Mistaken Identity

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She sat quietly at the bar, sipping her tea. Perched on a bar stool, she swung her legs to the music, fingers of her right hand tapping the time on the bar. She put down the thermos cup, and sighed softly, glancing at her watch. She nearly jumped out of her skin when a voice suddenly said, “waiting for someone?”

She looked up, eyes wide, still startled, and had to force herself not to gape at the man standing in front of her. He was gorgeous; tall, dark-haired, broad-shouldered, with absolutely wonderful green eyes and a wicked smile. She sputtered an incoherent response, and ended up shaking her head.

He sat on the stool beside her, his arm on the bar, his lips inches from her ear. “Well then,” he said “since you’re not waiting for someone, would you be willing to spend your time with me?” Again, she was speechless, and she simply nodded her head. He chuckled, a low sound that made her shiver; she was aware of her nipples hardening, and hoped that the dim lighting of the bar hid her reaction. He caught the hunching of her shoulders and looked down, smiling when he discovered what she was trying to hide.

“What’s your name?” he asked. She took a deep breath and found her voice, “Hunny,” she answered. He smiled at her, “Lovely name for a lovely girl like you.” She couldn’t help smiling back, a spark of mischief lighting her eyes when she heard the word “girl”. She was 40, and though she could pass for younger, she didn’t think she qualified as a “girl”.

His grin broadened, that mischievous glint in her eyes raised interesting ossibilities. “What are you drinking?” She looked at her themos, then glanced back at him, “tea” she responded. “Tea?!?” he repeated, his voice incredulous. She nodded, “ginger and green tea” she explained. He frowned at her and she instinctively drew back. “Not champagne?” he asked, his expression softening when he realized he’d made her nervous. “No. It gives me a headache.” He laughed then, delighted with her honesty. “We definitely don’t want that!”

She picked up her cup, and sipped her tea again, her eyes wandering around the room before returning to his face. “Let’s get out of here,” he suggested, and was genuinely shocked when she said no. “I can’t yet,” she added. “Why not? Don’t you like me?” She hastened to reassure him that she did, “but I have to sing.” His brow cleared, “Ahhh…you’re the singer.” She nodded, “one of them.”

She poured herself more tea, and sipped it. He took the opportunity to study her again. He’s noticed her from across the room, an Asian woman, sitting on her own in a bar. She was dressed rather provocatively, and he assumed that she was a prostitute, like the many others he’d seen frequenting the bars, looking for a trick. Her hair curled softly to her shoulders, her eyes were dark and smoky, lips glistening with red gloss. She wore a short skirt that ended an inch or so above her knees, a loose blouse over a tank top. The top was low, exposing the curves of her breast, a hint of her lacy bra. He looked at her legs, they looked smooth and soft to the touch.

She looked at him, and he smiled at her. She smiled back, full pink lips curving, dark, almond-shaped eyes sparkling. He brushed her knee with his hand, “will you leave with me as soon as you finish singing,” he asked. She hesitated for a second. “I don’t know your name,” she said.

“Jeremy,” he answered.

“Where…where’s your house?” she asked.

He smiled triumphantly, knowing he had her. “I live at the Asia Apartments.”

“Really?” She wondered what he was doing in Asia; he lived in a pretty ritzy service apartment, costing a couple of thousand dollars per month.

He nodded again.

Their conversation was interrupted when the guitarist called her to sing. Jeremy listened in amazement when she sang. Her voice was smooth and sultry, he could almost imagine how she would sound when she moaned. She sang a total of 7 songs. She was flushed and smiling when she returned to him.

“You’ve got a wonderful voice.”

“Thank you, Jeremy.”

“Are you done, now?” She nodded.

“Let’s go then.”

She bit her lip, clearly hesitant. He laughed, “Don’t you trust me?”

“I…I…we just met!” she protested.

He slid an arm around her shoulders. “I won’t hurt tuzla escort you. In fact, I’m going to do everything to make you feel good. It’ll be worth your while.”

She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t believe this was happening. A fantastically good-looking man was picking her up at the bar. Part of her was frightened, the other part yearned to be touched. After a minute she nodded, throwing caution to the wind.

She gathered up her things and went with him to his car. It was an SUV, and she had to climb into it, her skirt rising higher. He grinned with appreciation, and helped her in, before walking to the driver’s seat.

He made small talk during the short drive. She could feel her heart pounding. She was so nervous, she could barely speak. When they got to hotel/apartment, he led her to his room, and she gasped when she saw how luxurious it was. Before she could say a word, he pulled her into his arms, kissing her. “I want you to sing for me, want to hear you moan,” he murmured, his hand cupping her breast, stroking her nipple. He undressed her quickly, tugging her clothes off impatiently, grinning when he saw the huge damp spot on the crotch of her lace panties.

