My Perfect Other Half Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Brianna

11 Years Ago

During the previous four years, much had happened in the life of Tyler McGhee. He had been accepted to Stanford University and awarded a full academic scholarship. Although he had always been an excellent student, his performance on the SAT exam demonstrated just how remarkable his academic abilities were. Dedicating his college life to studies, Tyler embarked on an academic career majoring in Biology with the intent of pursuing doctoral studies in the field of physical therapy. Although his social life wasn’t the liveliest by any standards, he dated now and again. Even though he was a great-looking guy and a catch for many a girl, none ever stuck around very long. In part that was due to his still introverted personality along with his desire to succeed academically.

Rather than worrying about finding a girl, he filled a good portion of his free time involving himself with community outreach groups. His roommate introduced him to Meals on Wheels, a national organization whose volunteers brought nutritious meals to the elderly and handicapped. It was these old folk that responded to his shy demeanor with such graciousness that made spending a few hours each week running around to 8-10 homes so worthwhile. Some of the old-timers were grumps but they usually struck up conversations with him causing friendships to develop. Tyler enjoyed getting to know these folks and hearing more about a past long forgotten by most. Pete, Marcia, Wade, and Pops, as he insisted he be called, were four of his favorites.

During his second year in school, Tyler continued as a Meals on Wheels volunteer and added work in a food pantry to his list of extracurricular involvements. Getting away from the academic side of life and not filling his free time with playing pool, or hanging out at the Student Union doing nothing turned out to be a good choice for him as a maturing young man. That lazy, fuck-off attitude that pervaded his outlook on life while in high school years slowly gave way to a more giving and generous Tyler McGhee. However, it still reared its head every once in a blue moon. However, he now expressed it with far more refinement than most. After all, he was Tyler McGhee, and he was only one of ten in a class of more than two-thousand students to receive a full-ride based solely on academic prowess.

Tyler was intellectually gifted and he knew it. Luckily for him, others, like Pete, Marcia, Wade, and Pops had entered his life and taught him life-lessons he would only later value. Pete, for one, shared from his now bare-bones apartment, how quickly a life of saving for retirement could be lost. A comptroller at a textile mill for 40 years had enabled him to become a millionaire in stock holdings in his company. Then, just two years before retirement, the NAFTA deal was signed, and the booming US textile industry went south to Mexico. His company went bankrupt and Pete suddenly found himself without a retirement nest egg. Living only on social security, he had lost 90% of his gathered wealth after the stock value of his now nonexistent company plummeted to zero.

Toward the end of his junior year, and while on an internship as a part of his pre-physical therapy studies, he found himself volunteering at an inner-city hospital in San Jose, a city just 15 miles south of Stanford. It was there when he first glimpsed life from the perspective of what it was like to live on the other side of the tracks. His job, as an aid at a walk-in city clinic and rehab center, opened his eyes to the poverty so many endured. Although he always understood there were upper, middle and lower classes throughout society, seeing it up close and personal brought the disparity of life’s cruelness to a personal level.

During Tyler’s senior year he reached out to a high school in the North San Jose area. North San Jose was one of the poorest areas in the city. The high school where he volunteered was a Title 1 school. Demographically, the student body was made up of mostly Asians and Hispanics with a sprinkling of white and black kids being in the minority. Tyler’s job as a student-aid paid well and he loved what he did. Mostly he found himself working about 15-18 hours each week. His boss assigned him to help with the twelfth-grade science classes although she sometimes pulled him into English, social studies and other classes as needs arose.

Working with the Department of Therapeutic Student Services, Tyler’s typical day went as follows: He’d check into the small office where at least six other full-time employees were housed. Brianna Hunt served as the schools’ director of services. She was a late-twenties African-American beauty with a fun personality and intellect that matched Tyler’s. He found her both attractive and yet often intimidating. She had that fun, playful, ‘let’s work together attitude’ but she was his boss and made certain everyone, including him, understood who remained in charge.

“You’ll be in Spangler’s biology class at 12:35 and then in room Escort Bayan 1204 to assist Doyle with chemistry at 2:10. Be back here when the class is over. We have a short meeting. Got it?” She’d ask and then grin that brilliant smile of hers before shooing him away with a brush of her hand.

