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Big Dicks

*all characters names have been changed to protect their identity*

I swept the coasters off the table into the black bag I was holding, beer soaking my fingers for the thousandth time that hour. The pub was buzzing, and I was starving, and the clock was ticking as slowly as it possibly could.

I was going to see Amber, my girlfriend, after my shift was over, but it was taking its time. I was fit to burst with excitement to see her, and my body ached for hers. The thought of her was all that kept my mouth shut when some drunk asshole started running his own.

I could sneak occasional glances at my phone, but my boss watched with a hawks eye. I went back behind the bar, dumped the bin bag and looked around. Alone behind the beer taps I pulled my phone out, glancing at the screen.

One text, from her

“Are you busy rn?”

I tapped out a reply

“I’m working? Why?”

“Just wondered if you could call for a sec. It’s really important”

My heart did that drop thing when I read that, so that I felt a sort of empty space in my chest for a second. What could be so important that she needed me to call her at work? Something must be wrong. Once again, i cast a practiced eye around the pub. Michelle, the manager, was talking to someone at their table. I began to walk back to the cellar, calling

“I’ll be back in a second”

She was too busy talking to ask why I was going into the back, so I hauled ass out through the freezing barrel room to the dim cellar. I checked my phone. One missed video call. Questions still running through my head, I hit the button and waited, the dialling tone vibrating through my hand, the milky glow of the screen bathing my face.

She answered after a few rings, and a question formed on my lips, but died just as quickly as it had began.

Amber was laying on her bed, propped up on her headboard, her perfect smooth thighs framing her face Ankara travesti as she massaged her clitoris with the pink vibrator I’d bought her.

My jaw dropped, the sight shocking me for a second. The combination of confusion and arousal stopped me making any coherent sounds, and instead I just watched as she moaned, her vagina clenching visibly as she gasped.

The sounds she makes during sex are incredible. One of my favourite things for her to do is blindfold me and tease me with her fingers, talking the whole time. Her voice is ridiculously sexy, and her sighs and gasps turn me on like nothing else.

“Ohh I’m coming baby, I’m coming” she moaned, the drone of the toy reaching a peak as she sighed, and then moaned, and finally bucked her hips, an orgasm rocketing through her.

I was rock hard, my jeans straining to keep my bulge in. Her orgasm subsided, and she lay her ass back down onto the bed, and opened her legs. She teased the head of the vibrator over her clit a few more times, gasping and giggling as she did so, her oversensitive mound slick.

The sight of her so wet was almost enough to make me cum hands-free. Her perfect pussy was glistening with wetness, the tiniest bit of cream hovering at her entrance. I began furiously unbuckling my belt, and I watched her begin to finger herself with one hand and massage her perfect tits with the other. Her mouth formed a perfect o as she moaned again. I was close already, the erotic sight in front of me impossible to resist. She was finger fucking her own cream into herself now, and moaning my name.

“Show me when you cum baby” she moaned, and I just had time to switch the camera around before cuming explosively across the cement floor, my girlfriends perfect pussy all I could think about.

She purred good boy as the last of my cum spurted out, and then put the phone down.

I cleaned my mess up and washed my Antalya travesti hands, trying desperately to focus on work when I returned. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and at the next opportunity I checked it.

It was a picture of her, a hand on one of her round ass cheeks, the other between her legs, showing off her asshole and pussy in one shot.

Immediately I felt myself start to harden again, which almost hurt so soon after finishing.

Another notification popped up. I tapped on it, and a gorgeous view of amber, on her knees, the tip of a suction cup dildo resting on her lips greeted me. A small moan escaped my lips, and my second erection in five minutes reached full mast. I had to put my phone away and serve some stupid drinks to some drunk old fucks, and I poured them out quickly, cursing them under my breath.

I hurried their change from the till and practically ran to the toilet. I pulled my jeans down again, sitting in the cramped cubicle, freeing my tucked up erection. My cock head was red and thick, already glistening with precum. I was almost scared to touch it for fear of finishing instantly. I opened her chat and saw a stream of red and purple notifications, a mix of videos and pictures. My heart quickened. I clicked the first one.

It was a video of her in the same pose, pushing the dildo into herself, slowly, sensually, the lubed flesh like silicone sliding in easily. My jaw dropped an inch for every one she pushed into herself, her pussy stretching to accommodate the girthy rubber cock. She gasped as it bottomed out, the fake balls touching her ass. She let go of it, and the video ended, the last thing I saw her pussy clenching around the huge dildo. I’d began instinctively jerking off, and I forced myself to stop.

I opened the next one, a picture. It was the dildo between her perfect breasts, dripping onto her chest. I screenshotted, and then opened İstanbul travesti the next attachment. A video of her, a cheeky smile on her pretty face, kneeling next to the thick dildo, which was stuck on the wall with a suction cup. She “jerked it off” a few times, and then kissed and licked the tip a few times, and then began bobbing her head on it, tasting her own cum on it. It abruptly cut off, a millisecond from me cumming.

The next was a selfie of her, the tip of the dildo resting on her tongue, with the caption “this could be you but you’re away…”.

I opened the next one, a video. It was from behind, a low angle, probably on the floor, of her viscously riding the dildo. Her hand was on her clit, and she was moaning my name. A few seconds of this, my orgasm rapidly building, and then she grabbed the edge of her bed, panting “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…. Oh my god I’m coming”.

The video cut off, only to be replaced by a video of perfect tits being fondled. My cock was raw from rubbing now, despite the copious amounts of precum oozing from my tip. Then came a snap of her, wearing a pink thong, which she’d pulled to the side, her fingers buried in her pussy to the knuckle.

She knows I love that, thongs pulled to the side. Then came a video of her cleaning her fingers with her mouth. Then a video of her sliding a tiny red butt plug into her tight asshole. An audible pop was accompanied by a gasp. I was desperate to cum now, my balls were aching harshly.

I dared to open the last video. She was on her back on her bed, legs propped up. The dildo was balls deep in her perfect pussy, and butt plug still in her ass. And on her stomach, just under the boobs she was cupping with her hands, were the words written in black pen ‘Alex’s Slut’.

I came explosively, the sight pushing me instantly over the edge. My balls tightened, and a jet of cum fired from my tip, hitting the cubicle door, a second rope splashing onto the floor. My stomach tensed as I released, the image of my perfect pornstar girlfriend burning with passion in my mind.

As I came down from my orgasm high, she’d sent another message:

“Come here for round two baby x”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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