My Valet

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I am a very wealthy, single businessman, who made his fortune in high technology. I have an aptitude for computers and it has made me rich; very rich. So rich in fact that I have great difficulty meeting women. They are blinded by my wealth and cannot see me for myself. This has led to a rather solitary lifestyle, which suits me as I’m am forever working.

My house is grand in scale and appointments. So much so that recently I interviewed and hired a private valet. My life has changed completely.

I had contacted an agency who introduced me to Curt. They arranged the interview and when I met him I was impressed by his professionalism. He really knew his stuff about maintaining a house for a wealthy, busy client. The interview lasted about three hours as we sat and talked about almost everything under the sun. I asked him to return the following week to meet again. This second meeting was to be much more casual.

When Curt arrived he was nicely dressed in chinos, white dress shirt and loafers. His belt, watch and jewelry revealed an impeccable sense of style. We talked again for another few hours and had a couple of drinks. I was feeling confident about hiring him, but was looking for that little extra oompf. He was rather young, and I needed somebody with real life experience. He told me a bit about himself personally, that clinched the deal.

He was an excellent cook and loved to do it. He had been a professional masseur and I could call upon him to do so. He would also be proficient at maintaining my sense of concentration and focus. When I asked him what this meant. He alluded to the fact that when needed he could arrange for gratification of my personal needs. I asked if this meant that he could get me girls, he said it could be that and then some. I didn’t get it. He seemed reticent to explain more, but I assured him that he could speak freely.

He carefully explained that sometimes all a man really needed was a quick but wonderful blowjob to take the edge off. Sometimes a discreet partner might not be found; one that could perform beautifully, without alerting the media. If the need presented itself, he could perform this duty; professionally and with a smile, he added. I was stunned and must have appeared so.

He made clear that he loved fucking women, but enjoyed the idea of simply sucking a man’s cock. I was actually getting a bit aroused as he explained how he loved the smooth feel of it in his mouth and the rush of having a forceful, warm ejaculation into his mouth. He loved to do it softly and lovingly, taking his time in giving exquisite pleasure. Over the years he had perfected his technique into one of the worlds best deep-throat blowjobs.

I found myself getting a bit aroused by the talk, but when he offered to show me I hesitated. We chatted some more but my penis was feeling thick and tingly. I kept watching his lips and mouth as he talked. Finally he admitted to really wanting to show me his oral artistry and would I consent to letting him suck my cock. I finally relented after some thought. ‘What the hell’ I thought to myself. He smiled and stood, which revealed a bit more about himself. He had a very large penis and it was pushing out the front of his pants.

He led me to my office and closed the door behind us. Telling me to relax under his care I allowed him to pull off my clothes. He folded each piece carefully as it came off me, and when he removed my underwear from behind me, my cock leapt up and out in front. He told me to relax under his touch, and asked whether I would mind if he were nude as well. I told him it was fine with me. He stripped revealing a wonderfully taut body and a beautiful big penis about 9 inches long and thick. It was only semi-erect but swung out nicely. I realized that it was a pleasure to look at.

He sat me in my desk chair, and kneeled between my legs.

“I must tell you in all candor, that if you hire me I would enjoy this for you all the time. You have a beautiful penis.” He looked at me and smiled, then his gaze dropped smoothly to my cock. His hands caressed my legs softly as he gazed at my throbbing penis.

“To be honest, men’s bodies really do nothing for me, but sometimes a man’s cock will excite me no end.” He smiled and leered at my cock. “Yours excites me a lot! Big and thick, with an exquisite shape.” His hands caressed my balls, gently. “Hell, even if you don’t hire me, I would suck your cock any time.” His hands traveled up the shaft. They felt like velvet. “Oh, yes. I can feel the need. You are so hard. When did you come last?”

I told him about the previous weeks date with the playboy channel. “Then you probably need this right?” He asked as his hands stroked my length softly. I nodded to him with a goofy smile. “Then let me suck you and give you release”.

He leaned down and kissed the tip. “What a beautiful cock.” He opened his mouth and engulfed the head. I could feel his tongue stroking the underside. “Oh, so soft and warm.” He continued opening his mouth wide and engulfing the head softly. Watching his handsome features as he kept French kissing the head of my cock was making me crazy. “I love your penis. I love sucking your penis” he was gazing into my eyes. “You love my mouth on your cock, don’t you?”

“God, its so perfect.”

“Yes it is. Just for you.” He took a deeper stroke and I almost came. “See, I would do this for you anytime. After work; before work; before a big meeting; in the middle of the night. Come to me and I’ll suck your cock. I love it anytime.” He slid me in and out, agonizingly slowly. “Don’t strain or hold back. When you’re ready to come, just release into me. ” He kept going slowly. He was the best in the world. “Here’s the part that both of us will love the most. Wait ’til you feel my deep throat.”

He kissed all around the head and licked the entire length, while stoking my thighs and balls, exquisitely. He then took a deep breath, opened his mouth wide a slid my cock all the way into his throat. I could feel the tight constriction engulf the head of my penis and I let go. I came as never before as he gently stroked the full length in and out of his throat. He was moaning and swallowing as I pumped him full of come.

“Umm, sweet cream.” He moaned as he licked and swallowed my load. It was heaven.

“You are hired!” I told him. He smiled wide. We sat there for awhile, relaxing from the exquisite exertion. He continued to gently fondle me, stroking my balls and kissing the head. “Did you enjoy it?”

“I loved it. You’re wonderful!”

“You felt so big in my throat. And your come is delicious.” He stood up in front of me, his massive cock completely erect pointing at me. I had been wrong about its size. It was every bit of 10″ long. He pulled me up out of the chair and led me to the Jacuzzi. We splashed in and soaked for a bit. He continually played with my cock.