Bree, as she preferred to be called, spent much of her time doing paperwork but whenever possible she attended the classes of her underlings to spot check on their performance. Because Tyler was a newbie, she made time to observe him at least two or three times during those first few weeks. It took about a month of spot-checking his performance repeatedly before she fully trusted him as a competent worker. It was then when she approached him more casually one day between classes.

“You seem to have a knack when it comes to working with these kids.”

Tyler shrugged. “I guess so. It’s pretty easy stuff they’re learning. If they would just pay attention, the three I worked with today wouldn’t be asking me all of those questions.”

“It’s called being a kid. Don’t you think?”

“Maybe, but I think it’s more likely they have zero interest in school. Why do they let them keep their cell phones in the classroom?” He asked. “I mean, that’s their problem. Everyone in there is only half listening because they’re all texting or doing something on their phones.”

“Hey, I don’t make the rules. We just do what we’re told by the principal.”

“And what’s that?” He asked.

“Keep the struggling ones from getting completely overwhelmed. If they fail, it doesn’t look good to the state and a low graduation rate means a loss of funds.”

“I guess so.”

“There’s no guessing about it. That’s why we are here.” Changing the subject she asked, “You do like working with them though; don’t you?”

“Yeah, I love it. I like this place. Don’t get me wrong. It’s way different from where I grew up and I wouldn’t ever want to live here but I like the kids.”

“I think you enjoy the attention from the girls. I’ve noticed how you cater to their needs way more than you do the boys.”

“I don’t know,” he answered with a blush. “I guess I never really thought about it.”

“Oh Tyler, what do you take me for, a fool? I think I have you figured out. You love the attention and love playing around with the girls. I’m OK with that as long as you teach but you need to know, a few of them really,” she said emphasizing that last word, “really like you.”

Tyler looked at his boss. She was a nice-looking woman. Bree had that perfect dark brown complexion, large brown eyes and a fantastic smile to compliment a shapely body. Although she was a good bit shorter than his six-foot-two-inch stature, she was put together fabulously. He found her beauty both intriguing and arousing. It was that combination of authority along with her good looks that served as the source of her allure.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked. By now they had made their way to the main lobby.

“Tell me you haven’t noticed Nya or Min doting over you these last few weeks?”

“Oh, they were just being flirty girls,” he said brushing their antics aside. “Yeah, I noticed them but what am I supposed to do?”

“Nothing at all. You handled yourself just the way I hoped you would, but they were obviously letting you know they have an interest in you.” She emphasized her words with a grab of his muscular arm.

“I can handle them.”

“I hope so because you won’t be the first to renege on those words.”

Tyler wrinkled his forehead and asked, “What?”

Bree beamed, playfully ran her tongue across her upper lip and then added, “Both of those girls are going to turn you into putty before you leave here.”

Just as the bell rang, he asked, “What?” feeling completely taken aback by her comment.

“You better get going,” Bree answered still grinning. “We can talk about this further at another time.” She squeezed his upper arm again before releasing her prey. Turning away she sauntered off in the opposite direction. The seed had been planted. It wasn’t the first time she had walked this path. Tyler was simply the latest of her playthings and playing with the minds of virgin young help was one of the most rewarding aspects of her job.

Tyler made his way through the maze of students lingering in the hall and hurried to his next class. He couldn’t stop thinking about Bree’s beauty. Indeed she was a gorgeous woman. But it wasn’t like she flaunted her assets. She dressed conservatively, mostly wearing jeans and a nice top occasionally a dress. Never did she show too much cleavage but regardless of how she came to work, Tyler could not keep from thinking about her shapely body. Endowed with heavy breasts and the beautiful ass he found her body erotically hot. And as their relationship developed, albeit a professional one, the less their racial differences mattered. She simply became Bree the hot boss when he got back to his room to jerk off and cum vicariously on those Bayan Escort luscious tits.

But now, as he thought about her, he cogitated, not over her body, but pondered her nondescript comment. “Those girls were going to have her way with him? Is that what she said? What did she mean by that?”

Both Nya and Min were nice kids. They were needy and wanted his attention but they were truly nice girls. Neither were dumb and he had suspected for some time, their need for attention had more to do with his presence in class than them not intellectually grasping the subject matter. What neither realized was how much he enjoyed that attention. It fed his ego and although he hid his selfish motivation, there was no denying what they wanted had become a two-way street.

