Mom’s Motivation: Daughter’s Prom

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Summary: Mom gives up her ass to keep daughter’s bf happy.

Note 1: This is dedicated to Larry, who requested the story.

Note 2: This is part five in the MOM’S MOTIVATION series.

In Part 1, Mom’s Motivation, Stephanie uses her sexual prowess to motivate the younger of her two grown sons into finally getting a job.

In Part 2, Mom’s Motivation: A 2nd Son, after a few fun and exciting encounters with her younger son, she invites him over for another all-nighter (while her high school senior daughter is away at a sleepover), and they’re caught in the act by her elder son, which leads to a very hot threesome. (Which only happens once Andrew, the elder son, convinces his Mom that he too can and will get a job.)

In Part 3: Mom’s Motivation: Anal Mommy, the next day the boys double penetrate their Mommy.

In Part 4: Mom’s Motivation: Daughter’s BF, Stephanie, upon discovering her daughter’s fear of losing her boyfriend Joel, decides to take matters into her own hands (for ‘matters’ read Joel’s cock), and into her mouth and pussy… willing to do anything to protect her daughter.


Part 5: Mom’s Motivation: Daughter’s Prom

Stephanie was wearing a sexy sundress with pantyhose, or crotchless pantyhose to be exact. Without panties of course, so there’d be quick access for a cock, in case an opportunity presented itself.

Tonight’s supper would host four people plus herself. Three of them had fucked her pussy at least once, and two of those had also buried themselves in her asshole on numerous occasions.

So tonight she had to make dinner and act casual while her oblivious daughter, her two horny sons and her newest fuck, Haley’s boyfriend Joel, we’re all seated together.

During Stephanie’s seduction of Joel that afternoon, her rationale had been simple: if his needs were being met by fucking her on a regular basis, he wouldn’t cheat on her daughter or break up with her. Except of course for the cheating he’d be doing with Stephanie herself. It had seemed so logical hours ago and in the heat of the moment… but now she was feeling so many conflicting other feelings.

Guilt… Stephanie had fucked her daughter’s boyfriend…. today… in this very house. And although he’d seemed pleased, she really hadn’t given him much choice about it.

Excitement… her recent flood of sucking, fucking, anal and double penetration at the hands and dicks of her two sons, and now Joel, had reawakened her sex drive from almost zero on a scale of one to a hundred in recent years, to just a tad over infinity, which had gotten her constantly needing and craving cock.

Guilt… Stephanie had been having sex regularly with her two sons for several weeks. Raw, intense, nasty sex. Which included spit-roasting, double penetration, and countless loads of cum. And earlier today she’d committed to doing the nasty ongoingly with yet another guy she really shouldn’t even be thinking about fucking.

Trepidation… how long could she keep all these secrets straight without slipping up? Her sons had no idea she’d fucked Joel today. Joel had no idea she was being an incestuous slut with her sons, and a very active one. Her daughter was clueless to any of her slutty ways… clueless both to her being a slut to her brothers, and a cum bucket for her boyfriend. Her entire house of sexual cards could come tumbling down in a heartbeat.

Guilt… Stephanie hated lying to her daughter. She loved Haley, and she kept telling herself that seducing Joel wasn’t about her own personal satisfaction, even though she had definitely enjoyed today’s encounter. But it was really about protecting her baby girl from heartbreak. Yet no one would ever believe that was why she was doing it, assuming Joel came back for more… especially not her religious and moralistic daughter.

Lust… she’d been craving more cock all afternoon ever since Joel had left. With Pandora’s fuck box open for business, the MILF was constantly horny. She’d read long ago that most women reach their sexual peak later in life. Unlike boys, who do so in their late teens… and that definitely seemed accurate.

Andrew arrived first, a good half hour earlier than anyone was scheduled to arrive.

“Hi, Mom,” Andrew greeted, hoping he could talk his way into a blow job or a fuck before anyone else arrived.

“You’re early,” she said, as she looked at the clock, the roast in the oven still needing almost an hour.

“Yeah, I was hoping to spend some alone time with my hot Mommy slut,” Andrew said, more aggressive and dominant than his younger brother.

“You don’t think you’re allowed to call me a slut whenever you want, do you?” Stephanie asked, not admitting she could definitely use a dick in her pussy right now.

“No, only whenever we’re alone,” Andrew said, walking confidently to his Mom, and noticing escort gaziantep bayan ilanları she was wearing a very convenient dress, if you valued accessibility, which he did.

“Can I can call you a mother fucker then?” Stephanie asked, unable not to respond with something nasty, and loving those two simple words that had become so dear to her heart, ‘mother fucker.’

