Morning Wood

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He was aroused at the odd hour of 3 AM. Nearly always upon awakening there was an erection present – not usually associated with any erotic dream – just a natural part of being a man. But sometimes, like this morning, his erection was unusually stiff. In fact its iron hardness was a little uncomfortable. Jack rolled over, tying to find a comfortable position again in an attempt to get back to sleep. The “woody” he now sported would have none of that. He was now fully awake, there was no way he could get back to sleep with this hard on. Although masturbation was an option, it would be difficult to explain to Ellen the imperative that led to it – should he be discovered in the middle of the night pulling his pud. He feared he would be thought of as taking a solitary selfish pleasure rather than what it was – attempting to relieve an uncomfortable situation. He weighed his options, then slid over towards his wife who was sleeping as always belly down, left knee drawn up a little, and began to kiss the back of her neck and caress the sides of her breast and thigh.

In a minute or two a sleepy Ellen mumble through a fog: “What are you doing, Jack?”

“Just luvin’ ya up” was the simple reply.

“It’s 3 o’clock Jack”

“Yes, I know”

In spite of her protestations, Jack persisted and was encouraged when he could tell that her nipple was now becoming erect. A minute or two more and he knew he had won her over when she turned fully on her stomach and reached back her hand to clutch his raging member. She found that he had already shucked off his briefs. From her point of view, though she did not ordinarily care for being woken at this hour, there would be at least some payoff. This was of course not the first time it happened – perhaps a dozen times in their 11 year marriage so far. And in view of the circumstances Ellen pretty much knew she dictated the position they would use for this little quickie.

From otele gelen escort her prone position with her face away from Jack (neither wanted the other subjected to their ‘morning breath’) she began to finger Jack’s pole while he slid his fingers between her pussy lips. in only 1/2 a minute there was more than enough lubrication to get to the nitty gritty.

Jack knelt between her parted legs and gently pulled her ass towards his meat. She lazily complied going all the way back and sat down on her heels face still resting on the bed. Jack’s dick was already making its entry when she settled herself. Ten or so slow long strokes later she was fully wet, in fact Jack could feel her fingernails toying at her clit and occasionally his balls.

Jack was already primed well, and the willing generosity of his wife, and the aromas of sex arising from them was inflaming him further. It could not have been more than 60 seconds from the time of penetration till Jack was pumping what seemed like quarts of jizz into his wife’s now well warmed up hole. He could see that Ellen would not be denied an orgasm too because as he tried to withdraw she scooted back to meet him. Although his erection had lost a little firmness it was still quite satisfactory. He then stayed there, and allowed Ellen to take the more active role. By now she was rocking back and forth and clawing at her cuntlips and clit. Jack reached around and tweaked at her nipples as she rode back and forth on his pole. Finally, she grasped her pillow tightly with her free arm and bit into it. She emitted muffled grunts as she began to buck under him, finally collapsing forward as her climax waned……………………………………………. ……………………………….It was now 4:20 AM, Jack was now sleeping soundly and Ellen was wide awake. There was a full two hours of potential pendik escort sleep left, but no position, no counting of sheep, would do it. Jack basically has two sleeping positions, now he was on his stomach facing slightly right and his right knee slightly drawn up – basically a mirror image of Ellen’s favored position. The other position is straight up – flat on his back. She knew that it would not be long before he rolled over to his back and now a plan was forming. As expected in five minutes Jack had rolled to his back.

Mischievously, Ellen ducked her head under the blanket and moved over towards him taking care to shake the bed as little as possible. She arrived at Jack’s cock, it was again straight up. She now engulfed him taking in as much as she could making a tunnel of love with her lips and tongue and moving her head up and down. coating his tool with saliva, it still tasted of their fuck from less than an hour before.

Jack gradually became aware of a pleasant sensation between his legs and a dream which had him camping alone in the woods quickly transformed itself to him fucking Ellen in his tent. But now he was arousing from sleep – Ellen was now nipping the undersurface of his dick playfully with her teeth. It didn’t take too long for Jack to figure out what was happening, he made no protests – he was enjoying her “revenge”.

Noting that he was awake, Ellen threw her leg over him and, voila “69”, without even disengaging from sucking his dick. The tasty morsel looking down from above him beckoned. Ellen sought to entice his tongue by rocking her pelvis as if to mimic fucking his face. He dove in pointing his tongue and burying it as deeply as he could. His face was greeted with the still steamy wetness of their earlier activities.

Next Ellen gripped his slimy cock and began to work it with one hand while sucking/licking the rus escort head and reaching back to push her middle finger deep up her asshole. As she continued Jack, always wanting to be helpful, moistened a finger of his own with the abundant juices and slid it in beside hers, the fingers slid across each other as he timed his in-strokes opposite hers.

Moments later she was bucking in an apparent orgasm. When it subsided Ellen’s mouth was getting tired, she rolled off of him on her back, lifted her knees high holding them up with her elbows while her hands parted her asscheeks and toying with her little puckered hole with her nails. Jack needed no further invitation (anal sex was not a frequent part of their lovemaking) for this treat. His cock was already well lubed with saliva and abundant juices augmented that as he gently, slowly entered her nether hole. Bit by bit, in a 1/2″ – out a 1/4″, until all his staff disappeared.

He allowed her to acclimate and relax herself for a minute before resuming slow short strokes. Each time the strokes became longer as he felt her anal sphincter relax. He noted the initial tenseness in her face gave way to a lusty smile as she gazed at him while he took her where she rarely allowed. Now Ellen jammed her middle and index fingers into her cunt (she could sense her husbands dick head in her asshole moving through the walls of her pussy) while grinding on her clit with the heel of her palm.

The pace cautiously quickened when Jack was satisfied of his wife’s comfort. Jack reveled in their lusty tryst, enjoying his wife’s abandon. He began to feel her asshole clinch on him as she again began to buck in cascades of pleasure. He had stopped stroking but the joy-spasms around his concrete hard dick began to milk what remained of his love juices. As he relaxed he was surprised at her final wave which expelled both his cock from her ass and sprayed pussy juice all over his pubic hair and lower abdomen.

The deed done, Jack got up to get a washcloth from the bathroom – he knew that he would be obligated since it was he that started all this in the first place. They curiously both woke up 10 minutes before the alarm sounded, fully refreshed from the night and with an inner smile that was difficult to keep only on the inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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