He knew little about either of these two young ladies outside of class. Nya was a cute black girl who most likely lived in the nearby hood. Min was of obvious Asian descent and probably came from the same neighborhood. North San Jose wasn’t the kind of place your typical suburban family was likely to move. This part of the city remained generally depressed and because of the drugs, gangs, and guns that abounded. All one needed to know was where to look.

Hello ladies,” he said to the threesome who came to stand on either side of him. Tyler was sitting in the back of the class with a microscope already focused on a slide.

“I’ll never learn this stuff,” Cesia grumbled.

“Sure you will,” Tyler said encouragingly. “Here look.” He leaned back letting the dark-haired girl peer into the lens. “Look at all of those dark ovals. They’re the mitochondria. They are everywhere on that slide.”

It was then that he noticed for the first time, Nya leaning in a little too close. Her hand rested on his back and her torso pressed into his side as she craned to see what Cesia was doing. Bree’s words came to mind. He looked to his right just in time to see her look up and displayed a bright playful smile. Nya leaned into him a little harder and tilted her head against his arm.

“I’m so glad you are our helper; you know everything, Mr. McGhee,” she said all googly-eyed.

Tyler chuckled that nervous chuckle and stood. Cesia eventually let Nya take a peek.

She sat on the stool where Tyler had been sitting and squinted into the thirty-power lens. “Those little pinky things?” She asked. “Is that what I’m looking for?”

Tyler admired her slender frame and tight ass. “Yep, that’s them. Min, do you want to have a look?”

“Naw, I already know what they look like.”

“OK, then let me show you how to find the nucleus and nucleolus.” He looked at Min again. “Why don’t you see if you can find them?”

She smiled quietly. “Nya, can I have a turn?”

Nya stood while the petite Min Le spent the next several seconds alternately focusing and moving the slide around until she was content with what she found. Positioning her target next to the scope’s built-in pointer-arrow she stepped back.

“I think they are right in the center of the screen, Mr. McGhee.”

“Let me take a look. Yep, that’s it! Great job!” Placing his hand on the small of her back he congratulated her with a smile and nod. “You’re a bright girl.”

“Let me see,” Nya said almost pushing Tyler out of the way.

Looking up, Tyler spotted Bree standing off to one side. Her arms were folded and heavy breasts filled the void above crossed forearms. There was enough cleavage evident to catch any boy or male teacher’s eye and the sight of Bree’s heavy tits worked their magic on her new employee’s mind.

Bree wagged a finger back and forth as if to say, “Told you so.” Smiling she maintained eye contact until he looked away. He suddenly felt embarrassed.

“Was she right? Do these girls have ulterior motives?” His mind raced on, thinking of the possibilities. None of this made sense. Shaking his head he looked back at his boss and grinned. “Not going to happen,” he mouthed.

Bree just smiled.

Tyler turned his attention back to the girls. Ten minutes later, Bree walked over to where he sat and shoved a sticky note in his back pocket. Standing on her toes she leaned into his ear, “Giving you a reminder so you don’t forget about our meeting today.”

Tyler could feel her soft mounds pressing into his back and the smell of whatever perfume she always wore filled his nostrils. He was about to ask her what meeting she was talking about but once more he was too late. She left, leaving him alone with the kiddos and him eyeing the shapely figure of his boss who vanished into the hall.

“Do you think she’s hot,” he heard her say.

“What? Huh?” Tyler answered. He looked around for who it was who addressed him.

“You heard me,” Min stated confidently. “Do you think she’s hot?”

“I don’t think you asking me if Ms. Hunt is hot is appropriate but I will admit: she’s a nice looking lady.”

“I can tell you like her,” Min pressed. “And I think you think she is hot. You just Escort aren’t going to admit it.”

“Yeah, I think so too,” Nya chimed in.

“Why in the world would you say that? She’s my boss, not my girlfriend.”

“But we both know how you feel about her,” Min answered giggling. “Don’t we?”

Nya beamed. “It’s not hard for us to tell with you, Mr. McGhee,” she added and then covered her hand to keep from laughing too loudly.

“Know what?” Tyler said suddenly feeling not in control of the conversation.

The three girls giggled.