Reaching his mother, he said, “You certainly may. I’ll be a mother fucker for life.”

“Even when I’m old and wrinkled?” Stephanie asked, as he stepped behind her and cupped her tits.

“I’ll happily fuck all three of your holes until the day you die,” he promised. Then after pondering his words, “Although that sounds a little morbid.”

Stephanie laughed, as she allowed herself to be felt up in her kitchen, “Not to worry, It’s the thought that counts. But if you want to do it again the day after that, we might have a problem.”

“Eeww, Mom!”

“Glad to hear it, son. Just checking,” she said with a wicked twinkle in her eye.

Andrew spun her around, pushed her to her knees, and ordered, “Now suck your son’s dick, you son sucker.”

“Son sucker,” she laughed as she reached for his zipper, laughing at the term. “That’s a new one.”

“Yeah, I’m a poet,” he laughed, realizing the alliteration, as he looked down and watched his hot Mom fishing out his hard cock.

“I see you’re already hard for Mommy,” she said as she stroked his hard cock.

“You know I’m always hard for you,” Andrew said, still a little in awe that his number one stroke fantasy for several years had recently become a frequent reality.

“That’s how Mommy likes it the best,” the hungry mother said. “Loaded and ready to go.”

Andrew watched his Mom lean forward and take his cock in her mouth, loving to hear her referring to herself as Mommy, which for some reason sounded so hot and nasty when used in this context instead of its usual endearing one.

“That’s it, Mom, suck my cock,” Andrew urged, watching her bob. In his fantasies she’d been an amazing cock sucker who could deep throat his cock, something only other MILFs he’d fucked could do. (Girls his own age, and younger ones even more so, were often terrible cock suckers, although they were easy lays.) And it had turned out, once she’d opened her legs and her mouth to him, that just like in his fantasies, she could deep throat him… which she was doing quite smoothly right now.

Stephanie wanted her son’s dick in her pussy, but she couldn’t predict when her other son, her daughter, or Joel might arrive. None of them typically arrived early for anything, but she didn’t wish to risk the awkwardness of getting caught getting fucking her son by Joel, and certainly not the disaster it would be if they were caught by her daughter!

“You’re the best cock sucker I’ve ever had,” Andrew said, watching his Mom smoothly sucking his cock.

“Mmmmmm,” Stephanie moaned on his cock, always loving compliments.

“I think we have time for a quick fuck,” Andrew said, loving a blow job from his Mom, loving any blow job, but always preferring to fuck. Getting a blow job was passive; fucking was aggressive, and therefore fucking was who he was.

“I’m not sure we have enough time,” she said, as she stroked his cock and wondered if there was enough time.

“We have the time,” he said, as he pulled her up, spun her around, and bent her over the kitchen counter.

“Hurry up then,” Stephanie said, wanting her son’s cock inside her badly enough to ease up on the caution.

He pulled up her dress and noted the crotchless pantyhose, “Crotchless pantyhose: fucking hot!”

“Just hurry up and slide your dick in me,” Stephanie demanded urgently.

“Such a needy slut,” Andrew said, as he obliged by sliding his cock into his hot, needy Mom.

“Yes, I know. Now just fuck your Mommy,” Stephanie moaned.

“Tell me how much you love my cock,” Andrew ordered, as he fucked her hard, knowing time was of the essence.

“I love your great big mother fucking cock,” Stephanie replied wickedly, loving to talk nasty to her son.

Andrew loved hearing his Mom talking so filthy, still dealing with his discovery that the nastiest slut he’d ever met or fucked was his very own mother. He also loved her huge tits, that he reached for and squeezed as he slammed into her. “Yeah, and I love fucking my hot Mom and using her as my cum slut.”

“And you love Mommy’s tits too, don’t you?” Stephanie moaned, as she felt them being squeezed, and she wished they had the leisure time right now for him to suck on her hard nipples and worship those big tits.

“They’re so fucking big,” he said, as he squeezed them as best he could in this position, knowing unfortunately this wasn’t the time to worship his Mom’s body.

“As is your dick,” she moaned.

“God, and your pussy is so good,” Andrew moaned, his balls quickly coming to a boil.

“Yes, eskort gaziantep bayan give me that fucking load Mommy loves so much,” Stephanie moaned, her orgasm already rising from their hard fucking and nasty talk.

