing Sinop Escort Bayan the cloth shopping bag they put everything into Mike told Andrea he’d meet her back at her place after he stopped by the Chemistry lab.

Time to feel Eric out.

Dozens of phrases popped in and out of Mike’s head as he used the time walking to the Chemistry Lab to rehearse how to start such a delicate conversation. Entering the science building Mike made his way towards Eric’s small office. As a teaching Grad student, describing Eric’s office as an office was very generous as his space could easily double as a broom closet. A space far too small to council more than one student at a time so it wasn’t a surprise to find a note on the door directing any student with a question to the upstairs Chem. Lab.

Mike headed toward the stairs realizing with each step he was on his way to the very lab Eric and his partner had used to observe Andrea and him making love. No not making love, fucking, wild, mindless fucking. Thinking back to that night Mike felt his loins stir as remembered that was a risqué, insanely hot night.

Trying to get himself under control Mike knocked on the lab door and opened it. Two shocked faces turned his way. Mike had caught Eric kissing one of the hordes of coeds that populated the campus. Well, so much for wondering if Eric liked girls. Besides his flushed appearance the distortion of his jeans announced a partially hidden erection. Eric most definitely liked girls. Now Mike wondered if he had been correct when he guessed the other silhouette was a guy’s.

With guilty giggles the gal tried to cover poor Eric’s position by thanking him again and again for all his help getting her through her Chemistry class. A little disappointed she leaned in gave him a last peck on his cheek, grabbed her stuff and ran from the room. Eric just looked at Mike and shrugged his shoulders before breaking into a broad grin. The grin so infectious that Mike found himself returning it beam for beam…

“So how often does that happen?” Asked Mike

Almost sheepishly Eric answered with a smile… “More often than you might expect. You’d be surprised to know what this room has seen.”

Mike blushed. He felt the heat start in his ears and then run in a hot river over his face. Was Eric alluding to catching Andrea and him that night? Mike knew how bold they had been. Both of them naked and while displaying their naked bodies to their audience they stared brazenly into the hidden shadows. The couple in the window were backlit and mostly hidden while the light from that window lit up Andrea and him completely. Heck the very next class Mike had expected Eric to say something but through the whole semester not a word was spoken. This was the first time Eric had ever made a passing comment to that night.

Still that comment could have referred to a thousand other things too. So Mike’s mind raced trying to find a way to ask for clarification about what “this room has seen”, meant.

His mouth began to form a question and right in the middle of voicing it another way of asking the same question started to come out. Which of course meant Mike was stuttering out a batch of useless gibberish.

Eric just relaxed there casually resting his backside against one of the lab counters. His feet crossed, his hands filled grasping a clipboard and pen. His face watched Mike bumble through Escort Sinop the questions smiling mischievously knowing what Mike was trying to ask and he wasn’t going to help him one little bit. This was just too fun and somehow exciting.

Involuntarily Eric’s body began to respond to the remembered images of Mike and Andrea. Here Mike stood not too much different than that night. Except for the clothes of course. He looked at Mike trying to see the lines and curves of his body through the things he wore. He ran his eyes over mike remembering him turning towards the window almost defiantly. Andrea had just stripped every thing off the boy when he turned around. His body near hairless, nicely muscled and a taut little six pack showing but best of all was his arousal. His cock swung upward with a seductive banana curve, pale and yet flushed and engorged. He showed off so proud of his nakedness and at the same time he held Andrea’s pussy open and spread using his fingers to push her nether lips outwards. She just like Mike seemed to love showing off… With Mike facing him and his friend he couldn’t see Andrea spreading her legs wider to expose all of her open sex to their view. They were a dirty pair.

“Where is Andrea?”

Mike was so lost in his rambling he almost didn’t hear the question. As they slowly registered Mike’s insides froze. Then as quickly his body began to burn with freed ferocity.

“Eric you did see us!” Was all Mike could manage.

“You know WE saw you because the two of you were shameless exhibitionists and both of you stared up at us as we watched you.”

“Who was the other person with you?”

“What? You don’t know? How can that be? You looked right at us.”

“Yeah we looked at you but the light was behind you so all we saw were two shadowed shapes and I would not have known it was you if you hadn’t turned your head to kiss the…. Person you were with. Who was it anyway?

Eric stood there holding his peace and finally answered; “I don’t think it’s my place to tell you that. Their identity is theirs to share. If they want you to know then it’s my guess they will tell you.”

Choosing his words carefully Mike maneuvered his next statement to give Eric every opportunity to answer it with some discretion.

“You know from our angle we couldn’t even tell the sex of the other person.”

It was spoken out loud and now Mike shut his mouth to wait for whatever answer was about to come.

Eric’s knowing smile widened seeing the real question Mike was asking.

“You watched me turn my head to kiss the person I was with and now your asking me. What? Was I kissing a guy? Is that your real question?”

Eric had to stifle a laugh as he watched Mike blush again. He could have prolonged the torture as long as he wanted but he decided to take Mike off the hook and answer his questions directly. Wondering where this would take them.

“Mike, I was with one of my male students. You see I find pleasure with both sexes. Simply, I am bisexual.”

This was one of the replies Mike had anticipated but now that it was spoken he was unsure of how he felt about being alone with a guy who liked guy as well girls. Question after question shot through Mike’s head… Why, How, When but no matter how Eric would answer those questions none would bring them closer to the goal of getting Eric to be the guy who would join Andrea and him. Nor would an answer help in convincing Andrea that Eric should be the one.

So Mike did something he had never done before. He let all of sexual feelings bubble to the surface, looked at Eric and with a seductive smile said,

“I think you should join Andrea and I for lunch tomorrow.”

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