Mr. Lucky

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Joe was feeling lucky. He had $400 to drop at any casino table of his choice. The colorful lights inside the casino blinked and spun and lit up the entire floor. The bells of the video poker machines chimed. He stopped at a poker machine, and on the first try he won $5. On the second, $10. A beautiful blonde holding a serving tray approached him.

“Good evening,” she smiled and flipped her long hair. “What can I get you to drink?” Her red lips were plump like berries. Her slinky black dress hugged every curve or her body. Her blue eyes captured and held his.

“Can I get a scotch and Seven?” he asked.

“Absolutely.” As she sashayed away, he watched how the hemline of her dress swished to and fro, almost revealing her ass cheeks. He felt lucky, indeed. He kept playing the poker slots until she returned.

He placed the $10 bill on her tray to cover the drink and the tip then took the class. He lifted it up toward her and said, “Cheers!” She smiled and said cheers back. Then she walked away toward the slot machines.

He walked the floor and found the blackjack tables, the hallway to the poker tables, and one of the many small bars located throughout the casino. Small groups and couples sat at the tables, but all the bar stools were open except one. An attractive lady sitting by herself at the bar chatted with the bartender. She had long wavy brown hair and was laughing with her whole body. She reminded him of someone, but this lady was far more sensual. He circled back to the poker table and waited to get a seat. Many of the customers at the poker table seemed so comfortable that they must be regulars. Although he would normally feel intimidated, he was glad to have cash that, if he lost it all, it didn’t matter. He was treating himself out of nostalgia for his exhilarating past, the one when he visited the casino often and enjoyed the thrill of winning.

Finally, in a seat to the left of the dealer, he put out his blinds and waited for his two cards. A suited Jack-Ace. It would be hard to go wrong with a hand like that. Then, the flop. The two of hearts, a five of spades, and an eight of clubs. He tried not to look disheartened because he didn’t feel so lucky anymore. He bet 10 on the flop. Two players folded and two called his bet. He didn’t have to show his cards. On the turn, the dealer laid down an ace of hearts. He checked. The first player checked and the second raised to 20. Joe called the bet, then the second player folded. He was left with one other player. On the river the dealer laid down the Jack of diamonds. Joe took a breath and raised 20 hoping not to scare the other player away. The other player called. When they showed their cards, Joe was pleased with his pairs of jacks and aces. But the other player had a straight: ace, king, queen, jack, and 10. “Great hand!” Joe said and nodded to his opponent.

“Can I buy you a drink?” his new friend asked.

“Don’t mind if you do.” They chuckled. “I’m Joe.”

They shook hands. “Steve.” Joe guessed they were roughly the same age. For several hours Joe and Steve traded dirty jokes. Steve had never been married. Steve took a long Sakarya Escort sip of his jack and coke and sighed. “Haven’t found one to put up with me yet.” And he laughed.

Joe had been married for almost a year.

“What’s her name?” Steve asked.

“Elizabeth. But I call her Liz.” He said they had fallen into a routine quickly, perhaps because they had dated for so long. “But she has her surprising moments, if you know what I mean.”

Joe lost a few, won a few more, and was finally up $400 when he decided to cash out his chips.

He found a barstool at the bar and noticed the brunette from earlier was still alone. She was no longer talking to the bartender. She had her phone out texting someone. Joe ordered another drink and glanced over at the woman with a smile. She was looking at him, and when they made eye contact, she smiled and looked away. She was his type: tall, tan, athletic, with long hair. Her legs were brown and went on forever. She wore strappy gold heels. Her red dress matched her lipstick. Joe felt the woman’s eyes on him and he glanced over. She had been sitting cross-legged and her short skirt barely hid anything. He imagined spreading her legs, pushing her dress up and eating her sweet pussy right there in the bar. The brunette had her attention on her phone again. Joe ordered another drink and dug his phone out of his pocket. There was a text from his wife. He hadn’t texted his wife since he got to the casino. Had he just forgotten about her for an hour? He said he was having a good time and she said she was, too. She texted back that she was going to bed early and would talk to him in the morning.

He kept sipping his scotch and watching the sports news on the tv behind the bar. She slid over to the seat beside him. At first he didn’t look at her. He felt like his smile would be too big and give him away.

“I’ve been watching you,” she said, looking at the tv.

“I’ve been watching you watch me,” he said, not making eye contact.

In a very soft voice that only he could hear she asked, “Have you ever been picked up from a casino bar before?”

“Never,” he said. “And I’m a married man, just so you know.”

“I saw the ring,” and she nodded to his left hand. “Nothing wrong with talking, is there?”

“No ma’am.”

“Why are you here alone?”

“I needed a night out.”

“Away from your wife?”

“Sometimes you have to.”

Bridget swiveled the stool with the shift of her hips, her knees pointed directly at his crotch. “Tell me. What’s she like, your wife?”

“Why would you want to know something like that?”

“She’s a lucky girl. I want to know her secret.” Bridget held her empty glass up for the bartender. He nodded and poured her another.

“She’s smart. Attractive. She has this brightness to her, and when she walks into a room she’s like sunshine.” He paused. “And she’s devilishly sexy.”

“I see,” said Bridget as she reached in her purse. “I’ve never done this. I have a room that overlooks the strip. I have to leave at 6am to fly back east. We’ll never see each other again.” She placed the Sakarya Escort Bayan room card on the bar and clamped her purse shut. “One night. That’s it.” And she slid off the stool and disappeared into the lights and sounds of the casino.