It was interesting to the Mom how her two sons were different in every way… even in the ways they fucked. Alex was tender and sweet, and although he could be dominant, it didn’t come naturally for him. Andrew on the other hand, was naturally aggressive and dominant, which turned Stephanie on in a much rawer and intense way. Making love was just the ticket when she was in the mood for that, but she seldom was. Much more often she wanted to be used… fucked… pounded…. she wanted to have a man who’d grab her ears and fuck her face, would drill her asshole, would call her nasty names and cum into and onto her. She responded far more viscerally to a man who treated her like a complete slut.

Andrew could always be relied upon for that.

“Oh yeah,” Andrew said, really burning some calories with this fuck workout… the best workout in the world. “I’m not going to last long in this tight, wet cunt!”

“Come in Mommy, baby,” Stephanie moaned, often climaxing the moment a load was spewed into her, “Fill Mommy’s cunt, you nasty mother fucker.”

“Fuck, get ready for my load, Mommy slut,” Andrew grunted, feeling his balls boiling.

“Yes, fuck Mommy, fill Mommy, give Mommy your load,” Stephanie begged, her lust as usual overriding everything else.

“Fuck,” Andrew grunted, as he exploded in his Mom’s pussy.

“Yes,” Stephanie moaned, the load inside her not making her come, but fuck, was she close!

Andrew kept pumping his load deep inside his Mom.

Stephanie, desperate to come, and feeling a sudden need to take control, pushed her son back, hopped up onto the kitchen counter, pulled her son to her, and surprised him by grabbing his head and pulling it smack into her cream pie (or perhaps his cream pie, or if you want real precision, their cream pie).

Andrew was stunned, unable to comprehend how he had, seemingly instantaneously, gone from his dick in his Mom’s pussy depositing a load, to his face in that same pussy with his same cum leaking out of it. He’d been suckered into eating her pussy filled with his brother’s cum during his first sexual encounter with her… which had been humiliating, but it was the price to be paid for the chance to fuck her… but eating his own cum was a new level of disgusting!

“Eat your Mommy, Andrew,” Stephanie ordered, her hand on the back of his head. “Eat your cream pie and get Mommy off.”

Andrew was confused by his Mom’s sudden aggressive behavior, and by her order.

When he didn’t immediately start licking, Stephanie ordered, in her age old since his childhood ‘don’t you dare defy your mother’ tone, but now using far stronger language, “Young man, do as your fucking told, and eat Mommy’s cunt!”

Andrew was bewildered and a little disgusted, yet recognizing that tone, and deciding that if this was the price to pay to be allowed to fuck his Mom over and over, then so be it. So he began licking.

“Good boy,” Stephanie moaned, getting a rush from turning the tables on her dominant son. “Eat your tasty cum out of Mommy’s cunt!”

Andrew had never contemplated what male cum might taste like, nor had he ever considered eating a cream pie… he rarely ate pussy under any conditions… since that was a submissive act. Yet now he’d tasted male cum twice… albeit at least while in a pussy… and to his surprise, the taste wasn’t disgusting; no, it was a little gooey, a lot wet, and had a subtle, sweet taste.

As her son began licking faster, she moaned, her orgasm very close, “That’s it son, eat Mommy, eat Mommy’s cream pie.”

Andrew getting past his initial resistance, began licking eagerly, pushed away the notion he was eating his cum, and focused instead on getting his Mom off.

“Oh yes, eat Mommy, eat my pussy, suck my clit,” Stephanie moaned, knowing she’d erupt soon, while enjoying putting her dominant son in his place for a bit.

Andrew sucked on his Mom’s clit, and within seconds she screamed, her orgasm flooding out of her as she returned some of his cum back into Andrew… in the kinkiest version of recycling ever.

Andrew lapped up his Mom’s cum, knowing he was eating his own cum, but now not caring.

Stephanie enjoyed her orgasm, and then as soon as it began to dissipate, she pushed her son’s head away and hopped off the kitchen counter.

“Go clean up, you have Mommy’s cunt cum all over your face.”

“Don’t tell Alex what just happened,” Andrew urged her as he stood up.

“What? That you ate your own cum?” Stephanie taunted, enjoying the clear discomfort in her son’s eyes.

“Yes, exactly that,” Andrew said.

“We’ll see,” she shrugged, enjoying playing with his head. “Depends if you’re a good boy or not.”

“I’m escort gaziantep bayan serious,” Andrew said.

This made Stephanie shift from teasing to terse. “Don’t you dare give me attitude, young man. Is that clear?”

“Y-y-yes, sorry, Mom,” Andrew stammered, surprised by the sudden change.

“I don’t mind being your Mommy-slut, I love sucking your big cock and taking it in my cunt and ass,” Stephanie said, sounding so laissez-faire as she said such kinky shit. “But I’m still your mother, and when we aren’t fucking, I’m in charge. Got it?”