She surrendered to his touch, her soft little cries of pleasure punctuating each of his caresses. When his finger entered her sex she moaned low in her throat. “Ah baby, you’re still so tight,” he said, “my cock is going to feel so good inside you.” She pulsed when she heard his words, and he laughed, gently adding a second finger inside her. Her thighs were spread wide, hips undulating, slick velvet tunnel dripping juices. He pushed her back onto the bed, and dipped his head and licked up her slit, flicking over her clit. She cried out again, her hips jerking. He sucked on her clit, and felt her buck and squirm. He refused to release her, his tongue tapping on her clit, teasing it, while he sucked. He felt her convulse, and felt her sex clamp around his fingers, juices running over them. He lifted his head, and looked at her dazed eyes. He withdrew his fingers and licked them, tasting her sweetness, before sharing her juices with her. He nodded in approval when she lapped at his fingers.

He told her to get on all fours on the bed and spread her thighs. Her cunt twitched when she heard his commanding tone. She quickly complied, turning her head to watch him undress. She was still breathing hard, and she licked her lips when she saw his body, muscled, toned. “Oh god,” she whispered, his cock was huge, the biggest she’d ever had. She shivered with a combination of fear and anticipation when he sheathed his cock in a condom.

He got behind her, and lightly swatted her ass. “Such a spankable, fuckable ass” he commented. He smacked her ass again and again, chuckling when she moaned and jerked. “You like that, don’t you?”, he asked, running his fingers over her drenched slit. He replaced his fingers with his cock, rubbing it against her slippery folds. He teased her clit with his cock head, pulling back when she tried to grind against him. He placed his cock head at her entrance and slowly pushed in. They both cried out when the bulbous tip popped into her tightness. She spread her legs out wider, her hips rocking back. He spanked her again; “Don’t move!” he ordered. She tried to keep still, moaning when he teased her by pulling his cock out and only re-inserting the head. Her knees trembled, she wanted him in her, it was making her crazy to feel him only an inch or so deep. She cried out, “more, oh please Jeremy give me more!”

He smiled and pushed his cock in deeper, but only two inches deeper. She moaned in pleasure and tried to impale herself further on his cock. She was stopped by another sharp slap to her ass. She whimpered in frustration as he continued to tease her, fucking her with shallow thrusts. She wanted all of him.

“Please Jeremy, fuck me! Please, PLEASE,” she begged, nearly mindless with lust. She cried out again when he pushed in deeper, but it still wasn’t deep enough. “More, Jeremy, MORE, MORE, MORE!” she shamelessly pleaded. He heard the desperation in her voice, and suddenly thrust in home, his balls slapping her clit. She screamed, a high wail of pleasure and pain, “Oh godddddddddddddddd!” ucuz escort He nearly screamed himself, she was incredibly tight around him, a hot velvet vise around his cock, holding him deep. He felt her walls ripple over his shaft. He pulled back slowly, he could feel her softness caressing every inch. He started slowly, letting her feel him, every thick glorious inch of his cock as he withdrew and pushed back in, filling her sex, stretching her open. As the pleasure built for both of them, he began moving faster, his thrusts sharper, deep and rough, his heavy sac slapping against her. He finally allowed her to move then, and reveled in the grinding of her hips, her counterthrusts, the bouncing of her breasts as they fucked.

He grabbed her nipples, pinching and twisting them, and felt her cunt squeeze him in response. He leaned over her, “Do you want to cum, Hunny? Is that what you want?” She nodded, unable to speak, her mind whirling with the pleasure. His fingers flicked over her clit, and she squealed, her body writhing, her velvet walls gripping him tighter. “Not yet, baby, not til I say, do you understand?” She groaned but nodded, trying desperately to keep her body under control. Her juices were trickling down her thighs, splattering each time his balls slapped against her. He reached down and scooped up her wetness, and rubbed it over her sensitive little ring. She tensed, but was too far gone to stop him. With one slippery finger, he probed her tight bud, suddenly pushing it inside her ass; at the same time telling her to cum hard for him now. Her eyes rolled in their sockets, the sensations were too much to bear, and with a scream of pure lust, her body exploded, her cunt and ass clenching and releasing, juices gushing over his cock. When he felt her orgasm, her soft walls squeezing his cock, he couldn’t help it, he came himself, his cock thickening and spurting hot jets of cum into the condom.

She collapsed onto the bed, breathing heavily, her cunt still quivering and twitching with little jolts of pleasure. He lay on top of her, his body heavy, possessive. She closed her eyes, every nerve tingling. She felt him pull out of her and slide off the bed. She couldn’t find the strength to move; she felt absolutely boneless. She heard him return, and gasped when she felt a warm cloth pressing against her sensitive flesh. “You’re a wet little thing,” he said, “soaked completely.” She lay there quietly as he cleaned her up. He put the cloth aside and climbed into bed beside her, pulling her close. “Such a sweet little kitten,” he whispered in her ear. She purred then, and he laughed, his large hands caressing her.

