My Friend Harshita Ch. 01

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It all began in April of 2017 when I went to visit Harshita first time after her break up. It has been 5 years since I have known her and we have been a really good friend since. In the past 1.5 years, she had been in a relationship with a senior of her college but it all ended up in November 2016. Her name is Harshita, she has 32D boobs and stands on a bit chubbier side.

After her break up, she was all gloomy for a month and I tried to console her and she was alright in some time. Soon we started talking about our fantasies and how our ex-partners could never fulfill it.

She told me that many times her ex-boyfriend would ejaculate within a few strokes of getting inside her which left her unsatisfied. She then had to finger herself to cum and sometimes ask him to lick her pussy. Then she laughingly said that due to this, he really became pro with his tongue.

I planned a trip to Indore where she studied. I had so many things running in my mind on how will I seduce her and get her on the bed. I booked two rooms, a budget one and a good suite in the same hotel so that no one would doubt what was about to happen. I told her the dates I was coming and made some plans with her.

The first two days were pretty normal, she had to go to the college and then she came to meet. We talked casually and she introduced me to some of her friends.

On the casino oyna third day which was a Sunday, we went out in the morning, visited a couple of places, and had lunch. Then I suggested going to some garden or park. I told her that we can sit in some corner so that we have privacy. She agreed. We went there and we were sitting in a corner. I couldn’t control my urge to do something to her.

I told her to close her eyes and as soon as she did that, I pinned her on the ground and started kissing her. For the first few minutes, she was just trying to push me away but couldn’t as her lips were tightly locked with mine. Eventually, she started giving a positive response.

We kept kissing for a few more minutes until my hand reached her pussy inside her jeans. I started fingering her, she was already wet with what was happening to her. She was moaning in between the kisses and then held her breath for a second just to tell me that we should not be doing this here in the open and instead, go somewhere else.

We remained like that for some time and then decided to go to our room. It was already 6 pm when we left and we had to hurry as she needed to be back in her hostel by 9 pm. We went inside the hotel together and we checked into different rooms. I told her that I will come to her room to resume our fun.

We went to our separate rooms and after 10 canlı casino minutes, I left mine and went towards her room. I rang the bell but got no response. I called her and she said that the room was open and just to come inside directly.

I was awestruck when I entered the room. I saw her clothes on one side of the bed and that she was hiding under the blanket. Only her face could be seen from outside.

I went near her leg and crawled inside the blanket just to see her neatly shaven pussy right in front of me. I started licking and fingering it while the room was filled with her moans until her first orgasm hit her. Then I licked all her juices and removed the blanket from above just to see her completely nude.

She was trying to hide her boobs with her hands but her hands could barely cover those beautiful melons. So I decided to pounce on them. I started licking her nipples one by one and kept massaging her boobs until she told me that she needed to see my dick.

Harshita sat on the bed and started removing my shirt. She asked me to lie down and then removed my jeans. She saw a huge bulge in the underwear and she removed it in one go. So my dick was finally free after all this time.

“Finally, I am going to get something I was craving for so long”, she said with a smile.

She started sucking my shaft trying to take it all in, she kaçak casino licked the top and then took my balls in her mouth.

“I need this inside me,” she said and tried to get on top of me.

“Babe, let me put on a condom,” I said.

“I haven’t had a cock inside me in the past 7 months, let alone this size, shut up and fuck me!” she said.

She sat on my dick and started bobbing up and down. She was moaning loudly and even I was in seventh heaven. Then she kept it inside her for sometime but she couldn’t take the whole thing.

So I grabbed her by her waist and rolled over. Now she was beneath me and I was in control. I pushed my dick in her pussy really hard and penetrated the whole thing in her and another orgasm hit her. For a few seconds, I didn’t move and then proceeded with slow deep strokes.

I kept fucking her like that and she was moaning like there was no tomorrow. I kept fucking her in the same position until I was about to cum and I asked her where did she want it and she said, “Fill it inside me, I haven’t been full in so long”. I increased my pace and one more orgasm hit her which triggered me and I came inside her.

I pulled out my dick and she rolled over and took it in her mouth. She cleaned all the cum and juices that covered it. We looked at the time and it was already 8 pm. She said she needs to leave or she will be in trouble. I helped her in dressing up and I got dressed up as well. I requested her to bunk college for one day so we can enjoy the fullest, to which she said she will think about it. I kissed her and said goodbye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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