“Do you think we look pretty too?” Min asked politely. Standing she spun around and then posed as if readying herself for a selfie.

“I don’t know if it’s appropriate for me to answer that either. I’m your teacher, not your classmate.”

Tyler noticed Nya’s gaze. She stared openly at his slacks. “He either likes Ms. Hunt or he likes you,” Nya said giggling.

Nya’s stare caused Min and Cesia to turn their attention to the bulge in his pants. They both smirked.

“For god’s sake Nya, get your mind out of the gutter!”

“I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but notice that.”

“Nya, this conversation is over. Can we get back to our work?” Tyler asked. “We only have fifteen minutes left and have lots more to see.”

“Sure, what more do you have to show us, Mr. McGhee?” Min asked now speaking in her sexiest of voices. The cutie with the jet black hair grinned at the double meaning of her question.

“How about I find the Golgi Apparatus,” he answered. “That should be an easy find.”

“Whatever you want Mr. McGhee,” Min teased. “I’d love to look at your apparatus.”

The girls openly laughed while Tyler did all he could to control his growing cock. The time until the final bell seemed to take forever. When the 3:30 bell rang, the girls thanked him for his help. Nya kissed him on the shoulder and gave him a quick sideways hug.

“See you Monday?” She asked gleefully.

“Hopefully Nya. It all depends on where Ms. Hunt wants me to go.”

“We’ll tell her to send you to our class,” Min offered cheerfully. “And thanks for showing us your apparatus.”

Tyler scolded, “Min Le!” But did his best to keep from grinning at her playful remark.

Nya brought the conversation quickly back to the upcoming Monday. “Yeah, we’ll do that. We’ll talk to her for ya,” Nya agreed.

“Bye girls,” he said forcing a smile. “I’m sure Ms. Hunt will send me where I’m needed most.”

After the girls left and the kids left for home, Tyler remained in the lab room for several more minutes. He needed time to regain his sense of composure. His conversation with Nya and Min had quickly gone off track and he hadn’t done much to reestablish control. All the girls said made him wonder all the more about what Bree had stated earlier. Suddenly he sat up straight and yelled. “Oh shit!” Pulling the scrap of paper from his back pocket he read her note: “Meet me at Starbucks. 15th and Forest. It’s the one you pass on your way home. –Bree- “

“I totally forgot,” he said to no one. “She’s going to be pissed!”

Hurriedly he clocked out and jogged across the parking lot to his car. “Meeting? Starbucks?” He pondered. “Why we are meeting there?”

He found her standing off to the side holding a beverage of unknown type. “Look who finally showed. I thought you were going to stand up your boss.”She smiled. “Get whatever you want. It’s on me.” Bree held out a credit card for him to use.

Tyler ordered a regular coffee and handed her card back. “A big spender; aren’t you?”

“I never know what to get in these kinds of places. Coffee is my safe go-to drink.”

“Let’s go outside. We can talk out there.”

“Where is everyone?” he asked

“This is everyone. No one else is coming. Come on; this way,” she pointed.

Bree led him down the street. It was lined with 1940’s clapboard homes on one side and mom and pop businesses on the other. They walked a few blocks before crossing to the other side.

“Am I in trouble or something?” He finally asked.

Bree smiled with her eyes. “Why do you ask? Do you think you should be in trouble?”

“No. I don’t think so but now I’m not so sure.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong. I have meetings with all of my new help sooner or later. Come on, let’s go over there and find a quiet bench.”

They strode through the park and sat on a bench in the sun.

“I hate being cooped up inside all day.” Bree arched back and spread her arms. She noticed the darkening sky.

“Doesn’t look like we’re going to get our vitamin D today Ms. Hunt,” he said sarcastically.

“Give it a few minutes, it will clear. “But back to you.” She gave him a sideways grin and then asked, “How did it go today?”

“OK, I guess. I spent all my time doing science – two bio classes and a chem class.”

“And you understand the material well enough to answer all their questions?”

Tyler rolled his eyes. “Yeah, it’s a bit of a stretch for me but I’m hanging in there.” He smiled and added. “No seriously, this is pretty basic stuff they are learning.”

“That’s what I hoped to hear. How are you handling the kids? They can be pushy at times. Are you doing OK with that part of your job?”

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