My Hairdresser

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She agreed to take me late at night, I had a surprise interview the following day. I had been going to her for four years and we had always been flirtatious with each other, in a playful way. She was about ten years my senior, very pretty, and sweet. Her strong hands always titillated me the way she would be tolerably rough the way she jerked my head around and pulled my hair when cutting and washing it.

Usually, she’d say something about how beautiful I was, followed by me saying I was thinking about going gay for her, or something silly like that. I did remember last time she cut my hair she actually kind of actually hit on me, so needless to say when I got to the salon and it was just me and her, there was some mild tension.

When she drew all the shades and locked the door my knees weakened and my pulse rose. She shampooed my hair thoroughly, telling me my body was amazing and if she was a guy she would fuck me senseless. I just laughed, but while she was rinsing, all Gaziantep Yabancı Escort of the sudden I was soaked. Not necessarily just my pussy, but she had sprayed my whole body with the hot water.

“Oh, Jeez. My bad. We have a dryer, I’ll take care of you.” She stripped off my top and bra, then got on her knees and pulled off my sneakers, sweatpants, and underwear. She retreated to the back leaving me there totally exposed, and helpless as to what I should, and could, do. I heard a dryer start, and it relaxed me some, but I still had (almost) no idea where this was headed.

She came back and wrapped a towel around my hair, but she also covered my eyes with it and leaned my head back into the sink. Hot water again poured all over my body. I didn’t move. I hadn’t put my body, that does look custom built for sex, to its purpose for far too long and tonight I was hers. She began scrubbing me with some exfoliating body scrub that was gritty and felt fucking heavenly when she rubbed my nipples with it. When she moved both of her hands to my pussy with it, I spread my legs wide and lifted my feet from the floor, clearing her for takeoff.

After she almost got me off with her hands and that scrub I was certainly buying later, she again sprayed me, but this time focused the shower nozzle on my thumping, bald pussy. Apparently, she intended to mop the floor later. I actually backed up, pushing myself up and into the fucking sink for her, it felt like this was how she was gonna make me come.

She stopped when I was almost there, and took me with her mouth, ravaging me with her pretty lips and tongue for a few minutes, She lapped at my pretty vulva like a dog that had found an ice cream cone, saying “Mmmm, so good,” before switching back to the hot water. When she turned the nozzle from shower to massage, I lost my fucking mind. I almost fell out of the sink twice, before she pinned me to the wall, and tortured my clit and canal with the hot water cock for who knows how long. Time stopped having a meaning the second time she soaked me in the chair.

“I’ve wanted to do this to you every time I’ve washed your hair since you turned eighteen,” she said as she ran the impromptu sex device up and down over my engorged clit and puckering opening. As she pressed it against me, her tongue invaded my throat. It felt like a bear was searching my esophagus for honey.

“Oh my God! Don’t stop!” I screamed as I desperately tried to fuck the nozzle, rolling my hips and pushing my throbbing pussy into it. I made a mental note to stop by a bath showroom on the way home to check out their handheld shower tools.

As I began to turn into a puddle like the large one forming at her feet, my body began to convulse and quake. I cried in exquisite pleasure, some word that was new to me and I believe meant something to the tune of, “Holy fuck, I do believe I am going to explode right now.”

After I came so hard that I thought I may faint, she kissed me and said. “So, how short do you wanna go with your hair tonight, sweety?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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