“Yes, sorry Mom,” Andrew repeated, no way was he going to allow the most amazingly good thing to come to an end, just because of his ego and a little humiliation.

“Good, because you’ll be eating my cum-filled cunt often,” she said, just as the front door opened.

“Now go clean up,” she whispered, turning away from him and checking the oven timer.

Andrew quickly pulled his pants up and hurried to the washroom, his head spinning at the wild encounter and sudden turn of events. His mother, he was realizing, could switch her personality and mood in a heartbeat, just like every other woman he’d ever met. Which was why he couldn’t fathom ever getting married. Why get stuck with one woman for your entire life and have to put up with all the negatives of a relationship, if you could just fuck and go?

Haley walked in and said, “Hi, Mom.”

“Hey, honey, how was your day?” Stephanie asked, still feeling a little keep-it-secret wetness leaking out of her.

“It was good,” Haley said. “Joel and I had a great talk.”

“You did?” Stephanie asked in her caring, motherly tone. “That’s terrific!”

“Yeah, he said he wasn’t in a rush to… you know… and he both understood and respected my feelings.”

“That is good,” the mother said, happy to hear her plan seemed to have solved a potential problem before it became an actual one.

“Yeah, I know I can’t wait forever,” Haley said. “I mean you made some good points yesterday, but I’m just not ready yet.”

“Then wait until you are,” Stephanie said. “You only lose your virginity once. You’ll know when it’s right.”

“I hope so,” Haley said, loving Joel, but not yet certain how she felt about sex.

“Trust me, you’re worth waiting for,” Stephanie said, just as Andrew walked in.

“Worth waiting for what?” Andrew asked.

“Nothing,” Haley said, flipping from happy to annoyed in a heartbeat.

“Still not giving it up to Joel?” Andrew asked.

“Not so, we’re actually banging all the time now,” Haley said sarcastically.

“You’d better be, or soon he’ll be banging some cheap slut, if he isn’t already,” Andrew said.

“Andrew, that isn’t particularly great advice,” Stephanie objected, knowing that as of today, he was banging some slut, just not a cheap one.

“Just saying,” Andrew said.

“What you’re ‘just saying’ is that guys are pigs,” Haley said, glaring at him.

“Oink, oink,” Andrew said with an unapologetic smirk, loving to push his sister’s pretentious haughtier than thou attitude.

“Joel isn’t a pig like you,” Haley said.

“You got that… wrong. All guys are pigs if they’re given the chance,” Andrew said. “Some of them just hide it better than those of us who’re up front about it.”

“Let’s talk about something else,” Stephanie said, this conversation going nowhere, and in addition it felt uncomfortable, making her feel just a little bit guilty and a little bit slutty. “How’s work, Andrew?”

“It’s a job,” he shrugged.

“It’s hard to believe you can handle such a terrible hardship,” Haley jibed.

“You two,” Stephanie sighed. “Be civil to each other, at least.”

“Sorry, Mom,” Andrew said, not wanting to annoy his Mom.

“Yeah, sorry,” Haley said. “Can I help you with dinner?”

“Sure, can you cut some lettuce for a salad?” Stephanie asked, and suddenly, a few minutes after getting fucked royally, and fewer minutes after forcing her son to eat his own cum, the house only seemed like the setting for a wholesome family gathering.

Alex and Joel arrived and they all chatted, had dinner and then, as usual, the sons went downstairs to watch some sports, while Joel, who’d been staring at his girlfriend’s mother all night, although slyly, since he sure didn’t want his girlfriend to notice… or her brothers, either.

“I’ll help, Ms. Friesen,” Joel offered.

“That’s sweet of you,” Stephanie smiled, just as her daughter’s phone rang.

“I have to get this,” Haley said.

“Go ahead,” Stephanie said.

Once they were alone, Stephanie said, “I hear you had a significant chat with my daughter.”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “I do love her.”

“And will you be requiring some secret attention to help keep yourself focused?” Stephanie asked, as she brought her hand to his crotch, not surprised to find it was hard.

“I may require a lot of attention,” he said.

“I can… feel that,” she said, fully aware that her sons were downstairs and her daughter upstairs.

“I need to come soon,” Joel said, even though he knew taking advantage of this woman’s love for her daughter was wrong.

“You do, do you?” Stephanie asked, still on the prowl, and wondering how much time they had. So who was taking advantage of whom?

Before they could do anything, Haley came downstairs and said, “I need to go and see Jamie.”

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