Joe sat on the stool and flipped the room card over and over in his hands. On the sleeve someone had written in Sharpie marker: 357. He tapped the card three times on the shiny wood of the bar and downed his drink.

The elevator took him to the third floor of the hotel, and his feet walked steady past room 351, room 353, room 355. Then 357. He knocked on the door. A pause before she turned the knob. When she pulled the door open they smiled at each other—both recognizing what was about to happen. Her smile was quite innocent momentarily, her eyes dropped to the carpet, but suddenly she looked up and her smile became mischievous. She wore the same pair of gold heels, but she’d changed into a silky tan robe than stopped just above her knees. The single lamp in the background backlit her hair and rimmed her entire body with a soft light. He thought she looked half angelic and half devilish. He was drawn to this woman with every inch of his body and soul.

“Come in,” she offered, and he did. When the door closed he grabbed her around the waist and moved her against the wall, maintaining eye contact. He delicately kissed her neck at first, then more voraciously, and moving up her neck he kissed her cheek and found her lips waiting. She kissed him back energetically and with an unquenchable passion.

They ravished each other’s bodies, kissing for some time. Eventually his hands slipped inside her robe to find her hard nipples, and her hands slipped over the crotch of his pants to feel his erection. She moaned in delight when he went down to kiss her nipples. Her head tilted back and her back arched for him to take her breasts entirely. He was like an animal trying to touch every part of her as quickly as it could. She allowed him to caress her hips, her buttocks, her thighs, her wetness. He loosened her robe to find her completely naked except for a pair of skimpy lace panties and her heels. Without looking up, he led her backwards toward the bed and sat her on the edge. He placed his palm on her chest then slowly pushed her backwards onto the bed while moving his palm down her abdomen, down to her wet panties. He spread her legs and ran his tongue over her panties, feeling around for her clit. Once he found it, he breathed warm air across her until she moaned. He tugged her panties down to her ankles. He kissed her thigh several times then softly bit it causing her back to arch. She let out a moan that was so raw that he couldn’t help but commence licking her wetness with his tongue. He held his tongue out and made it as flat as possible, licking her up and down, covering as much area as possible. He could tell she enjoyed it because she grabbed his hair in a tight fist and moved his head where she wanted it. He continued as she commanded, hungrily sucking and licking and even light biting until she pleaded with him to stop. “I’m so close. I want to cum Escort Sakarya with you,” she said.

He raised up and looked down into her eyes. It was hard for them not to kiss. They both breathed heavily, their chests heaving, both longing to lunge at the other. She rubbed his cock through the crotch of his pants, then unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his pants; his cock fell into her hands, and she mouthed an “OH” and immediately devoured him, taking him all the way into the back of her throat, at first slowly pumping with her lips, then securing her hold on his shaft, forcing him deeper. He could tell she wanted him so entirely. He placed his hands on top of her head gently, then ran his fingers through her soft hair, along her skin, gently holding her head while looking down at her. She was so good, seeming to know exactly what he liked but added a few unexpected licks and sucks to his balls. She kept sucking him, and soon he gently pushed her head back-and-forth, just enough to show her how close he was getting. She slowed down and sucked just the head of his cock and kissed him lightly on the tip. He felt she was going to stop, but suddenly she took him in her mouth hungrily, even faster and stronger than before. He couldn’t stop her. She was insatiable.

“Slow down, babe,” he whispered breathlessly. “I’m close.” He pulled her up from the bed and turned her around, her back to his. He hugged her breasts with his hands and kissed her neck. Then he made little circles with the flat of his hand on her right ass cheek, over and over, until finally he asked, “Do you like to be spanked?” She moaned, giving her consent. He spanked her firmly. She moaned loudly with delight. “Do you like that?”

She moaned an answer. “Please,” she begged. “Again.” He spanked her again, the next time a little more forcefully. She loved it and she moaned louder and breathlessly. “Take me now,” she demanded.

“No.” He said.

“Plea—” and he spanked her again. She moaned, pleadingly in ecstasy. He slid inside her, letting her take in each inch of his cock slowly. Each time he pushed further, she moaned, whimpered, breathed out a loud exhale. “Give me the whole thing,” she begged. He pulled himself out except for the head of his cock. He pumped her with just the head to enjoy hearing her exasperated moans.

“Want me?” He asked.

“God, yes.” He knew she was dizzy with desire. He took a deep breath and plunged into her, deep into her moistness. She squeezed his cock from the inside, milking him. The intensity made him harder than he’d ever felt before. His heart raced, his skin perspired, he felt light-headed. She screamed in delight, then her breathing changed into a fast-pace. “I’m coming!” she alerted him. Those were the magic words for him. He couldn’t stop. They were pushing each other to the edge at the same time. As he exploded inside of her, she felt the warmth of his seed claim her completely. He held her around the waist so she wouldn’t collapse. He wanted to feel her muscles contract around his cock. It had never been like this. So passionate.

He finally positioned her on her side and he laid facing her. Once their breathing slowed, he reached out to play with her hair. Her beautiful face glowed pink. “I love you, Liz.” She smiled.

“Are we going to do this every anniversary?” she asked, smiling.

“Most definitely.” And he cupped her head in his hands and kissed her softly.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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