My Friend Bill

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Big Tits

I’ve known Bill since Kindergarten and although I’ve always considered him one of my oldest and best friends I think back now and realize that him and I were never really that close. In fact I can only remember hanging out with him maybe five or six times but I’m sure it was a lot more.

Bill was also the only one of my friends that I wasn’t so sure about when it came to his sexuality. He had always been a peculiar kind of person the entire time I knew him. He always had a soft kind of effeminate voice and the way he carried himself I had always thought maybe he was gay. But, for nearly the entire time I’ve known him he’s always had a girlfriend and a hot one at that.

About two years after graduating from High School I was walking home from the other side of town after withdrawing some money from my bank when Bill’s car pulled up beside me. I hadn’t seen or heard from Bill in about a year up to that point so I was happy to see him. He offered me a ride home which I great accepted. It didn’t take long to get to my house and when we got there I invited Bill in to hang out for a while. We sat in my kitchen drinking Pepsi and catching up on old times and laughing our asses off. I think this was the first time in probably more than three years that Bill and I had actually hung out.

After finishing up our soda I asked Bill if he was going to head out or if he was going to stick around for Uşak Escort a while. He told me he had nothing to do so he was going to hang out with me for a while. I was happy as hell because Bill was a funny motherfucker and I hadn’t hung out with him in so long. Bill knew that I had porno movies and he wanted to watch one of them so him and I went up to my bedroom and I put on a porno movie.

I told Bill to make himself at home and I walked into my bathroom to take a piss. I walked back down the hall into my room and sat down in my chair. Bill was sitting on my bed watching the porno. We both sat in a kind of awkward silence for a little while then I told Bill that if he wanted he could feel free and jerk off.

“Oh Ok.” he said.

He laid back on my bed and I heard him undo his pants. He had on a pair of multi-button jeans and when he pulled the buttons open it sounded like someone popping a sheet of bubble wrap. I continued watching the porno not paying much attention to what Bill was doing behind me but after a few minutes I casually turned to look at him. In his hand he held the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It literally had to be a foot long and thick as hell. Bill’s cock looked like one of those huge pepperoni sticks that one could get in a store around the holidays.

I had no intentions to do anything with Bill at all but a few minutes later I turned to him Uşak Escort Bayan and said the same thing that I said to my friend Chris.

“I’m not gay or anything, but would you like some help?”

“That’d be ok.” Bill replied.

I got out of my chair and walked over to my bed. I sat down next to Bill and in my left hand I gripped his cock. It was so big that I couldn’t even wrap my hand entirely around the shaft. This was the first moment when I actually got to make out any details of Bill’s cock and the only thing that I didn’t like was that he was completely uncircumcised. He had a big puffy hood covering the head of his cock and at that moment I had second thought about doing anything with him.

I was turned off because I had always heard storied of the bacteria and what not that can be found under the hood a a cock so I especially didn’t want to be sucking his cock.

I stroked his cock as best as I could without being able to get my entire hand around it and within a few minutes I felt comfortable enough to go down on him. Sucking Bill’s cock was very different then sucking my friend Chris’s or my friend Craig’s cocks. The hood covering the head of Bill’s cock was definitely something I could have done without. I don’t know how long I sucked his cock for but it was probably only five minutes or so and then I asked Bill to return the favor.

I laid Escort Uşak back on my bed with my legs dangling over the side and Bill knelt in front of me. Without using his hands Bill took my cock into his mouth.

As soon as he put his mouth on my cock it felt so fucking good. My friend Chris had ‘sucked’ me before but he’d only take my cock in his mouth for a few seconds at a time. Bill on the other hand took my cock into his mouth and went to town.

Bill’s blow job felt so good it literally made my eyes cross due to the pleasure. I felt paralyzed while Bill was sucking my cock and I didn’t want him to stop. I don’t know how long it lasted but before I knew it I heard Bill say; “Ew.” and I watched him spitting my cum out onto my legs and balls.

I couldn’t have felt more like an asshole at that point and I apologized over and over for what I had just done. But I was in so much pleasure I didn’t even know I was cumming. He didn’t say anything but I could tell that Bill was pissed and I kept apologizing as much as I could.

I told Bill that I’d let him cum in my mouth or something but he didn’t want to do that. I ended up sucking his cock until the last possible second and then Bill shot his cum all over my stomach, balls and cock. When he finished cumming I continued apologizing for cumming in his mouth. Bill assured me that it was ok but I could still tell that he didn’t like me doing that.

We left my room and went back into my kitchen and drank another glass of soda before Bill left. After Bill was gone I walked back up to my room and I was kept calling myself ‘Stupid.’

I truly thought that I had just ruined a friendship.

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