“If you want me to stop just tell me.”

“No. I love it.”

He sucked me off again as I sat on the edge of the tub. I came again just as quickly. I couldn’t believe how good he was. We got out and I headed for the shower as he left to make arrangement to move on the following week. We spoke on the phone many times a day that week, as he made plans to move and began handling some of my affairs. Every night I slept nude and masturbated thinking about his wonderful blowjobs.

By Thursday I was incredibly horney. Curt called in the afternoon regarding a meeting schedule for the next week and before I hung up he asked how I was feeling.

“Fine.” I replied.

“Fine? That’s it?”

“Well, aside form being terribly horney…” Long pause.

“Well, do you need me?” he asked. I agreed that I did, and he agreed to be there in an hour.

An hour later Curt arrived and let himself in. I was in the shower and Curt stripped and joined me. I was so hard. He was too. He washed my back and butt and knelt down to wash my legs. After turning me around, he washed up the front of me until he got to my fully erect cock. “I’ve been dreaming of your cock all week.” He washed and stroked my cock and balls. “I’m in love with having you in my mouth.” He rinsed it off and pushed me back against the wall and began sucking me gently. “Mm hm.”

I brushed his wet hair back off of his forehead to watch his mouth swallowing every inch of my hard penis. We gazed into each other eyes as he deep throated me again and again. The look on his face as he forced me into the tight constriction of his throat again and again was intoxicating. I took hold of his head and began force feeding him my cock.

“Mm hm.” He nodded slightly. “Oh, yeah! I want to feel that hot gush of cream into my mouth. Let me have it.” I pulled his throat up around my cock, forcing it all the way in and just held it there. His throat contractions, as he gently gagged on it, felt way too good and I released into him. He drank it as best he could then came up gulping for air. “Whoa! What a load! You come so much!” He continued slurping my softening penis into his mouth. “Oh, I adore blowing you.”

Finally he stood in the spray of water, his back to me. I took he soap and began washing his back. I could tell he hadn’t expected this but he stood still and let me. I washed his back and then his butt. I reached between his legs and stroked his full balls. His equipment was huge. I reached in further and stroked the length of his huge cock. “God, man! Your cock is so fucking big!” I whispered, stroking the length and hefting the girth. He turned to face me

“Anytime that you feel like it, help yourself.” He stood there as I stroked him softly, gazing at the massive tool in my hands. We got out and dressed.

By Saturday he was moved into the guest house. He had two young men helping him move. I had work to do so I left them to it. We met briefly later to discuss the following week and then he was off to shower and bed. I was so horney that I couldn’t sleep and finally got up and decided to go see him. I threw on a robe and walked out to the guest house. I knocked and he invited me in. He had been sleeping and I turned to go.

“Something wrong?” he asked. I stammered a bit. Maybe this was a bad time. “Or just feeling horney?” I agreed to the latter.

You must be exhausted. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t…”

“No, no. It’s fine. Come in.” He dropped his eyes to the rise under my robe. “I’m never too tired for that.” He said grinning. “Show me.”

I removed my robe showing him my hard cock. “Now you show me.” I countered. He slid back the bedclothes and his thick cock began to rise. “I thought after your moving ordeal, the least I could do was return the favor.” I sat down on the edge of the bed and placed my hand on his thigh. His cock was rising, rising. “I wanted to try…giving you…”

I was babbling. “Oral pleasure.”

“Watch yourself.” He whispered . “You may grow to love it, like me.” He smiled wide. “Plus this is pretty big one, if this is your first try.” He took hold of it and held it straight up. “Help yourself, if you like it though.” My hand reached out and stroked it.

“It’s fucking huge!” I whispered. “But I’ve been dreaming of it since our shower.”

I spent a long time caressing his huge beautiful tool. He sat up in bed with his legs wide apart as I stroked and caressed his penis and testicles. “Your penis is amazingly beautiful.” I whispered, as much to it as to him. He sat there silently watching me explore it. I think he didn’t want to scare me away, and allowed me to explore and play, hoping that I would actually work up the nerve to give him head.

I leaned down and kissed the head over and over. My tongue explored the softness of the skin; exquisite! I began licking it all over, up and down both sides. “I think I have grown to love it already,” I whispered. I opened my mouth and took some in. My mouth was completely filled by only half of his delicious rod.

“Ooh, yes! That’s it!” he whispered to me. “Just let your lips caress it soft, like that. I love it. Ooooooh,” he hissed through his teeth, “You’ve got me hot as hell!”

I got to my knees, never letting his penis slip from my lips, and drew him in and out, wetly. Curt stroked my hair softly. “Oh, yes! That’s wonderful!” I moaned my agreement. “You want to try some of my come?” I thought about how that might feel. This was certainly father than I had ever thought I would go with this. “I can’t hold back much longer.” He whispered. You wanna try it?” he asked again. I nodded without letting him go. I didn’t want to lose contact for a second. “Here it comes then.” I was expecting an explosive, blasting ejaculation, but it was rather a soft, pulsing, but very voluminous mouthful. I was immediately taken by the exotic flavor; warm, salty/sweet and very rich tasting. Different, but I loved it! “Oh! God yeah!! Taste it. I love that!” he moaned low and sexy. I continued gently licking and stroking in and out. “Come give me yours now.”

I finally released him and moved up to allow him access to my unit, which gushed into his mouth, almost on contact. He swallowed very softly and slowly. His mouth on my cock was also soft and slow. He didn’t stop so I didn’t move away. He continued to suck me gently for ten minutes. My cock never softened, and soon I was pumping in and out. I came again a short time later. Amazing!

We slept in his bed and kept waking each other for blowjobs. He came twice more, as did I that night.

We have worked together for many months now and make a great team, both in the boardroom and the bedroom. What service!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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