She fell asleep, deep and dreamless and awoke to pleasure. She moaned, reaching down, fingers tangling in his hair as he pressed his mouth to her sex. His tongue probed and lapped, alternately thrusting and caressing. She ground her hips against his face, her juices smearing over his chin and lips and cheeks. When he slid a finger into her ass she arched up. He suckled her clit, adding a finger to her pussy. He rocked his fingers into both tight holes, his mouth fastened on her swollen button. She was about to cum when he pulled back. She cried out with frustration, and he laughed, climbing up her body. This time he didn’t wait or tease, he simply thrust his cock into her sex, all the way in. She squealed in shock, and came hard, her body bucking wildly, her sex wrapped around his cock like a glove. He rode her through her orgasm, thrusting hard, his body relentless, his hips pumping, cock pistoning inside her. Her head tossed from side to side, her eyes were half shut, face twisted with lust. He watched her for a second, before lowering his mouth to her breasts, sucking and biting her sensitive nipples, making her body gyrate even more wildly. She couldn’t seem to stop cumming, it was one huge endless orgasm, her cunt spasming over and over. She was babbling now, begging him to stop and then to fuck her some more. He kissed her to shut her up, reaching down to pull her thighs wide open, his hands inching up to catch her ankles, spreading her wide for his pleasure.

He released her mouth and looked down, to watch his cock slide in and out of her cunt, seeing ümraniye escort and feeling her pussy lips grab at his cock. She moaned, her eyes drawn as well to the sight. With a soft cry she orgasmed again, her body going limp.

He pulled out of her pussy, and pressed his cock head against her ass. From his fingering, he knew she was very tight, and that in her current semi-conscious state she was likely to be more relaxed. He pushed hard, and his cock head slipped in. Her eyes flew open and she struggled with him. He shushed her cries with his hand, telling her to relax, it was going to feel good. He continued to push his cock in, ignoring her whimpers. She was incredibly tight, her ass was hot and his well-lubricated cock slipped in slowly. He uncovered her mouth and heard her sobbing moans. He reached down and gently played with her clit, smiling when he felt her pussy quiver in response. He didn’t stop til his cock was buried all the way inside her. He looked into her eyes, seeing the pain in the deep brown orbs. He lightly strummed her clit and watched her eyelashes flutter. As he manipulated her sensitive button, he pulled his hips back. He watched her deal with the mingled pleasure and pain. He started to fuck her ass slowly, letting her get used to the feeling. With a grunt of satisfaction, he saw the pain in her eyes slowly disappear, saw her breasts heave, her breathing become shallow as pleasure took over.

He began to fuck her in earnest, forgetting to be gentle. He needed to cum, and he was going to cum deep in her ass. Her tightness surrounded his cock, clutching it, stroking his shaft almost as if it were her hand gripping him. He rammed his cock into her tightness, and heard her cry out. He kissed her fiercely, his tongue diving deep into her mouth. He felt her surrender to him, her body his, her mouth sucking on his tongue. He rubbed her clit again and again, until her body bucked against his, cunt and ass clamping. He felt the hot rush of juices drip onto his cock and balls from her cunt, and with a loud cry he came, slamming his cock deep into her ass, and releasing his seed.

He lay on top of her again, both of them panting loudly. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. He gently withdrew from her body, and went to clean himself up. He brought another washcloth to clean her up, smiling as she thanked him quietly.

“It’s 6 a.m. I’m going to gym in a while. You should go.” She stared at him, eyes widening in disbelief. He ignored her, adding “I put $200 in your purse. I think you deserve that.”

She sputtered angrily, unable to believe what he’d just said. He said, “You’re not getting any more than that. That’s more than I’ve ever paid. I must say, you’re worth it.”

She was torn between laughter and angry tears. He thought she was a prostitute! He said impatiently, “You have to go.”

She thought about telling him off, but instead slid off the bed, walking to her clothes. She winced as she walked, her ass hurt from the rough fucking. She quietly got dressed. When she heard him go into the bathroom, she removed the $200 from her purse and left it on the table. She left before he emerged, all but running from the hotel and grabbing a taxi, wincing again as her sore bottom hit the seat.

He frowned when he realized she’d left, wondering if she’d stolen anything. While in the bathroom, he’d regretted being so abrupt with her, mainly because he realized he hadn’t had a chance to fuck that sweet little mouth of hers. He hoped she’d be there so he could make some amends, and maybe set up another meeting. “Ah well,” he thought, though it was a pity as he’d had a fantastic time. He stopped short when he saw the $200 on the table. “What the hell…” he muttered.

He went again to the bar where she sang that night, cursing when he found out it was closed. He didn’t know how to find her, and he needed to ask why she’d returned the money. He went back to the apartment, and began packing. He was leaving the next day and wasn’t expecting to be back. He told himself he shouldn’t care about a prostitute, even if the sex had been outstanding…

She had a quiet day, resting her sore body. Each little twinge made her smile, remembering how it had been obtained. However, all thoughts led to the remembrance of $200. How dare he think she was a hooker? She wondered if she’d see him again, and put that thought out of her mind. As the weeks passed, and she still didn’t see him, he became a memory that she’d occasionally dwell upon, especially while masturbating. The memory of their encounter gave her hours and hours of pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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